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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo) - MIUI firmware
PictureXiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm, Kenzo

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Official firmware
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    UpdaterApp - Full firmware for full-time update manager and TWRP with the ability to patch bottles.
    Ota - This is not a complete firmware, but only an archive with modified files for updating. Sew through standard update manager or via ZCX TWRP

    Modified official firmware with TWRP and Root rights

Global Stable -Kenzo
Global Developer -Kenzo

Localized firmware
Ported firmware
Firmware reviews
Ruth, Recovery, Kernels, Modems

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  • Before ANY actions with firmware, you need to make a backup in TWRP! MUST! If you don’t, and something goes wrong, you’ll get a bunch of hemorrhoids and bricks.

Basic instructions:
Other instructions:


Xposed for MIUI - Functionality, the search for modules and the resulting problems in this topic is not discussed. Link provided for download only. For all questions, please contact the profile topic Xposed.


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Attached Image

Attached Image

Did you like the new MIUI8?
Attached Image

What is better to sit on?
Attached Image

Do you have a bootloader ...?
Attached Image

Have you had problems with the firmware / instructions?
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Mura1708 @ 03/06/2016 09:09*
Emm, google play is installed. Now, how to restore contacts?

I apologize to kaneshna, how did I install Google play? All the necessary things are in the Google installer
This one that I attached from Xiaomi

Attached files

Attached fileGoogle installer ???????. Apk(1009.36 KB)

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Mistakilla, the firmware for your link is an archive for recovery? From it you can gash version for Mi flash? Is there any chance of installing it with a loader in some way?
For Redmi 3, for example, it is adapted for MiFlash from the multirome even. Sewn with a locked bootloader.

There is. I figured out how to even raise a brick.
1 way. (If the phone is not Kerpich)
Open the settings. We are looking for developer option. Turn on adb debug there
Open a terminal window and write adb reboot edl. Wellcome phone switched to flashing mode via miflash
2 way (if the phone is kerpich)
Clamp 3 buttons (volume +, volume-, power) connect the phone to whom
We wait until the body turns on (will show the icon mi) release the power and hold the volume buttons.
On the computer is determined com diagnostic 900e
We continue to hold the buttons. After 10-15 seconds, the phone switches to loader 9008 mode for flashing miflash.
The second option is not described anywhere.
I had to search for the dock by snepdregan. This is how it is.

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Global 7.1.8 TWRP

Although Xiaomi was putting sticks in the wheels, I successfully removed everything that I laid out in the morning and what slipped into the office. Forum, only for Indian devices initially))
But now everything is ok))). The admins gave it to me, but only warnedindian Initially mobiles, I said ok and started picking it, if you just flash it, what they gave me, we get ala softbrick, bootlup and tear our hair)))))

Instructions on firmware:
1) Get unlock bootloader
2) PutTWRP 3.0
3) Go to the recovery, make a full backup and transfer it to the computer!
4) Make a facie reset
5) Copy the firmware to the internal memory and flash

Profit! Special thanks to my tester sashkaperm He tested my successful and not successful creations, you can slap him + After all, I still have a locked bootloader)))

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image


Developer Room (Global)HERE

I will add one, after my firmware, if I flash the original image through the update, the recovery will fly off, but the phone will become a virgin Indian version! We cannot check for Loku Bota yet, for we are waiting for the evening! Everything is checked! This way you completely transform the Chinese version into a global one.


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Getting the root.

Option 1
  1. Unlock the bootloader according to the instructions from the topic:
    1. Apply for unlock
    2. Unlock after approval
  2. Install TWRP recovery according to the instructions:Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.x - 6.x) (Post byboyko # 51003896)Item 5.
  3. Flash archive below via TWRP: install tile.
      Attached fileSR4-SuperSU-v2.78-SR4-20161115184928.zip(5.64 MB)

    A source: Chainfire developer blog: Google+ / Mods from Cobra111111 : ® SuperSU (Post Cobra111111 # 49516322)

    Option 2
    It is also possible to simply replace the stock recovery in the firmware with a custom one without unlocking ... and flash it through MiFlash.
    In more detail the whole process is described here:Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.x - 6.x) (Post byboyko # 51003896)
    Items 1 to 3.1
    Well, then flash the archive itself with the root.


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    General instructions for firmware via MiFlash + Unlock boot + TWRP recovery

    Everything is taken from the topic headings!

    For pure sewing on any firmware you need:
    1. Operating system bit depth64 bits (x64) 32 bit is full of glitches with firmware, do not take risks, take care of your own and other people's nerves)
    2. MiFlash or XiaoMiFlash Beta
    3. Firmware for fastboot

    All further actions will be shown on the example.Windows 7 x64bit It is assumed that the system is installed on disk WITH: and all programs installed in the guide are set on the default path!

    1. PKM by fileMiPhone.exe Run as administrator, install Miflash, during the installation process it will show the same window several times
      Attached Image
      Click all the time, as highlighted in the picture.
    2. By default, Miflesh is established along this path.C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Xiaomi \ MiPhone Go to the folder and make a shortcut to the program on the desktop.
      Attached Image

    3. Turn on the phoneUSB debugging : Go to the About phone - several times we drop on the MIUI Version. Then go to the menu for developers and turn on debugging.
    4. In the program directory go to the folderGoogle , Further Android we stick into any free space with the mouse, then we pin SHIFT hold, PKM - open the command window
      Attached Image

    5. We put the cable yusb, in the rear port of the computer (there is no difference in the laptop, yusb hubs exclude from the chain) the second end into the phone.
    6. Zhmakayem buttonstart in the bottom left of the screen, we get to Computer further PCM management
      Attached Image
      Further device Manager and check that the drivers are worth
      Attached Image

    7. Go to the window open inp4. We write in the window adb devices and click Enter
      Attached Image
      Next, a request will appear on the phone screen, you need to check and click OK
      Attached Image
      after that, beat the team again adb devices
    8. Now still in the open window, write a commandadb reboot edl
      Attached Image
      the phone will go to non-standard boot mode, the diode on it will start blinking red and the installation of the new driver will begin
      Attached Image

    9. UnpackingGlobal stable firmware for fastboot in a convenient folder for you. Rename the folder shorter and more convenient. The full path should be for example: E: \ FLASH \ Redmi \ Global \ images ... without dots, dashes and other characters. Here is a visual:
      Attached Image
      Attached Image

    10. Launch Miflesh (Run as administrator) shortcut for which we did. Click knopuBrowse and specify the path to the folder with the firmware ... in our case, the folder Global , then click Refresh our phone will appear, put a daw below Flash all
      Attached Image
      . All press Flash , the phone is sewn a little over 110 seconds. At the end there will be the words:
      Attached Image

    11. After the firmware, we pull out the cable, long press the power button. All you globalka. For those who do not have permission to unlock, they can no longer read, but fill out the form on the official website and wait.


    Everything is taken from the topic headings!
    1. Global Developer fastboot firmware
    2. TWRP and SuperSu from the topic header.
    3. MiFlashUnlock

    All further actions will be shown on the example.Windows 7 x64bit It is assumed that the system is installed on disk WITH: and all programs installed in the guide are set on the default path!

    1. StitchingDeveloper firmware through MiFlash , as written above.
      • Another option, you can try through a regular update. Download the required Develop firmware for UpdaterApp from the header and select it in the update menu (above 3 points). It does not always work, but if it works, you will do without MiFlash

    2. After the firmware we go into the phone in my account, turn on allMi services , we surely go in from the computer, from the phone to i.mi.com Click there to find a device.
    3. Turn on the phone. We start an unlocker, enter our data.Hold the Volume Down and the Power button before the appearance of the hare, insert the cable into the phone, click unlock. Unlock from the 1st time)
      Attached Image

    4. Next, turn on the phone, check the daws in the Developer Settings
      Attached Image
      and insert the cable if pulled out.
    5. From the extracted archive from the recovery run the only "bat file"Flash_TWRP3SD and follow the prompts on the screen. At the end, after pressing any button, the phone will automatically reload to TWRP where you can do the planned operations.

    Do not forget to say thanks to the userKicum He noticed that you can put the developer room on top of globalki! but we all forgot () Xy, few people know what it is, but it exists)))) they don’t give it to anyone, but we still have it, even on MIUI.com they haven’t posted it yet))))

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    Rep: (157)
    It means that. If someone (like me) with the firmware recovery (twrp), the installation passes, but does not enter the recovery itself (the place of it is the phone drawing), you need to install it via the fastboot.
    1. upload files from the twrp folder along the path C: \ adb, rename the file RN3_kenzo.img to recovery.img
    2. type the following commands
    cd C: \ adb
    fastboot erase recovery
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot erase cache
    Install the patched please rut.All)
    Thanks for the help - varalex: thank_you:

    Rep: (8)
    My instructions on how to make a phone brick from the firmware. (Bootloop)
    (The instructions for scratching are attached.)

    The process of obtaining bricks:
    The process of obtaining bricks:
    They gave me a phone with raw firmware (in my opinion it was, I don’t remember exactly).
    Was standingWindows 10 x32 .
    We act according to the instructions described in the header -GENERAL INSTRUCTION, FROM AND TO! .
    On6th paragraph had to additionally put MiPCSuite (in the same instruction, in the requirements - MiPhone Manager ), after that the drivers were installed normally.
    On10th paragraph we get - " Not enough memory to process the command. (0x80070008) ":
    Attached Image

    Phone reboot, it hangs on the logo "MI ".
    adb devices sees it as connected " device ":
    Attached Image
    adb reboot edl - reboot the phone, the red indicator starts to flash, the COM-port appears:
    Attached Image
    Repeated firmware via MiFlash gives the same result - "Not enough memory to process the command. (0x80070008)"
    Disconnect the cable, the phone stops flashing red, clickVol + & Vol- (I do not remember what is happening without pinching), we connect the cable, the red display lights up, we get an unknown device:
    Attached Image
    MiFlash does not see, drivers are not substituted, adb is empty.

    What can be done with the phone in this state:
    1. Power (~ 5 sec) - reloads the phone
    2. Power + Vol + - reboots the phone in the Recovery mod, adb devices gives out sideload , adb reboot edl just restarts the phone.
    3. Power + Vol- - reboots the phone in FastBoot, adb gives nothing sensible.
    4. Fastboot + Vol- (~ 50 sec.) - Turns off the phone.
    5. Phone off + Cable plug - the phone shows the% battery charge and most likely starts charging, adb gives nothing.

    Spreading process:
    I tried to follow the instructions on another computer and laptop withWin7x64 , drivers on " USB MTP device "was installed with an error adb devices saw offline either sideload with recovery mod.
    Installed on computerWin10x64_Eng , acted on the above instructions, on 6th paragraph, as the first time, I had to put MiPCSuite .
    adb devices showed offline with the logo "MI".

    Did the following:
    Booted inWin10x32
    adb devices - " device "
    Attached Image
    adb reboot edl - right away as soon as the phone screen went out, pulled cable , the display did not light up .
    Rebooted inWin10x64_Eng , with pre-installed drivers.
    Pre went to"C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Xiaomi \ MiPhone \ Qualcomm \ Driver"on fileqcser.inf right click ( PKM ) - To install .
    I connected the phone and then a new device was found, the drivers were installed automatically and a COM port appeared:
    Attached Image
    Further according to the instructions from10th item.

    Of course, if you can’t restart your phoneadb reboot edl , he is unlikely to help here, but you can try.
    Apparently in my case, eitherWin10x32 I knew something extra, to work with the phone, or the phone trusted Windows, with which I started the firmware process, I can not say for sure.
    I hope someone will help.

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    Anatoly V. @ 03/19/2016, 21:34*
    I understand correctly that all files from a folder with TWRP need to be copied to adb?

    Mini instructions for using the utilityfastboot

    If you are flashing in modefastboot then all the files you want to upload to the device should be placed in the folder with the file fastboot.exe . There also usually lies and adb.exe but he has nothing to do with it.
    The recovery file or the boot.img file can be named as you like, the main thing is that on the command line you write the exact name of the file that you are stitching. If the file has a nameboot.img , the command is written with this name.
    Enter the phone modefastboot key combination Volume- and Power button at the same time. A hare will appear in a hat, then the phone is in mode fastboot .
    Next we enter the directory on the computer where our files are located. I have, for example, on the diskWITH have a folder tools in which the tools for working with adb and fastboot . There usually throw files .img for firmware.
    The contents of the tools folder
    Attached Image

    I run the command line on the computer.
    I enter the teamcd C: \ tools which means changing the directory to C: \ tools. Next, I enter the command fastboot devices when connected by USB phone mode fastboot .
    The command line interface displays the device identification number (a combination of letters and numbers unique to your phone). If this does not happen and the list of devices is empty, then your phone is not connected. Either a problem with firewood, or with a connection.
    Suppose that the phone is defined. Next, enter the command
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    where is the wordflash means to flash the word boot means the section in which to flash and the third word means the name of the file that is being stitched. We enter without errors and click Enter . The firmware process is fast and the result is immediately visible in the command line interface.
    So we requestedboot.img .
    If you need to flash recovery, then do the same. The recovery firmware command looks like this:
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    where is the wordrecovery means the section into which we are stitching, a recovery.img - file name of recovery. Can you name it though twrp.img but then the command should be written like this:
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

    I hope it is clear. After flashing the file, you can enter the command:
    fastboot reboot
    and the device will reboot into the system.

    fastboot boot twrpXXX.img
    wheretwrpXXX.img - TWRP file name (it can be different, as you call it, or write on the command line)
    You pushEnter and the phone should boot into TWRP virtual recovery.
    You work in recovery. You install everything you need (RTH, patches, etc.). Rebooting into the system and virtual recovery is no longer necessary. Until the next dive into it in a familiar way.

    Fastboot utility commands
    fastboot devices - a list of devices connected to the computer (used to test the connection)
    fastboot reboot - device reboot
    fastboot reboot-bootloader - reboot the device in the bootloader
    fastboot flash boot filename.img - kernel firmware included in boot.img
    flashboot flash radio filename.img - firmware radio module
    fastboot oem lock - close the bootloader.
    fastboot oem unlock - open bootloader (erases all user data)
    Not all teams worked for me. check.

    Who does not have these tools, I suggest an archive with a foldertools . Attached filetools.rar (849.73 KB)

    Inside are two utilitiesadb.exe and fastboot.exe . Unzip to root WITH and use the instructions above.

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    Rep: (24)
    Finally. Raskirpichil. Through the test point. I tried all the ways - but this, of course, the latest and universal. And, as it turned out, very simple.
    You can add to the header, as a radical 100% working solution.
    From me a couple of words:
    Nothing complicated, the body is removed with a fingernail as in the video.
    couple of important points:
    1. (corny) do not confuse the screws - they are different in length and color.
    2. If you have not noticed on the video - under the tiny sticker "Mi" there is also a cog.
    3. The small bus connectors (from the volume buttons on the left and another on the right) are opened by prying up (with a fingernail, toothpick) of the black back.
    4. Four connectors at the bottom (antenna (FM?), Battery, display and USB) do not need to open. just ward off the board like a video.
    5. when you get to the back side - do not repeat the mistake of the author of the video - do not try to peel off the big figured black sticker (this is copper foil) - there is a small rectangular hole in it to access the pins.
    6. If you overloaded the computer while the device was in the EDL and the device stopped responding and being determined in general, you always have the acb-to-board connector at hand. can poke out-stick in case of a dead end.
    7. When disassembling the camera, do not touch it - I do not advise it - and do not pull it out of the board. and it is also desirable to carry it out in a "dust free" room. even though the eyes of the cameras are microscopic, it is not enough.
    8. If you slightly pulled the display bus out of the clip in the heat of the work, as I do - it also opens by prying up, but already at the front part (into which the wire enters)
    9. Well, just in case - the very first movement after removing the cover is to remove the touchscreen plug from the motherboard with a fingernail.
    I wish everyone good luck - it's easier than it seems. I managed ten minutes.

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    Rep: (1180)
    1Post ceased to be edited. Post ceased to be edited. Post ceased to be edited. Post ceased to be edited. Post ceased to be edited.
    Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm

    Developer china

    Stable china

    Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm

    Developer Global

    Stable global

    Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm
    Special Edition

    Android 6


    fastboot - This firmware through fastboot mode, as well as for Miflash and other programs for firmware. (we have a list of all in our cap).
    recovery - firmware for both stock recovery (for updating through the regular update menu), and for TWRP, followed by the bootloader patch.
    Ota - official update that arrives through the air.

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    Rep: (4437)
    Who needsOPERATORS LOGO in sitebar near antenok, need root-rights required . Attached fileNotoColorEmoji.rar (2.07 MB)
    Unpack and throw the file intosystem / fonts with the replacement (do not forget to keep the original) and setting rights as near in the fonts and use: in the keyboard where the menu is different - emoticons, etc., we select the crown, we put our operators on the SIM cards and enjoy, watch screenshots:
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

    Madepatch for installation via TWRP recovery Attached fileLogo_Oerator.zip (2.21 MB)

    P.S.Logo suitable for any firmware .
    thankbetep_okfor work, the file took somewhere from hereDiscussion topics for MIUI v6 / v7

    ProgramSimCardColorer_for_MIUIv6_1.04 and SimCardColorer_for_MIUI-7_android-5x. for operators logos in the call Alcatel One Touch Idol X 6040 - MIUI Firmware (andrey_artphoto Post # 39489886)
    Attached Image

    The program to create patches to changeoperator logos on MIUI 8
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - Official MIUI 7/8 firmware (OS 5.0.2) (andrey_artphoto # 50630513 Post)

    Post has been editedAndreyZo - 29.06.16, 19:11
    Reason for editing: added a program for operator logos on MIUI 8

    Rep: (1791)
    Disable driver signature verification

    Disconnect using special boot options
    In the first case, open “Pparameters Change computer settings ". In point " Upgrade and Repair "Select" Recovery ", Then - special download options and click" Reboot now .
    After reboot, selectDiagnostics , then - Download options and click "Restart".
    Attached Image
    On the screen that appears, you can select (with the numeric keys or F1-F9) the item “ Disable mandatory driver signature verification .
    Attached Image
    After loading the operating system, you can install any unsigned driver.

    Disable using Local Group Policy Editor
    The next way to disable driver digital signature verification is to use the Windows 8 and 8.1 Local Group Policy Editor. To launch it, press the Win + R keys on the keyboard and enter the commandgpedit.msc
    In the local group policy editor, openUser Configuration - Administrative Templates - System - Driver Installation . After this, double click on the item “ Digital Signature Device Drivers .
    Attached Image

    Select "Enabled", and in the "If Windows detects a driver file without a digital signature," select "Skip." That's all, you can click "OK" and close the local group policy editor - checking is disabled.
    Attached Image


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    Rep: (0)
    guys, there is such a problem!
    I sewed on the instructions through the fastboot on with the substitution for an unlocked bootloader!
    The phone booted up, everything is fine, then I put TVRP on the instruction! Everything went well!

    but the devil pulled out of the TVRP again to flash, as a result, he received a permanent MI logo.
    when trying to re-enter the TVRP, black screen and reboot! when enabled, the fastboot mode is defined as Diagnostics 900E (COM10)!
    In MiFlash is not defined as COM10, but asd2bdb40e! When trying to flash, it gives outunrecognized error (0x8004005: FAILED remote device is locked. Cannot flash images)

    the first time I flashed normally, without glitches and the first time, it means the problem is not related to the drivers and operating system! (x64 Windows7)!
    Having read the instructions for scratching, I found a difference in the fact that for all the devices everything was exactly defined as COM 9008, and not like my Diagnostics 900E!
    I ask for help, thoughts and ideas out loud!

    Rep: (6)
    * serg_tvr,
    Serg_tvr @ 04/11/2016, 10:50*
    If someone translates IT and puts it in a hat, I think the bricks will be slightly reduced.

    Adapted translation of instructions for creating from the official firmware .zip file suitable for flashing from TWRP without scaling the phone. The original with illustrations here:http://en.miui.com/thread-257262-1-1.html
    Posted by raaj52.

    Adapted translation of the instructions for creating from the official firmware a .zip file suitable for flashing from TWRP without scaling the phone:
    Now we can easily unlock the bootloader in an official or unofficial way. Mogiy then try to flash the official firmware for recovery from TWRP, just like any other zip file being flashed. The result is a BRICK. In this post, I will explain how to modify the official firmware for recovery to get the firmware, safely flashed through TWRP.

    Standard warning: I am not responsible for rigged devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or for what you will burn (will be fired) due to the failure of the alarm application.

    1. Unlocked bootloader.
    2. Installed TWRP.
    3. Computer with Windows.
    4. WinRar / 7zip.
    5. Patience.
    6. Backup.

    1. Open the official firmware in zip format using WinRar / 7zip.
    2. Locate the emmc_appsboot.mbn file in the open archive and delete it from the archive (this may take a long time, depending on the performance of the computer, be patient).
    3. Download the modified emmc_appsboot.mbn via the following link
    https: //drive.google.c....elwRcv3VTRwOTRfalhSTUk
    (all thanks to @magdad for his amazing work).
    4. Drag (using Drag and drop) the modified emmc_appsboot.mbn to the open archive (to the same place where the original version of the file was deleted). At the same time, in the archiver's dialog box, click OK and DO NOT change other parameters (compression method, archive format, etc.).
    5. Download the hacked boot.img for your firmware version from
    (again, all thanks to @magdad for his amazing work).

    If you did not find the modified cracked_boot.img for your firmware version - do not worry, we have a great thread @ feds64. Follow the procedure described in the thread to create your own cracked boot.img.

    6. Rename the downloaded cracked_boot.img to boot.img.
    7. Delete the original boot.img from the archive with your firmware.
    8. Drag (using Drag and drop) the modified and renamed boot.img to the open archive (to the same place where the original version of the file was deleted). At the same time, in the archiver's dialog box, click OK and DO NOT change other parameters (compression method, archive format, etc.).
    9. Now you have made your own official firmware flashing through TWRP. Copy the firmware to your phone and reboot into TWRP.
    10. Make Wipe cache, Dalvik cache, System and Data from TWRP. Do not clear the Internal Storage!
    11. Select Install and select your .zip.
    12. Make Wipe Cache / Dalvik caсhe.
    13. Reboot.

    You did it! Happy stitching!

    Note: I personally tested this and my RN3 works fine. If you do not understand what is written above or you cannot do it - stay away from this instruction, because you easily ruin your phone.
    If the phone does not boot or does not turn on - you can try to pick up the phone with the help of this thread (splitting the phone)http://en.miui.com/thread-235865-1-1.html
    (thanks and thanks @Muz_paray).

    I will add an adapted translation of the instruction: how to make your modified boot.img for flashing the official firmware version via TWRP.
    Original here:http://en.miui.com/for...ight=android%2Bkitchen
    Posted by: feds64

    How to make your modified boot.img for flashing the official firmware version via TWRP.
    1. Download Android Image Kitchen Tool and unpack.
    http: //forum.xda-devel...d=3638835&d=1454959265
    2. Download the .zip image of the official firmware you need for recovery. Unzip it, find boot.img and put it in the folder with Android Image Kitchen. (next to the files cleanup.bat, repackimg.bat, unpackimg.bat).
    3. In the above folder, right-click the boot.img file and drag it to the unpackimg.bat file (the "Open with unpackimg.bat" dialog will appear). Unpacking is performed in command line mode.
    4. Go to the ramdisk folder and find the file fstab.qcom.
    5. Open the fstab.qcom file with any text editor and use the "search" function to find in the text all the values ​​"verify" (without quotes, exactly as written, without a space between the comma and the word) and carefully delete them. Save the file.

    Example: from the text “wait, verify / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / userdata” we get “wait / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / userdata”.

    6. Now we need to pack the modified boot.img. Run the repackimg.bat file, this will create a new boot file called image-new.img. (Before transferring the image-new.img file to the firmware, rename it to boot.img).
    7. So you made a modified file with the modifications that are required in order to flash through TWRP.

    WARNING: At your own risk. Firmware can turn your phone into a BRICK.


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    Rep: (109)
    The modem will only be flashed with an unlocked bootloader!

    Instructions for installing a modem from Global 7.1.7 on any other firmware:

    1.Download modem fileNON-HLOS.bin
    2. Throw in one folder with fastboot.exe
    3.Proshit team
    fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
    through the command line.

    UPD: I tried to flash a modem from Global 7.1.7 on Xiaomi.eu 6.4.9 - 4G appeared on the first slot (Speedtest 24Mbit / s issued).
    UPD2: The second slot also has 4G. The reception level shows less than Global 7.1.7, but the speed and stability of the network is the same (c 4G does not fly off even if there are no reception strips).

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    Rep: (28)
    Recovery / Change Imei

    What is required:
    1) Presence of root rights
    2) A set of tools fromAttached fileIMEI restore tools.rar(16.6 MB)

    3) Any hex editor

    This guide is based onthis materialfrom comrade DrWillz, for which he has a separate respect. However, the approach was changed in favor of editing the qcn file (which allows you to change both Imei), rather than the values ​​in the phone itself. All this is done at your own risk!

    - Unpack the contents of the archive
    - Open the imei.qcn file with a hex editor and look for values
    08 8A 96 72 01 42 99 81 05 - Sim1
    08 8A 96 72 01 42 99 81 86 - Sim2

    Attached Image

    Attached Image

    The Imei data, judging by the site, is valid, but I generated them to be something to rely on.
    - Open the program Imei Converter from the archive, enter the target decimal Imei in the left margin and get its hex version
    Attached Image

    - Replace the received hex version of one of the imei in the file (or both), save
    - Turn on USB debugging, if this has not already been done
    - Go to the unzipped adb folder (you may already have a similar one)
    - Enter the command
    adb devices

    and make sure the phone is detected (or we check that debugging is enabled and debugging with BB is enabled)
    - Next, enter and confirm access root on the phone when prompted
    adb shell
    setprop sys.usb.config diag, adb

    Attached Image

    At this point, the phone will disconnect from the debugging interface, but this is normal, the device has entered diagnostic mode. Go to the device manager and check that Com-port diagnostics has appeared.
    Attached Image

    - Among the unzipped material we find and install QPST (better immediately with msi)
    - Run QPST and see if the phone is found.
    Attached Image

    - If the phone was found immediately go further, if the window is empty go to the Ports section and add the COM port that appears. The device showed up.
    Attached Image

    Attached Image

    Attached Image

    - Go to the menu StartClients ->Software Download
    - In the window that appears, we are interested in two tabs: Backup and Restore. If you can, it’s best to back up your current settings.
    Attached Image

    Attached Image

    - Go to Restore, specify the modified .qcn file and click Start. The firmware process will take a couple of minutes, after which you need to reboot the device.

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    Rep: (151)
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    General questions on firmware, root, unlock, etc.
    1. I bought the device on which the firmware version: / 7.1.19 / / (LHOCNCL) or some not yet clear. What it is? What should I do? Do I need to flash?
    2. After the official unlock, being on the Chinese developer firmware, is it possible to safely flash the latest versionGlobal stable ? Will unlock fly?
    3. I have firmware xxx, the loader is open, the custom kernel is stitched, it costs twrp and root. Will OTA updates come and how best to sew them?
      • The state of the loader and the presence of TWRP does not affect the arrival of OTA. Everything will come like the rest. BUT, it is possible to flash these OTA only throughZCX-TWRP-3.0.2 . Or, download the full firmware and sew manually through any TV.
        After the firmware, re-sew the root, fashion, patches, kernels, etc. Do not forget to patch the boot (see the description of the installed twrp)

    4. Will updates come whennotofficial unlock loader, is it safe to update? Do I need to make preliminary manipulations before the update?
      • Will come. But sew them can't . Reason - OTA replaces your modified emmc_appsboot.mbn on stock and hello brick !

    5. If producednotofficial unlock Is it possible to safely flash up to the latest Global Stable for TWRP or any custom firmware? Will there be a recovery after flashing?
    6. If producednotofficial unlock , Is it possible to return the phone to the state before unlocking? Or to "unlock" unlock if permission is obtained?
      • Can. It is enough to flash the full firmware via MiFlash or Mi PC Suite.

    7. What firmware should be installed beforeofficial unlocking?
      • Developer . Installation options 2:
        1. Downloading UpdaterApp -version, put in the phone memory in a folder downloaded_rom . Next Update - Menu (3 points above) - Specify the firmware file. - The method may not always work or does not work at all and there will be an error.Can't Verify . The reason is not clear, there is no cure, there will be no bricks. Use other methods!
        2. Downloadingfastboot-version and via MiFlash according to this instruction:Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.x - 6.x) (Post byboyko # 51003896)
      • There is an option to unlock on others, in particular onGlobal stable but the probability is extremely small. You can try, the brick will not be, if it does not work out - Developer .

    8. How to make a backup (saving the system image)before installing TWRP? Is it possible, in particular, to the Chinese original firmware?
      • Not. A complete image of the system can not be done. You can save individual data. To do this, use the specials. programs: Software catalog - Android or utilities from Xiaomi: Mi PC Suite Or regular tool: Settings - Restore and reset - Local backup

    9. If there is a globalka on the left unlock with a root, then is it possible to make a backup via TWRP and restore it to the same version of the globalka only from the office. unlock
      • Can. Through TWRP.

    10. Can I install TWRP on a non-unlocked bootloader?
      • Not!

    11. Is it possible to flash the body in fastboot mode (by pressing the buttons, volume down + power on) on the locked bootloader?
      • Not. On a locked body, nothing to flash through the fastbootcan not! Crawling mode fasboot edl and flashing through MiFlash.

    12. Is the Play Market installed on the global firmware, do I need to separately flash gapps via TWRP?
      • Installed. In addition, nothing is needed!

    13. Is it necessary to do something beforehand in recovery, when switching from Global to Developer?
      • You need to do wipes of the data and system sections.

    14. I experimented with the firmware and got a bootlap. Backup did not. Is it possible to return the phone to its previous state without data loss?
    15. After the update, the pattern and / or password are not accepted. What to do?
      • dantist_140 @ 11/04/2016, 15:23*
        Via TWRP-file manager, delete files:
        • /data/system/gesture.key
        • /data/system/gatekeeper.password.key
        • /data/system/gatekeeper.pattern.key
        • /data/system/password.key

    16. How to downgrade / upgrade the firmware version, i.e. flash on previous / next? How to switch to another branch of firmware?
    17. I have official firmware. Why is there no upgrade to a newer one?
      • Possibly disabled "MIUI Optimization" in the section for the developer. To receive OTA updates, this item must be enabled.
      • It is also important to understand that the update comesgradually ... and not all at once. Much depends on the regions and on the firmware itself. Wait!

    18. Which firmware / kernel is better, more stable? Should I go with the firmware / core XX to the firmware / core XX?
      • There is no better firmware. Each user has his own set of programs and his own way of using the phone. The same firmware from different people can behave differently! The best will be the one on which you flush completely and sit for a week. If there are no bugs and / or problems, then this is what you need!
        Should I go or not - you decide!
      • Goodlife9 @ 08/19/2016, 01:49*
        It is the same, except for what is written in the change log. Our phone is brought to mind, you can even sit on the very first MIUI8 firmware calmly and enjoy life. And then the question about the assembly in which the output difference in one week.
        You do not ask a specific question, and how many people - so many opinions. Why do you need someone else's opinion?
        If you have some kind of error in the work - ask if it was fixed in the new firmware.
        If everything works for you, don’t bother with the phone, if you see significant changes, then update yourself.

    19. Very often, the "mobile data transfer" in the phone does not turn on, only distortion in the network priority settings helps. How to treat?
      • Include in the menu for developers the item "Switch from WI-FI to data transfer"

    20. How to switch phone connection modes MTP / PTP / Charging only?
    21. How to remove TWRP, Ruth, block the boot? Revert to the original state?
      • Flash any firmware (bestGlobal stable ) via MiFlash with cleaning and blocking: clean all and lock
        Attached Image

    22. After the update / firmware problems appear, bugs (the speakers do not work, battery charger, fingerprint bugs, WiFi bugs, etc.)How to cure them?
      • Most problems are treated with full firmware MiFlesham withfull clearing all data. Yes, precisely with full cleaning! Try flashing different firmware versions and watch for bugs.

    23. After the OTA update, the phone began to fail, there were various problems, brakes, bugs, arbitrary reboot, etc. What to do?
    24. How to get to the engineering menu and radio module settings menu?
      • We dial in the dialer command * * * * # 6484 # * # * or * # * # 4636 # * # * acc.

    25. Is there a way to fasten Quick Charge to official firmware?
      • Not. By the official until you can not fasten.

    26. I have encrypted the data section in TWRP. Nothing is displayed ... empty. Size shows 0 MB. What to do?
    27. What is the difference between MIUI Android 5.1.1 and Android 6.0.1?
    28. If you have problems with recovery / TWRP.
      • How to enter the recovery: hold "Volume +" to turn on the phone.
      • If the recovery was established successfully, but the phone does not enter it:decision
      • If, after fixing higher in recovery, you cannot mount / cache:TWRP>Cleaning>Selective cleaning>cache>Restore or change file system>Change file system>EXT4
      • If the phone hangs on the MI logo after installing TWRP: install the kernel patch embedded inTWRP +

    29. How to remove / disable recommendations in folders?
      • Click on the Edit Folder Name and switch
        Attached Image

    30. Applications for the camera and file managers can not write / erase / change anything on the SD card, what should I do?
    31. How to set up / select the default table?
    32. When will make a set of T9 and Russian letters in the contact list in the Global firmware? How to fasten it yourself?
      • Officially - no way! These functions have not been and will not be!
        Xiaomi did not promise anyone this time.
        Working T9 in LANs - only the enthusiasm of people - is two.
        Three - I’ll reveal a secret: in bare Android, on any Nexus there is no such possibility. All yuzayut search over.
        Reinvent yourself a couple of times, and for the third time you will automatically use the search bar.
        And T9 in the official MIUI in the dialer does not work even from the time when Xiaomi did not do phones, but was engaged only in MIUI firmware.
        And to ask here every time when a new OFFICIAL version is released, and T9 appeared, it's just silly.
        T9 is implemented only in localized and custom. To the official screw through modules Xposed ... or use the search on top of the dialer.
        Attached Image
        . You can also try these patches:Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.x - 6.x) (Post dinaslav # 48898186)

    33. How to disable system applications?
      • Settings - Applications - Disable. If the buttoninactive - then nothing.
        Get root and delete!

    34. After the firmware / update, the network / connection failed / does not work, the SIM cards / SIMs stopped working. What to do?
      • This is a problem builds on Android 6.0.1 ... starting with version 6.9.9 and higher. There is no definite treatment. But as an option, you can roll back to the previous firmware, on which there were no problems with the network. If it doesn't help, try these versions:
        • V6.7.21 Android 5.1.1
        • V6.8.25 Android 6.0.1
        sewwith cleaning data!
        Read more here:Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.x - 6.x) (Post kypbep # 53097553)

    35. How to distinguish Redmi Note 3 Pro from Redmi Note 3 ProSpecial Edition?
      • The difference in physical dimensions.
        • Dimensions Redmi Note 3 ProSpecial Edition: 152.5 x 76 x 8.65 mm
        • Dimensions Redmi Note 3 Pro: 150 x 76 x 8.7 mm.

        Also, you can find out the exact model through AIDA64. Kate - SE, Kenzo - Normal version.
        Attached Image

        Do not confuse the firmware for these devices. Attempting to flash SE with any firmware from the header will make of the phonebrick!

    Solving problems with ADB, fastboot, MiFlash, driver, scratching
    When the following messages appear in MiFlash:
    - destructive crash 0x8000ffff
    - not enough memory to process the command (different code)
    - send configure command (more than 3 minutes)
    - receiving hello package (more than a minute)
    - end of file reached (different code)
    - required resource is busy
    It is necessary to disconnect the cable from the phone, wait 3-5 seconds, hold down the power button and hold for a long time until the mi logo appears, then release. After loading the phone, flashing the body again by connectingUSB cable to another connector (only not USB3.0). The phone should only be in fastboot edl mode. You may also need to restart the PC, and once again - check all the drivers. If all else fails, then you need to remove all usb device drivers viaUSBDeviewand try to install zanogo.
    If the "HS-USB Diagnostics 900E (COM-xx)" equipment is observed in the device manager, it means that the phone's CPU has switched to the service mode. The solution is above.
    Installation of the Qualcomm (Relink) HS-USB QDLoader 9008 driver requires installationMi PC Suite.

    • To transfer the phone to EDL, if nothing helps (for flashing via MiFlash / MiPhone), you can try holding down the volume buttons (both), connect the USB cable (the phone must be turned off).

    The command in fastboot to check the status of the bootloader.
    fastboot oem device-info

    We leave the native recovery intact for OTA updates, having root and unlock.
    It is not necessary to flash TWRP, it is possible to load it separately, without affecting the native recovery.
    Put last imgformTWRP to the folder with fastboot and rename it to twrp.img.
    Execute the commandfastboot boot twrp.img. After the reboot, the native recovery will remain.

    After switching from MIUI8 or CM13 (Android 6.0.1) to any previous firmware (Android 5.1.1)blocked boot.
    To re-unlock useMiFlashUnlock.

    For those who like to look for workarounds for the firmware of the device, without installing Windows, being in * nix systems.
    It does not follow flashing the phone through the "virtual machine". There is a high probability of problems or getting bricks .

    When trying to flash a modem from MIUI firmware to custom (CM, AOSP, etc.) or when switching from custom to office. firmware without following the rules for downgrade - getIMEI reset.

    Simple interface to log into EDL, Fastboot and recovery. From SW.benzolifinil .
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.x - 6.x) (Post benzolifinil # 58646193)

    For those who have Mi Account blocked. From SW.all1651 .
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.x - 6.x) (Post all1651 # 58314937)

    Instructions for unlocking LTE band 20 for our device (conditional unlocking, because there is no hardware support). From SW.klever3 .
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - Official firmware (Post klever3 # 50022522)

    Working with the efs section. Write and read partition with locked bootloader. Backup and rewrite IMEI / MAC / MEID and more. Thank you so much.emusic .
    General principles of restoring bootloaders on Qualcomm (Post emusic # 50332273)

    Repair IMEI after unsuccessful modem firmware. From SW.Woodman46 .
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.x - 6.x) (Post WoodMan46 # 49811592)

    How to make a backup in TWRP. From SW.dantist_140 .
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - Official firmware (Post dantist_140 # 48969554)

    Splash method from the forum en.miui.com.

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    Rep: (30)
    I have been fighting for 4 days in an attempt to revive a brick.
    It is impossible to transfer to the EDL mode even by closing the contacts.
    The loader is locked, it loads only fastboot.
    Okirpichen after neofits. unlock and firmware via TWRP with patch.butom

    Rep: (1791)
    How to make a backup in TWRP
    1. Go to TWRP - When turned on, hold the Volume Up.
    2. Backup - Select Storage - MicroSD
    3. Mark the following sections:System, Data, Boot, Recovery.
    4. Follow the arrowSwipe to backup
    5. Go drink tea and return in 5 minutes!
    6. The log should be writtenBackup complete.
    7. Click Reboot System - PROFIT!

    PS: More information about TWRP can be found in this topic: TWRP recovery FAQ

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    Rep: (285)
    now indulged with unofficial unlocking.
    (I am writing this remark, because I have not seen anything like this in posts)

    caught the next moment (so far I can’t confirm it, because a one-time accident could have taken place) - if the “unlocked” bootloader is flooded via MiFlash (along with firmware), if you don’t perform a unlock operation (fastboot oem unlock-go), then the phone goes away in "soft brick" (shuts up on Diagnostic 900E). and notest points give nothing(tested on a clean Win7x64 system, with which QDLoader 9008 has already returned).
    then it turned out that I had the unlocked bootloader flooded! I rebooted into fastboot and unlocked it. after which the body normally loaded ...
    China Dev 6.4.14 firmware

    from all this, two suspicions arose:
    1. "unlocked" bootloader does not allow to boot in 9008
    2. (conclusion following from item 1) it is possible that this "unlocked" bootloader is NOT from XRN3Pro

    UPD. Apparently, the matter is different, because the body already does not want to go into 9008 :(

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