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Hello, my dear man, looked into this topic.

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Whoever you are: a pro or a novice photographer, read, you may find something interesting in our section on photography and phototechnology.

First, in order not to accidentally create a duplicate, try using the search section.
How to do it right
In order not to go far, let's start looking at the site:
You can search in the current topic using the search form and the "Find in this topic" button located on the top right of the page - (a) and bottom left of the page - (b).
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b )
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You can search for the current forum using the search form and the "Find in this forum" button, located at the bottom left of the page, at the end of the list of all topics.
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To search the entire site, click the "Search" link located in the upper right corner and uncheck the "Search this forum only" box.
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You can search on the Internet: so “search "Or like this:" search query ". In the first case, the clarification ""indicates to the search server that the search should be limited to the site
Link to the topic: How to use the search, so as not to ask trivial questions .

Visit the topicPhotos of device owners Maybe you want to take a picture with your device. And not only with himAttached Image

If you want to share photos, in the sectionAlbums There are already a lot of ready topics. Look, perhaps one of them will satisfy all your desires. for example Macro - here we share our photos with a macro effect. Night photography / Panoramic photography / Photos with a bit of humor. Made by you! and many, many other directions.

And we have a couple more specific topics that may be of interest to gadzhetomanov:Photos of your devices and Photos of your rare devices The name speaks for itself. Welcome, share photos of your gadgets.

If you have a question or you can share useful information on a particular device / software / accessory, then welcome to the subsectionGeneral photography issues: hardware and software where there are also several specific topics:

And if you want to talk about the camera on your smartphone, then you are welcome in the subsectionMobile Cameras .

And finally, if you need advice when choosing a camera / lens / accessory, then pay attention to the subsectionSelection and Comparison , in which knowledgeable people will help you make the right choice.
So pay attention, there is a topic in this section.Quadcopters - Discussion. Common theme for all models. in which we discuss general questions on quadrocopters.

P.S. There are no hard and fast rules in this section. It fully appliesResource rules and in the camera section of smartphones have their rules and recommendations .

All new interesting scenes and scenes!

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