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Suggestions and questions about the section

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We trust you, so seek advice from:
"What can we do for you to share wearable electronics has become more popular and in demand? What useful information, see the most is not enough for you?"
Any suggestions, even seemingly not realizable, are welcome. If you have something to advise or suggest, welcome to the dialogue in this topic.
We really appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!

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Hello. I would suggest the following.
Create a branch of developers in wearable electronics. I will try to explain:
Since many have portable electronics on their own OS, and work through software, I would suggest combining their efforts in the software part.
Create a subsection with the development, for example in Alcatel Watch, Watch Go app intercepts a notification via phone and with the help of decompilation and edits in the application, and then compile and captions and obtain almost any notice. So as fitness bracelets, etc. I assume that the principle at all identical and editing and studying the code will expand the possibilities of wearable electronics, the same bracelets xiaomi so well on its OS and I think the opportunity to expand the device for 2000 hours to the level of the top Moto would be very not bad.
P.S. I honestly cannot tell a lot about development, except to cover more of the nouneym in the, so, as there are branches on the forum, but there is no news about such a watch, so what to go far, fitness bracelet from AlcatelAlcatel MovebandHe is on sale, the bracelet is not a nouneym, and there is nothing in the news about him, although there is nothing on sale on ozone and on the Yandex market and the price tag is not expensive.
In the news, everyone is constantly raising laughter for the fact that there are constantly additional covers for devices of the year like 3 4 released back, no benefit, like the development of wearable electronics and the replenishment of new participants.

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Under the section for developers I agree with* helpok , the right thing. Why would your ownamusement parkgithab bolt, so even withblackjackonline compilers for different needs. And then the developers will reach out to us: girl_kiss:

helpok @ 03/09/17, 20:56*
cover more nouneyma in the news
But take it and light, as they say :)

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4r2na @ 03/10/17, 21:07*
tynts tynts

This is something completely different, this is part of our kitchen at the forum, and many users don’t go that far; I do not visit the forum because it is not profile. For example, there are other forums for any hardware, hacks, etc. third as wellsavagemessiahzine.comThis is the home of mobile devices, and it is not the song to light in those branches that came out new. If our reporters will cover the main page by replacing the category of all shredded covers, it will be a leap forward and a breath of fresh air, and since no news can enter the commentary on the main page of the mobile portal of Runet.

4r2na @ 03/10/17, 21:07*
Under the section for developers agree

Thanks for support.
Gridzilla @ 03/07/17, 13:45*
Any suggestions are welcome.

How do you offer? And is it possible to launch life in the news of the site, and not covers?

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Greetings. I propose to make a separate theme for headphones. It would make sense, because lately more and more wireless headphones appear.

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Qusaze @ 01/04/19, 16:33*
Greetings. I propose to make a separate theme for headphones. It would make sense, because lately more and more wireless headphones appear.

I will support
And if there are sections on "wired", "wireless", "wireless TWS" - this will be generally excellent.

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Qusaze @ 01/04/19, 16:33*
I propose to make a separate theme for headphones. It would make sense, because lately more and more wireless headphones appear.

Jambojet2 @ 02.21.19, 14:41*
And if there are sections on "wired", "wireless", "wireless TWS" - this will be generally excellent.

And another subsection Bluetooth headset. Then it would be great!

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* Qusaze , * Jambojet2 , * Ros Zorkin Greetings! Thanks for participating. Soon we will organize;)

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Good all the time of day. I could not find any information for Didma s9m watches.

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Prapor3001979 @ 05.26.19, 21:56*
Digma s9m
Hello! Identical watches CARCAM Smart Watch SN60 and Atongm ATM2018, but no one has yet opened the topic to all of these.Maybe you will be the first?

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Thanks for the information, meaning to open the topic if they are identical.

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New theme: Smart Watch Phone Smart Watch Phone DZ09, GT08, A1, V8
Smart watch based on Mediatek processor.
In fact, this is one device, made in different buildings.
It has interchangeable firmware, the same stuffing and utilities for working / connecting to a computer.
I want to create a topic where I would make a squeeze out of the topics for each of the listed devices so that I do not have to re-read them all, to solve one problem. Very often the necessary information on one watch is hidden deep in the section of other watches.
In addition to the pressing of relevant information, I would also constantly share my experience in repairing all these watches: how to replace the battery / speaker / microphone / sensor, what is interchangeable in them, what is not, etc. etc. In fact, I have a fairly large front of the work on this watch, and this topic would be a reference book and a blog during the execution. But I do not know how and where it is better to arrange such a topic.

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Yes, this idea is very interesting, the topic is better called:
webxtor @ 05/29/19 7:02*
Mediatek MT62xx processor-based smart watches - Repair
But there are still new versions of the hardware SC6531DA .., not MediaTek ...
Let me remind you that the firmware from DZ09 on A1 is installed upside-down, on GT08 with inverted tach and vice versa.
Theme create a pattern of smart watches.

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webxtor @ 05/29/19 7:02*
But I do not know how and where it is better to arrange such a topic.
Create a topic
or according to the "smart watch" pattern of the "Wearable electronics" section:
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Attached Image
, or selecting Create a topic in the "Smart watches" section:
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Attached Image
Attached Image
In subjectREQUIRED CONDITION - All posts should be accompanied by photos / screenshots / illustrations of what is said in the post, because the words in the repair does not help, you need a visual example! All posts without illustrations will be transferred to the topic of discussion of a particular device!

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* dfgigger
Yes, of course, with a photo, otherwise I would not have started. I thought, maybe even on YouTube that lay out ..
In the Smart watches section I will not find where the button to create a theme (maybe I do not have rights), I can in a wearable electronics.
In general, I immediately began to create a theme in wearable electronics, but I looked that it would take a lot of time to design the cap according to a template listing all types of watches, but I will try to do something briefly.

Created a theme: copied all description from DZ09. Now I will add the first useful message.

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* webxtor,
Created the first message with 90% of the photos. Is everything properly designed?
And how do I add this repair to the cap? How to tell in other topics? I asked, in both topics, the person was told that they just picked everything up.

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* webxtor , as information is replenished, a link will appear in the respective topics. So far only in DZ09, A1, GT08, V8 and Q18.

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* dfgigger
And how can I add myself to my cap so that a green icon appears in the cap?

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* webxtor , this can only do the curator

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Hey. Colleagues, do you think, can still create a separate sub-section "Children's smartwatch?" Like it or not, and to the usual clever hours they have a very remote relation. They are quite different. They have different goals, objectives. Even the fitness bracelets and then more in common with clever hours than the children's hours. In the subject wearable questions on children's hours look something alien and almost always remain unanswered. Well, that's the topic of motorcycles ask what is best to choose a baby carriage ...: wacko: Well I do not know anything about strollers people well versed in motorcycles. And send them to the "wheelchair" nowhere, there is no separate section on children's hours. And there is also a common theme on them. This issue is long overdue, and more recently, questions on children's hours almost every page. But these questions are not where they should have to be, we "motorcycles" rather than "carriage" ...

Maybe it would be rational to combine children's watches in the new subsection with older watches, since these two types of devices have a lot in common. You can call the "Children's smart watches and watches for the elderly."

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* Love @} ->--, In the new version of the catalog UCH, which I am preparing now, the children's watch is segregated, separated into a separate group. I do not see the point in a separate section, because the link in the catalog can get into the topic of discussion of any watch.

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