UMI Diamond X - Firmware

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UMI Diamond X - Firmware
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Drivers and Utilities
Read the instructions before cell phones!
For the broken devices you blame yourself and your carelessness.

Official Firmware - For units purchased before August 10, 2017.
Official Firmware - For units purchased after 10 August 2017.
Please do not flash the firmware on these devices purchased before 10th August 2017!
They may also be inconsistent!

Diamond X V7.0 2017.08.10 - SPFT release

Unofficial firmware
Rekaveri / Root

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tanpan2016 @ 05.03.2017, 10:00*

20161208 V7.0 firmware for UMI Diamond X
https: //

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Found working TWRP for UMI Diamond X,but the sensor not only works yuzbi mouse!, AMP craftsmen redo it ???
TWRP this swill from BLACKVIEW bv5000. It is written folders BV5000

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How to get to the FRP Umi Diamond X (bypassing guugl account)

And so, in stock umi diamond x (firmware With the forgotten old password and login guugl accountSP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.1648And MTK driverScatter txt
Actions in order, establish MTK driver Scatter Open a text editor and look for the section FRP
Attached Image
, Open SP_Flash_Tool, select the tabFormat .
a photo
Attached Image
Attached Image
tick in paragraph manual format flash and then writing the address and length of the section obtained with FRP Scatter file push start and off smart connect to the computer, and viola,: P: P: P;)
And for the future
record and store the login and password so as not to face again with such a problem, well, the second way to see the address section FRP. To do this, we collect Dialers * # * # 3646633 # * # * engineering menu, select Hardware testing, etc. Memory tab, then the Flash, there we find the correct address, item FRP

P.Sin the cap if necessary
I speak bad Russian, and how can they say in front of thismake a backup of the system andAT ONE'S OWN RISK !!!

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TWRP 3.1.0forUMI Diamond X : Attached filerecovery.img(11.22 MB)

Rekaveri assembled firmware based on Android 6.0 kernel version UMI Diamond X V7.0 20161208 / Thu Dec 8 19:28:31 CST 2016

To get ROOT install this patch from TWRP:Attached MB)
Stock recovery
Stock recovery from the specified firmware:Attached filerecovery.img(8.34 MB)

Attached files

Attached KB)

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Instructions for installing TWRP

First of all download the TWRP image and ScatterTWRP from Jemmini
SP Flash ToolAnd of course the driver MTK.
Read here
1) Install the driver
2) opens Fleshtul behalf Administnatora
3) Select the Scatter.txt. And the image of Recovery.
4) Press (Download only)
5) connects you turn your phone to the PC and power button on the clamped approximately 12-15 seconds, it should be switched off and start the process of firmware.
on usb debugging must be enabled.
6) After disconnecting the cable from the phone. Hold the volume + and the power button will be three points. Select a volume button (+) Recovery and enter by pressing the volume (-) ALL!

P.S After flashing you need to immediately go to the Recovery to boot the phone, otherwise the system will put the native way of Recovery.

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We move to subsection:Umi
A fruitful discussion.

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Custom firmware for TWRP BETA v1.0

Firmware ported to Elephone C1X.
Before flashing DO Backup System.
Android 6.0 is not much different from our own.
Root And BuzyBox installed automatically.
Instruction We go into TWRP format data and cache. We select the firmware set, reboot Done.
Firmware is no longer engaged. Since the bodies. Is another. Dopilivat who has an interest.
Any questions, please write to the PM.
Perezal onGoogle Drive
Attached Image

All a fruitful discussion.

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jemmini @ 28.04.17, 07:36*
For ROOT install TWRP of this patch: Attached (5,62 MB)

People need advice!
Firstly, what is the TWRP, where to read?
Secondly ROOT can be put on the drain of the firmware of this rekaveri -
jemmini @ 28.04.17, 07:36*
Rekaveri stock from said EEPROM: Attached faylrecovery.img (8.34 MB)

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Flew updated on May 4, 2017. Q: Is suitable drenched previously TWRP 3.1.0?

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* OV72, No native of recovery will not work to put the root.
And twrp read hereTWRP recovery FAQ

Posted on 05/11/2017, 03:35:

* mainking62,
You can safely put twrp, will do. Only read the instructions.

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Firmware SPFT From 04/05/2017
Archive hereDownload
Instructions firmware via SPFT
Step one: unpack the firmware archive for FLASH TOOL;
Step two: run the program (Flash_tool.exe);
Step three: specify the path to the scatter file (it is located in the unpacked folder with the firmware), after clicking the “Scatter Loading” button, see Figure 2;
Step four: in Flash Thule ALWAYS remove the check mark from the Preloader line;
Step five: press the button “Download” (blue arrow) - the smartphone is not connected yet;
Step Six: smartphone and connect the included stifle the power button until the phone turns off (on usb debugging must be enabled).
Step Seven: the process of flashing the smartphone has begun (first, the red line, and then the yellow line will run through). If there is no reaction, then remove and re-insert the micro USB cable into the phone (we connect the cable to the computer to the port on which the drivers were installed).
Step eight: waiting for when the yellow bar run so far to the end and a window will appear with a green ring. After it you can turn off your smartphone from your PC and close FLASH TOOL;
Step Nine: turn your smartphone and look forward to downloading it (the first inclusion of a long, about 5-10 minutes).

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Others, now the phone has downloaded himself refreshed and himself rebooted and now stands on the screen android and moving its ears, blinking with periodicity 3 seconds.
When you press the "Power" console with the text "Supported API: 3. Opening update package ..."
What to do?

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Can I upgrade to version SuperSU PRO this key:
В® SuperSU (Post Alex0047 # 56142380)
Sam asked, he answered: Can

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* OV72, Root was on the phone?

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Hello! Is it possible to port the MIUI on our phone?

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* dima.lomega, I'm doing this and. While many stocks.

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neo-dj @ 14.05.17, 08:52*
OV72, Root was on the phone?

Ruth has not yet set. The problem, as it turned out, in the failed SD-card. Bad sector fell precisely on the file

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What changes in the latest update OTA? Put?

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* roman0505 put

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* dima.lomega,
What pofiksili it? No list of changes?

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