Lenovo Yoga 720-15 | [Notebook] Windows 10 | 15.6 "| i5 / i7 7300HQ / 7700HQ | 8 / 16GB RAM

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Windows 10 | 15.6 "| Intel Core i5 / i7 7300HQ / 7700HQ | 8 / 16GB | transformer
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IntelВ® Core в„ў i7-7700HQ Processor (2.80GHz 6MB)
IntelВ® Core в„ў i5-7300HQ Processor (2.50GHz 6MB)

15.6 "FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS LED Multitouch with integrated camera
15.6 "UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS LED Multitouch display with Lenovo Active Pen (select models) and integrated camera

NVIDIAВ® GeForceВ® GTX 1050 2GB
IntelВ® HD Graphics 630

8GB DDR4 2133 MHz
16GB DDR4 2133 MHz


Up to 9 hours with FHD display

2 x JBL speakers
DolbyВ® Audio Premium

Fingerprint reader

USB Type-C with Thunderbolt USB 3.1
2 x USB 3.0

Weight 2kg
additional information
The Lenovo Yoga 720 (15 ") impresses with the performance of the processor and the video card. Thanks to the support of the latest technologies, it turns into an ideal assistant in your busy life. The 4K Ultra High Definition display and IPS matrix guarantee realism and brightness of the image, and the optional Lenovo Active Pen stylus 2 opens space for creativity. Lenovo Yoga 720 (15 ") has the necessary computing power and flexibility to solve problems in any situation.
Useful information

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I bought this laptop as soon as I read that it went on sale in the Russian Federation.
My previous computer is Lenovo Yoga13 i3 8Gb 128SSD, he is 4 years old, he is in great shape, the battery still holds for 3-4 hours. But the performance is not enough.

Began to look at laptops with HQ processor, and weighing about 2kg.
Macbook Pro 15 - very expensive, something like 160 thousand.
Dell XPS 15 - expensive from 120 thousand and above, potential problems with the battery (turns off by the charge cycle counter)
ASUS UX501VW - I just wanted to buy it with the i7 6700HQ 12Gb, 128SSD + 1000HDD, FullHD matte screen - in Kee 84 thousand. Here are potential problems with noise (read the topic about asus), but almost the day when I was going to go after him - Yoga appeared. In general, I didn’t even think about it; past Yoga showed itself just fine.

My configuration i5-7300HQ, 256SSD, 8Gb + 8Gb DDR 2133 bought and installed itself. FullHD touch screen of course.
The price of my laptop is 84000 Mediamarket, 6000 for 8Gb Kingston DDR4 2133 bought in Kee.
I installed it on site - in the nearest phone repair shop in a shopping center for 100 rubles.

The design is not outstanding, rather modest appearance. The frames of the screen are thin, when I open the screen of the frame I slap, it is striking.
Do not open the lid with one hand, the power supply is large and heavy.
For the block of buttons of arrows - to kill the grief of the designer, or someone thought up such nonsense (

Govnosofta installed medium, almost everything was removed without problems. Mcafee had to be killed in safe mode - he refused to remove himself, even by his body from the mcafee site. In short, the virus is still.

By default, Fn is active, it took to enter Bios.

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Where can I buy in Russia? in kee no

Now on sale on the official website of Lenovo 14th modelhttps: //shop.lenovo.ru...oga-700-14isk-core-i7/

Here I think to take it or better wait for Lenovo YOGA 720-15. I understand the difference only in a powerful card and in the processor cores? I need to get 1 monik on 27 without brakes.

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* yTu-IIyTu,
Well, something like this.
https: //market.yandex...cal=lenovo-yoga-720-15

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Feelings say so after three weeks of use. (My i5-7300 configuration, FullHD)
1. Touched hinges, do not open the lid with one hand.
2. Marked screen, but I do not poke my fingers into it.
3. The case beats with current (and in different places in different ways, at home stronger, in the office barely noticeable)
4. Reproduces FullHD movie (game of thrones) with a load of 6% at a frequency of 800 MHz, the valves are silent, uTorrent built-in player.
5. The laptop definitely has "Coil Whine"

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I took the configuration of the i7 7700HQ / GTX 1050 / FullHD / 256 GB SSD in Moscow for 85,000. The set unexpectedly discovered Lenovo Active Pen 2 (it was not written about it anywhere). I use the second day, mainly for development, it flies like wind, no problems.

I decided to stay on Windows and try to deploy a working environment here with all the necessary libraries (I had been on Linux before 4 years). This is due to the fact that not all iron on the line is well supported. There are problems with the touchpad, the fingerprint scanner does not work, and working with a touchscreen pen on it is also probably not such a great pleasure.

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FronSTAN @ 08.25.17, 17:10*
I took the configuration i7 7700HQ / GTX 1050 / FullHD / 256 GB SSD in Moscow for 85,000

what kind of shop?

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In the video driver installed from the factory, the autocontrol is unnerving.
And not just the contrast, but the colors were distorted.

He demolished the driver, the native Mikrosovtovsky loads the percent while watching the video, tried to run chrome through Nvidia - the load was lifted, but I did not like the picture, it’s still jerky and the breaks are visible as if the frame synchronization is broken.

I just installed a new driver from the Intel site - and the problem with brightness and colors was gone. The picture of the video is excellent.

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What is the maximum volume of the burn can be put in the second slot of yoga 720

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* oNpowER, 8GB soldered and 16GB maximum slot.

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Yesterday I called in those support Lenovo I was told a maximum of 16 8 + 8

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Yesterday I called in those support Lenovo I was told a maximum of 16 8 + 8

I can’t tell you anything concrete, but in English-speaking forums they talk about the possibility of 8 + 16, although it seems to me that 8 + 8 is with a margin even for such a laptop.
As for support, there are stupid guys working. They look at info on the official product page and if there is no information of interest there, then I can’t tell you anything.

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I think to take yoga 720 15 ssd512 gtx 1050 4 gb memory 8 fhd screen and add more memory 8 but no better than 16 if it works, what do you think for working with video, rendering 4k full hd, amateur is not a pro ..... will it?

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* oNpowER,
Of course it will, it's enough with your head, if you add RAM. 16GB (8 + 8 in dual channel mode) will be enough for even the most resource-intensive tools.

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Does it make sense to take with a 4k screen?

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* oNpowER,
At 15.6 inches 4k only problems with scaling and autonomy will add. It makes sense only for professional work with photos, in all other cases FullHD will be enough. A reasonable solution would be to buy FullHD and, if necessary, connect via Type-C to a 4k TV / screen, since the presence of Thunderbolt3 allows it.

Still I can advise to consider the option ASUS UX550, if the budget is running out and the presence of "Yoga" does not matter. A good model, with all the necessary ports, while the Lenovo will sooner or later have to buy an adapter for another 150-250 dollars. I'll choose between Yoga 720 and the UX550, confuses the cooling system in the latter, because there are no bars on the bottom (a strange decision by engineers), and in yoga zalochenny confusing scenario of dropping processor frequency at a temperature of 70-80 degrees, although it is not excluded that the same situation and Asus - ultrabook yet.

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Good day. Question for owners:

I go to buy a laptop 2 in 1, and so far only Lenovo Yoga 720 15 "and HP Envy x360 15 have been liked. (Other models are too expensive: yoga 910, surface pro, specter x360 ...) Budget 1000-1200 euros. I buy from Germany.

I wanted to buy Lenovo, but I saw the screen, and it is very dim compared to HP, and it pisses me off. Not enough brightness. Can I fix the software, or is it not fixable?

I read that he has a brightness of only 285 cd / m2, here is the link:
https: //www.notebookch...p-Review.227572.0.html
HP has about 320, and it would seem a trifle, but it can be seen very strongly.

I do graphics, I need a good display, but I would also like power.
HP costs 1,000 euros for the i7 7700U / 8Gb RAM / FHD / 1TB HHD / 256 SSD M2, and it has a screen almost like surface pro or Mac.
Lenovo costs 1000 for i5-7300HQ / 8Gb RAM / FHD / 256 SSD, only the brightness is low, everything spoils.
For 1300 you can buy i7 with 512SSD, and this is a very good price, but it spoils the whole display.

I saw that ASUS is releasing its Zenbook 2 in 1 with the GTX1050 Ti, but I think the price will be very high and I can’t wait anymore, the old laptop dies before my eyes.

I do not know which model to buy. I would be glad to hear that you can fix everything and make the screen brighter!
Thanks for earlier for the feedback.

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* hello_ioki
I am not the owner of this Note, but I can say that the brighter the display will not do. You can calibrate a try, but it is unlikely you would help, if the difference between 285 cd / m2 and 320 cd / m2 critical. In Yoga720 activated for reading mode (color give yellowness), it can have its effect "tarnish" creates, so it can be disabled. In addition, the protective coating on the touch screen in its own way distorts the color, which is unacceptable for working with graphics. If I had to choose between the new laptop, it would take more qualitatively collected and powerful Yoga720.

As for the UX550, it is already presented in Ukraine, and I can say that it is not so expensive. For a minimal configuration - i5-7300hq / 8gb / 1050ti / 256gb / FHD (non-touch) they ask for 1,400 euro / 1,500 dollars .. For the variant with a 1050 card (not Ti) - 1,350 euro / 1,450 dollars .. It should be noted that RAM is unsoldered and increase to 16 GB at least fail, and the display is there, according to the tests, an average of 312 cd / m2.

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* Ninth9

Seeing both laptops, I would note that the quality of HP is better than Lenovo. And the glass of the display with an oleophobic coating that for 2 in 1 laptop is a very useful thing.

If you do not take for games, then I think the processor for the Adobe Suite will do. Video rendering is not included in the plans, but drawing on the display is more important.

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* hello_ioki
I do not understand then what are your doubts? :) If the power of HP is enough and the quality of performance of the machine suits more than in Lenovo, then there is nothing to choose.

U-percents, or any other modern variants lacking, but for the money I would like to be assured that something is more powerful. Based on the price on these models can be said that HP has focused on a good display and Lenovo universal machine for work and everyday life. If you fingered the two nouta personally, and this accordingly concludes that take HP Envy x360 15 question only time pulling, to know yourself. With regard to the UX550, the touch screen (if you draw) will be 1,800 euros, considered not even worth it.

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I bought yoga 720 yesterday, beautiful ..... so far everything.
And the question is, what memory will add so that in dual-channel mode worked?

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