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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo) - MIUI firmware
PictureXiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm, Kenzo
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Important information!
Drivers and Utilities
Official firmware
  • fastboot - .img images for firmware through MiFlash , XiaoMiFlash or fastboot
    UpdaterApp - Full firmware for full-time update manager and TWRP with the ability to patch bottles.
    Ota - This is not a complete firmware, but only an archive with modified files for updating. Sew through standard update manager or via ZCX TWRP

    Modified official firmware with TWRP and Root rights

Global Stable -Kenzo
Global Developer -Kenzo

Localized firmware
Ported firmware


If you are going to sew, you should understand that :
  • Before any of your actions, you should carefully deal with all instructions and drivers !
    Without drivers and full understanding of the instructions, it is not recommended to do anything with the phone!There will only be more problems !
  • Before ANY actions with firmware, you need to make a backup in TWRP! MUST! If you don’t, and something goes wrong, you’ll get a bunch of hemorrhoids and bricks.

Basic instructions:
Other instructions:

Ruth, Recovery, Kernels, Modems

Xposed for MIUI - Functionality, the search for modules and the resulting problems in this topic is not discussed. Link provided for download only. For all questions, please contact the profile topic Xposed.

Firmware reviews

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Attached Image

Did you like the new MIUI8?
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What is better to sit on?
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Do you have a bootloader ...?
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Have you had problems with the firmware / instructions?
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Reason for editing: How to raise a brick, if well, nothing of the existing in the header helps, but the phone allows you to enter the FastBoot mode, or get the ADB mode in TWRP.

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West_K @ 07/26/2018, 17:09*
nose stuck

Replace in the application downloadprovider.apk icon with title
or the topic in component com.android.providers.downloads add icon with the same name, size 54 * 54

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Regarding the problem of the work of the print scanner in applications in 8.7.26 from Alexanrin, then noticed that the problem occurs only after cleaning the memory from the window manager. Who knows how to fix it?

Rep: (24)
DDEEPBLUES @ 07/26/2018, 17:49*
Can you throw off the same application "Topics"? Or just the substitution. Their not help?

Attached fileThemeManager.apk(8.54 MB)

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* alexanrin, Again, returned to 8.7.17, all of yours, including the kernel, from the additional Magisk and Xposed for Magisk, from all versions 17 the best option, I hope it will not let go of it;)

Rep: (45)
* AAZ11 , Put 8.7.20 version, complete wipe, in its place 8.7.26.-Network appeared. AHF is more like dancing with a tambourine than on normal operation and installation. We have been updated.

Posted on 07/26/2018, 18:58:

* ssv.box , I have the same question, but ... I went to the download application, then I clicked three points and ... there are no such settings. Or did you go there?

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* suharevich125 , there, the icon is usually from the included Xunlei

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Is normal fast answers appeared on MIUI10?

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Tell me who found someone how to deal with the problem that the screen turns off during the call and it does not always turn back to the point until the phone does not put on the opposite side or until you restart the phone itself. Thank you

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Pursue Persist.

Rep: (24)
* ZEVSZC, Persians + Aroma Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - Discussion (Post OUTS # 62799008)

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GLAMURNIY @ 07.26.18, 22:19*
Persist Choose for the port

Why exactly forthe port
need to choose?))

Rep: (1333)
GLAMURNIY @ 07/26/18, 22:28*
verified personally, the norm works

There is everything working) But what works for one, not the fact that it will work as another. A person so does not pointed the firmware nor a version of the phone>Information zero, besides the problem with sensors ..

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All my answers IMHO !!!!! Enough stripping in my side to write, want to help a person - help, I need to glisten to help

Posted on 26/07/2018, 20:36:

Mul'tik.66 @ 07.26.2018, 20:33*
There is everything working) But what works for one, not the fact that it will work as another. A person so does not pointed the firmware nor a version of the phone>Information zero, besides the problem with sensors ..

I agree .. I misunderstood, and then all about Miu 10 on 7 bucket, here I am an automatic answer

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* mul'tik.66, straightened the answer, now Hood?

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I want to make a little review about the port from Uv.alexanrin
Before that, the port was RR Oxt, in principle it was satisfied with all, but he had a lot of appearance and the soul demanded a variety. Skeptically referred to Miui 10, after it was still the first official build on 6 android. But I tried the port and is very pleasantly surprised.

Installation Description:
I put after the firmware of the Off GD via FastBoot (for the "disinfection" of all system sections), waited for the download of this off the firmware to the "greeting screen". Then rebooted again in FastBoot, sewed to TWRP, made Wipe Data + Yes, wipe all system partitions. Reboot from recovery in recovery and actually firmware port + Magisk. Nothing else, neither the nuclei of others nor the patches.

Firmware in work: passed day. I like it very much in principle the MIUI10 shell itself on the basis of "Nugi", its appearance, smoothness, animation. The port itself works fine. Neither the aforementioned someone "heating" did not notice nor the aforementioned problems with jumping files. No discomfort. There was a bug with changing the sounds of notifications, but fixed it with a substitution of thememanager.apk, from the previous assembly (threatened above). The batteries had enough for the whole day of full-fledged work. I can not judge fully about energy saving after just a day of work, but already half of the tenth in the evening, and the phone took off at 8 am and still 25% of the charge, although the music listened to many and social networks constantly and the camera a little and sometimes Yandex cards with GPS . Energy saving satisfied. In performance, too, the shoals did not notice (I do not play games at all).

What set up: I froze the system applications (such as the simkart menu, the synchronization of the google calendar and so on), via Kernel Adiutor put the threshold of unloading from RAM (Low Memory Killer) to the minimum value, Zram - put on 1000, and Swappines left the default - 100 . All. By the way, I have a phone with 2 GB of RAM. There was no unloading from RAM and Google Camera with HDR + works well.
Thanks, the author, buddy) for such a job and tear it out, I advise you to specify the details in the profile (I mean by Donatu in mind the usual voluntary gratitude, and not the purchase of firmware for the cache, like Kisasani).

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No one has problems on assemblies from Alexa about hanging the SystemUI interface ..? The phone hangs almost a minute, then an error that the system interface does not respond a few more glitch seconds and can be used further. Everything in the firmware arranges apart from that blah !!

Post has been edited89sancho89 - 27.07.18, 10:50

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In the firmware from Alex, the full charge comes 3 hours, you can overcome?

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In the firmware Miui 10 for Kenzo 8.7.26 there is no network! Very warm! Charged for a very long time (4 h 36min) from 29% to 100%.Maybe that's just me.

Rep: (45)
* ssv.box , Xunlei how to disable then? I do not find such an item. I had only in my native browser point and all ..

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Attached Image

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* suharevich125 , yes, who knows him, the firmware is a whole zoo, I threw the idea of ​​the search direction

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