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В®DualBootPatcher | Multi-loaded into any drive smartphones and tablets

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Last update of the program in the header:14.02.2019

Additional screenshots
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For the operation of the program requires root user rights.

Short description:
DualBootPatcher (MULTI-BOOT) can patch firmware (ROM), flash and run them on any disk (memory section) of smartphones and tablets.

DualBootPatcher can patch firmware to run them in any drive, mainly on Samsung Exynos and Qualcomm. It has a built-in emulator to flash without recovery.
Allows you to install multiple ROMs simultaneously. It works by correcting the script for installing other ROMs and images for downloading files to ROM in different sections (System, Internal memory (SdCard), Data, External memory (ExtSdCard). In order to realize this, no changes in the main ROM Not needed.

With the help of DualBootPatcher, you can patch and flash in ZIP format:
- Custom kernels to support Multi-Downloads
- Virtually any ROM, so it can be installed in other device drives
- GAPPS for AOSP based ROMs
- SuperSU so that it can be used in other firmware
- Of. Xposed Framework assembly ...... ITD

  • To get started, it is strongly recommended to read with Resource rules and Rules section Rules section and FAQ on creating and updating topics
  • The administration of the resource and the authors of the manuals are not responsible for the erroneous or incorrect actions of the owners with their device.
  • All operations with your phone, you do at your own risk.
  • Be sure to make a full backup before any manipulations with the device!
  • Before posting photos, read the topic Working with Images on the forum
  • Messages that are not related to the topic of discussion (offtopic) are deleted without warning.

The most detailed instruction on how to install multiple firmware on your phone.

List of supported devices

Short instructions from the site
Description of sections:
Primary (Primary) : This is usually used to install a zip to the primary ROM. This is not necessary, but recommended because it has a code to prevent lightning from unintentionally affecting other drives.
Secondary (Dual / Secondary): Secondary is the first multiboot installation site. It installs a system partition. This is a good place to install a second ROM, because it does not affect the internal memory space.
Multi slot: There are three of them: multi-slot - 1, multi-slot - 2, multi-slot - 3. These settings are in the cache section. This is especially for devices like the Galaxy S4, which have a large cache section.
Data slot: There can be an unlimited number of data slots. These settings in the data section and occupy space in the internal memory. This is useful for devices where the system partition is almost full and the cache partition is small. These slots are called "data-slot- [id]"
1.-Install the DualBootPatcherAndroid app
2.-Open the app and go to "ROM" in the navigation bar. There will be a question whether you want to install the kernel. Agree.
Go to "Patch archive" in the navigation bar and patch the ROM or ZIP you want to install. You can choose one of the installation locations described above.
There are two ways to flash patched archive. You can either flash from recovery or flash it using flash application functions.
Flash through Recovery
For firmware through Recovery, simply flash the patched archive, like any other ZIP. Reliable and simple option.
Flash through flash application
To use the flash application, go to "ROM" in the navigation bar, click the floating button in the lower right corner, and add the ZIP you want to install. You can queue several archives and all of them will be placed one time. After you have added all the zip archives that you want to flash, click on the checkmark in the action bar, and they will immediately.
(Googol translation from the site corrected)
My personal experience
It was possible to launch 4 Roma on S4mini, but it's okay ... the trick is that the first rum is definitely our masterpiece STE, the second AOSB_KK, the third AICP_LP, and the fourth R.REMIX_MM ..., I launched the second in the system section (there from STE still left space), the third in the internal sdCard (pre-cleaned) and the fourth on the ExtsdCard (without cleaning)
So, I have S-T-E_5.2.1, TWRP, and the kernel "Silviu" on my i9195, do not know if this is important ...
1) Install DualBootPatcherAndroid:
It can patch zip and flash without recovery, using the built-in emulator ... It can do a lot of things.
The first thing you need to do is, via DualBootPatcherAndroid, designate the main ROM (in my case S-T-E) as Primary ROM
2) in the menu>flash zip file>Click on the smooth button (+) to add a file, ROM and patch it as a secondary ROM. To choose>will keep>click on the check mark; Rum is ready for firmware.
3) To flash it: menu>select ROM>poke on the smooth button (+)>choose zip file "dual">will appoint as secondary>to continue>will keep>click on the check mark>reload ...
I advise you to always reboot do the usual (not fast) to spend less battery.
After the reboot, install the DualBootPatcher again and I advise you to switch each time to the primary "Primary" rum to install the rest.
To sew the third: patches it and in the menu>select ROM>will assign it as the "DATA slot">call it whatever you like (for example, aicp- (only Latin letters)>continue>save>click on the check mark ....... Reload.
To sew the fourth process is also the same but assign it as "Extsd Slot"
If suddenly it does not start, install DualbootUttilites through rekkaveri (this will be the AromaInstaller menu) and go there to any rum (not difficult)
If DualBootPatcherAndroid swears with Carbon-type rum (in my case), then patch it with the help of DualBootPatcher on your computer (in the archive) and install it through rekkaveri.
P.s. I propose these particular Roma because I put them without any problems. If you can not run in this order, I advise you to put in the first place on ExtsdCard and then the rest.
If the ROM has an aroma installer, patch it using DualBootPatcherAndroid but stitching through rekakveri, and so all zip files like GAPS, SHRYFTY are installed too ... and so on.
If the error is on MIUI
Sometimes MIUI sometimes writes an error when installing the firmware at the very end of the installation, so sometimes (I almost always) help to do the following: Start the Root Explorer and go to the root of the system and remount the root of the system in RW, then go to the system folder, and also remount it In RW, turning Root Explorer without closing we put the firmware through the Dual Boot Patcher and the firmware is normally installed without RO errors.
This is useful to those who write an error in the log when installing, associated with mounting the system (Read Only).
One solution for installation problems
The fact that your device is in the list of supported devices does not guarantee the operation of the program.
It's not just the core, which may not be supported.
The problem may be in the file build.prop, in which in the line ro.product.device = the modeller can prescribe something of his own.
In this case, just rewrite this parameter so that it becomes like in stock.
How to clean tails before installing a new version of DualBoot.
Come into RootExplorer, you get to the example in the internal memory or SD card, or a pair of push once on the "Parent Folder" and you get to the root of the system, falls to the bottom and among the ramdisk kernel files looking for these files: device.json, mbtool, mbtool .sig, romid delete them (can not attend all watching what version of Dual Boot standing up), there is at the root folder of the system are looking for: multiboot and mbtool_exec_tmp, delete them, you come there in the root folder of the system in the data and looking for a folder: multiboot , delete it, you come to the raw folder (the same place at the root of the system) and are looking for the cache directory, you enter into it and are looking for or you see a folder (if one): multiboot, you delete it, you come to the cache folder (the same place in the system root) and see multiboot folder, delete it, you come to the internal memory, and are looking for a folder: multiboot, delete it. That's it, all the files of the old version removed. (Once the AIC itself, just in case you can remove) .Place the new version and go into it, give root access, then install the kernel on the host system (in Dual Boot Patcher) and later on it is renew the ram disk (in Dual Boot Patcher). Restart. Should work.
PS: forgot to add, in the root of the system you find the file: default.prop, open it through a text editor and delete these lines:
ro.patcher.use_fuse_exfat = false (questionable, I did not delete)
ro.multiboot.version = 9.1.0.r65.g0c4207b (here is your version of Dual Boot)
ro.multiboot.romid = primary
ro.patcher.blockdevs.base = / dev / block / platform / soc.0 / 7824900.sdhci / by-name / dev / block / platform / 7824900.sdhci / by-name / dev / block / bootdevice / by -name
ro.patcher.blockdevs.system = / dev / block / platform / soc.0 / 7824900.sdhci / by-name / system, / dev / block / platform / 7824900.sdhci / by-name / system, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / system, / dev / block / mmcblk0p23
ro.patcher.blockdevs.cache = / dev / block / platform / soc.0 / 7824900.sdhci / by-name / cache, / dev / block / platform / 7824900.sdhci / by-name / cache, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / cache, / dev / block / mmcblk0p25
ro.patcher.blockdevs.data = / dev / block / platform / soc.0 / 7824900. / bootdevice / by-name / userdata, / dev / block / mmcblk0p31
ro.patcher.blockdevs.boot = / dev / block / platform / soc.0 / 7824900.sdhci / by-name / boot, / dev / block / platform / 7824900.sdhci / by-name / boot, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / boot, / dev / block / mmcblk0p22
ro.patcher.blockdevs.recovery = / dev / block / platform / soc.0 / 7824900.sdhci / by-name / recovery, / dev / block / platform / 7824900.sdhci / by-name / recovery, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / recovery, / dev / block / mmcblk0p26
ro.patcher.blockdevs.extra = / dev / block / platform / soc.0 / 7824900.sdhci / mmcblk0p30, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / cust, / dev / block / mmcblk0p30, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / modem, / dev / block / mmcblk0p1, / ​​dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / aboot, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / abootbak, / dev / block / bootdevice / by- name / hyp, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / hypbak, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / rpm, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / rpmbak, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / sbl1, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / sbl1bak, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / splash, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / tz, / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / tzbak
DualBoot Instructions
How to put on a second Miui Xiaomi phones
Solving problems for some Xiomi, maybe others in discarding in rekaveri
One way to solve problems for MIUI
CWM / TWRP possible error codes
Another installation instruction
Instructions for launching DualBootPatcher on devices that are not in the list of officially supported ones.


Russian interface: Yes
Developer: chenxiaolong
Homepage: XDA

All versions can be taken here.
Latest version 9.3.0.r957.gb5a1fb03
1.2 MTK Mod
Working version for PC with x64
Lightweight mods fromAlex.Strannik
Past versions

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Rep: (47)
Guys like to switch to the main dualbut firmware?

Rep: (5)
* Demon5 , * Demon5 , * Demon5 , The flashing menu item, then choose the firmware and reboot, you're in the selected firmware.

Rep: (454)
* Demon5 ,
Set dualbut the current firmware and switch

Rep: (47)
Pishet.Ne managed switch proshivku.Blin again that if I meow again stavit.Pechalka.

Rep: (5)
On the main it must in any case be switched. Rekoveri break through, with the utility.

Rep: (47)
The utility is also not a hochet.Kapets to.Utilita writes that with this name the phone is not podderzhivaetsya.Pridotsya sewn.

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The cap is eating a reference to the xda. There you can download. And so on this page just above there.http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d...9.1.0.r34.g28121ca.zip

Rep: (2)
Greetings to all! The problem is this: on miyui and the second firmware (ressurection remix N) should whatsapp, when switching from one firmware to another votsapp asked again to enter a phone number and come SMS with a password. So if you often switch between the firmware, the SMS need to wait a few hours or more, but there is an option to request a call from a password, but also their number is limited in time. Titanium backup tried to do on one and restore the firmware on the other - it is the same, that if re-download from the Market. Maybe there are other options?

Rep: (1109)
In the new version when you install the second firmware sypyatsya oshibki.Na eighth version without problem.Zato all put on the new backup and recovers without any problems.

Rep: (2660)

libmbp: MultiBootPatcher: Bump maximum boot.img size to 50MB

Attached fileDualBootPatcherAndroid-9.1.0.r43.g6387cf5-snapshot.apk(14.04 MB)

Attached fileDualBootUtilities-9.1.0.r43.g6387cf5.zip(1.18 MB)

Rep: (2660)
How to put the phone in his hand two or more firmware. DualBoot.

What is DualBoot?
When two or more versions of the operating system installed on your phone (for example: Android 7.1 and Android 4.4), with the possibility of choosing one of them.

Pros DualBoot: Opportunity to put two or more versions of the operating systems with different functionality, such as: firmware based TouchWiZ and AOSP.

Cons DualBoot: Free your phone memory or SD card will decrease by 3-6 GB

1. Preparation.
  • Make a backup of all data via rekaveri and copy them to a PC or external memory card !!!
  • Download the necessary files to your phone:
    • Hence swing app for Android Attached Image- version of the program can be anything.
    • And the PC application Attached Image- version of the program can be anything.
    • Second firmware file that you want to put the second rum (Attention!to see thatcoresecond flashsupported Dualboot) Or was it build.propyour phone model!(Find string ro.build.product = YOUR MODELRead more in the latest spoiler )
  • Charge your phone for at least 60%.
2. Preparation of the second firmware. Put on your first (main) .apk file firmware you downloaded from the site. Put, run, Ruth and allow the pop-up window, click "Now"
Attached Image

Now there are two ways:A.Patch .zip firmware via phone (which will take longer)B.Patch via the PC. I will tell you two ways.

A. smartphone.Go to the application is put before - "DualBootPatcher". Run. Go to the "Patch Zip firmware" then click on the "red plus" in the lower right corner, choose the second firmware, configure your phone version and in which slot will be set, for example, / data (if you put in the / data then choose Data-slot if what the other - look and look desired slot), a field where there is a "1" - the number of the second firmware (choose any figure, the main thing to remember - this is a slot into which you put a firmware implemented to be able to put one firmware. in / data-1, the second in / data-2, third ... and so on). And click "Continue". Everything went firmware patch.
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

B. PC.Similarly as in the phone. Extract from the archive: "DualBootPatcher win32.zip".exe file and all other filesand put the program on your PC. In the window, select the following parameters:
Attached Image

Where: "Device" - the model of your phone, "Install to" - in which slot will be put. (You can choose a different slot, all similar in the app on your phone). Then click "Choose file" and choose the very second firmware, which will be put. Everything went firmware patch.

3. Installation:Now that you've patched firmware file with the second, it must add "weight" (3 - 8 megabytes), and Title Add a slot where you patch it (for example, if I put the firmware inData-slotand put the number "1"At the end of file names will be:... data-slot.1.zip or something like that). Now it is small, and making sure that theYou make a backupAnd that the firmware should a kernel that supports DualBoot (or build.prop spelled ityour phone model), You can start. Go to rekaveri (Do not put the patched file from underOdin'a, otherwise you will kill your phone!) And setPatching.zip with the second firmware. All. Now when you reboot from rekaveri in, you will find yourself in the second firmware (butanimatsiya will go from the second firmware). We set up a second firmware, porting applications, contacts, etc. (if you want to).

P.S.If you've got butlup, then the core of the second firmware does not support DualBoot (or build.prop spelled not the phone model). Look core that will support it, patched it through an application on your PC and place as well as becoming the second firmware, or tweak a file build.prop line ro.build.product = ON your phone model, or reboot into rekaveri downloadfrom here, Put this file:Attached Imageand switch to the first (primary) Rom.

4. Conclusion:Now to reboot first (main) firmware, it is necessary to put the second Rom, already familiar to us the application: "DualBoot patcher", allow Root and click the pop-up window: "Now." All you can now switch between the firmware.
All of your files (video, photos, music) are available in the File Manager from both a first and a second of the firmware. (exactlyfilesAnd not the application!)

5. Note:Do not forget, if something needs to be establish through rekaveri inthe secondfirmwarepatch file in the same way as the firmware. Thus, filling any ukrashalki, gapps, purification from excess software scripts,pre Patches them through the program on the PC or on the phone. If the target rum / data - Patch to use the archive to / data.Otherwise kill the main rum!

Supplement (MUST READ)
Previously, when I delved into dualbute I rested only dualbuta support in the kernel. And I looked for the kernel that supports it. But now I have found an indirect solution to the problem if the core is not and you have a second firmware is based on cyanogenmod (lineageOS). Because any file with the firmware, you can unpack, edit and re-assemble and sign, the work will not make edit build.prop.

Find the line ro.build.product = (and immediately after the symbol=cost phone model) If there is worth precisely your model, you can go quietly and put a patch over rekaveri.

If the model is different (for example you have a firmware ported) is changing the word after the sign=on your model.

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Rep: (413)
Guys what could be the reason? My smart officially supported (Xiaomi Redmii 3 Pro codename ido) but in piercing sew any write error: failed to resolve symlink proc / self / fd 54 or 50 or 53 depends on the EEPROM which is sewn. This is all new patcher versions 9.1x, on 9.0.0r110 everything works fine. Thanks in advance for your reply.
Attached Image

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Rep: (2660)
* Jimm85 And through rekaveri tried to flash?

Posted on 12/04/2016, 12:02:

* alex_shadow2014 Only if the developer adds.

Rep: (413)
* Nik2001Nik3006,
No not set, please tell me how? Just patched flash file?

Rep: (413)
* Nik2001Nik3006,
So put normally (via rekaveri), and does not want for some reason the program. :(. Do not tell me how to contact the developer? I want to unsubscribe to it that would be corrected. Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Rep: (2660)
* Jimm85 Generally I do not recommend to sew through a program. still through rekaveri it through rekaveri. You do when you delete or do a system reboot the phone?

Rep: (4)
What is the problem ?
Attached Image

Rules section and FAQ on creating topics
- when adding screenshots to a message, remove images under the spoilerHow to clean the image under the spoiler .

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Rep: (3481)
* Nik2001Nik3006,
* Jimm85
Share your experience through both rekaveri set? :)

Rep: (140)
Tobesonn @ 04.12.16, 21:44*
What is the problem ?
The problem is that you patch and sewn as the main "Primary" ... it is necessary to select a different section

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Rep: (4)
* franguer Not the right location?

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