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This device is an improved modification.Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3. In appearance, there are no differences, except for the weight of the device, since the novelty received a built-in aluminum radiator.
The router fitted with a dual core processor MT7621A with a frequency of 880 MHz, 256 MB RAM DDR3-1200MGts and 128 MB flash memory. The device simultaneously in two bands: the 2.4 GHz band (up to 300 Mbit / s mimo 2x2 40MHz) and 5 GHz (up to 867 Mbit / s mimo 2x2 80MHz).
From the ports on the device one USB 3.0 port, two LAN ports (1 Gb / s) and one WAN port (1 Gb / s). The difference between Mi Router 3 and 3G in featuresofficial website.
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Official site
  • CPU: MT7621A 880 MHz
  • ROM: 128 MB SLC Nand Flash
  • RAM: 256MB DDR3-1200
  • USB 3.0 (5V / 1A)
  • 2.4 Ghz WiFi 2x2 (up to 300 Mbps)
  • 5 Ghz WiFi 2x2 (up to 866 Mbit / s)
  • WAN up to 1 Gbps
  • LANx2 up to 1 Gbit / s
  • Power supply 12V / 1.5A Plug: 5.5x2.1 mm
Instructions and useful information
All actions performed with the router you do at your own peril and risk. When using custom firmwares, it is useful to have a USB-UART TTL 3.3v adapter

When installing firmware via Breed, pay attention to the choice of section and additional steps in the instructions.
Currently, the memory markup for unification has two cores (0x200000 and 0x600000).
From the first work: runoff, build OpenWRT frommogvai, PandoraBox and AsusWRT.
From the second: stock, original OpenWRT and Padavan.
Ignoring the correct choice of the kernel leads to the inability to start the firmware, problems in the work and failure of the update through the web interface.

Full team instruction for flashing from scratch

General instructions and information Stock Breed Padavan Pandorabox Openwrt Gargoyle Asuswrt
Custom firmware and bootloaders
The authors of the instructions are not responsible for the failure of your device. All manipulations are done only at your own peril and risk, and with understanding why this is necessary!

Applications miwifi and mirouter are designed and work only with stock firmware!
PictureXiaomi MiWiFi
PictureXiaomi MiRouter
PicturePadarouter -An application to work with iOS Padavan. Versionfromback37 and one more version from Sotik ;
Xiaomi family of routers onsavagemessiahzine.com
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If you are here for the first time or want to ask a question, first look below

Mini FAQ on the topic. Novice Questions

"Version" R3GV2 - is not more than mi4Agigabit with another label. Differences clearly. Carefully read the description and picture before the purchase. All discussions device profile topic

Are there differences between "international / European" and "Chinese" versions of xiaomi routers
The difference is only in the plug of the power adapter and the pre-installed firmware, there are no other differences
I bought a router. Should I change the firmware?
Not worth it yet. Read the cap and topic, assess your needs and capabilities, the answer will become more obvious to you.
How to bind a router to your xiaomi account?
  • At initial setting, the plugin-locator should bedisabled .
  • You must be registeredxiaomi accountand installed an application forandroid, iosorwindows
  • The router must have access to the Internet (for example, wan xiaomi is connected to the lan of another working router)
  • The device from which the binding is made must be connectedonly to xiaomi router network.

    In some cases, it is necessary to make a full reset with the reset button or try binding from different devices (phones, tablets, computers). All the above conditions must be fully met.
What is the difference between firmware, which one to choose?
  • The router comes with a "stock" firmware. There were no firmware with English for this router, no, and, practically guaranteed, it will not, but there is no fundamental difference between the "English" and "Chinese" versions, except for the presence of English in the first and more frequent updates of the second. Versions for developers also do not carry significant differences from the usual except for access via SSH.
  • The firmware is based on OpenWRT, but has very limited functionality, so if you need IPTV, a media server on the router, ipv6, bypass blocking, advanced network settings, connecting usb modems and printers, full torrent clients and other amenities, look in the direction of alternative firmware.
  • The miwifi app and the rest of the xiaomi ecosystem only work with stock firmware.
  • Stable, high-quality and smart firmware, covering almost all possible needs of the ordinary and advanced user, having an interface in Russian.
  • It features convenient and clear settings.
  • There is support for multicast IPTV (Rostelecom, Beeline and any others), ipv6, hdd connection (including several), dlna media server, work with usb modems, printers, other usb devices, bypassing locks, downloading torrents, scheduler, launching custom scripts, installing additional packages from Entware and more.
  • Of the minuses, the difficulty of self-assembly.
  • It is possible to download the finished firmware
  • Known fresh kernel firmware from an international development team. Covers all possible standard and non-standard needs, incl. advanced users.
  • There is support for multicast IPTV (Rostelecom, Beeline and any others), ipv6, hdd connection (including several), dlna media server, work with usb modems, printers, other usb devices, bypassing locks, downloading torrents, scheduler, launching custom scripts, installing additional packages.
  • From minuses - the complexity of self-installation of the packages and settings. Sometimes behaves not stable.
  • There is an opportunity to download ready assemblies from updated posts in this topic.
The router cuts speed, problems with range and stability, what to do?
The first step is to understand the reason:
  • If problems are observed whenwired connecting:
    - Check the speed by connecting the provider cable directly, bypassing the router.
    -Check the number of wires in the cable and the quality of crimping of the connectors, in case of doubt, check on the other cable / replace the connector.

  • If problems withwirelessly connecting:
    - Check the settings set in the router and clients: region, range and width of channels, version of the communication protocol, support on the end device (relevant for 5 GHz).
    - Analyze the broadcast and select the least loaded channel.
    - Check the speed whenever possible on multiple devices.
    RWhen the air is loaded, far away from the router, there is interference from other devices (microwave oven, bluetooth device, etc.), the speed will always bemuch Below the maximum possible, these are the laws of physics and the principle of wifi.
    The range of action and penetrating ability of a 5GHz signal is noticeably lower than 2.4, this is a feature of the technology, and not a problem with your device.
    -In rare cases, it makes sense to check the reliability of the contacts of the antennas and the radiator on the router board by disassembling the device case.
    SpeedTest and similar online services are not reliable indicators of speed. The real speed can be found either with the help of iperf or a test download torrent with a large number of distributors. Mobile devices due to limited computing resources and, in some cases, rigid fixation of a narrow channel are also not always able to display real results.

Should I connect the 2.4 and 5 GHz networks into one and how to do it?
On the stock firmware there is a separate switch in the settings, for any others it is enough to set the same network names and passwords.
However, there is no full-fledged algorithm for working with interconnected networks on any firmware, so the client will choose the connection point himself, and there are no guarantees of the adequacy of this choice:
in the overwhelming majority of cases, the 5 GHz network will be connected to the last even with a weak signal if it is initially selected by the client, and, conversely, the client is unlikely to switch from 2.4 to 5 if it is already connected to it.
thereforeit is strongly recommended to abandon this feature and use separate networks
What is the Breed loader? Do I need it?
The bootloader in a router is similar to bios / uefi for a computer or recovery for a phone: it is he who is responsible for the low-level initialization, repair and download of the main firmware.
If you plan to use only stock firmware, you will hardly be useful, but installing third-party firmware will be your guarantee of security, ease of migration and updates. Therefore,highly recommended before any manipulation of the firmware install Breed: it is primarily in your interest.
  • The stock downloader has the ability to recover only via usb flash with the original firmware image.
  • The bootloaders built into Padavan and OpenWRT allow you to connect using an usb-ttl uart adapter and restore from the command line.
  • The Breed loader allows you to connect over a normal twisted pair, has a graphical interface (including in Russian when using the plug-in), ample opportunities to configure, change system settings, firmware and create backup copies.
I want to connect a modem / printer / ... to the hdd / usb router, will it work?
On the stock firmware, only drives will work, everything else is only on Padavan and OpenWRT.
  • All common file systems, disks are supported.any volume.
  • With a 99% percent chance, your usb modem will also start up without any manipulations, but using and setting up is much more convenient in the "hilink" mode, look for details in the profile topic of your device.
  • Printers will work in one way or another. There is no WPS on the Padavan firmware, use the manual configuration of the network for the printer using the manufacturer’s utilities on the computer.
Can I connect multiple devices to the router via usb?
Yes, there is such an opportunity. Be it several identical or different devices: hdd, flash drives, modems, printers, etc., get along well together.
Only restriction : devices should have enough power. therefore highly recommended Use a quality usb hub with your own power.
How to upgrade firmware? (any)
Two absolutely universal ways that work on all firmware:
  • Through the regular update menu in the web interface and the file with the new firmware.
  • Through the Breed loader with installing the firmware in the desired section in accordance with the instructions.
Nuances of updating builds and versions of OpenWRT, setting autoboot flags to breed and otherspecify in the instructions on which you originally installed the firmware
How to upgrade from one firmware to another?
The easiest and the correct version, first install Breed bootloader (if not already selected), and then install the new firmware through it (sectioninstructionshats)
The router is unavailable, the front diode is off.
First check the power adapter, it should have 12 volts at the output under load.
Connect to the router via LAN and check the resulting IP address:
-169.254.С….С… - automatic windows range (the router did not issue IP),
-192.168.С….С… - received from the router, try to access its web interface.

If the adapter is OK, but the front diode is off, there is no wifi broadcast, no LAN access: the area of ​​the NAND memory loader is corrupted, and the option is only 2:
-Vypivanie memory chip and firmware on the programmer (easier in terms of service, because programmers cost from $ 100-150)
-Transition to NOR (SPI) memory(costs in the range of $ 5)
After switching to SPI, there is also the possibilityrestore native NAND memory
The wrong partition was selected when flashing through Breed, what should I do?
It is enough just to go into the breed again, write the firmware according to the instructions in the desired section and, if necessary, specify the boot section by adding the autoboot rule, again in accordance with the instructions. No other action is required.
How to return / update the firmware if the drain is installed Breed
To do this, go to Breed bootloader firmware to flash the drain in both sections and remove autoboot rules, if any.Few details
What are the differences between the Mi-3, Mi-3G and Mi-4 routers, which one is better to choose?
On the basis of technical characteristics and capabilities, the 3G router will be the clear winner.
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Model Comparison Chart routers Xiaomi
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  • Purchase, lifehacks at purchase, coupons are discussed in the topicClub lovers overseas shoppingandPurchase Xiaomi devices
  • Questions and answers on the assembly, configuration, and all not specific to this particular model of the router nuances on the firmware Padavan should look inprofile topic
  • Forall common not attached to this router questions on Openwrt take a look atthis topic
  • With questions on choice and comparison, welcomehere

If you could not find the answer to your question in the header, first use the search on the topic.


For upgrading and filling caps:QMS curatoralways open

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I watch the same CPU as the Pro.

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Photos of entrails, who are interested.http://koolshare.cn/thread-119327-1-1.html

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Photos of entrails, who are interested.
there the 2.4G_CH1 connector seems to fall off the board when the lanyard is disconnected

Rep: (36)
Interestingly, the Chinese, as always, saved on matches and used one RGMII, halving the throughput of the MT7621? Or did they do it correctly, using both ports?

Rep: (1707)
Tolikvl @ 08/01/2017, 19:55*
* not_registered , yes, pulled out with the roots .. You can get to the uart without much understanding ..
On the WiFi are MT7612EN and MT7603EN ..

Well, as I understand it, there should be no problems with the file.
What a donor?

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The size of the radiator pleasantly warms the soul))) I thought to skolhozit a couple of small fans inside, can anyone have already done? But judging by the radiator, it may not be necessary.

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* Kalibr-M,
hellish radiator, me on a 2-core / 1200Mhz allwinner A20, grabs a small radiator - in size and 1 cm high,
and here a modern 2-core and such a hefty canoe bolted ...

Rep: (249)
* tolikvl
* Kalibr-M,
perhaps such a radiator is made simply as a weighting agent - so that the device’s more impressive sensations are,
the case is half empty there, as in the previous one. version, and then picked up - heavy, nice :)

Rep: (1204)
* not_registered , cooling is not superfluous .. Let it be, it does not interfere. And how in the consoles KII-III on android, cut, saw, fans fasten ..

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* not_registered ,

I doubt it. Most likely, such a radiator was attached on the instructions of the Chinese government, Schaub did not burn in heat dissipation, so that he sent data about what Laoway was doing in 24/7 mode.

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* not_registered ,

I read that like Padavan and asus are now rarely released.

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* not_registered
Exactly, exactly ... Where can I, among such highly fumbling specialists like you .... Probably you have already written a config for a new piece of hardware and just keep it modestly silent so that the others on your background don't feel like complete ignorant. It is so noble of you.

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* Volt1, * not_registered
Gentlemen, we charm all.
Let's start by analogy, because there is such a percentage in assemblies, there are Wi-Fi modules too.
It remains to deal in flash memory and gigabit ports to understand. (Ports in soc). It remains a small business.
Here are just swearing and raids do not need. One thing we do.

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* crocodil2,
Cross the config from 56UB1 (MT7603) with Giga3 (NAND / USB3) considering that the flash layout is probably different and the processor costs two cores. Ultra 2 config is not worth using (IMHO) - there is an external switch ->have to clean it all out. With GPIO you will understand when the piece of iron comes or .dts will appear in Lede / OpenWRT.

Crocodil2 @ 08/01/17, 22:19*
do one thing.

What is the point of spending time on a piece of iron, which I don’t have and which is not planned to be purchased?

Taking into account that Xiaomi puts NAND of not better quality in the budget (judging by the beats on Mi3) - write UBoot in a row several times (on Giga3, 4 copies of UBoot fit into the standard mtd0 markup). And if you collect UBoot, do not enable USB recovery. In this case, the size gets out of the NAND block size, and in this case, no one checked the NAND driver's ability to step through the block.

Post has been editedVolt1 - 01.08.17, 22:48

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* Volt1 ,

Instead of tsiferki 2, at your right from the nickname, tsiferki 3, 4, etc. will appear. : D

Post has been editedKalibr-M - 01.08.17, 22:48

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And what are the reference links already allowed on the forum?

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* Volt1,
We can handle the config, but you need to deal with uboot and nand.

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Iron tasty for the money. Does hardware acceleration of encryption in padavan-firmware on it work out? If it works out, the VPN will please the eye and the wallet.

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There is inblack color

I want to buy, but I will wait, when here you will write the most, test it.
Suitable for my needs with a margin for the future and inexpensive.

Post has been editedscubi111 - 03.08.17, 18:47

Rep: (1707)
* scubi111,
Wow is not expensive.
By your link it costs $ 67.
Black probably still do not ship.

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