Windows 10 Mobile / Insider Preview on unsupported devices | Instructions for devices without official W10M support

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Discussion of Windows 10 Mobile and Insider Preview on unsupported devices

This topic discusses the performance of Windows 10 Mobile on "doomed" devices and solving problems related to the operation of the system.

If your device is supported, go here -Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones

At the moment (forever, what is already there) getting release and test builds of Windows 10 Mobile is possible only with the replacement of the model in the registry.All questions about this here..

Useful posts
Problems and solutions
Problems solved:
- Return screensaver (Alternative option/one more
and one more simple
- Brightness adjustment - Enable brightness slider in Interop Tools / WPTweaker
If the splash screen on the screen
Error 0x80070273
Still unsolved problems:
- panorama does not work (in Camera application) - use Lumia Panorama (thanks to mtsovik165)
- problems with hotspot
- does not work Tap to wakeup
- brightness adjustment does not work

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It is time to forget these words and Cyan Denim! Minimum requirement update - no Denim in "optional", and OS version 8.10.14219.341 above. should be puteverythingupdates through the OTC Updater (ie after each update installation to run it on a new, yet not cease to find updates).

Why forget?
- setting item "more" - is an application that is updated from the now non-working shop. Therefore, after updating the system with real-Cyan (8.10.12xxx) on 14219+ will still appear Cyan.
- In fact, Denim distributed sinceslightly older version of the OS than 14219. But the update requires it to W10M 14219.
- Washer at WP - it's not just lyumii, among other vendors of your cyan and denim was not in sight.

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