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Bitwarden Password Manager | Password Manager

Rep: (177)
bitwarden - Password Manager
version: 2.6.1

Last update of the program in the header:30.09.2020

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Short description:
Free open source password manager.

Bitwarden is a simple and secure way to store all your logins and passwords and easily synchronize them between all your devices.

Password theft is a serious problem. Sites and applications that you use are attacked every day. Problems in their safety can lead to theft of your password. In addition, when you use the same passwords on different sites and applications, the hackers can easily access multiple your accounts at once (to the mailbox, to the bank account, etc.).

Safety experts recommend using different randomly generated passwords for each account you created. But how to manage all these passwords? BitwardEn allows you to easily access your passwords, as well as create and store them.

Bitwarden stores all your logins and passwords in an encrypted storage, which is synchronized between all your devices. Before the data leaves your device, they will be encrypted and only then shipped. We in Bitwarden will not be able to read your data, even if we want it. Your data is encrypted using the AES-256 and PBKDF2 SHA-256 algorithm.

Android required: 4.4 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: 8bit Solutions Llc.
Homepage: https://bitwarden.com.
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.x8bit.bitwarden.

Version: 2.6.1 of GP (djdante)
Version: 2.6.0 What's new: (djdante)
Version: 2.5.0 Bitwarden is a password manager to help ensure security on the Internet. (djdante)
Version: 2.3.1 Bitwarden Password Manager (Animaniya)
Version: 2.2.0 GP (• Best •)

Past versions

Beta versions:
Version: 2.2.7 (2137) Version from Google Play (16.12.19) (Cybers3x)

Post has been editediMiKED - 30.09.20, 12:31
Reason for editing: Update: New version 2.6.1 from GP

Rep: (472)
* cybers3x ,
It does not give or edit or create a new one. Without internet writes an error

Unable to Resolve Host Identity.Bitwarden.com No Adress Associated with Host Name

And resets all changes.
Somewhere you can turn on the local database?

Rep: (5)
* lakoros , wrote about this developer a couple of years ago. He replied that it was difficult to implement, and he still does not plan offline. We need to look at the guitus, maybe already there are plans.

Rep: (31)
* lakoros
There is a portable version. If I'm not mistaken, then before the penultimate update, it was possible to go to the database with the portable version, if it was in the same directory, and now I tried, then yes, even the login did not work without connecting to the Internet. And the meaning then in that portable version?

Rep: (177)
* Vasyatka123 , meaning at all without offline. If something happens, you can import the database from the local version, and if there is no, then it is not good.

Rep: (1)
Imported Google Passwords CSV Chrome format, in storage

But with autofill

Writes, your repository there are no items for COM .... Attributes
It concerns only browsers, the application works

Post has been editedlf1x - 27.07.20, 22:10

Rep: (0)
Updated Bitwarden and stopped running .. Now always Error: A JavaScript Error Occurred in The Main Process
Reinstalling, even with "full clearance" does not help ...

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Rep: (177)
Tenyks @ 03.08.20, 15:12*
Updated Bitwarden and stopped running .. Now always Error: A JavaScript Error Occurred in The Main Process
Reinstalling, even with "full clearance" does not help ...


Rep: (1)
The same garbage as Tenyks

Post has been editedluger72 - 03.08.20, 19:22

Rep: (177)
* luger72 , put the previous version temporarily.

Rep: (1)
Termich, I downloaded the old version, earned.

Rep: (260)
Tenyks @ 03.08.20, 15:12*
Reinstalling, even with "full clearance" does not help ...
Xs, win 10 ltsc everything works
Attached Image

Maybe the problem in win 7 is simple and everything

Rep: (320)
Tenyks @ 03.08.20, 15:12*
Updated Bitwarden and stopped run ..

Is it on a desktop?
Because on android and expansion in the browser work normally

Rep: (320)
When exporting to CSV does not save real logins, and changes to the word login in all records.

Rep: (0)
Tell me where to take the previous version?

Rep: (9)
Friends Tell me why when you enter a login and password on any site, the program asks to save the data, but if you click Save it does not save. Android.

Rep: (1)
For BlackBerry version no? I will not find any way; (from android is not installed

Rep: (48)
So offline passwords and notes will be unavailable. Sorry.

Rep: (18)
* dreamkz As far as I understand the program through the cloud only synchronized with other devices and without the Internet there is access to passwords.

Rep: (55)
* Zeddor , That's right, this is how the local copy is always available after the first synchronization.

Rep: (48)
* Zeddor , * demosfen38 OK, thanks for the clarification! And then higher in the comments wrote the opposite. I'll try to deliver.

Post has been editeddreamkz - 01.09.20, 22:18

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