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Samsung pay | convenient and secure mobile payment service

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Samsung pay
Version: 3.8.71 / 3.1.67

Last update of the program in the header:17.07.2019
Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3|

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Short description:
A new fast and easy way to pay for goods wirelessly using a Samsung mobile device.

Turn your phone into a wallet. Add more of your plastic cards to your digital wallet with Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay is currently available at:
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy Note5
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (NFC only)
Samsung Galaxy S6 (NFC only)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) / A5 (2017) / A7 (2017) - from January 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 +
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) / J5 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Compatible Banks and Credit Cards
JSC Raiffeisen Bank
JSC "Russian Standard Bank"
PJSC "Sberbank"
JSC "Tinkoff Bank"
PJSC "Bank" Saint-Petersburg"
PJSC Bank FC Otkrytie
Shop with Samsung Pay almost anywhere
Samsung Pay uses proprietary technology to work in more places than any other mobile payment system.

3 simple steps to pay:
Swipe up on the screen to launch Samsung Pay and authorize using a fingerprint or pin. To pay, simply hover the device close to the terminal.

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Android required: Android 4.4+
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Homepage: http://www.samsung.com/ru/apps/mobile/samsungpay/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samsung.android.spay

Version: 3.8.71 / 3.1.67 Samsung Pay + Samsung Pay Framework (Boris45)
Version: 3.8.26 + Samsung Pay Framework 3.1.04 Message в„–16614, author creativ45
Useful additions
Version: FW 3.1.65 / APP 3.7.35 Samsung Pay USA (kudryon2)

Past versions
Version: 3.8.0 + Samsung Pay Framework 3.1.02 Post # 16519 by DannyShook в„ў
Version: 3.7.61 + Samsung Pay Framework 3.0.31 Message в„–15650, author lexadjsss
Version: 3.0.02 + Samsung Pay Framework 2.9.20 Samsung pay (Post Shkiper-vr6 # 75806128)
Version: 2.9.01 Attached filecom.samsung.android.spay_2.9.01.apk (56.39 MB)
Samsung Pay Framework version: 2.8.81 Samsung pay (Post pulsar555 # 72439560)
version: 2.8.34 Attached filecom.samsung.android.spayfw_2.8.34.apk (29.73 MB)

Version: 2.8.08 Attached filecom.samsung.android.spayfw_2.8.08.apk (45.98 MB)

version: 2.8.74 Attached filecom.samsung.android.spay_2.8.74.apk (52.99 MB)

version: 2.6.14 Attached fileSamsung + Pay_2.6.14.apk (36.98 MB)

Version: 2.7.31 Attached fileSamsungPF2731.apk (42.47 MB)

Version: 2.6.10 Attached fileSP2610.apk (36.96 MB)

Attached fileSamsung + Pay + Framework_2.6.19.apk(28.25 MB)

Version: 2.5.57 Attached fileSamsung + Pay_2.5.57.apk (30.33 MB)

Version: 2.4.25 Attached filecom.samsung.android.spay.apk (31.33 MB)

Attached filesampay.apk(37.34 MB)

Before writing a topic is recommended to readFAQ. If your device is not PCT, you need to flash SER. Look for detailed information in the topic.firmware.

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Reason for editing: Update: new version 3.8.71 / 3.1.67 Samsung Pay + Samsung Pay Framework

Rep: (6)
Does anyone work? I press start, the wheel turns and on it all.

Rep: (134)
StallKrais @ 09/28/2016, 21:58*
can bypass what can come up with.

Are you sure about the security of Samsung Pay, if you come up with a bypass?

Rep: (0)
My knox need to be installed?

Rep: (207)
Here such crap climbs
Attached Image

Post has been editedDuero - 29.09.16, 05:00

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I installed the update on my c7, samsung pay appeared, I try to call nifiga. I don’t know what the problem is, it’s not rutted, there’s an application in the menu, I’m going into it showing what samsung pay is and that's it.
The screen shows what is displayed, and down if you flip through there as a type of instruction and that's it ((
Attached Image

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Rep: (1)
Is it clear whether it will work on non-Rostest? (no firmware update yet)

Posted on 09/29/2016 07:35:

Apk set, the same theme: spinning and does not enter yet.

Rep: (1)
Well, I hope that you do not have to install the Russian firmware
So do not hunt Kula then climb

Rep: (66)
Should push the notification to come that the servers have earned

Rep: (2)
It started on galaxy s6, but the items to check the imprint or skip the pincode do not work. : blush:

Rep: (7065)
What to do if the phone is not PCT? SM-G935FD

Rep: (30)
RequeLine @ 09/29/2016, 10:55*
What to do if the phone is not PCT? SM-G935FD

Put the office. firmware SER region.

Rep: (3)
I also have it all stopped at the fingerprint stage, while a letter came - thanks for registering with Samsung pay

Rep: (36)
Now when you start Samsung Pay offered to install the program, updated. In short, it worked. We must now check on the maps.

Rep: (111)
By the way, no one knows whether it will work if the Samsung Pay APK and Samsung Pay Framework have been installed before? And then my version is slightly different from the screenshots presented here, although the version is the same as in the 2.3.00 header. Delete does not work, just stop. And the page in Google Play does not open. just a white screen shows.
up: Samsung Pay was able to return to its original state by removing the update. Now version 1.5.26 (on Google Play 1.5.46). But Samsung Pay Framework 2.5.00, who has PCT devices, and you did not install the APK, what version of this Framework and Samsung Pay do you have?

Post has been editedSpider - 29.09.16, 12:04
Reason for editing: up

Rep: (263)
* Andrey Vorobiev And did you put the program from the header or from Google Play? The latter tells me that there are no compatible devices, although my Note 5 is declared supported.

Rep: (16)
* Spider,
The pay 1.5.26 framework version is not present at all in the installed applications

Rep: (36)
Andrey Vorobiev, and the program itself from the cap set or from Google Play? The latter tells me that there are no compatible devices, although my Note 5 is declared supported.

After updating the firmware in the program menu, Samsung Pay appeared (yesterday), but there was just an advertising splash screen. Today, when you start, the "Install" button has already appeared, the program has been installed by itself, it has been updated (apparently, from Galaxy Apps), and now it is already working. In Google Play did not climb. According to Note5 yesterday I looked - there was no firmware update yet. As I understand it, you must wait for the firmware update first, since Samsung Pay is a system application, and then the shortcut will appear.

Update: now I looked at Note5 - the update came at 320 meg, it says that Samsung Pay is enabled. So, check, everything must come.

Post has been editedAndrey Vorobiev - 29.09.16, 12:18
Reason for editing: addition

Rep: (131)
Something does not come push message. As the advertisement opened, so it opens.

Rep: (111)
* Andrey Vorobiev
Do you have a framework loaded? If so, can you look at its version? And what is your version of Samsung Pay?

Rep: (36)
Relictstar @ 09/29/2016, 12:34*
I repeat, is my knox needed or not?

Samsung Pay earned and without it, apparently, is not needed. I did not install this application (it hangs in the system, but not installed).

Posted 09/29/2016 12:47 PM:

Spider @ 09/29/2016, 12:32*
Do you have a framework loaded? If so, can you look at its version? And what is your version of Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay version version 2.4.25
Attached Image

Framework version 2.4.33
Attached Image

Post has been editedAndrey Vorobiev - 29.09.16, 12:50

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