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XIM4 | Discussion XIM4
Do I need XIM4 and similar devices on the market?
Yes [ 136 ] ** [84,47%]
Not [ 23 ] ** [14,29%]
Do you use XIM4
Yes [ 51 ] ** [31,68%]
Not [ 108 ] ** [67,08%]
What games do you use XIM4
First person games [ 115 ] ** [71,43%]
Third person games [ 48 ] ** [29,81%]
MMORPG [ 14 ] ** [8,7%]
Strategies [ 26 ] ** [16,15%]
Other [ 45 ] ** [27,95%]
Do you plan to buy XIM4
Yes [ 87 ] ** [54,04%]
Not [ 25 ] ** [15,53%]
While I think [ 46 ] ** [28,57%]
Total votes: 161

Rep: (282)

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Let's discuss XIM4 (which keyboards and mice we use, ballistics in specific games, etc., etc.), as well as compare with other gamepad emulators.
You can also talk about whether or not to buy it, share links to sellers.

  • Description A: With XIM4, you can connect a keyboard and mouse to your game console. XIM4 provides the highest accuracy.
  • Official website of the manufacturer : xim.tech
  • Supported Consoles :
    Xbox 360 / Xbox one.
    Playstation 3 (all versions) / Playstation 4 (all versions) / Playstation 4 Pro.
  • XIM4 Manager Mobile OS :
  • XIM4Flash for desktop OS :

  • Compatible devices :
    A4Tech Bloody RT5
    A4Tech G10-810H
    A4Tech VT-F3
    A4Tech XL-747H
    A4Tech XL-750BK
    A4Tech XL-760H
    AGPtek E-Blue Mazer II
    Alienware TactX
    Anker 98ANDS2368-BA
    Anker 98AN5000-BA
    ASDA 595880
    ASUS GX800
    Blackweb grim
    Bloody ML160 (*)
    CM Sentinel Advance II
    CM Storm Devastator MS2K (combo with MB24)
    CM Storm Inferno
    CM Storm Recon
    CM Xornet II
    Corsair Glaive RGB
    Corsair Harpoon RGB
    Corsair katar
    Corsair M45
    Corsair M60
    Corsair M65
    Corsair M65 Pro RGB (!)
    Corsair M65 Vengeance FPS
    Corsair M90 (*)
    Corsair M95
    Corsair Scimitar (*)
    Cougar 300M
    Cougar revenger
    Dream Machines DM1 Pro S
    Ducky secret
    EpicGear MeduZa
    Etekcity Mouse Scroll X1
    EVGA Torq X10
    Finalmouse 2015
    Finalmouse Scream One
    Finalmouse Tournament Pro
    Fnatic Flick G1
    FUNC MS-3 Revision 2
    Gamdias Hades GMS7010
    Gigabyte M6980X
    Gigabyte m6900
    G.Skill MX780-RGB
    Gyration Air GO Plus
    Ideazon reaper edge
    Inland Pro 70119
    Kana v2
    Logitech Anywhere MX
    Logitech G100s
    Logitech g3
    Logitech G300
    Logitech g303
    Logitech G303 RGB
    Logitech g400
    Logitech g400s
    Logitech G402 (!)
    Logitech g403
    Logitech G403 Wireless
    Logitech g5
    Logitech G500
    Logitech g500s
    Logitech G502 Proteus Core
    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum (!)
    Logitech g600
    Logitech g600s
    Logitech G602 (*)
    Logitech g7
    Logitech g700
    Logitech g700s
    Logitech G9x (*)
    Logitech G900 (!)
    Logitech G Pro (!)
    Logitech M180
    Logitech M185
    Logitech M505
    Logitech m510
    Logitech m570
    Logitech M705
    Logitech MK320 Mouse
    Logitech MX500
    Logitech MX510
    Logitech MX518
    Logitech TrackMan Wheel
    Mad Catz MMO 7 (!)
    Microsoft Basic 2.0
    Microsoft Compact Optical 500
    Microsoft Habu
    Microsoft IntelliMouse
    Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
    Microsoft WMO / Wheel Mouse Optical
    Mionix Avior 7000
    Mionix castor
    Mionix Naos 7000 (F)
    Mionix Naos 8200
    Modal Claymore Combo C655 (!)
    Nexus Silent Wired
    Ninox Venator
    Perixx MX-2000IIB
    R.A.T. 3 (!)
    R.A.T. five
    R.A.T. 7
    R.A.T. 9
    Rapoo 7100p
    Razer abyssus
    Razer copperhead
    Razer deathadder
    Razer DeathAdder 3.5G
    Razer DeathAdder 4G 2013
    Razer deathadder chroma
    Razer DeathAdder Elite
    Razer diamondback chroma
    Razer imperator
    Razer Imperator 2012
    Razer lachesis 5600
    Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition (*)
    Razer Mamba 2012 Wired (*)
    Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
    Razer naga
    Razer Naga 2012
    Razer Naga 2014 (*)
    Razer Naga Epic Chroma
    Razer Naga Epic Wired
    Razer naga hex
    Razer naga molten
    Razer Orochi (wired)
    Razer ourobos
    Razer Specter StarCraft II
    Razer Taipan (Dual Sensor)
    Razer Taipan (Single Sensor)
    Razer turret
    Redragon Mammoth (~)
    Redragon Perdition MMO (~)
    Roccat kone
    Roccat Kone Pure Military
    Roccat kone xtd
    Roccat kova
    Roccat pure optical
    Roccat savu
    Roccat Tyon (*)
    Roccat nyth
    Sharkoon drakonia
    Sharkoon drakonia black
    Sharkoon Shark Zone M50
    SteelSeries Cataclysm MMO
    SteelSeries Diablo
    Steelseries ikari
    SteelSeries Kana
    SteelSeries Kana V2
    SteelSeries Rival
    SteelSeries Rival 100
    SteelSeries Rival 300
    SteelSeries Rival 500 (!)
    SteelSeries Rival 700 (!)
    SteelSeries Sensei (*)
    SteelSeries Sensei Raw (*)
    SteelSeries Xai Laser
    Swiftpoint Z
    Targus AMW56EU
    Thermaltake Azurues
    Thermaltake Black
    Thermaltake Level 10 M
    Thermaltake Saphira
    Thermaltake theron
    Titanwolf Gauntlet
    Trust GXT 155
    Trust MI-2900Z / 14915
    Trust MI-2275F / 15862
    Tt eSports Talon
    UtechSmart Venus MMO (~)
    VicTsing Zelotes 9200
    Zowie EC1 (*)
    Zowie EC2 (*)

    1byone Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB
    A4Tech B530
    A4Tech Bloody B830
    A4Tech X7 G100
    Acer KU-0420
    ADX Firefight A02
    ADX Firefight A03
    Alienware TactX
    aLLreLi K9500U
    aLLreLi T9
    Anne Pro (*)
    Azio Levetron Mech5
    AZZA Gaming Keyboard
    Belkin Nostromo n52te / n52
    Belkin Nostromo Speedpad N50 (!)
    Blackweb Centaur (R)
    BlueFinger Adjustable Crack
    Cherry eVolution STREAM XT
    Cherry kc 1000
    CM Quick Fire Pro
    CM Quick Fire TK (?)
    CM Storm Trigger
    CM Quick Fire Rapid
    CM Quick Fire Rapid-i
    CM Quick Fire Stealth
    CM Storm Devastator MB24 (combo with MS2K)
    Corsair K30 (B)
    Corsair K40 (B)
    Corsair K50 (B)
    Corsair K60 (B)
    Corsair K63 (!)
    Corsair K65 Vengeance (!)
    Corsair K65 LUX RGB (!)
    Corsair K70 RGB (F) (B)
    Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire (!)
    Corsair K90 (F) (B)
    Corsair K95 (!) (B)
    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum (!) (B)
    Corsair STRAFE (*) (B)
    Corsair STRAFE RGB (*) (B)
    Cyber ​​Snipa Game Pad
    Cyborg V.7
    Das Professional
    Das silent
    Das ultimate
    Dell l100
    Delux t9
    Dragonwar Desert Eagle
    Ducky DK-9087 G2 Pro
    Ducky DK1008L
    Ducky shine ii
    Ducky Shine 3 DK9008 (B)
    Ducky shine 4
    Ducky shine 5
    Ducky shine 6
    Ducky Zero DK2108S
    Dynex Standard
    Emprex Cheetah Advance
    Filco MJ1 / 2
    Filco majestouch-2
    FUNC KB-460 (*)
    G.Skill KM780-RGB (*)
    Gigabyte Force K83
    Hcman 87 Keys Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    HP Standard
    HP K3500 Wireless Keyboard
    KBC Poker 2
    KBC Poker 3
    KBP V60 Mini
    KBTalking Pure 60% Mx-Brown
    Leopold FC200R
    Leopold FC500RT / AB
    Logitech Classic Keyboard 200
    Logitech diNovo
    Logitech g pro
    Logitech g11
    Logitech G13 (appears as joystick)
    Logitech g15
    Logitech g19
    Logitech G105
    Logitech G110 (*)
    Logitech g213
    Logitech g5
    Logitech G310 (H)
    Logitech G410 (H)
    Logitech G510 (!)
    Logitech G710 + (H)
    Logitech G810 (R)
    Logitech G910 (H)
    Logitech K120
    Logitech K200
    Logitech k270
    Logitech k290
    Logitech K300
    Logitech g11
    Logitech k310
    Logitech k340
    Logitech K350
    Logitech K360
    Logitech K400 Plus
    Logitech K400 R
    Logitech K520
    Logitech K750
    Logitech k800
    Logitech MK320 Keyboard
    Logitech N305
    Logitech Y-BN52 Media Keyboard Elite
    Logitech Y-U0004
    Logitech Y-UY95 Illuminated Keyboard
    Logitech ultra flat
    Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 3
    Matias Split Ergo Pro
    Microsoft Arc
    Microsoft Natural
    Microsoft Sidewinder X4
    Microsoft Wired 200
    Microsoft Wired 600
    Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800
    MK Disco TKL RGB
    Modal Claymore Combo C655 (!)
    Monoprice 9433 MX
    PC Line PCL-SK1
    Perixx PX-1100
    Razer anansi
    Razer arctosa
    Razer blackwidow chroma
    Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2
    Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma
    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate (*) (R)
    Razer blackwidow x chroma
    Razer deathstalker
    Razer deathstalker chroma
    Razer lycosa
    Razer nostromo
    Razer orbweaver
    Razer orbweaver stealth
    Razer orbweaver chroma
    Razer orbweaver chroma stealth
    Razer ornata chroma
    Razer Tarantula (*)
    Razer turret
    Redragon Kumara K552
    Redragon K553 USAS (H)
    Rantopad MXX
    Roccat arvo
    Roccat isku
    Roccat sova
    Rosewill Helios RK-9200BU
    Saitek Cyborg V.5
    Saitek eclipse
    SolidTek ACK-595U
    Soyntec t120
    Speedlink bedrock
    SteelSeries 6Gv2 (!)
    SteelSeries 7G (!)
    SteelSeries Apex
    SteelSeries Apex M500 (H)
    SteelSeries Apex M800 (H)
    SteelSeries Apex Raw
    Steelseries fang
    SteelSeries Merc Stealth
    SteelSeries Shift (!)
    Stinkyfoot (!)
    Targus AKP10EU Numeric Keypad
    Tex beetle
    Team Wolf Zhuque TKL
    Thermaltake Challenger
    Thermaltake Esports Poseidon Z
    Thermaltake Knuckler
    Thermaltake Meka
    Truly Ergonomic 207
    Trust CZ 18174
    Trust ZIVA
    Viotek twilight
    Wolfking warrior
    Zippy WK-620

    Hitbox Arcade PS360 (R)
    I-pac 32 pcb
    I-pac ve pcb
    Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
    Logitech F310
    Logitech g13
    Madcatz Xbox 360 Fightstick (*)
    MadCatz Xbox 360 Arcade FightStick PRO
    Razer tartarus
    Sony Move Navigation Controller
    The list can and should be supplemented / corrected.
  • Extreme Firmware Version :
    Build 20160405
    NEW: XIM4 Smart Translators V2 aiming fidelity upgrade
    NEW: XIM4 Manager support for iOS 8 and above devices (iPhone 4s and iPad 3rd-gen and above)
    NEW: PlayStation 4 Touchpad Support
    NEW: Use next-gen controllers cross next-gen console (X1 ->PS4) (PS4 ->X1)
    NEW: Use next-gen controllers (X1, PS4) on last-gen consoles (X360, PS3)
    NEW: Storage increased to 24 Configs (was 16)
    NEW: Simulated ADS Toggle (with customizable "Deactivation" keys)
    NEW: Progressive Delay blended Hip to ADS transition
    NEW: Steady Aim feature that optimizes Auto Aim (best with CoD ADS)
    NEW: Turn Assist for better control of vehicles and turrets
    NEW: PlayStation 4 controller automatic turn on at startup
    NEW: Config load via hotkeys while Manager is connected
    NEW:? System ready? indication light (4 rapid green blinks)
    NEW: Warning light notification (yellow-pulses) if peripheral communication is lost
    NEW: Support for Logitech 3D Extreme Pro Joystick
    NEW: Backup / Restore of Configs / Globals via Flash Tool
    FIX: Atheros Bluetooth chipset compatibility
    FIX: Xbox One audio quality issues
    FIX: Better support for hubs / switches
    FIX: Xbox One controller w / integrated audio jack compatibility
    FIX: Xbox One Elite controller compatibility (including cross console)
    FIX: XIM4 remains
    FIX: Commander input timing improvements
    FIX: Hardware compatibility improvements

  • Utility :
    Official forum
    Instructions in Russian

    Firmware upgrade
    After purchasing the XIM4, you need to update it with the current firmware, so:
    1. Put the XIM4Flash on your PC
    2. Run the XIM4Flash and connect the XIM4 cable that comes with it.
    3. On the rear panel, the XIM4 presses and holds the "P" button, the XIM4 will flash.
    4. Click Update Firmware, the update should download.
    5. If you get an error, then click Factory Reset. XIM4 will be reset to factory settings and updated.
    6. Everything, further profile settings and forward.

Post has been editedElsobako - 01.08.17, 09:11

Rep: (282)
* Emil77 , in this regard, Xim is out of competition, I'm talking about the community and support.

Rep: (7)
And BF1 opened up for me in a new light)) came in yesterday I think I’ll look. Yeah, I stayed up until 2 nights with the joy of management)))

Rep: (282)
* Emil77,
Now a lot of things will look different))

Rep: (2)
ElSobako hi) in the photo from page 1, I realized that you have a Razer Orbweaver or Razer Tartarus keypad, the choice of such devices is not great and the reviews about Razer keypads are not very open spaces, share your opinion on how to use, etc. , for replacement, if we consider the Logitech G13 it will not be better to use?

Rep: (282)
* Darkwhale , Hello. G13 was, did not like, too massive and stupid, to be honest. The joystick on the right cannot be banned.
I have Tartarus Chroma, all the buttons are compact, compact, I just had to stick a big step under my finger so that I wouldn’t stretch too much. I took the senior Raiser with mechanics (Chrome Orbiver), but I got a defective one, and there was a loud mechanic there, but there are more buttons, although I have enough for tartarus.

Rep: (2)
Emil77 profile uploaded to BF1, which one, where to look?

Post has been editedDarkwhale - 22.10.17, 09:05

Rep: (22)
ElSobako @ 09/29/17, 7:00 p.m.*

I wonder how XIM4 behaves in ZHTA5_ONLIN, on Curling Iron 4?
Who tried?

Rep: (282)
* mr_maklaut , in the VK group you need to look, here the link was left. On XIM there are already 2 profiles for it.

Posted on 10/29/2017, 19:58:

* Darkwhale , in the sense of where to look?

Rep: (2)
Meant from where loaded, incorrectly expressed, the answer is 0, what about macros on xim4? Who does?

Rep: (22)
* Elsobako ,
yes there are two profiles, I saw this with a u mark, support but not full. that's who is interested in her gamal curling 4

Rep: (6)
Why ksim when on sale in the Market Hori ps3 / ps4 for 12k в‚Ѕ

Rep: (282)
* Serega-pilot Ergonomics haven’t come to me, although the rest seems to be even nothing, they say so.

Rep: (6)
I ordered to Japan. When Hori for ps4 was not yet sold in Russia. Now, please, take it, I don’t want to ... But for me it’s so imprisoned for games .. Division, tanks, battles .. Although they still beat me in battles)) I’m crooked little hands

Rep: (282)
* Serega-pilot , Yes, this is not little hands, these are schoolchildren mutants, their brain is locked for shooters)))

Rep: (6)
* Elsobako , .. Mabut and so .. I watched in the tube how to learn to shoot the joystick in battle .. My hands twisted .. Not .. I can’t .. Yes, and I’m old .. The reaction is not the same .. Today I will buy Call ww ll. Poboobach .. Po shoot at hory.

Rep: (282)
* Serega-pilot , no, I'm going to drive Wolf, tired of these sandboxes.

Rep: (6)
* Elsobako .. And I want to beat the fascists .. They will answer us for Sevastopol)) Are you driving tanks ?? Alaska737 I.

Rep: (282)
* Serega-pilot , no, I'm in the rainbow basically. But I’ll add, I’m ripening a little.

Rep: (6)
* Elsobako .. Rainbow .. Is this the special forces ?? I wanted to take it once .. In the Division I have the same callsign.

Rep: (22)
* Serega-pilot ,
Like Hori worse than xim4, there are comparisons on the pipe. or is it some other already?

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