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Rules section "Mobile Camera"

  1. Fully in the section areGeneral Forum Rules.
  2. The section discusses all issues related to the camera of your smartphone / tablet / other device.
  3. In the topics sectionallowed :
    • discuss the technical parameters of the camera and solve problems related to it;
    • discuss shooting techniques best suited to a particular device;
    • discuss the most appropriate photo accessories for your devices (for example, lenses, tripods);
    • share views on software (for example, camera applications, mobile editors, device firmware versions) that allow you to receive photos and videos of the best quality;
    • publish photos in accordance with the rules for publishing pictures.
  4. note :
    • Create camera discussion topics for devices in the section New items prohibited .
    • issues not related to the camera are discussed in the profile topics: the operation of the device is discussed in the topic of discussion of the device, the firmware in the topic of firmware, autonomy in the topic of autonomy;
    • software is discussed and published in the relevant topics on a particular program;
    • only constructive criticism of other people's pictures is welcomed;
    • for disputes about the quality of shooting a particular apparatus, there is a special topic:My phone shoots better! Such discussions outside this topic will be considered a flood and should be deleted;
    • Considering the above, messages can be deleted without warning, and their authors can be punished.
  5. Posting rules:
    • images should be publishedin the spoiler (read - how to remove the image under the spoiler );
    • if you are going to make a comparison of cameras or want to comment on each image - make one “big” spoiler in which you place all the photo material with the text;
    • the presence of EXIF ​​in the image metadata is welcome.
  6. Announcement: Fundraising for the purchase of something and anyone is FORBIDDEN !!!

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Template caps for the camera discussion topic in this section.

  • We are very pleased that you have read the topic before the second post. Here you will find the template caps and instructions for its use. It will be very good if you use all this when creating a theme.

Click here to view.
Camera talkDevice_name
Description | Discussion | Firmware | Purchase | Camera talk

spoiler name
spoiler name

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.
Click here to get the code to insert into the editor.
[size = 4] Camera talk [b] Device_Name [/ b] [/ size]
[size = 1] [color = gray] other_device_name [/ color] [/ size]
[url = "http: // link_а_DevDb"] Description [/ url] | [url = "http: // link_to_them_of_of_ discussion"] Discussion [/ url] | [url = "http: // link_to_the_the_program"] Firmware [/ url] | [url = "http: // link_to_them_purchase"] Purchase [/ url] | [b] Camera talk [/ b] [url = "http: // link_to_the_theme & view = getnewpost"] "[/ url]

[color = royalblue] [b] [list]
[*] In the subject are all [url = "http: //"[[colorcolor=crimsonERT Forum Rules [/ color] [/ url] and [url = "http: //""colorcolor=crimson[Руила [/ color] [/ url];
[*] Useful topics to note: [url = "http: //""colorcolor=limegreen[FAQ by forum [/ color] [/ url] | [url = "http: //"[[colorcolor =limegreenKak remove images under spoiler [/ color] [/ url] | [url = "http: //"[[colorcolor=blue List of the “Photos” section [/ color] [/ url];
[*] The main rule of the section: issues not related to the camera are discussed in the relevant topics on the device;
[*] Instead of the words “Thank you!”, Use [img] http: // / 3rcvjliks4HtTHjs8k01Krz23z1hpUFgEM6A7j9bmhLI.gif [/ img]. If you have less than 15 posts - click on [img] http: // / 3rcvz0NjUIX5ryfgYz00s1KCSsgpWFgZ2ZnDsqcz0o1USc.gif [/ img] under the message, where you helped write and gratitude.
[/ list] [/ b] [/ color]

[spoiler = spoiler name]
[/ spoiler] [spoiler = spoiler name]
[/ spoiler]

[size = 1] [color = "# 00943B"] [i] [b] Topic with no curator. For questions about filling caps, please contact the section moderators via the [img] http: // s / 3rcvz0NjUIX5ryfgYz00s1KCSsgpWFgZ2ZnDsqcz0o1USc.gif [/ img] under the posts to which you must add the links. [/ b] [/ i] [/ color] [/ size]

Click here for instructions on how to edit the template.
The cap consists of four standard blocks:
  1. Rubricator The top block with links to related topics on your device.
  2. Rules. A block of links to the Rules of the topic and section, as well as particularly important administrative information.
  3. Actually hat. Themed spoilers with camera data, shooting techniques and other useful information
  4. Reminder about the possibilities of communication with moderators.
If you are a beginner, check out the illustrated example below. Our artist painted it specifically for you:

Attached Image

Creating a header is very simple:
  1. Replace Device Name with the name of your device, other Device Name with a model or code name; Edit the links so that they lead to relevant topics - discussion, firmware, purchase, accessories. If there are not enough links, add them yourself; if they are redundant, delete them. Insert the URL of the discussion thread in the "" "link.
    You can copy the top block from any other topic on the device, if you have such an opportunity, or ask the moderators for it.
  2. Do not change the block with the Rules.
  3. Place in the spoilers or in place the necessary information (for example, the characteristics of the camera module).
  4. Do not change the connection reminder via the "Complaint" button.

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