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Bixby | [HD] Discussion of the voice assistant from Samsung.

Rep: (2924)
Version: 1.0.00

Last update of the program in the header:03.04.2017

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Short description:
The main idea with which Bixby was created is that the machine understands the user and learns its habits, and not vice versa, as it usually happens with voice assistants.

On March 20, Samsung officially unveiled one of the main “chips” of its upcoming flagship Galaxy S8, Bixby’s voice assistant. The main idea with which Bixby was created is that the machine understands the user and learns its habits, and not vice versa, as it usually happens with voice assistants.

Bixby will get an intuitive interface and easy-to-learn features that everyone can understand. The assistant works on the basis of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. Samsung notes that Bixby is a completely different experience, different from everything already implemented by other companies. Also, the South Korean giant told about the main features of the development.

Reportedly, applications with Bixby support can control voice by 100%. People are used to the fact that voice assistants have a very limited range of capabilities and work teams. In the case of Bixby, supported applications will be able to do by voice everything that is available to the fingers on the touch screen.

Another distinctive feature of the assistant from Samsung - work with context. When issuing any voice command, Bixby takes into account the state of the application and the content in it, thus understanding the exact request of the user.

Most people often forget voice commands or do not pronounce them completely. In such situations, Bixby will not be confused - the assistant is smart enough to understand incomplete commands or phrases with unusual words. Samsung claims that in this way the technology will be more natural in communication.

Samsung has confirmed that the first smartphone to be Bixby's flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +. The insertion device has arranged several programs with the support of an assistant. Over time, the number of such applications will be expanded, and then Samsung will release a SDK tool that allows third-party software developers to adapt their creations at Bixby. And on the side of the housing located Galaxy S8 special button for calling Bixby in any application. Details on smartphones and voice assistant will be opened on March 29 at the flagship presentation.

Android required: 7.0+
Russian interface: Not

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Galaxy S8 home page: http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/galaxy-s8/
Official site: http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/apps/bixby/
XDA-Developers: https: //forum.xda-deve…xby-assistant-t3582729
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR4JVLtv_Uk
A source: http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/samsung-electronics-co-ltd/bixby/bixby-1-0-00-51-release/
Performance tested for:
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 - Works / S7 Edge - No
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 - Works / S6 Edge - No

- How to get to hidden Bixby settings using QuickShortcutMaker.

Version: 1.0.00 (files for installation and use)
Bixby (Post VLADFIONOV # 60081652)
Files from Samsung Galaxy S8:
Version: 1.0.00-51 (100001051) arm64 / 7.0+
Attached fileBixbyAgent_1.0.00-51.apk(25.35 MB)

Version: 1.0.00 / 6.0+
Attached fileBixbyVoiceInput_1.0.00-14.apk(894.81 KB)

Version: 1.0.00 / 6.0+
Attached fileBixbyGlobalAction_1.0.00-11.apk(1.27 MB)

Version: 1.0.00 / 6.0+
Attached fileBixbyService_1.0.00-14.apk(4.52 MB)
Past versions

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Rep: (2924)
To try out a smart assistant, you need to have a Samsung smartphone with Android 7.0, as well as download the branded launcher for S8.
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Attached Image

Instructions and installation files can be foundhere.

I can not say where it works, but on the Samsung Galaxy S7 it works as well as on the announced S8.

Please read the instructions. Also s8 Always on display AOD is also available.

1. You need to install s8 launcher first.

2. Install Bixby apk.

3. Go to s8 launcher.

4. Activate Bixby.

5. Reboot.

6. Swipe left for Bixby.

To install AOD

1. Download apk

2. Disable AOD and clear it's data

3. Install apk

4. If the phone hangs for a while. Aod will crash couple of times. Clear data again.

5. Go to setting AOD and configure again.

Attached files

Attached fileTouchWizHome.apk(4.08 MB)
Attached fileBixbyHello_1.3.23.apk(6.72 MB)
Attached fileAODService_v25.apk(6.49 MB)

Post has been editedVLADFIONOV - 04.04.17, 10:34

Rep: (1)
It works but crookedly. How to return the standard touchscreen now? )

Rep: (1)
It works but crookedly. How to return the standard touchscreen now? )

He asked, he answered). Settings->applications->looking for tachwiz>click stop->in the right corner we press three points>in the drop-down list click delete update.

Rep: (0)
* VLADFIONOV Tell me plz, and the files from s8 for what purpose are laid out?

Rep: (165)
* e.volk82 , with the aim that at 7 you can also try

Rep: (7)
* e.volk82 , and on s6, it works, but it's crooked

Rep: (8)
I confirm the performance on s6edge, but only s health cards pop up, but what about mail / browser? Share your thoughts.
Put the weather and the gallery from 8ki, there were new cards in bixby

Post has been editeddenver88 - 05.04.17, 12:59

Rep: (2924)
* denver88 ,
Unsubscribe, where it works, will be in the header.
So Bixby will become a Samsung chip on Android 7.0 firmware, Google Assistant works on sixes.
I will add about the cards.

Rep: (8)
Now potestit cards appeared more actively: music (the last track / or who is playing at the moment), Gallery (your picture in this day), video (the same as the gallery), the weather (in my s6edzh became appear after rolling the top similar prilozhuhi on c8), service (works like a crooked everywhere 0, at 2 unread any) cards s health work flawlessly, but about foursquare / uber I even thought not, and Yutuba card, then I think it will be work as well as music in an active state when connected to a TV (who will check?)

Post has been editeddenver88 - 05.04.17, 14:00

Rep: (0)
In the use of two SGS7 (my wife and I). First I installed TouchWiz and Bixby. TouchWiz works fine, Bixby with light brakes.
Later I put my wife on the phone and it started: TouchWiz crashes with an application error and asks to close it. The phone falls asleep, the screen turns off and waking it up is not easy (very slow response to pressing any buttons). and, most interestingly, the phone has become very hot. Hardly able to roll back TouchWiz back, as it was.

Post has been editedsicis - 06.04.17, 22:43

Rep: (165)
n on c7 ezhe flies. bixby app stopped

Rep: (1)
S7 edge crashes (((

Rep: (2924)
* tim211 ,
* saurikn1 ,
According to the instructions set?

Rep: (165)
* VLADFIONOV , yes, according to the instructions. It flies out. And how is voice search activated?

Rep: (2924)
* tim211 ,
THOSE.: Using the Edge versions before last flagships, problematic?
P.S .: There is a software that uses the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 for Google, etc., but this is far from discussing a specific topic.

Post has been editedVLADFIONOV - 08.04.17, 02:45

Rep: (165)
Bixby on 7 just crashes. But the new tachviz just flies. no problem. very fast and can all applications on the desktop.

Rep: (165)
bixby for samsung galaxy s7 ezhe-useless prog.

Rep: (123)
* VLADFIONOV , on note5 does not work.

Rep: (2924)
Hello bixby (Samsung bixby)
New version: 1.9.31
- The developer did not provide changelog updates.
Attached fileHelloBixby_1.9.31.apk(10.44 MB)

Post has been editedVLADFIONOV - 18.04.17, 08:58

Rep: (0)
After upgrading from this version my Bixby does not work and says that there is a new version
But not updated

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