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All about Bliss OS
Bliss is one of the most customizable roms that you can install on your mobile device as well as on your PC, and we hope that you have a truly blissful experience.

Bliss-caf is based on CAF, optimized and includes most of the functions from all our branches. Additional features and devices are added weekly to this thread. It will be the most updated.

Bliss-decaf is based on AOSP, reduced, optimized, and includes a ton of additional features added from different rums, and we will continue to add them as they appear. We will keep track of the latest AOSP code, and updates will be posted on a regular basis, but not as often as in the Bliss-CAF branch.

Bliss-x86 - our Bliss PC project; several additional PC components will be added to help with application compatibility, mouse integration, keyboard shortcuts, tc. And we added a few small linux crashes, such as bash and busybox commands, an integrated terminal, and more.

Bliss admins are people under nicknames: "pjgraber03"; "JackEagle"; "electrikjesus" and "nprev420".












Utilities and stuff
Devices that work / do not work

For filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the Complaint button under the messages to which you want to add links.

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Bliss x86_64 Live-CD based on Android 6.x.x

1) Download the buildfrom herea file called "bliss_android_x86_64.iso";
2) Download Rufus:
3) We record rufus` image on a flash drive (how to record images can be viewed on Youtube);
4) Boot from the flash drive;
5) Select the first item (menu like the standard Android x86);
6) A download will occur (1 minute);
7) Everything.

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Installation on HDD Bliss x86_64 based on Android 6.x.x

1) Download the buildfrom herea file called "bliss_android_x86_64.iso";
2) Download Rufus:
3) Write the rufus image on the USB flash drive (how to write the images you can look at YouTube);
4) Boot from the flash drive;
5) Select the last item;
6) Choose a section on which we will install the system;
7) Install as usual Android x86;
8) All

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Games (6.x.x.)

Play on this build will not work. When you start games like Sabwey Serf, the screen rotates and nothing is pressed in the game, although the system does not freeze.
When you run games like Asphalt 8, the game just simply does not work. It does not crash, the system does not hang again, but nothing is pressed in the game.

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This system is distinguished by memory, while the remaining systems give a maximum of 32 GB, this one takes up the entire section. Have you allocated 150 GB? All these 150GB can be clogged with files in the system.

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Acer Aspire E5-521-493T

Processor: Amd A4-6210
Video Card (Integrated): Radeon R3

- Wi Fi;
- Youtube;
- Root-rights;
- Change the layout of the language;
- Works synchronization with Google servers;
- Topics;
Does not work:
- Bluetooth;
- density change (DPI);
- Games (any);
- crashes when trying to search for updates;

* over time will be replenished

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Installing Bliss x86_64 (6.x.x) on VirtualBox

1) Run VirtualBox;
2) Click "Create";
3) We fill in the points:
Name: any
Type: Microsoft Windows
Version: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Memory capacity: I recommend at least 1.5 GB
4) Click "Next"

Virtual hard disk size: at least 4 GB

5) Click "Create"
6) That's not all!
7) Choose "Customize"
8) Go to the "System" ->"Processor", we put at least 2 cores.
9) Go to the "Display" ->"Screen", put a tick in front of "Enable 3D-acceleration and move the slider" Video memory "as much as possible to the right.
10) Go to the "Media":
Add a new IDE controller
Click on the optical disk icon
Select "Leave empty"
We select an empty disk and in "Attributes" ->"Optical drive" set Secondary IDE wizard
Specify the path to the image
11) Run.
12) A menu will appear, there select 4 item "Installation - Install Android-x86 to harddisk"
13) After loading, another menu will appear with the choice of the partition on which we will install the system
14) Select the first item "Create / Modify partitions"
15) In the first window you will be asked "Do you use GPT?" (I have MBR because I choose "No") (Don't know what GPT and MBR are? Google to help!)
16) Select "New" ->"Logical" ->Click "Enter" ->"Bootable" ->"Write" ->write "yes" ->"Quit"
17) Now two sections will appear in the list (sda1 and sda5)
18) Choose sda5, format it in ext4
19) Yes
20) Yes
21) Yes
22) We are waiting
23) Run Android x86
24) The system will start up, that's all.

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DaZZeNN @ 01/17/17 04:47*
Does not work:
- density change (DPI);
- Games (any);

Density change (DPI) works
games work, I drive BombSquad bomberman

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* vadim7272
Can your pc specifications (processor and video card)?

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DaZZeNN @ 01/19/17, 04:02*
Can your pc specifications (processor and video card)?

Model K50ID
X64-based PC type
Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20GHz, 2200 MHz,
nvidia gm 320m
Installed RAM (RAM) 4,00 g

put in a folder on a partition with ext4

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* vadim7272
Need escho company and PC model

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DaZZeNN @ 01.20.17, 04:53*
Need escho company and PC model

sort of wrote above
Notebook ASUS K50ID

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the guys freeze on loading, the logkat wrote about the tombest files, looked at the last, at the end with the letter F, as understood this fatal error ProcessState: Binder driver could not be opened. terminating tell me what swears, above still wrote dev / binder failed: unable to mmap transaction memory

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And what version do you put?

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6 android x32, I put on the tablet, oddity, I formatted the memory completely (there was a Windows still) installed, the periphery does not plow as well as the remix of wasps, but at least the volume buttons and the on button work. And there is no Wi-Fi, brightness, auto-rotate, sensor ((I heard that you can dock files, tried to run them through insmod, I gave some kind of error.

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If it does not start this way, then it will be difficult for an ordinary user to start.

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DaZZeNN @ 01.22.17, 01:47*
If it doesn't start like that, thenit will be difficult for the ordinaryuser run.

Something I broke my head. What are you trying to say?

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* slemknot
Oh, the usual user will be difficult to put firewood

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DaZZeNN @ 01/22/17, 23:44*
Oh, the usual user will be difficult to put firewood

Yes, in fact, not hard - just put in the lib folder. Yes, and there are firewood)))
Android 6.0.1
Driver List
3Com 3C359 Velocity XL Token Ring Adapter Driver AceNIC / 3C985 / GA620 Gigabit Ethernet driver Adaptec aic94xx SAS / SATA driver Madge ATM Ambassador driver Atheros AR9170 802.11n USB wireless Atmel at76x USB Wireless LAN Driver Support for Atmel at76c50x 802.11 wireless ethernet cards. Broadcom B43 wireless driver Broadcom B43legacy wireless driver Broadcom Blutonium firmware driver ver 1.2 Brocade Fibre Channel HBA Driver fcpim BlueFRITZ! USB driver ver 1.2 Brocade 10G PCIe Ethernet driver Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5706 / 5708/5709/5716 Driver Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM57710 / 57711 / 57711E Driver Bluetooth driver for the 3Com Bluetooth PCMCIA card Marvell BT-over-SDIO driver ver 1.0 Sun Cassini (+ ) ethernet driver Chelsio T3 Network Driver driver for the SAA7146 based AV110 PCI DVB cards by Siemens, Technotrend, Hauppauge TTUSB DVB Driver Intel® PRO / 100 Network Driver Emagic EMI 2 | 6 firmware loader. Emagic EMI 6 | 2m firmware loader. FORE Systems 200E-series ATM driver - version 0.3e Intel 2400M WiMAX networking for SDIO Intel 2400M WiMAX networking for USB Edgeport USB Serial Driver Edgeport USB Serial Driver Computone IntelliPort Plus Driver Intel® PRO / Wireless 2100 Network Driver Intel® PRO / Wireless 2200 / 2915 Network Driver Intel® PRO / Wireless 3945ABG / BG Network Connection driver for Linux Intel® Wireless WiFi Link AGN driver for Linux comedi low-level driver KL5USB101 USB Ethernet driver Keyspan USB to Serial Converter Driver USB Keyspan PDA Converter driver Driver for Marvell 83xx compact flash WLAN cards Libertas SDIO WLAN Driver Libertas SPI WLAN Driver 8388 USB WLAN Thinfirm Driver Matrox G200 / G400 Marvell TOPDOG® 802.11 Wireless Network Driver Myricom 10G driver (10GbE) NetXen Multi port (1/10) Gigabit Network Driver Driver for Lucent Orinoco, Prism II based and similar wireless cards Prism54 PCI wireless driver Prism54 USB wireless driver NE2000 compatible PCMCIA ethernet driver Qlogic ISP SCSI (qla1x80 / ​​q la1x160) driver QLogic Fibre Channel HBA Driver QLogic 1/10 GbE Converged / Intelligent Ethernet Driver ATI Rage 128 RealTek RTL-8169 Gigabit Ethernet driver Linux driver for Realtek RTL819x WiFi cards Linux driver for Realtek RTL8192 USB WiFi cards ATI Radeon Ralink RT2800 USB Wireless LAN driver. RT2860 / RT3090 Wireless Lan Linux Driver RT2870 / RT3070 Wireless Lan Linux Driver Ralink RT61 PCI & PCMCIA Wireless LAN driver. Ralink RT73 USB Wireless LAN driver. SMC 91c92 series PCMCIA ethernet driver Cirrus Logic Sound Fusion CS46XX Echoaudio Darla20 soundcards driver Echoaudio Darla24 soundcards driver Echoaudio Echo3G soundcards driver Echoaudio Gina20 soundcards driver Echoaudio Gina24 soundcards driver Echoaudio Indigo DJ soundcards driver Echoaudio Indigo DJx soundcards driver Echoaudio Indigo IO soundcards driver Echoaudio Indigo IOx soundcards driver Echoaudio Indigo soundcards driver Echoaudio Layla20 soundcards driver Echoaudio Layla24 soundcards driver ESS Maestro3 PCI Echoaudio Mia soundcards driver Digigram miXart Echoaudio Mona soundcards driver Digigram pcxhr 0.9.6 ALSA driver for SB16 Creative Signal Processor Common routines for Digigram VX drivers Turtle Beach Wavefront Yamaha DS- 1 PCI Solos PCI driver Adaptec Starfire Ethernet driver Tehuti Networks® Network Driver Broadcom Tigon3 ethernet driver TI USB 3410/5052 Serial Driver 3Com Typhoon Family (3C990, 3CR990, and variants) 8388 USB WLAN Driver ViCam WebCam Driver VIA Netw orking Wireless LAN USB Driver USB ConnectTech WhiteHEAT driver TI wl1251 Wireles LAN Driver Core Yam amateur radio modem driver Driver for ZyDAS ZD1201 based USB Wireless adapters USB driver for devices with the ZD1211 chip. Else check in the archive there is still a driver for which I did not find the description.

Firewoods themselves
Unpack the contents of the archive in / system / lib /

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frets, a little bit out of topic In the lib folder, or rather there is a module in the lib / modules folder, do not tell me where to dig? And the drivers from there are generally picked up by themselves? and then the insmod command swears at the signature of the keys, which is strange

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I told you it’s not easy to shove wood. At the core of the problem. And so just do not make it work. If you don’t know how to work with the kernel, then you just have to wait for the developer to add support.

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