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MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] | Xposed module with a bunch of tweaks to MIUI 7/8

Rep: (1253)
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed]
version MT7: 2.3, version MT8: 1.9

Last update of the program in the header:21.10.2016

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MT7 screenshots
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Short description:
Allows you to customize the interface and many functions of MIUI 7/8 as you like.

This application is a module for Xposed. For MIUI Tweaks to work, you must first install the Xposed framework or WSM, installation information can be found here (link toВ® Xposed (Post Anais10 # 43431318)

For MIUI 7 firmware, you need to use the MIUI 7 Tweaks module.
The module is paid, purchased in the Google Play Market. In the topic header you can download the old version 2.3 for free to look / try.

For MIUI 8 firmware, you need to use the MIUI 8 Tweaks module.
The module can be downloaded in the topic header or in the Google Play Market. The module is free, but there are options that work only in the paid PRO version. For this, an activator application is purchased. The MT8 functionality is slightly inferior to the MT7, but it will exceed it soon, it is a matter of time. All significant tweaks from MT7 will be implemented for MIUI 8.
If in the future there will be separate versions of the module for MIUI 9, 10, etc., this activator will work for them, you will not have to buy it again.

This theme is designed to discuss the existing functions, new suggestions, bug reports. If you have a well-formulated proposal - do not hesitate to write it. Do not be offended by the lack of answers to you personally, just really no time for anything. One thing is certain promise - all messages are read and taken note of or to develop. I just never know the answer to the question of whether something is realizable, I'm doing research, I spend 3-4 hours on the issue, then it either appears in tweaks or not.

I have no purpose to earn a salary module, for that I have 2 of this paper. I unit in any case would have written for themselves gradually. There were people, they ask for new features in the development of spent a lot of time, so completely free it can not do. Or paid and full, either for themselves and lean. Was the first path is selected. If you do not want to buy, please use the free version. activator cost is set based on the number of tweaks, with an increase in functional costs will slightly increase.
Information about the division of MT into 2 modules was written in June (3 months before the first release of MT8) here:MIUI Tweaks [Xposed]
For MT7 users, who purchased it in September and didn’t have time to use it properly, promotional codes were distributed and distributed for the free purchase of an activator. Information about this is written here:MIUI Tweaks [Xposed]

List of options
The number of options is constantly updated with each new version of the application!

Statusbar options:
- Display of unique notification icons in the status bar. All applications send a notification to the statusbar with its own unique icon, often it is not just an icon, but some information, such as contact avatar or actual weather, including degrees. MIUI replaces these unique icons with standard for applications, taking them from the desktop. This option cancels the replacement, returning unique icons.
- Customize the behavior of icons on a light background statusbar.
- Option to display contact images in the expanded status bar / lock screen / top banner for applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and others.
- The option to increase some elements of the statusbar by 30%, such as a clock,% battery charge, application icons and network signal. Useful for devices with a high screen resolution, which can be difficult, for example, to view the current time in the status bar.
- Ability to hide some redundant elements of the statusbar, such as bluetooth icons, alarm clock, network signal, operator name and others.
- Ability to center or remove the clock in the status bar to the right.
- The option to display the day of the week and date in the status bar, change the time format.
- Changing the location of the elements of the statusbar, repeating the style of IOS.
- Ability to change the size of the grid switches in the expanded status bar.
- Options for setting personalized colors for the scales of the SIM card and setting the color WiFi icon, which varies depending on the signal strength.
- Ability to control the brightness of the screen by moving your finger on the status bar to the left and right.

Smart control:
- Ability to customize the execution of commands on the events from the side sensors, tapov on the desktop, on the status bar on the standard lokskrinu. For example, you can customize the lock screen dabltapom on the desktop. Setting tapov rolled on the status bar allows you to execute commands or change modes without the need to minimize the open application. A setting of Taps on lokskrin convenient ability to switch modes and execute commands without unlocking the phone. For intelligent control setting is available a large number of teams in the Mi-Key.

Tweaks hardware keys:
- Convenient unlock / lock phone.
- Control of the player using the volume buttons, as well as the cursor when typing.
- Turn off beep volume control.

Tweaks power:
- Setting the behavior when connecting / disconnecting charging
- Setting the eigenvalues ​​of system events related to the level of charge. - Fast shutdown option and other features.

Desktop Tweaks:
- Fine-tune the desktop grid.
- Ability to hide the names of icons.
- Automation of closing folders
- Other settings for the behavior of the desktop.

Tweaks MIUI applications:
Options for original MIUI applications, such as Phone, Camera and Settings. Activation of additional options not originally provided by some device models.
- Displays an unstretched photo of the contact during a conversation with him, displaying a photo of the contact during the connection with him.
- Setting the display of the contact name when an incoming / outgoing call.
- In the Settings app, the glove mode option is activated.
- In the settings of the Camera application, 4k-video recording options, low-resolution panorama, HDR-live mode, manual mode, pause when recording video, chroma flash, flashlight mode, tilt-shift effect, fish-eye effect are activated.

Other tweaks:
- Disable system sound screenshots.
- Enabling animation of the transition between windows, opening and closing windows is similar to iOS animation.
- Disable full-screen keyboard mode
- Replacing information about the owner of the device on lokskrine
- Other features

Developer: hartec
Android required: 4.4+
Russian interface: Yes
Google Play MT7: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hartec.miuistatusbar
Google Play MT8: https: //play.google.co...com.hartec.miuitweaks8
YouTube video (MT7):

Download MT7:
Current version on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hartec.miuistatusbar
2.3 Attached fileMIUITweaks.apk (983.46 KB)
Version 2.3 is only suitable for MIUI 7! In version 2.3 there are about 20 tweaks, in the current version there are more than 200 of them in the market.
MT7 change history:

Download MT8:
Google Play: https: //play.google.co...com.hartec.miuitweaks8
1.9 Attached fileMT8.apk (435.31 KB)

old versions
1.8 Attached fileMT8.apk (421.92 KB)

1.7 Attached fileMT8.apk (408.83 KB)

1.6 Attached fileMT8.apk (395.35 KB)

1.5 Attached fileMT8.apk (395.2 KB)

1.4 Attached fileMT8.apk (287.85 KB)

MT8 change history:

Payment Methods
1. Purchase an application in the Google Play Market.
2. Payment on QIWI-wallet or phone number and the further purchase of the application in the Google Play Market for free for promotional code.
3. There is also a completely free way to get a promotional code if you can do reviews, advertisements, public relations. Write your offer in qms.

Instructions for installing and solving problems in pictures:

mini FAQ
Application paid? And I found it for free!
Inexpensive, but not free. You can buy in the Google Play Market. Found for free - address all the problems with the phone to the one who gave you the apk, pass by this topic.

Those who do not work:
If you installed the correct Xposed Framework, other modules work, and this one does not, then follow the links:
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post hartec # 47708226)
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post ajaxx # 47705609)
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post masoti # 47782346)
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post Serg_Phantom # 47792605)

After restoring from a regular MIUI backup, half does not work.
Re-downloaded from the market - it all worked right away.
Advice to anyone who, after updating the firmware, or module, or after restoring from a backup, the module partially or completely does not respond to the included settings - remove and reinstall it.

I want to buy an application in the Market, but there is no "buy" button.
You need to remove the current version of the module. If after this problem - clean the cache of the market.

Crimeans features shopping in the Market:
To purchase the program, use the instructions from the topic header.Google Play - Technical Issues(last block).

I want to buy the application, but I do not want to pay through the Market.
Write to the developer in qms.

Installed from Market, but the application says that there is no license.
Sometimes the market tupit (server) - wait. Sometimes the market tupit (market application) - remove the module and install it again. If it does not help, try clearing the cache of the Market app, reboot, and reinstall the application again.

Why are some icons in the status bar not repainted?
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed]

Reboot in fastboot does not work.
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post russkey85 # 48391588)
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post russkey85 # 48392594)

I changed the screen grid, all the widgets flew off.
MIUI stores the desktop settings for each grid separately. That is, there is a configuration file 5x5.db, there is 4x6.db, etc.
After turning on the new grid, you need to customize it: arrange shortcuts, widgets, folders. After that, you can switch between grids, individual settings of each will be tightened.

Changed the grid, the widgets have become curves.
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post hartec # 49441774)

Statusbar settings fly when applying themes or changing the interface language.
They do not fly off, but yes, the themes cause conflicts. The correct sequence: set up themes, statusbar in the module, reload, then no longer apply themes.

The LED does not behave as expected.
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post hartec # 49827518)

Is ROOT necessary?
Root is needed for normal Xposed Installer operation, but the module does not require it. I will continue to follow this policy.

What html-tags in the information about the owner?
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post hartec # 48411197)

Double tap unlock does not work across the screen (double tapdt2w)
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post hartec # 49601275)

GSM-DEFAULT network type switching does not work
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post hartec # 49954403)
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post shoma_81 # 50199860)

When do you plan to add support for MIUI8?
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post hartec # 50623371)
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post hartec # 50292243)
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post hartec # 50600283)

MIUI8 does not work ...
MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] (Post hartec # 50600283)

I have an unbearable desire to support the development financially.
By purchasing the application, you have already provided support, but if you really want, then indeveloper profilethere is information.

Post has been editedhartec - 21.10.16, 23:12
Reason for editing: Updated Mini-FAQ

Rep: (155)
Great stuff. I would like to see the switching of tracks with the volume buttons, the extended reboot menu and that the notifications were always in the expanded state. It's very cool if there is a tweak for free download of paid themes in the MIUI pro firmware

Rep: (69)
When to expect version 2.4?
+ wish: enable the option of free auto-rotate the screen (normally it works only on 3/4, without working up the portrait mode “upside down”). Firmware Global Stable
Ps. I got the program on the market. It is worth it.
Pps. If you do in the application ext. Donate option (or publish PayPal / QIWI / etc account here), I personally am ready to gradually donate as new features appear.

Rep: (69)
In the power settings there is an option to turn off by repeated long pressing of the power button. It turns out to make a reset by "double clicking" the power button?

Rep: (16)
Great tweak, I would like to see in subsequent versions a change in the name of the operator, logo, as well as a change in the color of the icons in the status bar (other than white).
There is also a curious moment in the header of the screen with version 2.4, and 2.3 is available, the change in the grid of the desktop is very lacking (as in the screens).

Post has been editedkumek - 03.03.16, 05:54

Rep: (28)
Great program! I bought in the market. We are waiting for 2.4.

Rep: (88)
Unlocking with double tap works only on a stack lock, does everyone have it?
* Bochkamiass +1

Rep: (1253)
In the near future, taken to work:

long press of the volume buttons as a track switch in the player

I do not have an empty space on the screen, and if I use tapas, I always click on some application, and on the home button it would be very convenient to put out the screen for a long tap, then this can be done from everywhere

It would be nice to have the cursor move

+ To exit the application by the button home was not in the folder from which it was launched, but on the desktop. I have such a patch, but can be combined.

you can make a choice - a shadow or tint in black for cases when the statusbar is bright and make programs - exceptions

It would be cool to see in the following updates the settings for the hardware keys.

the module that turns on the speakerphone in the phone when you take it away from the ear and vice versa turns it off when you bring it to your ear

+ home = full home
+ mesh
- remove the text of the lower icons
+ remove the text of all icons
+ long tap = menu
- make fake unlock fingerprint

+ threshold for low charge notification (the default is 15%), and set what the user needs ...

+ Solve reading on / off Can I add as an event per action?

Extended reboot menu and the effect of the old TV off when you lock

Post has been editedhartec - 03.03.16, 08:43

Rep: (620)
* den2203 Yes, only on the stock, I wrote to the developer, the answer was received - third-party lockscreens can not be processed, so I asked to make it possible to lock / unlock the screen to hang on a long tap on the home button. I do not know whether it will, but really wanted to.Cheers cheers! Taken to work!

Post has been editedMurrrzaffka - 03.03.16, 08:43

Rep: (508)
I apologize for the possible Nubian question, but still ... how to enter the settings? Or wsm tools as a framework does not roll?
MIUI 7 6.2.25
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (226)
* kylemkun wsm does not roll,
Only with mod xposed
В® Xposed (Post Anais10 # 43431318)

Attached Image
Attached Image

Post has been editedBurami - 03.03.16, 09:23

Rep: (1253)
I plan to publish a new version in the next 2 days. It will be protected by the google market license.
It works like this:
When you first start, the application is authenticated. To check you need access to the Internet. If the application was not installed from the market, it will not work. If the application is from the market, the license hash will be saved locally. This hash is needed in order to compare with it in subsequent launches and not to go on the Internet. The hash will be device dependent and will not work on other devices, if moved manually.
If you reset to factory settings or reflash, it will be enough to download the application from the market (you will not need to buy a second time).

I never tried to implement the license before .. glitches are possible =)

Rep: (1700)
Excellent module, I use since the release, I recommend!

Rep: (226)
* hartec,
Wishlist, if possible; To fasten the dynamic status bar. And there would be a complete set of status bar)

Rep: (440)
* hartec,
Dear, you probably know how the auto-backlight function in MIUI was implemented clumsily, it would be good to see the auto-brightness setting function in the module. Thank. Buy a module from the next version.

Rep: (37)
Yesterday I bought it on the market, today it is freely available))) No, I don’t mind the money, it's worth it) Especially for Mi4c, it’s just necessary) We are waiting for new features, thanks!

Rep: (13)
Thanks for the excellent work: thank_you: Acquired on the market

MIUI Tweaks 2.3 - Redmi Note 3 - firmware xiaomi.eu_multi_hennessy_6.2.18_v7-5.0 (android 5.0.2) - xposed-v80-sdk21-arm64-MIUI-edition-by- SolarWarez-20160217.zip
Everything works, except for the settings of the side sensors (Edge Tap), which are simply not in RN3.

I wanted to write my wishes, but some of them are already in work: good:
Hartec @ 03/03/2016, 08:41*
In the near future, taken to work:

Yes, and auto brightness does not work very well ...
tiZwer @ 03/03/2016, 12:28*
Dear, you probably know how the auto-backlight function in MIUI was implemented awkwardly, it would be good to see the auto-brightness setting function in the module

+ I would like to separate the volume for calls and notifications (as in some firmware)
+ the ability to set the "increasing call volume"

And I also have only a noob question on the inclusion of doubletap. I understand that this is tied to the core (judging by the description of this moduleWake gestures)!? And the miui core does not support "standard s2w / dt2w", which means we should not wait for such a tweak yet?

In the youtube demo video, you noticed an interesting weather widget, which, apparently, also duplicates the temperature in the notification panel. Can you share the link !? thank

Post has been editedGdimas - 03.03.16, 17:27

Rep: (7)
at 6.0 nothing worked

Rep: (88)
* CheNSY, and Xposed then rose to 6.0? Yes, and on what body is Miui on 6.0. So far, only beta testing, or have I missed something?

Post has been editedden2203 - 03.03.16, 16:12

Rep: (114)
* hartec,
Dear developer, a small request. Is it possible to make a mod that would allow the battery icon itself to be removed in a percentage mode of displaying the battery, since it becomes useless))
thank you in advance!
Shl. module is cool, bought.

Rep: (7)
den2203 @ 03/03/2016, 10:08*

I got up, yeah) well, so the beta version is worth it)

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