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MI Theme Editor
version: 1.7.3

Last update of the program in the header:24.11.2019

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Short description:
The program for editing MIUI topics.

Detailed description

Must have for designers and users of MIUI
The program for the restoration of the health of those downloaded from the store (as long as an effective version) combines two software BNGKS and MIUI Theme Creator.

Little observation fromalex lifanow why the вАЬrun through the programвАЭ installs the themes:
Since questions about non-installation continue to crumble, I decided to find the reason today anyway or how to explain why this program installs themes, and the standard method does not work.
It was determined experimentally that either the program itself creates the file.digits, letters.MRA, along the way MIUI / theme / .data / rights, or rather, the Themes Manager itself does this with its submission. When installing from the market, it is also created, but with a normal, standard installation there is no, hence the problem.

How to beat the topic:
Download any theme you like from any resource (MT, MIUI Forum, MIUI Topics Directory, profile thread onsavagemessiahzine.com) try to install. If it doesnвАЩt work, we launch the program and select a topic specifying its location. Next, without making changes, press NEXT>FINISH and we get at the output in the folder MIUI / theme our newly created * mtz file ready for installation. We set and rejoice ...
PS ...
Important: In order for the program to see the "installed themes", it needs to issue permission to read the device's memory.

Android required: 4.0 and higher
Russian interface: Yes
Google Play: MI Theme Editor
version: 1.7.3 MI Theme Editor (Post Katafrakt # 91134736)

Version without donate

In the presence ofrootto readHere
for untied from google
1. Open the archive.
2. Copy cache on the Android / obb path

Fashion Without Advertising
Past versions

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* arahov,
MI Theme Editor (Post elizz69 # 71831847)

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elizz69 @ 21.04.2018, 15:36*
scrolling through the 10 no one found 5 * 6

Posted on 21/04/2018, 18:26:

svichip @ 21.04.2018, 13:29*
* arahov , http: //zhuti.xiaomi.co...4eab-af69-506a7dc79fa0
There is customizable.

But the icons are very small are obtained (

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* arahov,
there is a single digit change incom.miui.home and you will be happy))

<integer name = "config_cell_count_x">4</ integer>
<integer name = "config_cell_count_y">6</ integer>

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* arahov,
in the preview is not visible. If you have not found yet, unsubscribe. I will give the name.

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ATcartnadybal isvideo
Judging by him appeared on the decision to install miui9, link to the apk below the video.Mi rape.
I did not check, sit on 8ke

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* toronton I'll check it out now.

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* yampic , Yes you are right. Just checked.

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Who can make outMi rape. see what and where is formed, and so on.
* paramon0110 ,
After a reboot, the topic remains?

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* toronton , I do not apply at all. MIUI

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Damn works

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Only once
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Posted 04/22/2018, 00:24:

Curator sorry I forgot to remove under spoller

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Friends, if there is no APPLY button, then click on the topic and select Pack to MTZ. A button will appear and the theme will apply!

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* toronton Thank you very much! MIUI 9 Global 8.4.19 firmware (root and no other things) - themes are perfectly applied. No mistakes.

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paramon0110 @ 04.22.18, 5:15*
I don't apply at all
try thisAttached filecomandroid.miimport-1.0.apk(467.91 KB)

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My mi rape does not apply all the components to those. And some do not apply at all, although he writes what he created and applied, but no, in fact he puts the stock one.

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mechanic18 @ 04/22/2018, 05:37*
mi rape

Also not applicable on firmware glob. stub

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* Melaf , Catalog of the MIUI v6 / v7 / v8 / v9 (Post Krys72 # 72616046) . This is the only topic that has been applied completely.

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* mechanic18,
What is your firmware?

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Themes are applied but after a while they fly off

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* Melaf ,

Posted 04/22/2018 07:30:

* egora15 , after repeated use, the topic remains and no longer flies.

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