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Did I upgrade the cooling of the Kiii Pro?
Yes, only replaced the regular radiator [ 18 ] ** [5,47%]
Yes, I replaced the radiator and applied a cooler [ 18 ] ** [5,47%]
Yes, I left the regular radiator and used the cooler [ 118 ] ** [35,87%]
No, everything works for me in stock [ 175 ] ** [53,19%]
Total votes: 329

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Apparently, a new receiver model will be available soon.

Rep: (224)
I can not wait: rolleyes:

Rep: (207)
* DiZil1 ,
Yes, you have to wait, very interesting.

Rep: (174)
Who is there Kiii Pro waited ....

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Rep: (1)
not long song k2 sang

Rep: (174)
* speedo1,
Yes, still singing, and the sale of these, it seems, unmarked samples at frenzied prices is another proof of this.

Rep: (9)
For this price, you can take 2 KII Pro or almost three KI Plus, and you don’t feel like it at all. I put the KII Pro test in his house, he looks at the satellite. And I think now what to take for myself. Likely how prices a little on the KIII Pro will fall on these two younger local enthusiasts score? Does it make sense to take them now?

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Rep: (79)
* 3MMM,
3MMM @ 04.01.17, 20:18*
Likely as the prices on the KIII Pro fall a bit

At this price, the KIII PRO will not be interesting to buy, even if the price falls by a couple of thousand

Rep: (30)
* igrza , well, for that kind of money, the console could be modernized or some kind of aero slap, like a spark 2, then you could even think about buying. As for the power and memory - I am satisfied with KII 2, it copes with its tasks with a bang.

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Rep: (224)
igrza @ 04.01.17, 20:29*
At this price, the KIII PRO will not be interesting to buy.

This price is not normal, you need to wait a bit, there will be a dozen sellers, there will be a completely different price

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Rep: (224)
If K3 is a reasonable price, then K1 +, K2 will go down in history

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Rep: (0)
Look appearedK3 on Aliexpressfor $ 148.99. Something is not very cheap

Rep: (13)
* DuMac,
Yes, they all went nuts! For such a price, the aluminum case should also have a color display. I waited for him, but now I think that K2 should be ordered.

Rep: (15)
Richy3000 @ 05.01.17, 00:02*
I waited for him, but now I think that K2 should be ordered.

still wait. Let a dozen prods appear then the price will be clear.

Rep: (13)
* kukalee, Yeah, at $ 20 throw off the maximum. Or, again, what kind of air mouse will be added to the kit, and everyone will leave $ 149 together

Rep: (6)
Well, K3 has already appeared, and there are the first to order (but not yet received?)) And the price for it is not very interesting.

https: //www.aliexpress...Sdnh8&isOrigTitle=true

And K2 is interesting precisely the ratio of filling / price.

Rep: (44)
Look for both on AliExpress in the search bar:,
Appeared Online Genuine
https: //www.aliexpress....4114-826c-3470e139a101

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Rep: (174)
* SvarPro,
According to the information on Videostrong now these boxes are not shipped to anyone. There are still problems with the software.

Rep: (10)
* Quasi-Moder,
* SvarPro,
The price of k3 is certainly not adequate. New percent + gig operatives. And for this price set 2 times more expensive?
The Chinese are such Chinese ...

Rep: (44)

Posted on 1/13/2017 at 12:15 pm:

dm_mih @ 13.01.17, 11:07*

How did it not ship - and what is it about yours?
I contacted off. site, the product went on sale.

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