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Description and Specifications
Device type
DVB-T2 receiver + multimedia player
operating system
Android 4.4
Graphical user interface
Rombica Multimedia Shell
Built-in Internet services
IVI, Youtube, etc.
Additional features
Install applications from the Google Play Store or
APK applications for Android
Application Management
IR remote control included; wireless usb
mouse or universal remote for Android
devices (purchased separately)
4x ARM Cortex-A5 1.54 GHz
Graphics processor
Mali- 450 MP
1024 MB
Flash memory
8192 MB

Media support
USB 2.0 flash memory or hard drives up to 2TB
File system support
Internet connection
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit / s; Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11g, n (2.4
Network protocol support
SMB, NFS, FTP, Torrent, Miracast clients
Cloud Service Support
Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Yandex Disk and
HDMI 1.4; analog video (CVBS) and stereo audio
Maximum resolution video output
Full HD 1080p (1920 Г— 1080) 50Hz
Embedded video codecs
MPEG2, MPEG4, Xvid, WMV9, VC-1, MJPEG, H.263,
Supported Video Containers
Supported SRT subtitles (external)
text (MKV), VobSub (MP4, MKV), PGS (Blu-ray, TS,
Supported Audio Formats
Pack (WV), OGG, WAV
Image Formats
Playlist Formats
Record TV programs and radio on USB media (PVR)
there is
On-Air TV Pause - TV Time Shift (Timeshift)
there is

Program guide for each channel (EPG)
For 4 days
On / off / write (once, on schedule)

Firmware upgrade
- Multimedia receiver DIGIFORS SMART 200 Android / DVB + T2
- Remote control
- External power supply
- HDMI-HDMI cable
- 3RCA cable to MINI JACK 3.5 mm
- Manual
- AAA batteries 2 pcs.
- Warranty card

A photo
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Infitary Hybrid OTT & DVB-T2

While I'm alone developing this topic. :)
ForumchaninM Y T H found his chinese "twin": https: //www.aliexpress...TsCgH&isOrigTitle=true And in the reviews on the product page, people are already asking for the firmware on this device.

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Taking advantage of 2 days. DVB-T2, 20 channels and 3 radio tuned quickly and without problems. Android is already with Ruth rights! We have 4.5 GB. free internal memory. Having installed a bunch of cinemas I watch movies on meter LG. Heating the console for 6 hours is not significant (warm). There was a problem because of the YouTube until it was deleted, the device rebooted and the video did not load.

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For the first time, I found a solution for viewing YouTube, if you do not enter your account in Google, then the native YouTube works and the system does not restart. It is mainly controlled by buttons with a doo, and the search is overloaded with a mouse. I saw the same problems with YouTube on 4 pda in the discussion of venz k1.

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"about twins"
I bought a gadget in a radio store for 3.5 tons. In the manual and on the box it is listed as DIGIFORS SMART 200 android + DVB-T2, and on the Hybrid OTT Quart Core block itself. In user applications, only Cody, YouTube, media center, miracast and broom to clear the memory. The system also has a minimum of programs. There is a route, but I have not found any extra system applications yet.

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The device has Bluetooth, which quickly discovered several gadgets of neighbors and my smart one as well. The file transfer check was successful.

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Made a check AV output wire with tulips from the kit. Tk tube lamp in the country, connected to the LCD TV. The video was normal, and the sound came with strong background noise. By connecting another android prefix Rombik, I got the same result. Clear sound from the console was received on the active speakers from the computer. Perhaps on the TV with a kinescope will be all right.

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Flashed firmware! Who can throw off their merged?

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I would also like to have the firmware, but I still can’t zabekabit. Also did not find the system reset button. Sergfaire, and what reason caused the rally firmware?

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I contacted the service center, They threw off my firmware and instructions.
File with instructions to remove the extension "zip"

Posted 02/20/2017 at 21:40:

* karelia753 ,
Reason: made a reset!

I did not do it myself. changed under warranty !!

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Attached fileInstructions for firmware DF200.docx.zip(148.38 KB)

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sergfaire, thanks to reply

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The gadget is used every day to watch television on t2 and movies from YouTube and online cinemas. It works stably without overheating and glitches!

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Next @ 8.03.17, 8:45*
Instructions are there. I would like the firmware on the device. The device from the header Looks like a copy of the hybrid ott dvb-t2. If you can post a photo of the board in good quality.

These are identical devices, so that firmware should come up.

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The instruction did not see the firmware too? tell me.

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I stitched a new firmware. Everything was restored. It works perfectly. The channels show. The Internet works.

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Next, but what about the installation of the account and YouTube. I wrote about my problem and its solution above and what was the new firmware and where did they download it? Thank.

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If Nekst is busy, maybe sergfaire will tell. In the archive, the instruction in which folder is hidden, where you can download the firmware itself and how did you solve the problem with installing YouTube and accounts?

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Here is a link to the firmware. Holdhttps://yadi.sk/d/yEI5SE0H3GqKY3

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Next, a great spa and I realized that you have no problems with YouTube and installing an account.

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because Google and Play Market services are frozen on my gadget, I install programs withsavagemessiahzine.comor tossed in seconds SHAREit c prog other home devices. Cinema: ZONA, HD Serials, Megogo, tvZavr, Zoombi, Online-cinema, LazyMedia +, HDvideoBox, HDrezka, through movies ESprovodnik your provider. TV: T2, IPTV (hundreds of channels of free playlists), Planer TV, X-Stream TV. To control the mouse Youtube weight 3.5Mb version 2.3.4 for the remote weight 15.88mb versiya1.0.5.5. His film and photos from smarfona Alcatel through Miracast gadget. Everything works without brakes and with sound. MxPlayerPro installed version 7.1.40 and dopkodeki neon.1.7.32.zip. Freezing and dugih functions-Link2SD. At T2 the two channels (STS and home) on top of the screen when viewing a white streaks prevented by increasing the image on the TV settings HDMI our gadget defect eliminated.

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Today I bought another prefix. There are more installed programs, only YouTube was missing. Account established without problems. Youtube work only those on the first device. When updating YouTube or changing to other versions of the video do not run. Is it a mystery for me?

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