Meizu Pro 5 [Ubuntu Touch] | All that is connected with the installation, configuration and work on Ubuntu touch Mei

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Meizu PRO 5 - Ubuntu
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Important information!
Everything you do - YOU DO AT YOUR OWN RISK

Installation is performed only on unlocked bootloader.

Installing the update from 10.2 to 11 is done only on Ubuntu recovery

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Drivers and Utilities

Stable Ubuntu 10.2

Kernels and Recovery



What works / does not work
  • WiFi
  • BT (including A2DP)
  • Both SIM work normally

Does not work
  • NFC

Test hat
Install Ubuntu
Currently only installation via TWRP is possible.
To install the recovery, we transfer the phone to fastboot mode, volume down + power button
fastboot flash recovery TWRP_3.0_m86.img

On the PC, you need to download the files necessary for installation for this on the command line.

ubuntu-device-flash query --device = turbo --channel = ubuntu-touch / stable / meizu.en --show-image

Where ubuntu-touch / stable / meizu.en channel used
The following channels are currently available, the channels are arranged in order of priority from the update from OTA to test builds, where stable operation is not guaranteed at all.
ubuntu-touch / stable / meizu.en
ubuntu-touch / rc / meizu.en
ubuntu-touch / rc-proposed / meizu.en
ubuntu-touch / devel-proposed / meizu.en
1. Download the 4th file corresponding to the assembly you selected by the links in the console.
2. Place the downloaded files in the root of the Memory Card
3. With the help of TWRP Recovery, we do a full reset, including formatting the phone's memory and cache.
4. Through TWRP install Kernel
5. We execute the following commands in the TWRP terminal:
cd /
tar -vxf /external_sd/ubuntu*.tar.xz
tar -vxf /external_sd/device*.tar.xz
tar -vxf /external_sd/custom*.tar.xz
tar -vxf /external_sd/version*.tar.xz

6. Reboot and test.

In order to avoid problems with updates, you need to put your native recovery, transfer the phone to fastboot mode, and on the big brother download the ubuntu recovery and execute in the terminal
fastboot flash recovery recovery-turbo.img

Kernels and Recovery

Installing not official application store OpenStore
OpenStore is a special application store that allows you to install applications that cannot get into a regular application store due to security restrictions. These applications allow you to significantly expand the functionality of the device, but can also break the OS. Therefore, all actions in the applications installed from it can be performed only if you know what you are doing and at your own peril and risk.
2. Start terminal
3. Execute the pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted openstore.mzanetti_ command<version>

Applications from OpenStore
Ubuntu Touch Tweak Tool - a utility for deep system configuration. For example, it allows you to switch the mode from the tablet to the desktop and back, remove unwanted lenses, etc.
tweakgeek is another utility for flexible system configuration. Approximately the same functions as the Ubuntu Touch Tweak Tool, but there is a very useful application management! You can clean the cache, application data, prohibit the application to “put to sleep” (which is extremely useful for some applications).
Beru is a book reader.
wifiscanner - Wi-Fi scanner.
RockWork - connect your Ubuntu smartphone to your Pebble watch.
Falcon - the first alternative launcher!
compass - well ... compass.
ubtd - allows you to receive and transfer files via Bluetooth.
Owncloud-Sync is the first native cloud sync application. In this case, ownCloud.

Ubuntu installation instructions through the Ubports installer.
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mic11966 @ 21.10.19, 13:59*
I wait for the normal instructions, well, still unclear situation with everyday use.

And it is not clear according to the instructions which I post? Are you 32 or 64 GB? 64 If there is no difference if it is only 32 in the final sector of the extreme importance of this section userdata. About the daily use I have already discussed ...

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// Pages / g ... nt-function & e = 89284271

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Well, in two regulations is necessary to increase the cache partition. And without that it does not make sense to move on.

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Meizu pro 5 with ubuntu touch is not possible to compare with Android or you put yourself ubports, you use, you are pleased, to develop the project, or remain in the conservative world of Android. If there is a first desire, then do everything in the mind it is not difficult.

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Everyone has their own requirements for the software. If you have enough browser and a couple of apps that you can use and enjoy ...

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Not included in the river knows its depth.

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* vokaliz,
In the sense? I should ubports on the phone, but the only way to play ... In daily use, I have another phone, for ubports for me (and for 90% of users) is not suitable for daily use.

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The main function of this firmware is not to be played, I use ubuntu touch from the beginning of its appearance, and very happy, and even more I am glad that I was not 90% :)

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Good instructions on how to solve the space problem.
https: //forums.ubports...ternational-edition/32

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Hello fans of Ubuntu!
Interested in this topic for a long time on your computer is worth Runtu, and do not need anything else, I would like to on the phone and have a similar axis.
A couple of questions.
What the web browser in the firmware and how it is functional, in the sense of installing add-ons / extensions?
And Skype working there? What do you mean the unofficial version?
In ubuntu touch to energy saving, how much is enough if the battery used as a phone in standby mode?

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