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Suggestions and questions about the section

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We trust you, so seek advice from:
"What can we do for you to share wearable electronics has become more popular and in demand? What useful information, see the most is not enough for you?"
Any suggestions, even seemingly not realizable, are welcome. If you have something to advise or suggest, welcome to the dialogue in this topic.
We really appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!

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* Leshij , then we need at least a separate general theme for children's watches. Where information on them would be collected, users of such watches would communicate. Would help each other choose them.

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Love @} ->-- @ 14.06.19, 11:49 *
need at least a separate general theme for children's watches.
totally agree with that

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totally agree with that
if Vladimir or someone else is ready to take it, please write to me in koumiss. Let's discuss this question.

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How to ask to open a topic about headphones vivo tws and vivo tws neo?

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* Miles Prower ,
Good afternoon! If your headphones have a data model for our users, you can open a topic at the root of our section. Or ask a topic someone from the moderators section. You can write about it here.
If the headphones of our users do not have, then you need to create a theme in the sectionNew items

The theme is readyVivo TWS / Vivo TWS Neo - Discussion .

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There is a need for intelligent selectionChinese hours focusing on the blood pressure measurement (+ desirable ECG)
Else there is certainly a good idea to the max, but not so important.

The goal in the lines and understand descriptions, so no experiments. Do flagships are able, for example, ZEBLAZE, NORTH EDGE, LEMFO, KOSPET count blood pressure? Interested in real-world experience, the actual device.
Who in their product lines support the blood pressure? Who champion the number of applications up and running, such as pressure, pulse, compass, gps, etc.
For example, KOSPET flagships have on board and GSM, and GPS, and WIFI area, but do not know how, if just to read the description, to calculate pressure. Or know how to?

How to name a subject? Can they all in one name to close up?

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* fwfw,
Good afternoon! A similar theme is not suited to our list wearable electronics. We have a section discussing specific devices. For each individual device has its own separate topic.
You also recommend you check out the sectionSelection and Comparison . Be sure to read the rules and create a section, you need to serve, topic.

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Good evening everyone!
Gentlemen Moderators, I have a suggestion.
All probably heard that Spotify finally came to the Russian official. So grow the number of its clients (including value for money).
Even now we canlook .
For him, there's an app for your smartphone. Accordingly, there is a topic on the forum where you can read / discuss about it.
There is also a full Spotify client for Tizen (Samsung Watch).
But, there is no topic we have for him.
In the subject of hours, customer discussion - offtopic. In the subject of a program on the phone - too.
I propose to create a Spotify client topic in our section, wearable.
What is your opinion?
I would like to create one himself. And perhaps, in charge.

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* podolsk26,
Hello! Yes, let's try. Create subsectionWearable electronics software If you want to do. Need help, please.

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Good evening!
I have a suggestion, the Program list for wearable electronics.
Considering that the programs had multiplied so many are invited to share in the program section under the axis / device. For example, under the Tizen (Samsung) to make your under your Android, etc.
It will be convenient for users, but now, look at first, especially if you are new to the forum.
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And those pages 4 pieces!
And now compare with other sections of the forum, for example,android program .
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Information to sort through, it is clear where to look for. It is clear that we do not have many themes, but all the same, so it would be more convenient to users.

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* podolsk26,
Programs we see just 103. In comparison with the Android-section of the program - it's nothing.
Under this sub-program for wearable electronics will not be divided into more subsubsections. Now enough information in the headers. There is also a description and OS.
But, colleagues proposed an alternative to your proposal. The alternative in the form of a directory for the program. Link to a directory in the announcement at the root of sub-programs.Catalog of programs for wearable electronics . Picchu clickable, leading to the progressive list for specific OS.
Thank colleagues for their help!

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