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Amlogic USB Burning Tool | Flasher for devices based on Amlogic

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Amlogic USB Burning Tool
Version: 2.2.0

Last update of the program in the header:16.03.2020

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Short description:
Amlogic based flash driver

The program for flashing * .img-files of devices based on Amlogic SoC (S805, S812, S905, S912, etc.).

Russian interface: Not
Developer: Amlogic
Homepage: ftp://ftp-china.amlogic.com/official_release/common/

Version: 2.2.0 Amlogic USB Burning Tool (zgenia44)
Version: Unknown (zgenia44)
Version: Message в„–105 by K03blPb

Past versions


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Reason for edit: Update: A new version 2.2.0 Amlogic USB Burning Tool

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Attached files

Attached filesetup_v2.0.8.exe(7.3 MB)

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Dear, I would like more details.

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User's manual
Attached fileAmlogic Platform USB Burning Tool User Guide V1.0.pdf(1.42 MB)

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Hello. How to unpack and pack firmware for Amlogic USB Burning Tool?

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Hello. How to unpack and pack firmware for Amlogic USB Burning Tool?

If the speech is a whole image for firmware via AMLogic USB Burning Tool, then you can unpack under Linuxthe programIn Windows, this can be done by a program.Amlogic Customization Tool.

If you want to unpack / repack system.new.dat, then there are many such programs, here you can find some of them:Image Processing under Windows

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The same problem, I can not download the firmware image, writes this error, maybe a broken firmware file?

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The problem was in a bit file, downloaded again and everything is ok.

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This software for firmware, is there for reading and backup? : sveta:

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antone36 @ 03.08.17, 18:12*
The problem was in a bit file, downloaded again and everything is ok.

And I pumped a hundred times and one FIG does not want (((

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Attached fileUSB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.9_x86.exe(7.41 MB)

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I will duplicate here the link to

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etalon3000 @ 10/20/17, 16:32*

In the summer, a link to the mirror of this ftp ran through one of the sites as of April 2016. I updated this mirror, there were not very many new files. Packed in two archives with official_release and testing_release, each about 5 GB. You can download from the folder onmega.nz

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who does not run on my computer?

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The situation, Xiaomi TV Box zakirpisen to the state that is determined only in the burning tool.
No one will tell you how to make a dump from the working device in the IMG to flash it? There are no source codes for the device.

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Tell me in what cases you need to select Erase All ??

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Who will tell you from under Ubuntu? Through Wine?

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Good day. Who knows how to collect .img file for USB Burning Tool from zip archive with firmware.

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Programmulin does not see the Docooler M9S pro device! Zadolbalsya juggling lace. What to do?

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Hello, who knows how to convert firmware from .zip to .img ?? o.O

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