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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - Modification and decorations

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - Modification and decorations
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* kutsenkorom4ik , Still in the cap there: D

Rep: (0)
* Alex201189 , ATP, understand) the latest version of SuperSU approached)

Rep: (0)
* receptive1982 , Dear, I have a question, put the firmware patch put all good) (miui9_N_kenzo etc.) But! The player normally plays through the speaker and the headset, and when connected to the car via BT plays accelerated twice? I faced? And what solutions can be?) Pliz HELP) all supercharged in BT settings climbed all the rules on miui 8 M kenzo day before yesterday all sound fine, pre-ATP)

Rep: (337)
* SLAYERSOUL This firmware bug

Rep: (0)
* edmon844 , PPC, I have two BT headphones and the radio on, I always yuzayu BT (((sorry, turn back ... Thank you good people)

Rep: (169)
emoji ios 10.3
Installation through the recovery.


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Clock IOS

Author: I
Firmware : tested on: GS, GS
Description: Universal patch that changes the location of the icons in the status bar
Installation: TWRP
First Wi-Fi icon, then mobile networks icons
Attached Image

Download: Attached fileClock_IOS_WF1_8.5.6.0.zip (3.86 MB)

First mobile networks icons, then the Wi-Fi icon
Attached Image

Download: Attached fileClock_IOS_WF2_8.5.6.0.zip (3.86 MB)

Rollback: Attached fileClock_IOS_delete_8.5.6.0.zip (3.86 MB)


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Rep: (1901)

(Shutdown, etc.).

Color menu

Author: I just picked
Firmware : tested on: GS
Description: Universal patch that changes the restart menu
Installation: TWRP, after the backup system
Attached Image
Attached Image

Download: Attached fileColor_menu_8.5.6.0.zip (2.7 MB)

Black and white
Attached Image
Attached Image

Download: Attached fileCB_menu_8.5.6.0.zip (2.7 MB)


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Prompt, who knows! Firmware MiuiPro 7.8.31 Put the clock on the center (Clock_IOS_WF1_miui9_7_8_24) curtain disappears, tried (Clock_IOS_delete_miui9_7_8_24 and Clock_IOS_WF2rec_miui9_7_8_24) shutter does not appear - How to treat?

Rep: (214)
* EugenLo , In any way. Reinsertion. You put Tyzhe 7 Andriusha

Rep: (1045)
* EugenLo,
of firmware files patched let down into place with the replacement.

Post has been editeddavidsoft - 01.09.17, 20:39

Rep: (3)
Thank you for the snacks (MiuiPro_7_8_31.zip) Watches still left, center do not want to become (MiuiPro_9 / 7_8_31 firmware), but vseravno beautiful, and the font is just right.

Rep: (2541)
EugenLo @ 01.09.17, 22:16*
Thank you for the snacks (MiuiPro_7_8_31.zip) Watches still left, center do not want to become (MiuiPro_9 / 7_8_31 firmware), but vseravno beautiful, and the font is just right.

There's also the very firmware is possible to turn the clock on the center: wallbash: Why is it so difficult .... ????
Attached Image

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Rep: (3)
Thank! I figured it out.

Rep: (23)
* oc01 I have eternal load for some reason.

Rep: (1901)
* Adolf79,
on what firmware?

Rep: (36)
* oc01,
Or you can do the same black and white menu GD 7.7.20?

Rep: (1901)
* O !! skinte services.jar and framework.jar folder system / framework

Rep: (36)
* oc01,
https: //drive.google.c...8e6GcKwQ3ZSckVldUVZNFE

Rep: (5320)
Compilation ringtones for CALL


I collected it myself - because someone my tastes candon't like it, you will not please everyone: PSTONES DO NOT KID!

Installation throughany custom TWRP

Alekseev _-_ Okeanami_stali_ (ringon.ru) .mp3
Artur_Pirozhkov _-_ Kak_Chelentano_ (ringon.ru) .mp3
Aznavur_Pashayan _-_ Lyubimaya_Moya_Zhena_ (ringon.ru) .mp3
Bad_Style _-_ Time_Back_ (Muzyka_v_Sude_iz_filma_Okolo_Futbola)
bahh_tee _-_ otec__spasibo.mp3
BUDILNIK _-_ operaciya_Y.mp3
butirka _-_ devchonka_s_centra.mp3
Daddy_Yankee_feat_Luis_Fonsi _-_ Despacito.mp3
Estradarada _-_ Vite_Nado_Vyyti.mp3
Feder _-_ Lordly.mp3
Filatov__Karas _-_ Wide_Awake_ (Remix) .mp3
Filatov__Karas_feat_Masha _-_ Lirika.mp3
Griby _-_ Taet_Led_.mp3
Imany _-_ Dont_be_so_shy_.mp3
jarmak _-_ serdce_pacana.mp3
Ksilofon _-_ Ochen_krasivyy_budilnik.mp3
Leningrad _-_ ChPH_.mp3
MiyaGi__Endshpil _-_ TAMADA_.mp3
Moschnaya_zastavka_ (OST_Fizruk) .mp3
Ocean_Drive_ (Dj_Dmitry_Lebedev) .mp3
Potap_i_Nastya _-_ U_Mamy.mp3
Semen_Frolov _-_ Vse_baby_kak_baby_a_moya_Boginya.mp3
Tishiny_hochu_ (Kupola) _. Mp3
Zvuk_SMS_na_Viber_ (Viber) _. Mp3
Tsygan_Tobi_King _-_ Ay_Digiday.mp3

Picture updated at 18:20 GMT 07/09/2017 : thank_you:
Attached filemedia.zip(62.01 MB)

+1 collection
Dido - Thank You (Album Version)
Spleen - And the lamp is off, and lie calendars
Zalkin Valery - Lonely branch of lilac
DNCE - Kissing Strangers
What is love (from m / s Olga)
Sweet Dream - On January white bedspread
Disco Crash feat. Philip - Bright I
Village of Fools & Mushrooms - Mushrooms Type
Basta feat. Polina Gagarina - The Voice
Bianca - Roof (feat Seryoga)
Time and Glass - Navernopotomuchto
T1one - I will not forget
Timati - Where are you, where I (feat Egor Creed.)
Gansello - Stopped
Timati feat. Grigory Leps - Let me go
Mahmut Orhan Feat. Sena Sener - Feel
Disclosure - Help Me Lose My Mind (Mazde Remix)
Kuzma - Shnyaga shnyazhnaya life obschazhnaya (from Univer series) Full version
Inna - Hot (accordion)
Today is a holiday in the girls, today will be drinking
Del Shannon - Runaway (Music from the movie "Pulp Fiction")
World of Tanks - Download fight
AwolNation - Sail (OST Fifty shades of gray)
Apashe - No Twerk (OST Dancing on TNT)
Dimas - yes or no baby (OST Fziruk)
Sha-la (on the former)
Song about revenge

Attached filemedia.zip(43.55 MB)


+ 2 collection
Europe - The Final Countdown
Ringtone Boney M - Sunny (Remix '88)
Shanghai - Sunny Bunny
on Jovi - It's My Life (Dj Konstantin Ozeroff & Dj Sky)
Robertino Loretti - Jamaica
Gilla - Johnny
La Bouche - Be my lover
Solodukha - Hello Stranger Sweetheart
Tender May - Forget it
VIA Flame - Snow spinning, fly, fly
James Brown - I Feel Good
Status Quo - In The Army Now
Igor Sklyar - Komarovo
Nancy - Blue-eyed
Yuri Antonov - no you are perfect for me
Ray Parker Jr - Ghostbusters
Mr.President - Coco Jambo
Lalo Project feat. Aelyn - Listen to me, Looking at me
PH Electro - San Francisco
Michael Jackson - Billie jean
Ace Of Base - Beautiful Life
Boomer - Do not cry and wait for me back home
Highlands - Kolschik
Kipelov - I'm free
Ivan Kupala - Oh, zainka.Oy, gray
Caspian Cargo - Papin Tramp, My Simpotyaga
Basta - Urban
Linda - mother. Ma - Marijuana
Liapis Trubetskoy - Hali-gali, paratruper
Michael Jackson - Black or white

Attached filemedia.zip(16.27 MB)


Technology - Strange Dance (motif)
Modern Talking - You're my heart
Sting - Desert Rose
Vyacheslav Bykov - my favorite
Kate Ryan - Voyage voyage (Aurora club mix)
Blue berets - Sineva
Hotel California
I Remember the Time
Bob Marley - Do not worry, be happy
No Doubt - Do not speak (Original)
Status Quo - In The Army Now
Nana - Lonely (Rapsody)
Marina Zhuravleva - White cherry
Gopher Mambo (OST Kitchen)
Queen - We will rock you
C.C.Catch - Heaven And Hell (mix)
ppk - Resurrection
Confessa (Remix)
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
Snap - The power (original)
Boney M - One way ticket
Elvis Presly - Only you
Bomfunk MC - Freestyler (mix)
Oleg Gazmanov - Made in the USSR
Gaza - Demobilization
Ase of base - Happy nation
Joe Dassin - Salut
Nancy - The smoke menthol cigarettes
Louis Armstrong - What a wonderfull world
Irina Allegrova - Ugonschitsa
Manu Chao - Bongo Bong
The final countdown
Modern Talking - Brother Loui
Commissioner - You'll go (Dj Karp remix)
Mr. Credo - Today circled in white dancing
Vangelis - Alpha
And we don’t dream about the roar of the cosmodrome
Rock Island - Do not say anything
Smokie - What Can I Do
Scorpions - May be i, may be you
Ice MC - Boom Papa
O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei
666 - Bomba
Tu Es Foutu (Remix)

Attached fileRETRO.zip(62.59 MB)


Compilation Funny Melodies : P
White Day - Galina
Hope Kadysheva - Broad River
The village people i - Pretty Woman
Theme - The game of Tetris
unknown - oh snow snowball
Rus Reigning
Nari her nari on
Russian folk songs - Boots
Russian folk songs - Darling you're my
Russian folk songs - Oh, viburnum blossoms
Russian folk songs - Shumel bulrush
Zyn Zyn
Ding Ding
Enjoykin - Cutlets with pyureshkoy
Sergey eighth - for good
Baktiyar Toktorov and Tobu BIZ - buoy, the buoy
Mickle Yekson - Well ka brake patsanchik
Scary Movie - Dude
it's Federal Drug Control Service
Luda wants to enter
LOBODA feat. A. Martynenko - Your Eyes (Your Friends)
DJ.Gvozd - mom called
DJ.Gvozd - 415 I base (OMOH)
Nikolay Zaitsev - Beer - the best drink!
Afroman - Because I got high
Buranovskie Grandma - Mortal Kombat
Leningrad - Ecstasy
Anton walking - on the bottom
Lolita - Wonderworks
Sasha Fire - Kolyan (04s)
Zinovy ​​Birtman - Human shit
Invisible DJs & InVersiya - Johnny (Go On)
Stromae - Alena Best!
Factor 2 - Let me make haste
Leningrad & Eddie Mono vs. FTampa & Felguk - In St. Petersburg, drink (VeX & Stive Rous Mash Up)
From birth he was determined jigit
Oh, God, what man - eggs, tobacco, fume, and ...
50 Cent Feat. Golden Ring - Broad River
Give money!
Timati, L'one, Varchun, Crack, Pencil, Dzhigan - Tattoo--> Especially forPalychRv
Say garbage they shall not pass!
Woman, I do not dance
MC Doni feat. Natalie - You're so
Smack My Bitch Up Chica Bomb (Mash-up)
Enjoykin feat. Nick Chernikov - Pisyun Pisyun
Slysh sidekick
Boom Shack-A-Lak

Attached fileprokol.zip(47.27 MB)


Do not forget to pressPictureORPicture

In any case, from the sounds of MiuiPro firmware 08.31.17
Attached filemediaRN3Pro (stok miuipro) .zip(5.92 MB)


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