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DiscussionSatellite Receiver Openbox AS2 HD
[TV Box] [DVB-s2] [Hisilicon Hi3796MV100]
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Model: Openbox AS2 HD
Country maker: China
Processor: Hisilicon Hi3796MV100
RAM: 1024 MB
Flash memory: 4096 MB
receiving standard: DVB-S2 / IPTV
CI-interface: 1
Support CI Plus (CI +): Yes
Card reader 1 (UniCAS)
Display: Digital LED
Number of satellite tuners: 1
Ability to change the tuner: No
RF Modulator: No
Digital terrestrial tuner (DVB-T2): No
HDMI: Yes (ver.1.4)
Scart: No
Component output (YPbPr): No
Digital audio output (SPDIF): Optical
RCA-composite (tulips): Yes
0/12 V: No
RS-232: None
Port USB: 1-USB 2.0 + 1-USB 3.0
E-Sata: No
Port Lan (Ethernet): Yes
The module Wi-Fi: Support USB-adapter
Support 3g USB modem: Yes
Internet applications: Yes
Internet Browser: Yes
Type of power supply: External
The ability to install HDD: No
Software: Android 4.4.2 (Linux)
Management protocols: DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 & USALS
Emulator: Yes
Support sh @ ring: Via Ethernet / Wi-Fi
Playing files: MP3 / JPEG / Xvid / MKV
Recording Function: On external USB-drives
Timeshift: Yes
Black colour
Enclosure Type: Metal
Dimensions (W x D x mm) 220 x 145 x 30

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Getting Root rights on FTP cable, user manual in the folder.

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Emulators and plugins

oscam android 1.20Attached fileoscam KB)

- when installed in a start / stop oscam-receiver and is controlled through the shell XCAMClient3
- web-interface oscam-a available at ip-address of receiver: 8888 (if desired port number and set the password / login can be changed in oscam.conf file)

December 16th, 2016
Factory firmware for the receiver OPENBOX AS2 HD

FAC.OPENBOX.AS2-HD.FULL.v2.2.7-r10581Google drive.
- Added: Receivers Work models AS-1 and AS-2 SAM Tricolor TV CI + Delgado

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