Orders table for editing files in *** 9.png format

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Orders table for editing format files *** 9.png

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With the advent of vector image support, this type is no longer so popular. But in many projects it still occurs and can be useful.

  • Files in format.9.png- bitmap formatNinePatch
  • NinePatch- a kind of PNG files that contain a frame one pixel thick. This frame describes an area that can stretch proportionally when the image is resized.
    How to independently and correctly extract the file.9.pngfrom the application

    Method number1
    The simplest is to use a set of command line utilities that allowsdecompile \ compile *** 9.png - 9patch Decompile Suite v.2
    for this is not necessarydecompile \ compile the application itself, just rename the application itself **** arc at ****. zip and extract the desired image, after editing, also through the archiver, return it back with replacement of the edited image, then renaming the application back **** arc .
    PS: let's call this method is not very correct, but it is working ...
    Method number2
    1. Parse the application, for example, a utility for properly recompiling APK files. Batch ApkTool if for some reason it does not work Recompile / Decompile the necessary application, we address in a profile subject. Well, or ask friends, acquaintances, or for example, leave a request in the profile topic - Order table for compiling and editing system resources and applications | Club Mod apk, Here take orders for the modification of the arc Recompile / Decompile (disassemble / assemble) the application.
    2. We find the necessary file (picture) which needs to be edited to your taste.
    3. We post in this topic a file with a detailed description of what needs to be done ( repaint, add something, replace, etc. ). I recommend uploading files in the RAR / ZIP archive.
    4. Patiently waiting for the execution of the order / response. Duplication of messages is prohibited by the Rules of the forum.
    5. How to receive the completed order ( if in the archive, unarchive it ), we replace the file / s in the disassembled application.
    6. We decompile ( we collect ) application, use ...

    Short Lesson self-editing file with the extension .9.PNG in Photoshop.
    Manual for editing images of the format nine-patch (to put it simply ........ .9.png) in pictures
    Mini manual for editing pictures with markers (* .9.png)
    As I edit the pictures.9.png


    For the full execution of the order, please upload your files to the archive:
    (.Zip / .rar ... so you can open), so do not break 9.png markings, if present.
    At the same time, try, if possible, to put the original file with the markup, in order that it was possible to look at the example of the marking itself.
    It will be good if the whole thing is accompanied by screenshots place of its use, or at least, a more detailed description of what is to be seen, and what should not.
    And also, if required files repainting, write not only the color - what would you like to see, but also color code possibilities
    eg:WANT GRAY #FF747474

  • If the order is completed, add this at the bottom of the post.
    [SIZE = 3] [COLOR = green] [B] Done [/ B] [/ COLOR] [/ SIZE]

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I will ask here now. Pozh. make me a call button. The first Simka in the style of Beeline is orange probably, the second Simka in the style of MTS is red. thank you in advance. I have a file with markers
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Well, ready to use
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Aldmit @ 11/30/2016, 4:50 PM*
call buttons

Several variants

Attached ImageAttached Image
Attached file1.rar(22.19 KB)

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Attached file2.rar(26.36 KB)

files rename to their names without touching the extension.9.png because lined files without an archive, then the names break
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Here these icons worked clearly
Attached Image
I also want to ask to remove the handset and the numbers, and put logos in their place.
Something like this
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BriefLessonself-editing file with the extension .9.PNG in Photoshop.

What we need

1. Photoshop
2. Ninepatch.jar (Does not require installation on a PC, requires installed JAVA on a PC)
Several benefits

The ability to quickly change nine-patch data by simply moving / changing guides and areas
Display pixel strip and the distance between the individual guides on the area
Customizable preview of the final file dynamically updated when editing
Recognition of nine-patch data on images that do not have a ".9" in the name, as well as the ability to download simple images for quick conversion to nine-patch format
The ability to download any image formats supported in J2SE, in addition to png
These are advantages related solely to editing nine-patch files in a ready-made visual editor. The application's jar file itself can be used as a plug-in library for parsing nine-patch images, embedding the editor in your own Java applications, styling components, and more.

download -Attached fileninepatch-demo.jar(3.55 MB)


1. Open Photoshop, then add the file .9.PNG
Attached Image

2. Next, we need to cut markers with one pixel on another layer along the entire perimeter of the picture, zoom in the entire desktop, press at the same timeCtrl and 0
Attached Image

3. Turn on multiple selection.
Attached Image

4. Select the edges of the image along the entire perimeter of one pixel.
5. Direct the cursor to the selected place.
6. Press the right mouse button, the menu pops up, select -Cut to new layer
7. We see
Attached Image

8. Turn off the layer
Attached Image

9. The whole picture is ready for editing and we will not accidentally wipe / mark the markers.
Attached Image

10. Edit the picture to your taste and color.
11. Next, turn back off the layer and save it to the desktop
Attached Image

12. Run the patch -Ninepatch.jar
Attached Image

13. Dragging the image onto the open patch
Attached Image

Some users, this procedure is not done, but just immediately thrown into the application for the assembly ... I do not know correctly or not, but I was taught that this procedure must be performed to avoid errors during assembly / disassembly of applications.Required , if you decide to change the markers themselves, this happens if you decide to draw from scratch, completely or partially replace the picture, for example a rabbit : D, in this case, get a crooked image at the output, here you have to play around with the markup, so that your rabbit remained in the center and did not stretch on all sides, but that’s another story ...
In any case, I always skip editable images through the patch!
14. If all the buzz and markers we stayed in the same place (the screenshot shows that our markers do not affect the MTS logo and we will get a quality image file at the output) then save the picture
Attached Image

15. Putting the application and enjoy;)

p.s. if something is not correctly written, then please correct ...

Added to the cap!

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Diskav2006 @ 11/30/2016, 8:24 PM*
pick up the phone and numbers and put logos in place

Attached ImageAttached Image
Attached fileDesktop.rar(27.79 KB)

Ready to use indiscriminately

Attached ImageAttached Image
Attached fileDesktop1.rar(23.27 KB)

ps if there are other icons and need to be replaced, put in the application ...

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Make it ready

added ready -Order table for editing files in the format *** 9.png - Modification and decorations (Post vadim-shavkunov # 55649187)
just need to rename to their names
just orange

ready to use
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Attached fileDesktop3.rar(11.06 KB)


Attached ImageAttached Image
Attached fileDesktop.rar(22.9 KB)

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if there are other icons and need to be replaced, put in the application ...

Make one more of these icons, the current over them must be maleh conjuring.
Attached filelogo.zip(77.13 KB)

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still here from these icons

assemble / disassemble

Attached ImageAttached Image
Attached fileDesktop.rar(29.42 KB)

ready to use

Attached ImageAttached Image
Attached fileDesktop1.rar(28.38 KB)

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* Aldmit,
You do not look at it, here and markers are different for stretching ...
Attached Image

here are stock pictures and they also have different distances
Attached Image

PS: I sort of tried to put the phone in place

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Thanks all super
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Here even put the same points
Attached Image

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Aldmit @ 2.12.16, 0:18*
Beeline closer to the edge, mts kabi in the center
Aldmit ,
if correctly understood:
Attached Image
I moved the operator's logo closer to the edge (like in Beeline), I tried to center it in height.
Р—.Р« .:Patch through 9patch. If something goes wrong, please forgive me.

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Moved the operator's logo closer to the edge (as in Beeline), tried to center on height

Highly raised high))
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* Diskav2006 , cut the Р»
Attached Image
Attached Image

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dva161 @ 28.12.16, 10:23*
need to make 9.png transparent

Attached filequantum_panel_bitmap.9.rar(244 bytes)

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guys who can changeAttached filethis.rar(9.16 KB)
ColourAttached fileon + this.rar(18.65 KB)

only color

Rep: (3102)
Rider_Action @ 1.02.17, 2:06*
guys who can change

Download:Attached filebtn_call_v2.zip(21.23 KB)

There are two options in the archive, with and without gradient.
Download: Attached filebtn_call.zip (32.03 KB)

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* -Kowalski-,
: good:

Rep: (1474)
Help with the graphics widgets MyPhoneExplorer (I would like 20% transparency, ie 80% opacity):Attached fileres.zip(31.87 KB)


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