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Mi Account - We are discussing everything related to the account!
Mi Account
Do you have a Mi Account?
Yes [ 11826 ] ** [87,53%]
not [ 1681 ] ** [12,44%]
Did you have to contact technical support to unbind your account?
Yes [ 1014 ] ** [7,5%]
not [ 12481 ] ** [92,38%]
Did tech support help you?
Yes [ 526 ] ** [3,89%]
Not [ 1005 ] ** [7,44%]
did not apply [ 11964 ] ** [88,55%]
Do you use Mi Cloud?
Yes [ 6763 ] ** [50,06%]
not [ 6742 ] ** [49,9%]
Total votes: 13511

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Mi Account
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This topic is intended to discuss issues related to the MI account, problems, difficulties and ways to solve them.
Questions about the overall operation of Xiaomi smartphones are discussed here.Xiaomi-Talkfirmware issues hereXiaomi-firmware.

Before deleting an account, you must untie the device from it! You also need to unbind all your gadgets before deleting, such as mi band, etc., otherwise they will not work with another account.

When you delete an account, it is deleted Forever!

New Account Linking Rules (January 2019).

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For questions about filling the caps, contact the curator of the topic.aleks34volga

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SG3000 @ 04/03/2014, 18:19*
And the money is removed for SMS once during the initial registration, or do you have to pay each time you set up an account after flashing?

SMS leaves if you activate the synchronization of SMS, call history and phone search.
Other functions are included without SMS, these are contacts, notes, a cloud album, WiFi settings and a cloud backup.
Its cost is equal to international SMS at the rate of your operator.
It is necessary for identification.
But if you do not specify your number when registering your Xiaomi account, SMS does not seem to go away, because there is nothing to be identified.

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FAQ: Mi Cloud - free Xiaomi cloud

You probably know that MIUI has a Mi-Cloud cloud storage.
It can synchronize your data data from a smartphone during synchronization:
SMS, notes, photos, videos, phone book contacts, records of your conversations and music and backup your attachments.
You can also use the search for your smartphone with a PC when it is lost or stolen (God forbid), for this purpose on your smartphoneIN ADVANCESmartphone search must be activated.
I will tell you how to use this cloud.

1. You must have a registered Xiaomi account, i.e. ID and password. Advice: use a separate e-mail and a complex password + to log in to the cloud; a binding in your real phone number will also be provided, it is important to recover your forgotten password.
Such an account can be used to log into any Xiaomi services, as well as at the forum en.miui.com

2. Go to the site:https://i.mi.com/?_locale=enand enter your ID and password.
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3. After authorization, we see personal information.
Attached Image

4. Initially, you are given 5 GB of cloud space, but going to the cloud every month via this linkhttps://i.mi.com/, you get 1 GB per month.
If you have Mi-credits (you can earn on the forum), then you can immediately increase the size of your cloud to 100 GB \ per year or more.
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The interface language is English.
If you suddenly forgot your password, you can restore it here:https://account.xiaomi.com/pass/forgetPassword
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Information from your Mi-smartphone is automatically synchronized with the cloud in accordance with the settings of your smartphone.
This is very convenient, because After a full memory format, the recovery of information will take several minutes.
Of course, constant synchronization requires energy, so you can carry it out manually, for example, once a day / week over WiFi.
Synchronization, backup and data recovery work correctly. Unlike the sync curve of photo contacts in Google} -)
When you change the device Xiaomi your data will easily move to a new smartphone together with you.

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Good day!

Tell me who can! I tied the Mi Cloud to the phone number that I had safely lost (and it is not possible to restore it) and forgot the password!)) How can I change the Mi Cloud binding to another phone number or start a new account in Mi Cloud ???

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A strange question, because the binding goes to the phone number or mail. Unless, of course, I'm not confusing anything.

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Hello, please help! In xiaomi redmi 2, at first there was one sim .. after I put the second one, the message "sim card replaced. Sign in to Mi account to reactivate Mi cloud services" began to pop up and require a password .. account tied to the phone when I enter the password , writes that he is wrong .. tried many times to restore the password .. but he still writes that he is wrong (new password). I understand that to delete this account, you need to enter it .. but I can not!

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Help guys plz
I had a red note
Numbers and all data remained in the cloud cloud
Now I pass authentication on the iPhone
Stuck in qr code scanning
I scan through their application from the iPad, but nothing works, writes some Chinese characters while scanning
What to do? Can anyone come across

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=>Egor<= @ 19.03.2015, 15:45 *
Good day! Tell me who can! I tied the Mi Cloud to the phone number that I had safely lost (and it is not possible to restore it) and forgot the password!)) How can I change the Mi Cloud binding to another phone number or start a new account in Mi Cloud ???

1. Try to make a hard reset through recovery.
2. If the Hard Reset has not untied the cloud, then flash the device through the computer. If the model is based on the Snapdragon processor, then through fastboot, miflash. If on MTK, then through FlashTool.

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About Mi account registration
Zoyten @ 11.02.2016, 01:15*
.. just unpleasant when the service is paid and this is not reported anywhere.
Read what is written.
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SunВґFujik @ 02.11.2016, 02:30*
By the way, as someone wrote here that you can activate a SIM card via email (registration for MI). I did not notice this possibility.
Read what is written.
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Tell me what to do. Registered account MI. I enter through the mail, I want to register my phone number, and writes to me that the number is tied to another account. How to register a number?

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There is also a problem with Mi Cloud ... I can not link the account to the phone ... I am writing either the number is linked to another account, and if you try to enter another number, it seems to accept it, but do not receive the SMS (the time allocated for receiving the SMS is exhausted).
Step by step it looks like this:
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Screen when you enter another number not previously used.
Attached Image

And so all the time ... As a result, the vicious circle turns out ... It seems that the data is synchronized, and you can’t get access to it from the Mi Cloud: ((((

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From personal experience, after the correspondence with the support service, we were able to untie the account from the phone, in time somewhere mryrzhili.

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How can I buy Mi points to increase the size of the cloud? He writes that it is possible only in China and Hong Kong, but can the system be somehow deceived?

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I go tohttps://us.i.mi.com,But I can not open any contacts or photos, although everything is synchronized from the phone.
And you can see in the micloud that 2.5Gb from 5Gb is occupied.
Sent only messages and notes.

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Maybe someone will come in handy. Not for those who have already lost their phone.
Go to the pageMi from PC and see - Sign in to your Mi Account below - fields for entering soap or phone and password, and in the upper right corner of the window in the form of a triangle is a translucent piece barcode ( few people notice ).
Click on the triangle. On your phone being in the account, to the right of the inscriptionMi account at the top - poke on barcode scan and scan from the screen. Everything. Your phone is attached. Further, if you can not log in from the PC, then select the tab "I'm an idiot, forgot the password" . The phone is already attached and you will understand further. Do not forget that there are other repositories: Yandex, Google and others. Good luck!

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Good evening!! Help, please, delete the mi account, all photos and contacts were deleted (((How to restore them? Thanks in advance!

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Guys need a help.
I bought Redmi 3 (not about).
And I can not activate it. On the screens. Language-country-wifi-introduced accounting u Google. then I asked for the number to bind, I chose to bind by email. Next, the window with the rights to the license for MIUI, I agree, the activation of the mi-cloud, although you agree though there is no result one, the next window is the activation of the sim card - a warning about an international SMS. And what type of window appears and immediately disappears and again the window with licenses and so around that you want to do something. How to activate it? Calls accept, contacts with Google retracted, soap also pulled, but how can I not remove the activation of MIUI.

PS from a computer i.mi.com already came. Registered, the phone tied up. and the result is the same. If I could give him a hardcore to do, so no, he does not, either, he can tell where he did what. I tried a bunch of combinations.

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PPP. The question is closed. We must choose the English localization.

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Good day! I'm trying to download a photo from a cloud on a computer, select a photo, click download .... and everything does not happen .... tell me how can I download a photo on a computer from a cloud ?? Thanks in advance.

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Sorry if the question is noob. I recently used MIUI. So, I want to backup contacts in my cloud and preferably not to use a Google account at all. From paranoiac considerations. There are no problems with photos, but when adding a new contact, it says to me "Backup contact is not ..." and the options "Save locally" and "Add account". I press on the second - asks to choose a Google account without options. MIUI 8 firmware, mod based on xiaomi.eu. Is it a matter of it, because of the fact that Google services have added? What can be done so that Google’s cloud is not even used? I just don’t even know how it works in stock, but Google is clearly not there.

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Good day to all. After the firmware with the initial settings was not enabled and configured WiFi. Because of this, Mi Account could not accept the password. It turned out a vicious circle. I cannot return to the WiFi settings, and without the Internet, the entered mi account password is up to one place. Sim card is not inserted into the phone.
Who can already faced a similar problem?

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