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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo) - MIUI firmware
PictureXiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm, Kenzo
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Important information!
Drivers and Utilities
Official firmware
  • fastboot - .img images for firmware through MiFlash , XiaoMiFlash or fastboot
    UpdaterApp - Full firmware for full-time update manager and TWRP with the ability to patch bottles.
    Ota - This is not a complete firmware, but only an archive with modified files for updating. Sew through standard update manager or via ZCX TWRP

    Modified official firmware with TWRP and Root rights

Global Stable -Kenzo
Global Developer -Kenzo

Localized firmware
Ported firmware


If you are going to sew, you should understand that :
  • Before any of your actions, you should carefully deal with all instructions and drivers !
    Without drivers and full understanding of the instructions, it is not recommended to do anything with the phone!There will only be more problems !
  • Before ANY actions with firmware, you need to make a backup in TWRP! MUST! If you don’t, and something goes wrong, you’ll get a bunch of hemorrhoids and bricks.

Basic instructions:
Other instructions:

Ruth, Recovery, Kernels, Modems

Xposed for MIUI - Functionality, the search for modules and the resulting problems in this topic is not discussed. Link provided for download only. For all questions, please contact the profile topic Xposed.

Firmware reviews

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Attached Image

Attached Image

Did you like the new MIUI8?
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What is better to sit on?
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Do you have a bootloader ...?
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Have you had problems with the firmware / instructions?
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Reason for editing: How to raise a brick, if well, nothing of the existing in the header helps, but the phone allows you to enter the FastBoot mode, or get the ADB mode in TWRP.

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Ballance2016 @ 15.01.18, 17:25*
Due to the fact that you probably do not Redmi Note 3 pro, you killed the bootloader to determine the exact model, and then all the instructions, this first

yes like already as 2 years RN3PRO, put on his flashing kenzo ...
Just checked, packaging, Redmi Note 3 the PRO,
I raise the backup and look at the AIDA

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* Andrew U,
Oh well
Does OTG work?
the menu button is reassigned to the "menu"?
By passing this to the Port of Turku is not working CRT screen effect is turned off, the MTP mode immediately when connected PC, well, switch 4D \ LTE may still something.

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Spoin @ 01/15/18, 21:55*
Does OTG work?
..Yes it works! : rofl:

Rep: (1333)
Wobler777 @ 01/15/18, 21:15*
Just checked, packaging, Redmi Note 3 the PRO,

Simply check:
150 mm-Kenzo SD
152,5mm - Kate SE
: rolleyes:

Rep: (1333)
* foxx77 ,
Foxx77 @ 01/15/18, 20:51*
Quote: Quattro98 @ 01/15/18, 18:48 Sorry for offtopes will be deleted later, maybe someone had a problem here's what the links do not opensavagemessiahzine.comon your computer, press and nothing happens, other sites of norms? Tried in firefox, chrome, the problem remains

Similarly, there were links,Located right now in chrome and earned

Quattro98 @ 01/15/18, 20:55*
Foxx77, all the rules, apparently on the side of the site problems were

So it may not matter in the server problems? Maybe it was just necessary to authorize?))

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Sobanim @ 15.01.18, 20:03*
For MTP can tell you what works. When connecting the USB phone charging at once, and then can choose which mode to connect to a PC

You do not quite understand the problem. If the developer mode to deliver when connected to a PC "once the MTP" it does not work ... just to be connected to the charging mode ..... Well enough bugs there too ...
Attached Image

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* Andrew U,
And that Turks reading mode work?
The sound in the bluetooth headset is normal?
GPS satellites normally catches?
This offhand ....

Rep: (2550)
Andrew U @ 15.01.18, 20:30*

You do not understand, you do it does not work ....;)

Rep: (136)
Bluetooth mode and reading all the rules, the satellites are not checked.
But zadvoenie notifications straight angry. I think to change the port yet.

Rep: (24)
Good evening! I want to share a solution to the problem (Sori, if it has already been discussed), with which I met after the recovery of a backup when you return to the desired firmware (I was pre-fully wipe). So, after starting the system, the graphic key stopped approaching (if the password had stood, then the password did not match) and the problem solving the system only gives a reset to the factory settings through the recovery. But the solution was simple, you need to delete the necessary file manager in DATA through the file manager in TWRP =>system =>gatekeeper.pattern.key (unlock) or gatekeeper.password.key (password).
Attached Image

After starting the system to set a new key or password, reboot, and everything is normal.
Thanks for attention :)
MIUI9 android6

Rep: (266)
* marcpolo , * killer0329 As you have with the cameras, and sometimes it does not save the video in the native nucleus, put Agni 12.1, that the same story is now 11.4r2 freewheeling as normal, see c / o the day ..

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Reason for editing:.

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* sergo2073 ,
All norms. The drain, and writes and stores. Agni 12.1 put to work quicker and smarter firmware, but when charging is heated, otkatitilsya on Stock kernel.

Rep: (284)
* Glamurniy, for it out of TWRP run zamok-kill.zip and he blows the password
Looked at the contents of the zip-file, in principle, there is the same.

Post has been editedJa9e9 - 15.01.18, 20:57
Reason for editing: Completed

Rep: (1333)
Glamurniy @ 15.01.18, 22:38*
I want to share solution (litter, if it has already been discussed), which met after restoring backup when returning to the desired firmware (pre ful wipe was made).

I want to share the same with you ... All of these solutions have for a long time, you need only to look .. Now, if little read and delve into what you have would not have this problem .. and password files are deleted would not have .. How many times You wrote:When you create a backup: TO ERASE ALL CODES AND KEYS !!! GRAPHIC
Something like that..

Rep: (284)
Those who normally work on 2/16 port write pzhlst in QMS how TWRP used when installing the port. Thank you in advance.

Rep: (24)
Excuse me, gentlemen, a sinner! It has long been noted that the subject is nervous !!!
I have a version of 2/16, like the seventh Andryushka experienced port from kisasani, bodies cut down 20% of the charge, but the buns and his work basically like, also put Miui.Pro_Port_By_OROCHI, with little buns, but work great, but did not take the flash drive , asked formatnut, now sit on globeROM_v9_kenzo_8.1.11 6 android, and as for me to 2/16 very good choice, I think ports for this version is not very good, since romodelov version of 3/32, but it is my personal opinion.

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Welcome brought Note 3 Pro, which after the update over the air are not logged in, hung in infinite loading system. Flashed through the EDL mode, make phone calls, everything seems fine, but does not include WiFi, did not respond to pressing. What could be the problem?

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* billid95,
Take a ruler and measure our phone ....
Catez 152,5mm

Rep: (808)
LEHOVO @ 15.01.18, 22:53*
I have not seen the version MI Max 2/16
there is a version in E Max

Rep: (24)
LEHOVO @ 15.01.2018, 21:53*
* Glamurniy,
Respected but where does romodely?
Port mud with MI Max, but I have not seen the version MI Max 2/16

I mean, do not rush and do not test it on 2/16, if our model would only version of 2/16, I do not think it would be a hindrance to create this port, even though he is under 3/32. .

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Reason for editing: Added

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