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Dear users!

This topic is designed to communicate with the section team.
Here you can ask any questions about the section, express your positive or negative opinion or suggest an idea for development.

We are always happy to hear from you!

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In connection with the rapid development of the direction I suggest to make a separate section on drones.
The topic has long grown out of the panties of home entertainment, firmware and programs only fromDJImore than the famous brands of smartphones, so why not?

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* yuriks1 If this will be further discussed and appeared on drones, we will quite possibly do it. While these topics are not so much. And the discussions are not so active. But in the future everything is possible. Thank you for contacting. : thank_you:

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In connection with the rapid development of the direction of virtual reality, I suggest to make a separate section.
I am for a more structured topic system.

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Create a general theme for hoverboards and / or at least a separate one for the Chinese (of which almost a million are Russian).
There FAQ by choice, etc. I can create, just not removed because This is not a specific device.

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Gridzilla @ 02.12.16, 06:25*
propose an idea for development

I propose a topic:

"MJX Bugs B5W"

move to the profile section "Drones and quadrocopters".

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I also have a proposal: create a separate topic (or sub) for drones Mavi mini FCC. they, in contrast to the Council of Europe, different mothers, different consoles.

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