Windows 10 Mobile / Insider Preview on unsupported devices | Instructions for devices without official W10M support

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Discussion of Windows 10 Mobile and Insider Preview on unsupported devices

This topic discusses the performance of Windows 10 Mobile on "doomed" devices and solving problems related to the operation of the system.

If your device is supported, go here -Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones

At the moment (forever, what is already there) getting release and test builds of Windows 10 Mobile is possible only with the replacement of the model in the registry.All questions about this here..

Useful posts
Problems and solutions
Problems solved:
- Return screensaver (Alternative option/one more
and one more simple
- Brightness adjustment - Enable brightness slider in Interop Tools / WPTweaker
If the splash screen on the screen
Error 0x80070273
Still unsolved problems:
- panorama does not work (in Camera application) - use Lumia Panorama (thanks to mtsovik165)
- problems with hotspot
- does not work Tap to wakeup
- brightness adjustment does not work

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Nizzzamov @ 04.07.20, 02:07*
Interested in updates from 8 to 10 of the latest version

If you have OS version 8.10.14219 below, before installing cab files will have to update the system via the OTC Updater. Possibly in several stages.
But after installing cab files to put it last (and not 1511/10586 - there are 3 more major is, then a minor update, the latest 1709 / 15254.603) will have to replace the model:
10 Windows Mobile / Insider Preview on unsupported devices (Post 4erver # 96009956)
10 Windows Mobile / Insider Preview on unsupported devices (Post 4erver # 96038411)

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* 4erver, Yes pump it shakes something, though, and castrated. the route is built, the search work?

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* hqqddy Search 50/50 - assumptions displays, but does not find the object. The route is not tried, have already been deleted.

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* 4erver , Upgrade to 10 through iutool, after turning on the set immediately dhtu upgrade, interop tools, model submenu to 950 xl's, but the update is only flew 10.0.14393.1066, as it should be or should have been immediately 15254 to find?

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* Nizzzamov, not immediately, it will be even 15063, then 15254 and 15254,603. Stages.

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* 4erver And do not worry if after flashing at 10, he joined not downloaded the update does not restart, and immediately began to make the substitution and to roll the update?

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* Nizzzamov, OK, why bother to reboot? And if you checked the upgrade to substitute, at best, would have found a minor update for 1511 if nothing - and so you have to 1607/14393. By the way, the discharge of which some are promoting, is optional.
And for what purpose (in the sense of software) you it is the last 10-ka? On 1607 also can live (from the software there I just did not have enough free VPNov), it is no transparency and faster. If you have not started the upgrade to 1703/15063, can remove the substitution. Doobnovit can then.

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* 4erver And a reset that say to do after the update is not necessary at all?
What to do, what not to do there is no difference?

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* Nizzzamov, he needed only if the system is filthy and this buggy / lag (but still optional - if you have experience, you can do a little blood), or when serious problems such as the non-display desktop (on my 540 when upgrading to 1703 it was). In other cases, it is a waste of time (keyword time - it's quite long).

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4erver @ 04.07.20, 14:17*
W10M installer displays an error like encrypted - but no, it is not encrypted, 8Zip'om open - according to the files is appx, but apparently the file format is not ZIP64. It is necessary to pack makeappx'om.

I do not quite remember where I got it. Probably another 8.1 craned his folder with FS and stupidly had packed in the zip.
And Magazev probably was appx.

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sharkiboy1 @ 18.03.17, 02:04*
go settings>update & security>phone update>Click for updates (check for updates). Must fly new dress (Trying Reload bodies if no) -updates available

Good afternoon friends!
So, I have on hand in 1320.
The second time successfully updated to TH2. From the post with green instruction in "how to stay on TH2 and get cumulative updates," all done and all updates received.
All is good, but I want to build in 1703.
I made a substitution after DHTUpgrade, everything went well.
But here's the update is not flies. In the section with updates in red it says that part of the settings is managed by.
Set Interop.
Tell me what to do to upgrade? Himself as a person inexperienced yet I can not understand.

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* vlad.lygan,
After DHTUpgrade was used in the parameters - System should be written Lumia 950 instead of the real. If everything is true, but the update still does not come, you can try to upgrade via cable throughOTC Updater
Incidentally package of training in "how to stay on the TH2" if you set it, it is logical that the updates will not come, because Enterprise Edition is set, and therefore the assembly will only come from version 1511 - TH2
To go to the 1607 training package and higher, you can delete or update settings, see the item "To postpone an update", after its removal will be available the next version update. Or, as I wrote above update via PC using OTC Updater, it ignores training packages referring only to the target info.

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shMatrix_BY @ 07.07.20, 12:32*
preparation of a package, you can remove or update settings, see the item "To postpone an update", after its removal will be available the next version update

In the update settings glows red line "Some options are managed by your ogranizatsii". Select "Defer upgrade" is not active, there is no way to remove a tick.
Search does not provide the forum and the Internet does not give answers to the question (Maybe you tell me which way to dig further?
shMatrix_BY @ 07.07.20, 12:32*
update via PC using OTC Updater

Throws an error "There are multiple root elements .. Line 2, position 2."

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shMatrix_BY @ 07.07.20, 13:32*
training package can be removed

on OTC first time I hear that it crashed with an error, it should work on all operating systems starting with 7-ki
try this version
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Is it possible to implement applications W10M autostart when the phone is switched on?

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