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Processor: Amlogic s905x 4 core Cortex A53 2.0GHz
Video Core: Mali-450 MP
HDMI: 2.0A 4K * 2K (not tested)
RAM: 1G or 2G
ROM: 8G or 16G
Max. memory card capacity: up to 64GB
Black colour
Codecs: H.264 / AVC, H.265, VP9, ​​RealVideo8 / 9/10
Video formats: AVS, DAT, ISO, MKV, MOV, MPEG, MPEG-4, MPEG1, MPEG2, RM, RV, VP9 Profile-2, WMV
Audio Formats: AAC, FLAC, MP3, OGG, RM, WMA
Photo formats: BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF
WIFI: 2.4ghz 802.11b / g / n
Connectors: AV, Ethernet, HDMI, LAN, Optical, TF card, USB2.0
Power supply: 5V 2A
Bluetooth: no
Equipment: 1 x X96 TV box, 1 x HDMI cable, 1 x remote control, 1 x power supply, 1 x instruction, optional - 1 x additional IR receiver, 1 x board for mounting on TV

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Firmware from the manufacturer
Custom firmware

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@ 04.04.17, 8:31*
But I have no complaints about the quality of components or the quality of the assembly.
It depends on what to compare. Well, I'm not saying that terrible. Conventional Chinese quality of budget electronics. In other words, it does not shine. I also have no complaints, everything works.
And quality, it's when you take in your hands - Match thing (c)

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Pawell-Fedoroff @ 04.04.17, 10:18*
Is this seller x96 original?

FIG, it knows the original or not. Not in the Garage of Pown It is Stopedovo, there are ball solders and the like chalk, on the knee such a solder FIG will be released. Rather, at the plant "in the eighth shift" with a limited number of microup RAM, but the original.
TIN-SID @ 04.04.17, 10:22*
I do not understand how the prefixes from 1GB (ordered 2GB) work normally, I ordered 1GB - the brake is terrible

Duramy himself - works perfect! Neither brakes, nor hangings, and the most interesting thing is Afiguet low temperature of the protrus, the regular radiator with a thick thermogling is enough for-eyes! I would not see any lack of RAM, but read here in the forum about overheating and radiators and decided to see what inside (I have a habit of disassemble all the new one) and what radiator insert, I saw Microuds and climbed into datasheets, compared 2 + 2 and posiagel Palace, climbed to check the progs and poses more - or I am stupid, or the firmware is very smart.
* vegas7,
Thank you, as I get to the console (not at home for now), I immediately check and accomplish your goal.
* Ыты,
A little bit wrong, I once braveled with the topic of flash drives - scales of flash drives on Ali and frightened that "Dry". Repeated and did not find anyone. And with RAM IMHO occurs a little differently - the system writes into real cells, not into the air, but when recording is guided by a real size, but all applications give out completely different to the indication.

People with green boards and 2GB of RAM! Throw off a pliz photo of a payment from two parties and photo markings of mikruh of RAM!

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Nonamez83 @ 04.04.17, 09:33*
for some reason, when the TV is disconnected, the prefix is ​​turned off herself

Most likely the HDMI-CEC is turned on and running.

Nonamez83 @ 04.04.17, 09:33*
But when you turn on the TV, the prefix does not turn on, maybe it can be turned on

And when you turn on TV tried to switch the video input to that to which the console is connected? When switching the video input to the desired prefix must be turned on. Moreover, if HDMI-CEC works fine, that is, it is highly likely that you can control the console from the TV. I have a rather new Panasonic, so I did not connect an extra infrared at all, the console shoved into the bedside table and manage it completely with a remote control from the TV, although the aerometric bought it))).

Rep: (24)
Nonamez83 @ 04.04.17, 15:33*
Although I tried everything buttons.

Click on the console 2.

Rep: (374)
Derik536 @ 04.04.17, 11:18*
It's for Ali and not sold proof

I reflash and made the photo settings - add. Settings - Any, where 818 membered memory is clearly seen. Sent a sold and that one came out, they say, we did not send the version ...

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Need a firmware in the header, which from 1GB makes 2, to overclock versions of 1GB)))

Rep: (374)
TIN-SID @ 04.04.17, 13:38*
Need a firmware in the header, which from 1GB makes 2, to overclock versions of 1GB)))

By the way, yes. I would like to swing and pick up the backup of this firmware

Rep: (115)
* 5152,
Thanks for the advice, but I have not yet sewed TV boxes, I am sure that it's easy, but I do not want to risk while with flashing - while it works great, and it is not a fact that it is sold to know if I am confident that his firmware does not show anything RAM is less than 2GB. While leave an option with flashing on-last.

TIN-SID @ 04.04.17, 12:38*
Need a firmware in the header, which from 1GB makes 2, to overclock versions of 1GB)))

5152 @ 04.04.17, 12:41 *
By the way, yes. I would like to swing and pick up the backup of this firmware

Pick your finger on the bacap algorithm and I will gladly make it and then lay out.

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* derik536 ,
Put TWRP and there is backup

Rep: (374)
TIN-SID @ 04.04.17, 13:48*
Put TWRP and there is backup

And the OTA / Backup application does not solve?

Rep: (8)
* 5152 ,
Never tried

Rep: (819)
* 5152 ,
5152 @ 4.04.17, 13:52 *
And the OTA / Backup application does not solve
Solo, but only backup user applications and their data.

Rep: (374)
Rus-05 @ 04.04.17, 13:57*
Solo, but only backup user applications and their data.

Nazno. Not that coat. Well, if the root is, then you can ride the TRPP directly from Anroya.

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* 5152 , You can and temporarily install X96 [Android] (post rus-05 # 54116135)

Rep: (374)
About android-tv tell us, friends, how is it? Is there a meaning to sew?

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Goshvit @ 04.04.17, 05:28*
Temperature than you measure?

Hand, what else. Case from all sides cold. Maybe it does not work the method, but there are no problems, the device is very stable.

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ELECTRO @ 04.04.17, 14:09*
Case from all sides cold.

Case and will not heat ..: rofl:

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Kamen987 @ 04.04.17, 07:27*
I have a prefix (without the bottom cover turned upside down with my copper blank (round of about 30mm in diameter and 1cm height) and on the Dwarf ally the radiator (50x50mm) - between the processor and the copper blank and between the blank and the radiator smeared the thermal

You excuse me, but this is already busting))) I certainly can and GIC, but not to the same degree. If I need to do such things that the device would not burn, then let him burn and I will buy AppleTV. I need that in the living room box lay beautiful and gladly pleased. Not only my eyes, but also a wife with a daughter.

Rep: (2)
If you quote the whole phrase - there the keywords missed "for the test".
I am still picking up what I want to put.
And with my eyes there are no problems - who does not like it may not look, I do not force.

Also, on the car, I do not wear any caps and aluminum disks, only for "riding" .... ride on steel jibs.

Want to cool or not, to solve only you, but taiting the case and approve that it does not heat - it is not appropriate. : rolleyes:

Posted 04.04.2017, 15:24:

You can and "beautifully" to improve cooling.
It is enough to unscrew the screw (it is not needed there, the lines hold well), replace the genus iron plate on a similar size and thickness aluminum or copper plate, you do not need to drill holes.
Well, put "correctly" native heat-mainsine gasket, I saw that some she sits on the processor.
And yet ...

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Reason for editing: Korrektur

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But up the nogaga or sideways the prefix all I advise you to put it, since the heat is removed better up, and not at the bottom.

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