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DiscussionZTE MF283 (MTS 834F)

Type 4G / Wi-Fi router
Wireless standard 802.11n, 2.4 / 5 GHz frequency
Built-in 3G support
Built-in LTE support
MIMO support is
Max. 300 Mbps wireless connection speed

Reception / Transmission
Information Security WEP, WPA, WPA2

Access Point / Bridge Options
4xLAN switch
Port speed 100 Mbps
IPv6 support is

Firewall (FireWall) is
NAT is
DHCP server is
Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is

Monitoring and Configuring
Web interface is

Dimensions (WxHxG) 195x150x55 mm

Additional Information
2 RJ11 ports for connecting analog phones; SMA-connectors for connecting an external antenna

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Wash on health. I still did not receive any adequate help from you. One arrogance. But we make a common cause. Yes, maybe I do not have enough knowledge in some areas, but it's never late to learn. Google is the first instance where I appeal. Just like the search on the forum. And only if the answer is not obvious, already writing to the forum, hoping to get adequate assistance. Sometimes there are people who can give a good advice and help, as in the case of ZTE MF920 in the next topic. But it can be seen this case is not about it. It's a pity.

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HENTRS @ 25.11.20, 22:30*
Yes, stupid soft soft. He simply does not know how to combine LAN and GSM.

That is, the easiest way is to change the router?)

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Pahom83 @ 11/26/20, 14:34*
I still did not receive any adequate help from you. One arrogance.

I did not hide instructions into the writers or teachers for you. I do not pay for it. I am a wizard Pendalf which gives a kick with acceleration and task of the direction vector. Do the rest on your own. If you think that my tips are useless. Then so be ...

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Hello! Router MF283 Black Orig from ZTE with USB! Tell me pliz if you download not that modem loader will load it? Shows the sections? Does the dump? I just did it all and inadvertently, the faster is not the same address of the section! Instead of 58, I put 30 and now the router in incomprehensible mode and is defined as ZTE Diagnostic Interface instead of 9008 port! From this state, nothing is displayed! The bootloader loads but hangs when I try to read the sections! C attribute -i hangs A -Q norms, but does not give anything further! If I start QPST, it starts on and off this diagnosis interface! How can I pour the sections back and how can you pour back full dump?

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Good afternoon! Please tell me how to be?
Router ZTE MF283 without an operator.
The Internet is working. The phone is connected via WiFay, goes online
Lack and asian) are normally connected by Lana.
Lack (Acer Extensa7630, Win10) does not see Wi-Fi at all
And the phone on Wi-Fi cannot go on any device on the lan network

PS. Search Yuzal. Tick ​​isolation WiFay customers is not worth it.

What are the solutions? Tell me please

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Domovoj @ 11/26/20, 21:42*
I do not pay for it.

Well, if you were paid - you would have been for it, it would be clear.
It would have grown "carpet", probably.

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KleverKlever @ 11/29/20, 21:33*
Does not see Wi-Fi at all

problem. ZTE does not support this router, no way.
Just like this.

Posted on 11/30/2020, 02:50:

So it will be a Bream, no.

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Domovoj @ 11/26/20, 21:42*
I am in writers instructions

You are understandable, no nevdistener nothing. Do you live in Gorlovka on the side of Bandera?

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