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Linux & Android for Acer Aspire Switch 10
Discussion of the Acer Aspire Switch 10
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Installation Instructionsandsetup instructions(auto-rotate, sound and tweaks)
What does not work
Sleep mode
-Set screen brightness

Installation from under Windows (It is advisable to select uefi in the settings !!!) At the momentYou don’t need to set this way, because we need to edit the system folders to achieve operability, but in this way it’s difficult so far
What does not work
Sleep mode and hibernation

On our tablet works great kubuntu
About linux mint 19.3
Link on Ubuntu for our tablet(Image - acerium-live ... tar.gz) andInstallation Instructions
If you removed the windows bootloader
If you removed the windows bootloader, fill in the windows to go flash drive and run this:Attached filerecovery_windows_bootloader.exe(1.36 MB)

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* Profi_GMan , Copy the file to var \ lib \ alsa, I put the sound card in the first alsa-base, in alsamixer put the sound at maximum, but the parameters of the sound has not changed, the sound or not. How can I check whether there is any wood for the sound?

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* Vitallich, for Linux might be easier to take UCM files
and put them in the directory / usr / share / alsa / ucm (ie in this directory must be new directory named bytcr-rt5640, bytcr-rt5651, etc.). Then restart. If no sound, you create a file ~ / .config / pulse / daemon.conf (or edit an existing)
with a string
realtime-scheduling = no

The core of 4.13 can take the link in the signatureRussianNeuroMancer

Note that since Linux 4.17 requires new UCMLINUX on UEFI 32bit (Post RussianNeuroMancer # 75637143)

The alsa-lib-1.1.7 above UCM has already been added.LINUX on UEFI 32bit (cut in post # 78068363)

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* Cut in Sound earned without any additional settings! Thank you so much!

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Hard to be blunt (s)
Faced with another problem, as I realized I fall off network-manager, WIFI as if running even see the network, but does not want to be connected, starts after a restart of the service. How to deal with it?
I have hoped that everything alive (

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* Vitallich, try LINUX on UEFI 32bit (cut in post # 60254750)
According to the description that is not exactly observed, but other ideas yet.

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* Cut in , Thanks again! Probably helped, everything works without problems. plyusanul

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Guys, there was a question, but you can somehow align the balance of the sound, I somehow through the left column provides more changing settings in the balance slider to the right and then okay, it's a bug?

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* Vitallich,
see the bug, I also

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On the latest version of the Phoenix became 2.5 show the correct battery. Version 2.2, which is also 7 droid does not show. It is possible then to pull? And if someone was able to win the brightness for Android?

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* SHRiKE_SPb , Then there is the core of 4.12. Take Andriusha with this kernel and all

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And just a new kernel, you can shove? How to replace Linuhe core - it is understandable, but how to do it on android?

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* SHRiKE_SPb, copied driver / lib / modules in / system // lib / modules, and the nucleus itself (vmlinuz *) and renamed the kernel is placed in the boot partition over the old (or grub.cfg added thereto path).

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Is it possible to ever return to the previous release? Itched handles look at 17.10, and Dev put the brain is not enough, and everything works, but the error is still there.
It was 17.04, no backups.

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* Vitallich,
No, unfortunately, can not.

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Prompt, with a sleeping chamber has not won on Linux?
And is there any drivers for 3g model? (12)

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* thunderbalt, Some of the cameras prodvizhki begun, but so far in the process. A sleep for a long time work, at least for the analogues.

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* Cut in tell me where exactly hibernate work? (For Linux)

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* steeligel, in my signature DEXP Z110 - working on it.

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I suddenly gained autoturn after upgrading to 17.10, but the curve, a step in the right, can it somehow fixed a? Even beginning vylazit a lot of mistakes, but nothing critical.

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Cut in @ 08/11/17, 10:51*
thunderbalt, for some cameras prodvizhki begun, but so far in the process. A sleep for a long time work, at least for the analogues.

then I put in 1610 and updated?

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