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Processor: Amlogic s905x 4 core Cortex A53 2.0GHz
Video Core: Mali-450 MP
HDMI: 2.0A 4K * 2K (not tested)
RAM: 1G or 2G
ROM: 8G or 16G
Max. memory card capacity: up to 64GB
Black colour
Codecs: H.264 / AVC, H.265, VP9, ​​RealVideo8 / 9/10
Video formats: AVS, DAT, ISO, MKV, MOV, MPEG, MPEG-4, MPEG1, MPEG2, RM, RV, VP9 Profile-2, WMV
Audio Formats: AAC, FLAC, MP3, OGG, RM, WMA
Photo formats: BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF
WIFI: 2.4ghz 802.11b / g / n
Connectors: AV, Ethernet, HDMI, LAN, Optical, TF card, USB2.0
Power supply: 5V 2A
Bluetooth: no
Equipment: 1 x X96 TV box, 1 x HDMI cable, 1 x remote control, 1 x power supply, 1 x instruction, optional - 1 x additional IR receiver, 1 x board for mounting on TV

A photo
Firmware from the manufacturer
Custom firmware

Buying and Accessories

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kony95 @ 03/24/17, 15:50*
And what and how to sew? I tried through the TWRP and via USB Burning Tool.

Read?Apparently about this firmware speech.
And transferred to start:
There Are A Few Glitches and Some Work Arounds Found. I Will Post Links to Things If Needed. SO Here Goes You are Best to Use Keyboard Mouse USB If Possile for First Set Up and Remote Not Software Issue But The Tricky Remote. So heres whats working.

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After the search for various Android firmware, in which then one thing does not work or lags, stopped on the Alexelec system.
The firmware is just a bomb. Ready to use from the box. By default puts on an SD card. Works dual boot alexelec + android.
There is everything for convenient viewing of video, TV and listening to music, the Ambilight background lights (on Android does not really work). There is an emulator of consoles, you can play old toys. Supports work with external tuners, discs, jackets.

In general, to whom the prefix is ​​needed to view the video, TV and listening to music - I essentially recommended.

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* wildminer ,
Although you would have read the last two pages, it was already discussed here more than once.

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Alexec launched, but I did not understand what you can look at all? In addition to TV, it doesn't really work anything, and if it works, it loads from 5-10 minutes ... I have not found a single normal plugin for online movies ... From the local storage facility is not an option to look, it was not for this boxing.
Under Android HD VideoBox pleases and YouTube from Android TV

Advise the standards of the plugin for alexelec, and then the system is good, everything is praised, and it is impossible to use

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* Andr_oks21,
* p_PAS,
Guys, skinte the photo confirming 1gb, I also argue with the chinase, but you need a photo.

The question on turning off the console, turned off and could not turn off. The following happens, click off. The prefix is ​​cut down instantly, the signal on the TV is there, the hard disk runs on, the blue lamp is off. (not red to become, namely, off.) After pressing incl. Nothing happens, sting in different ways. I use Airmause I7RII Mini. With a regular console, all the rules are stupidly disconnected completely. Also, I can not cut down the prefix yet not yet. Mouse (orientation in space) It seems to be falling asleep (x96) and immediately from the movement of the mouse awakens.
Thank you all, waiting for answers.

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Hello, please tell me, after some firmware, all new asks to install through TWRP, how to return it to the drain? Thank you!

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Spidey2009 @ 03/24/17, 18:14*
Not a single normal plug-in for online movies found ...

I am on Alexec watch online movies in this way:
On the mobile phone in HD VideoBox I find the movie of interest and send a link to the file via Yatse. In principle, all that can be launched on Andoid can be transferred to Alexec into several clicks.

When I was sitting on Android and watched movies through HD VideoBox, everything could not get used to control using the remote control or mouse, the touchscreen is still more convenient.
In general, the home tablet and the smartphone turned into an advanced remote control for Alexelec.

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I bought this device in Baku. AIDA shows 2 gig RAM. How do I make me make sure that there are 2 gigas RAM in it? Or check AIDA is enough. I do not want to open.

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Seldom73 @ 03/24/17, 19:08*
I do not want to open

Open, then the simplest, credit card to fit ...!

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* solomonsam
and further, where to look?

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Seldom73 @ 03/24/17, 20:08*
How do I make me make sure that there are 2 gigas RAM in it?
Test a fill method, and watch how much memory is used. I did not test myself, I have no doubt in the amount of memory. They say with 1 GB browsers brake.

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* iJleoH ,
There should be 4GB in memory blocks
Attached Image

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* solomonsam And I have that
For memory and how much GB? -6Sp77D9VCT 4 PCTUKS.

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* solomonsam
I have an inscription on them 6NP77 below D9VCT

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Good evening! I received the prefixes of 1/8 1.51 GHz but they all brake terribly! 2/16 So that flies ... can someone tell me how to deal with it ... Firmware exist for example on Android 5.1? I think maybe it will be postproke

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Yrgen @ 03/24/17, 19:37*

Yes, there are more such options, there is probably only flashing!
Attached Image

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* Spidey2009 In Cody, using Yatse, you can send any link to playback, in the TCH CD video office

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What does not beat your memory, exactly all rewrote? What manufacturer?

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Ijleoh @ 03/24/17, 19:39*
I have an inscription on them 6NP77 below D9VCT

Yrgen @ 03/24/17, 19:37*
For memory and how much GB? -6Sp77D9VCT 4 PCTUKS.

MICRON memory, look hereSite Micron.
Nearest datashet hereDatasheet MT41K256M16TW-107

Everything is normal, if 4 chips.

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Ijleoh @ 03/24/2017, 19:32*
Hd videobox
* Andr_oks21,
* P_PAS,
Guys, skinte the photo confirming 1gb, I also argue with the chinase, but you need a photo.

I argued like that.
Attached Image

Rar 3-file archive

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