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Cooling box
Did I upgrade the Ki Pro cooling?
Yes, only replaced the regular radiator [ 27 ] ** [9,51%]
Yes, I replaced the radiator and applied a cooler [ 18 ] ** [6,34%]
Yes, I left the regular radiator and used the cooler [ 54 ] ** [19,01%]
No, everything works for me in stock [ 185 ] ** [65,14%]
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DiscussionKI Pro DVB-S2 / T2 / C
PictureDVB-S2 / T2 / C TV Box on Amlogic S905D
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KI Pro DVB-C DVB T2 + S2 Android 7.1 TV Box Amlogic S905D Quad-core BT4.0 2 GB / 16 GB Smart Media Player, Satellite Receiver

Main characteristics:

PROCESSOR: AmlogicS905DQuad 64-bit Cortex-A53
GPU: Mali-450 Penta
Blutooth:Bluetooth 4.1
LAN Ethernet: 10/100 M /1000 MRgmii
Wi-fi: built-in 2.4 G /5 GSupport Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n /ac
video decoder: H.265 4K @ 60fps 10 bti, VP9 Profile 2, H.264 4 K @ 30fps, AVS + 1080 P @ 60fps
video encorder: H.264 1080 p @ 60fps
Network function: Miracast, Airplay, Skype in chat, Picasa, Youtube, Flicker, Facebook, Online movies, etc.
Language: Chinese, English, Germany, Japanese, Korea, etc. 24 languages
More specifications
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Comparison of models Ki Plus - Kii Pro - Ki Pro - Kiii Pro
Custom firmware
Alternative firmware

Please do not confuse this box withKi Plus DVB S2 / T2! This is a new 4K media box receiver, on the Amlogic S905D processor on Android 7.1! It occupies an intermediate position on the characteristics betweenKii proandKiii pro!
We readPREVIOUS TOPICS, we use the search, 80% of the answers to the questions are there. Especially on finishing cooling, dozens of options for every taste with photos.
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On the Vidiostrong website, KI pro appeared to be similar in its characteristics to the KII pro, only the Amlogic 905D processor, what is their difference?

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On the Vidiostrong website, KI pro appeared to be similar in its characteristics to the KII pro, only the Amlogic 905D processor, what is their difference?

evgbut, probably support DVB interface ..

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And no one else looked in the direction of KI PRO (_http: //www.videostrong...w.asp? id = 981 & sid = 268)?It seems to be the closest to KII, on the S905D, but already on the fresh android 7.1

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at KI PRO on the seven th_dtv has a separate Oscar binary - supercam
threw in xbin, started, access to the web also on port 8888
root @ KIII_PRO_DDR3_3G: / # / system / xbin / supercam
/ system / xbin / supercam
root @ KIII_PRO_DDR3_3G: / # ps | grep -i supercam
root 10260 1 4004 256 do_wait f74f3a7c S / system / xbin / supercam
root 10261 10260 10220 1980 poll_sched f74f2394 S / system / xbin / supercam
root @ KIII_PRO_DDR3_3G: / #

http: //www.mediafire.c...0l4b40z6h/software.rar

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Pily_W @ 05/27/17, 23:37*
at KI PRO on th_dtv seven has a separate Oscam binary

But where is the firmware for k1 pro available for download?

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* Pily_w
KI + or KI PRO

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* cataplas = KI PRO-userdebug 7.1.1 NMF26Q 20170519.183520.V0321
ro.product.device = KI_PRO_S905D
ro.product.model.nospace = KI_PRO_NOUGAT_DTV

for KI PRO, but, for example, I have written on the board on KII-PROKII PLUS , and all write KII-PRO

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There is a K1 Plus, and there is a new K1 Pro on the S905D with 2 gigs of memory. In fact, he is better than Kii Pro, the name given to him was unfortunate, he should be called K2.5 Pro.
http: //www.cnx-softwar..s2-tuner-sells-for-80/

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Who cares - at Banggood Promotion K1 PRO - $ 68
coupon - 15KIPRO, I do not know the limit of the prefixes, I ordered it myself

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dm_mih @ 05.28.17, 12:10*
In fact, it is better than Kii Pro
I wonder what the assumption about 2 tuners in KI Pro is based on - a review.Sen5 with the same process?

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* Stanner,
And who said that in k1 pro there are 2 of them? Most likely the same combo tuner. And it’s better that the Gigabit network and the S905D percents are supported by the VP9 hardware, youtube percents will not heat. Well, android 7th on it.

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dm_mih @ 05.28.17, 21:35*
And who said that in k1 pro there are 2 of them?
This assumption is made in the article you cited.
Directly restrain myself not to order it at a discount - no matter how it is not the engineering samples, go first :)
Ordered :)

bel-sergei @ 05.25.17, 10:19*
Is this device interesting 3g modems support?
I think HiLink modems should work

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But where is the firmware for k1 pro available for download?


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New TV box MECOOL KI PRO TV Box - 2G + 16G, on the amlogic S905D chipset - sold on girbest ..
http: //

Attached Image

Attached Image

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Pily_W @ 05/27/17, 23:37*
KI PRO on th_dtv seven has a separate Oscar binary - supercam

Is it interesting on KII pro android 7 to work or not?

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Received KI PRO, KI PRO-userdebug 6.0.1 MHC19J 20170426.192709.v0923, firmware is the same as KIII PRO.K. *

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Petras54 @ 06/01/17, 23:07*
additional cooling is not required, the maximum temperature was 76 *

What was the temperature like?
If while watching TV, then a lot.

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-MiceRus- video camera via tinyCam Monitor apk

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* petras54,
And look at YouTube what the temperature will be. It seems that this processor has hardware support for VP9.

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