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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo) - MIUI firmware
PictureXiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm, Kenzo
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Important information!
Drivers and Utilities
Official firmware
  • fastboot - .img images for firmware through MiFlash , XiaoMiFlash or fastboot
    UpdaterApp - Full firmware for full-time update manager and TWRP with the ability to patch bottles.
    Ota - This is not a complete firmware, but only an archive with modified files for updating. Sew through standard update manager or via ZCX TWRP

    Modified official firmware with TWRP and Root rights

Global Stable -Kenzo
Global Developer -Kenzo

Localized firmware
Ported firmware


If you are going to sew, you should understand that :
  • Before any of your actions, you should carefully deal with all instructions and drivers !
    Without drivers and full understanding of the instructions, it is not recommended to do anything with the phone!There will only be more problems !
  • Before ANY actions with firmware, you need to make a backup in TWRP! MUST! If you don’t, and something goes wrong, you’ll get a bunch of hemorrhoids and bricks.

Basic instructions:
Other instructions:

Ruth, Recovery, Kernels, Modems

Xposed for MIUI - Functionality, the search for modules and the resulting problems in this topic is not discussed. Link provided for download only. For all questions, please contact the profile topic Xposed.

Firmware reviews

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Attached Image

Did you like the new MIUI8?
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What is better to sit on?
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Do you have a bootloader ...?
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Have you had problems with the firmware / instructions?
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Reason for editing: How to raise a brick, if well, nothing of the existing in the header helps, but the phone allows you to enter the FastBoot mode, or get the ADB mode in TWRP.

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* Spitfire_ , do not tell us here your nonsense, I have everything worked on stock without a single bug

Rep: (844)
* Spitfire_ ,
So, and moreover, the Chinese and the update?
All of them do normally.
But with the people of our own - the problem.

Rep: (39)
* Glamurniy, I tried, my Magisk stands, included for services and market, there is no effect. Checked permissions - all inclusive.

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Gyord @ 03/31/18, 15:15*
As far as I know - all that is on today there is a hat. In addition to ports from Sani. Yes he wants to say exactly about the date - there is fresh
As I understand it, it is the last ports from Orochi (or there as) and Kyis - they have new devices already. So it's not worth waiting for a moreone, well, what does Kisasanya do what to do with the last one.

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Assembly 8.3.8 from Sani. Fingerprint does not work when login in the same Sberbank online, and other applications where it is possible to login on the print, everything is perfectly working fine. What could it be?

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Ruslan1870 @ 03/31/18, 19:14*
Is it possible in this firmware kenzo_miui_9.3_beta_v8.2.22_n_miui.am_port_by_orochi, change DPI? Too small text and badges. I tried in build.prop and third-party programs

Need root and prog from Easy Dpi Change

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BALLANCE2016 @ 03/31/18, 16:04*
Here I will not argue, the pun in the gland is still the same. But even on my old 2/16 ports behaved very adequately. And what people wrote here, melt 2/16 on the ports simply "the restructuring brake", I did not have this.

At me, somewhere the port worked fine. Then the brakes began. Look, nevertheless, for 2/16 ports are not optimized.

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* baadboi, Maybe try to roll the gaps over .. //savagemessiahzine.com/pages/g...apps.org%2F&e=71128838.

Rep: (4)
* I apologize in advance if the question seems primitive, but I caught how much information could

Phone Xiaomi RN3PRO (Android 6.0.1 MMB29M, MIUI Global 9.2 Stable
Unlocked the bootloader, installed TWRP 3.2.1 MOD by MR-R00T (patch loader there seemed to be missing, or was made automatic, I did not understand), made a full backup, threw Magisk 16.

The goal is xprivacy, for its installation tried to put Xposed through a standard installer (for I did not see Magisk via Recovery Xposed), the phone went to the bootlup (I waited for an hour on the screensaver with 3 points).

Restored backup, what to do? It is very necessary xprivacy. Where to dig? What firmware to put to get it exactly? Ready to listen to the instructions in the LAN / Skype for payment.

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Vanyatwo @ 03/31/2018, 18:29*
Phone Xiaomi RN3PRO (Android 6.0.1 MMB29M, MIUI Global 9.2 Stable ..

Put this shell XposedВ® Xposed (Post Alex0047 # 45761261)Material Design Xposed Installer v3.1.4 - MOD by DVDandroid//savagemessiahzine.com/Forum/d...d+v3.1.4+_25.12.17.apk.
And this module Xposed for MagiskВ® Xposed (Post Anais10 # 43431318)For MIUI 9 on Android 6 modes XPosed V87.1 from US3R//savagemessiahzine.com/Forum/d...-20170612_mod+us3r.zip.

Post has been editedGlamurniy - 31.03.18, 19:29
Reason for editing: Links

Rep: (3157)
Vanyatwo @ 03/31/18, 18:29*
It is very necessary xprivacy. Where to dig?
I think that carefully study and read, but you can dig, of course.
You had Magisk, there is Xposed in his modules, but no, on the XPosed branch there is a "how-and-what" for installation in MIUI.

Rep: (39)
* Glamurniy, I did not help, yes, and the joke is that setting, the stabula for 6 android got the same ..... Magisk did not put

Accidentally did not have the old version of the gaps ?? Give a reference pliz. On version 7.0 Try to put it on

Post has been editedbaadboi - 31.03.18, 19:51

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Hello to all,
I have a firmware about Kenzo on 7 Androyd, the problem is such when the melody sounds when the call is it comes with interrupts small! The camera works with brakes, who is how to fight it?

And somewhere I saw the patch of the smart network, when you turn on Wai switch to 2G, who will tell me where to find?

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Help is needed. I want to back MIUI. Now Castomka Nitrogen. Judging throughout the firmware to takefrom hereAnd sew through TWRP. If so, are there any nuances, or is everything quite simple?

Post has been editedMonster21445 - 31.03.18, 19:56

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monster21445 @ 03/31/18, 21:53*
Sew through TWRP. If so, are there any nuances, or is everything quite simple?
.. You are correctly thinking - everything is quite simple, skew from the cap, preferably with the format date., Having a pre-made backup. And if the GS patch is boot.

Rep: (39)
* Glamurniy, probably not to me) I do not use the export ... but I can ask about the gaps to eat, I can download the old version, I can download it myself) IT I think it would work before the update)

Post has been editedbaadboi - 31.03.18, 20:43

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* baadboi, Can completely demolish and put o_o В®AntiGapps Script

Rep: (3157)
BaadBoi @ 03/31/18, 20:41*
Maybe one who has an old version, from the site I can download it myself)
In what sense - on the office OpenGapps to click on Older Releases and choose the release you need hard ...?!?

Rep: (39)
* PalychRv, I didn't know about it) did not pay attention.

Rep: (932)
59_rus @ 03/31/18, 21:53*
Do not work fingerprint when login in the same Sberbank online
There was such a thing. Removed the imprint, then put again and earned.

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