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DiscussionK1 Plus DVB-S2 / T2
PictureDVB-S2 / T2 TV Box on Amlogic S905
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Comparison of models Ki Plus - Kii Pro - Ki Pro - Kiii Pro
Native software on K1 + S2 / T2
Software for the new version on s905D(Do not sew in the old on s905 !!! and vice versa!)
Custom firmware
Alternative software for K1 + Combo (S2 / T2)
miniFAQ by Neutrino
Sellers K1 + S2 / T2
If not taking DVB-T2
Discussion of K1 + in other forums
Aspect repaired!
The topic is very closely related toVENZ K1 (DVB-S2) / VIGICA C100S - Discussionand is essentially its continuation for the new box on the S905 processor.
Almost all information regarding the operation of the satellite part on the native and alternative software is suitable from that topic. Before asking a question, please look for an answer there.

Discussion of the new KII Pro DVB-S2 / T2
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KIPLUS S2 T2 TV Box Android 5.1.1
It definitely has a connector: D

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Vitaliy_S @ 02.25.2016, 07:28*
KIPLUS S2 T2 TV Box Android 5.1.1
It definitely has a connector: D

It is strange that not a word about the tuner in the specifications. Only "s2 t2" in the name and old photos of appearance. It seems that they still did not hold it in their hands.

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yes old appearance photos

why old pictured clearly visible combo tuner s2 + t2 and clumsy remote

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It seems that they still did not hold it in their hands.

The right feeling. Videostrong has not yet been given to sellers by this box. There is some kind of problem there so far.

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Vitaliy_S @ 02.25.2016, 06:28*
It definitely has a connector

not split, but a divorce ... on the grandmother. I wrote an angry letter, in response to silence ....

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not split, but a divorce ... on the headstock

What is a divorce?

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The right feeling. Videostrong has not yet been given to sellers by this box. There is some kind of problem there so far.

Is it possible in more detail about the problem. What property is it? Iron or software

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* gulin176,
They say software, but what really is there who knows them ...

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Vitaliy_S @ 02.25.2016, 14:56*
What is a divorce?

There’s no answer to the request that I did in the morning. So the prefix without the tuner .... and if without the tuner it’s 75 dollars. That’s 20 dollars extra ..... a divorce. And in general, the Chinese often intentionally overestimate the processor power, memory capacity, t .e false give information .... or hide part of the data ...

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The right feeling. Videostrong has not yet been given to sellers by this box. There is some kind of problem there so far.

But if you wish, you can buy from these same sellers.
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* surkov.alex,
Sure you may. It remains only to figure out what is wrong with him, what they do not want to give to the wide sale. And it’s good if the matter is in software. 905 processors, too, as it turned out, there are different revisions ....

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Official sales started yesterday.

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* temamix
Next week they promise again.

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DM_mih @ 03/02/2016, 16:13*
Next week they promise again.

I'm talking about vendor sales from Videostrong, and you?

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* temamix
About videostrong naturally, today I spoke with them. They probably want to finish it already. No one has been shipped yet.

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DM_mih @ 03/02/2016, 20:44*
No one has been shipped yet

you are already like that to us right away. I wanted to take gearbest today

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The image must be unpacked and written to the SD card usingwin32diskimager
After recording the image on the card, it is necessary to turn off the power to the box, insert the card into the box, press the button through the hole that is at the bottom of the box, turn on the power, after loading in recovery - release the button and turn off the power. After this operation, it will be possible to boot from the sd card.
Drive the balls through IP (wikard config /usr/config/wicard/wicardd.conf), otherwise it won’t work.
When starting Neutrino from Kodi, there may be a bug with the image, then just distort the power and boot normally.

Attention! The image is intended for K1Plus box with installed DVB-S2 tuner from K1!
With the "native" combo DVB-S2 / T2 tuner, the work of the air part is not guaranteed!

VITMOD OS v.2.0 RC5 (KODI / ENIGMA2 / NEUTRINO-MP / VDR)for K1 + Combo

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To whom it was sent earlier, I recommend updating, in this version, Neutrino has a media player, audio player, YouTube, Internet radio, webtv

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Thanks, updated. Satellite channels with 56E, thanks to the respected aryush, go, sometimes on some channels, after an indefinite time, there is a desynchronization of sound and image. The sound is normal and the image is far behind. Russia 1 generally goes badly, stutters with a frequency of 2-3 hertz. I have a problem somewhere because comrade aryush has no such problem. Can someone tell me how to solve this problem. The problem is present on Enigma.

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I also updated. the image and sound are somehow ringing on the ball, and the ticolor seems to be normal. On neutrino I figured out the channels, put kofigi, it was inappropriately to scan the channels. I also set the picons. I converted the channels from Enigma.

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