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After switching to 8.0, many people have “Connection to the network” and it seems to many that this is high power consumption ... Although this is not so! In the subject there is evidence that energy consumption by 8.0, on the contrary, has become better. And the fact that the above display of statistics (most likely this is a feature of the new version of android, but not exactly ... Or maybe a bug ... Need to test).
And therefore I urge everyone to refrain from flooding on this topic!
If there are problems with power consumption, we first read the header, use the search, and finally, if we did not find anything, we write the post using the template from the header!
Thank you for understanding!

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- In this topic we discuss the power consumption of OnePlus 3 on different firmware and with a different set of installed programs,
-If problems arise with increased battery consumption, please indicate the firmware, the set of installed applications, and then there was (in your opinion) the problem. + Look under the spoiler "Ways to calculate the energy consumer" and follow the steps there and attach screenshots of the results. This will greatly simplify and speed up the work of those who will help you.
-Welcome reports on how you are seeking to increase battery life. It is strongly recommended to use the form from the spoiler "Form for laying out the results of battery operation". This saves the topic of unnecessary clarifications of several pages in length. Man will look and make conclusions for himself.
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Useful software
BetterBatteryStats Utility to monitor battery discharge when the phone is idle.
В® AdAway - about the benefits of ad blocking
Adguard- another ad blocker.
В® Disable Service - Enable and disable services.
Р’В® My Android Tools - Disable / enable activity, service, receiver, provider for any applications.
В® Greenify - Manage background processes.
Wakelock detector - Search for reasons for not falling asleep device. And this is without root video how to install wacelock detector lite without root
GSam Battery Monitor - Utility for monitoring energy consumption.
Ways to Calculate Energy Consumer
Please, before writing here with your problem, follow the steps below.
1. Lay out screenshots (under the spoiler) Settings - Battery. Also detailed schedule from there too.
2. Put the Wakelock Detector (links under the spoiler Useful programs) and find out which system process is eating (Also post screenshots)
3. Go to the For developers section and look at the process statistics (how to open the developer section: go to settings - about the phone, and click on the "Build number" 7 times, then go to the settings and find this item.

If you sit down very fast body..(A good example of the design of the post)
Assistance in the diagnosis of high power consumption
Tips to improve power consumption
Form for putting the results of the battery
Please use this form when making posts

1. Model. Firmware (name and version), as well as Gapps (if installed).
2. Kernel (name and version)
3 Network type (2G \ 3G \ 4G (LTE) or auto. Reception quality?
4. If WiFi, bluetooth, NFC was used, indicate this, and you should also indicate the reception quality and operation time.
5. What system software is removed / disabled:
6. Launcher, the presence of widgets:
7. List all the modified kernel settings, you can use the screenshots:
8. Screen brightness: the ratio of% brightness and brightness time \ auto brightness (with a custom auto brightness, it is desirable to have a screenshot).
9. Screen operation, General phone operation
10. Voice calls:
11.% left
12. Sync and backup data:
13. What programs reduced power consumption? (including autostart limiters, taskkilers, network mode management, antiviruses, ad blockers) If you used something similar from the built-in firmware functionality.
14. Indicate how much time you are already using the device or if the battery was changed, then indicate how much time has passed after the replacement.
15. Describe what they did during the measurements (in free form).
16. Screenshots

Illustrative example

The results of the battery
Problem solving
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Dear colleagues, if you have problems with power consumption or you just want to share your experience, do it as indicated in the header. To the rest of the users was at least something clear.
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Maybe someone will be interested (who is planning to buy), as the unit holds a charge in the games
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (43)
* yamnataka 1 + 5 will be this year. The battery will die a year or 3. Many change phones every 2 years.

Rep: (15)
yamnataka @ 13.02.17, 15:31*
In order not to kill the battery

Excuse me, but what the problem is to change the battery after two years, for example? So you can even turn on and the phone is not out of the box does not get that is not corrupted.

Rep: (214)
* wvvww ,

About dilo tse. Plus a turnip

Posted on 13/02/2017, 13:48:

* wvvww , * wvvww , * alexb_2000 ,

I'm thinking about it, so to speak, that would be something to pass grandchildren)

Well, seriously, if in operation own charging does not reveal obvious jambs and not put the battery in the trash when six months later the phone will barely live half a day other things being equal, then I am calm.

Rep: (16)
* sanyokfi
As an experienced user of 3T as you think - all these horror stories or the truth about the harm Dasha?

I charge myself dash, do not fear, for sure I will take three years one plus 6t

Rep: (15)
yamnataka @ 13.02.17, 15:46*
if the operation does not detect the native charge of explicit stocks

As far as I understand from the reviews, none of mass problems with charging no. So why not use this chip? :)

Rep: (43)
* g0dl1ke Charges the Dash with the date of purchase (ie, since the beginning of sales), feels the battery began to keep only the best. I charge always to 100 and put on charge when very little remains.

Rep: (16)
* sanyokfi
similarly, even noticed that from 100 to 90 fast enough electrons leave, but after - already normal

although once at the time does not pass, for example, yesterday landed two days, though even 48 could not reach, and the screen went 5:49 2:30 talking on 3g

* zikzal

Rep: (193)
* nikvankuz
Chet's all garbage.
1 + 3T little bit quite, straight deshechku thicker (in which the survey measured the next set, both devaysa)
And what tsiferki there above?
2900 mAh and 3200 mAh (the left and right respectively)
And, yes, as it were, in theory, that is one thing, and who was picking assorted batteries? I do not believe that this is just "soft" battery "increased"
Let the power and then the "software" increases: D

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Rep: (254)
If that someone is afraid Dash-charging, then when put to charge at night - take charge (only normal, not the trash from an unknown Chinese basement) to 0.5 A (Charging time will last for a few hours, but it's not terrible, all night front) and let the phone is charging at night: D
A Dash-charging or use only when speed is needed, or when it is necessary to charge during the day)

Although again, the batteries 1 + 3 from this rapid charging is not turned into trash and did not explode, as at Samsung))

Post has been editedNov4eK - 13.02.17, 15:12

Rep: (16)
* Nov4eK,
I doubt that a small voltage is also useful

Shoot the guys hardly engineersGCOONET + so stupid that will produce charging harmful to the health of your phone

Rep: (193)
* Nov4eK,
I've read I read first, too, as something began to think, about 20 and 80 percent of the charge, about this high-speed charging.
Then, as the spat, and 2 points for himself brought - 1) where people sit (even Chinese) are also not stupid after all, engineering, physics. If gash so - it means that everything is fine, do not kipishevat.
And 2) - a figure change my phone a month later - two at most, so I charge 0-100-0, and take this dash charging))

Rep: (9)
It is clear that if two months, anyway. And I want them to he borrowed a couple of years :) I think that it is not just me.

Rep: (123)
Once again, I repeat, the conventional 1 + 3 more than six months, and no problems with the battery because there is no dash. Do not worry my brains, battery capacity prosyadet 2-3 years, as well as all other phones

Rep: (214)
* vladiks77 ,

It is possible to increase capacity due to permanent inclusion of all proca kernels and keep them at extreme frequencies.

But not for long.

Rep: (16)
* yamnataka
and a backpack with a battery as a gift

Rep: (214)
* g0dl1ke ,

And podsumnik with a solar battery.

Rep: (34)
* vladiks77,
it's all to the fact that the Chinese are still hitromordye comrades. And mistakes can be available to all engineers. I never worried about the merciless use of the battery, because for myself I do not see any problem even after six months on the order for the new Ali 1000r and self-change.
And it is likely, if indeed these were 400mach software, then there will be also some patch for OP3 increases the maximum charge voltage and between the T-version and will be even less than the usual differences

Post has been editednikvankuz - 13.02.17, 17:12

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And again in the top paranoid and inventing problems.
Children a year buy a Torx screwdriver, batteries and 15 minutes to change the batteries under the beer.
Say thank you, that van s7 not as versed heating and with a probability of damage when removing the cover.
Use apparatus safely.
How will the battery on sale buy and let it lie waiting for replacement.
No need to imagine hammer head. The more modern battery live approximately 1,000 charge-discharge cycles

Post has been editedDIM3250.86 - 13.02.17, 17:09

Rep: (33)
Guys, somebody put a lid wireless charging and soldered):? D: thank_you:

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