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Suggestions and questions about the section

We turn to you for advice: "What can we do for you to make the Multimedia Devices section more popular and in demand? What useful information does the section most lack for you?"
Any suggestions, even seemingly not realizable, are welcome. If you have something to advise or suggest, welcome to the dialogue in this topic.
Your opinion is really very important for us. Thank you in advance.

A big request - do not flood.

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A separate topic on modifying CPU cooling for the topic of media consoles will be useful. It will not be super massive, but extremely useful for those who burn.
Just need a moderator versed in technical details.
Often I see a modin in hats of various topics, even put together a small selection to help those in need, draw ideasBeelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28 [Android] (Post by ErnestoGuevara7 # 41363091)

In subjectCatalog of programs for Android media consolesThe survey was conducted from May 6 to August 17
screen survey
Attached Image

As you can see, the theme is mainly used by owners of Chinese brands. The Chinese are lagging behind in optimizing firmware and build quality (save on everything).
I myself am the owner of the Chinese media set-top box, I had to collective farm additional coolinghere.

Reasons to Modify Cooling
  • less brakes
  • less reboots, freezes
  • the durability of the device increases by removing the aggressive temperature factor (although the Chinese CPUs are designed for not low temperatures, but cold Chinese soldering is not always)
  • the ability to raise the frequency of the CPU, thereby increasing the response speed

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It's time to create a smart watch section

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Vedomiy @ 12.12.17, 21:36*
It's time to create a smart watch section

A existing sectionWearable electronicswhat does not suit you?

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Since there is a players section, add headphones to immediately select / compare / discuss everything

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Pc78996 @ 04/09/18, 21:42*
to immediately choose / compare / discuss everything

Everything has been done and implemented long agoSelection and Comparison

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