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Unlocking XIAOMI Loaders | For all XIAOMI smartphones and tablets (MediaTek & Qualcomm)

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Unlocking XIAOMI bootloaders
PictureMi4c | Mi4s | Mi5 / 5s / 5s plus | Mi6 | Mi Pad 2 | Mi Note Pro | Mi MAX / Pro | Redmi 3 / Pro / 3S / X | Redmi Note 3 / Pro / SE | Redmi Note 4 / X | Redmi Pro | Redmi 4 / A / Prime / X | Mi MIX |
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Important information! Read first.
The theme is common for ALL Xiaomi phone models that require unlocking the bootloader. Having come to this highly specialized branch, you already know why you need unlocking, have a mi account (or you can create it without problems), you can install the firmware and deal with the drivers for the phone (on the computer), you know how to use the command line.

For the official unlock bootloader need fully working phone (tablet) without any reservations.

If the search by topic and header did not give any results:
  • clearly and correctly indicate the model Xiaomi, because on different models different nuances
  • specify the firmware version, as well as localization (official, Miui Pro, multorom, etc.)
  • Questions regarding the firmware (as well as TWRP and root) are discussed in the topic of the firmware of your model.

Models with pre-installed MIUI are unlocked only with the MiFlashUnlock program. Models with a pre-installed android are unlocked only via the command line.

When using the tool, you get a message"Binding time is too short, Less than XX hours"or"After XX hours of trying to unlock the device". This is not a bug (72/720/1440 hours or less), it is now standard counter and can not do and do not accelerate. Just wait. All phones are unlocked right now only the third version of the utility.

From 13.11.2017 models Mi5x, Redmi Note 5A, Redmi 5a get the maximum counter in360hours From the end of December, Redmi 5 / 5plus, Mi Max were added. All subsequent models will also receive such a counter.

From 08/30/2018, the maximum unlock standby counter is set to 720/1440 hours (for fresh models and models that previously had a 360 hour counter). Older models and Pokofon have a maximum counter of 72 hours.

Users of Redmi 5+ (and similar bodies) that have a "Chinese" body with the Vietnamese installed need to install Chinese firmware through a TP (test point), and only after that unlock the bootloader. You can try to change the firmware by Instructions .

As the release of new models, the previous shift in the niche of "old" with a corresponding reduction in the maximum count. Clear boundaries and no deadlines.

In this topic, it is forbidden to discuss issues related to the transfer of an account to unlock (demand, supply, etc.)! Especially since after linking a new account, you get a 72/720/1440 hour counter.

On which devices the bootloader is locked
List of devices with factory loader locking:
all models from November 2015 to the current moment. This refers to the release date of the model on the market, not the date of purchase (by you). Starting with the models Redmi 3, Redmi Note 3, Mi4s and further, more recent.

The list of devices that do not have factory lock, but can also be blocked:
As a result of random / forced firmware data devices on the official firmware, blocking the bootloader.
- Mi Note Pro
- Mi Pad 2
- Mi4c

Mi4c, Mi Note Pro is now officially not unlock. Support vehicles stopped and disconnected from the server.

Sellers, most often, patch the bootloader and install reassembled firmware (to be Russian), but there are devices that are officially unlocked (by the seller’s account).

Drivers and Utilities
Since October 2019 the minimum working version3.3.418.37and it is also recommended at the moment (least of all the problems and bugs with it).

Instructions and other useful information
Official boot loader unlocking is done only on official firmware with stock boot loader and recovery, no patched boot loaders and TWRP, no AOSP and their clones.

Starting with models2018It was regional division models loader level. "Chinese" version of the phone can be locked bootloader firmware only Chinese on board. "Flip Flops" do not take into account. When unlocked, the boot loader can be any firmware. Lock the bootloader on the "Chinese" body established under the global (Russian) insertion is impossible.

Unlock mechanism

FAQ (question-answer)
- What is a bootloader and what is it for?
- The loader is responsible for starting the system, as well as for launching the recovery.

- What is the boot loader unlock for?
- To install custom recovery, which in turn allows you to quickly install and reinstall the system, install various patches, add-ons that improve the performance of the system, add new features, as well as to create and subsequently restore backups.

- Why did Xiaomi block it?
- This is a requirement of Google, as well as for the safety of your data in case of loss of the device.

- Does unlocking bootloader affect warranty?
- Not. More detailed answerhere. But there is a nuance. If you, for example, brought the phone firmware to the bootlap, then it is not covered by the warranty. Those. The warranty is only for hardware. The software part and everything connected with it falls out of warranty.

- howto blockloader back
Method 1. Method 2.

- How to check the status of the bootloader on your phone
Wayvia fastboot, the most reliable option.Check under Linux.

- what firmware you need to pre-install to unlock
WITHthe beginning of 2017 unlock successfully passes and on stable firmware.
Previously, it was necessary to install developer (weekly) firmware for unlock.
ForMi4c and Mi Note Pro , having an unlocked bootloader from the factory, you only need to sew the last ones (starting from April 2016) China Developer Version blocking the bootloader, and only after that unlock it.
Installing official firmware locked boot does not interfere!

- When unlocking occurs hard reset? (factory reset, or data reset)
no, unlike HTC, Motorola unlocking ... unlocking occurs without data loss. Starting with Mi6, Mi Note 3, Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 2s and more recent models - a complete reset occurs. The program will necessarily show a warning if the data will be deleted.

- What does the "factory unlock" item in the menu for developers mean?
- Opens or closes access to the bootloader, an additional security measure. This is NOT an unlock.

- Is it possible to unlock a new (other) phone, if an unlock has already been made from the m-account?
- Can. The number of unlocks is unlimited. But each new phone will have its own time counter. AND
for 1 account ->1 phone per calendar month, i.e. From the 1st of each month you can unlock the next device.

- If you lock the bootloader, then when you re-unlock, wait for the counter again?
- The same phone on the same mi account, after the first unlock, you can unlock at least every 5 minutes. But after leaving the account and changing the firmware, most likely, there will be a counter again.

- When I launch Mi Unlock, I get the message "Not connected to Mi Phone"
- Not installed (or not those) drivers for fastboot (adb).

- When unblocking, I see a message that a part of the functions, including "Finger scanner", "Device search", will be unavailable.
A little misinterpretation (the fault of the translation from Chinese into English and beyond). Functionality will remain and will work. Its PROTECTIVE properties will become weaker, since There will be access to the system and the ability to disable this functionality.

- The bootloader unlocked, but when I try to enter the recovery, I also see the phone with the cable.
This is normal. The type of recovery does not change (there is a recovery with a closed external entrance). This does not interfere with flashing official firmware. Also, you can flash TWRP and use it. Instructions for flashing, TWRP and firmware are looking for in the theme of the firmware of your device.

- Can I get OTA updates after unlocking the bootloader?
- Unlocking the bootloader does not affect the mechanism of OTA updates. As it was with the locked, it will be the same with the unlocked.

- My phone does not load and I cannot unlock the bootloader.
- If you have a "brick", then you must first "pick up" the phone, and only after that unlock the bootloader. And not the other way around.

- I forgot to enter the pattern and can not log in.
- Unlocking the bootloader does not relate to a forgotten pattern key set on the phone’s entrance and to the activated “anti-theft”. First, deal with these problems, and then unlock the bootloader (if you still need to). And not the other way around.

- For how long is permission to unlock the bootloader?
- Permission to unlock the bootloader is given forever. You can use it at any time, not necessarily immediately. Autumn (2016) and February (2017) collapse of Xiaomi databases is a force majeure, not a real revocation of permissions.

- Is it possible to block the bootloader if I have localized firmware and TWRP?
- Locking the bootloader is possible only on the official firmware and native recovery (full flow).

- Is windows important when unlocking?
- Not important. You can unlock on both 32 and 64-bit system. Bitness is sometimes important when flashing.

- When you log into your account gives an error.
- You can try to enter in the login field not a phone number, but an account ID.

- Error "Network Error"
- The problem is in the xiaomi server, the Chinese wall (firewall). You can try to clean the cookies in the browser, use the anonymizer (VPN gateway), for example, some here used TunnelBear, but others can also. For some, this problem occurs on the provider Beeline and helps to enter through another provider.

- When you try to add your phone to the database (via the developer’s menu), we get an error10008
- The problem is in the router / provider / Chinese firewall. You can try to use VPN, for example,So, orSo, orSo.

- When I try to bind the phone through the Mi Unlock status menu (in the developer menu), an error pops up86006
- This sometimes happens on stable firmware. If nothing helps, then put the developer (through the system update).

- When I try to bind the phone through the Mi Unlock status menu (in the developer menu), an error pops up20091
- You can try to makeSoanda continuation. And furthervariation. ANDwarning. an option forRedmi Note 3 Pro SE

- Problems with IP and exceeding the number of requests.
- Oneoption.Secondoption.Thirdoption.Fourthoption.Fifthoption.

- I bought a phone, and he ended up with an unlocked bootloader. How so?
- on the phone, going to the factory with Chinese firmware, sellers often patchatsya bootloader to install a global firmware. But there are also some with unlocked bootloader officially (via the service account).

- When I try to bind the phone in the developer menu, I get the message "connect to the network and try again."
- Sometimes it helps to disable the search location of the phone.

- Unlocked the bootloader, installed TWRP, root. And now the phone shows that the bootloader is locked.
- If magisk is used as root, it hides the real state of the bootloader from the system.

- Constantly in the "press any key to shutdown" fastboot
- Most often, the problem is the unfriendly yusb-ports. Slow, "oak" yusb - the best option. Or look for another computer, or try yusb-hub, better yusb 2.0.

- When unlocking, the program shows an errorдЅїз”Ё жњЄ иѕѕе€° жЊ‡е®љ ж—¶й—ґ пјЊ ж— жі• и§Јй”Ѓ
- Try other versions of MiFlashUnlock

- When you try to link your phone to the Developer menu pops up "Error Code 1"
- Get off the phone from E-Account, restart your phone and re-enter E-Account.

- On a computer processor Ryzen in 99.5% of cases, not be able to unlock the boot loader due to poor compatibility with adb mode.

Unofficial ways to bypass the loader lock
Unofficial bypass of the locked bootloader is not an unlock. Upon subsequent installation of the official or unprepared firmware, you will receive a locked bootloader or bootlap.
Each phone model has its own peculiarities of the detour (if a detour is possible) and its own files necessary for the procedure, therefore it is not possible to use instructions from one model to another. All questions on the firmware ask in the firmware branch of your device. There you will find instructions for installing the firmware, and the necessary firmware.
If your phone model is not here, it means that it is not yet possible to bypass the locked bootloader unofficially or even no one to share such information.
Xiaomi MiPad 2 (latte)
Unlocking the bootloader Xiaomi MiPad 2. It works only on MiPad 2, since it runs on an intel processor.

Redmi Note 3 Pro (kenzo)

Mi4c (libra). Suitable for Mi Note Pro (leo), adjusted for the corresponding firmware
Rollbackon an unlocked bootloader. There are many similar, but many instructions in the network in which it is written that this is “unofficial unlocking”. This is from the ignorance of the authors.
Mi4c and Mi Note Pro, unlike other models, can have 3 bootloader states. More inFAQ.

Redmi 4 Pro (markw)

Redmi 4 Prime (MARKW)

Redmi Note 3 Pro SE (KATE)

Mi4s (aqua)

Redmi 3/3 Pro (ido)

Redmi 3S / 3X (land)

Mi Max (hydrogen)

Redmi Note 5A Lite

Redmi Note 5A Prime

Redmi note 7

Redmi S2 (YSL)

Mi 6

Redmi Note 6 Pro (Tulip)

At the moment, get permission to unlock the bootloader is required. It is given to all by default. Immediately unlocker downloading and start to unlock procedure (counter remains). COUNTER BYPASS NO!

On 30/08/2018 the maximum possible waiting unlock counter is set 720/1440 hours. In reality, more often, sometimes less.

The curator of the topic is scsichnik

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Reason for editing: Redmi Note 6 Pro

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* SIN_BAD, three days correspond with them, all the food breakfast

Rep: (0)
Hello. I Mi4c 3/32 gb. It was approved without the submission of the application. (I do not know how) Once logged on miui / unlock site immediately sent a download Unlock tool. I downloaded and unlocked. It is true there was an error of 50% could not verify device, but after three attempts (press try again) all successfully unlocked. The firmware was 6.1.28 china dev. Used only official developerkami for 3 years, starting from Mi2. There are 1 Mi-account (c 2012 yet). Including the synchronization of photos, notes, call history, SMS. Enabled Find device. Offline Joined about a year and a half ago. Messages not written in the polls was not involved, there is no activity.

Rep: (144)
* Last_astrologer,
And you, when tasted like OEM Unlock included?
Wrote that the system, when the ADB did not work?
What exactly went wrong?

Rep: (0)
I talk to the support about an error of 50%, as well as the language do not speak, do not quite understand what they write me, can look somebody who speaks English?

I: Hello!
Please help. Yesterday received permission to unlock bootloader for Redmi Note 3. Downloaded MiFlashUnlock, went to the account on the phone and in MiFlashUnlock (MI: 1564362118), firmware 6.1.29. 50% gives an error, does not match the account. Tell me what to do? Screenshots are attached.

THEY: Please kindly confirm to us whether you 've sign in your account on the phone,
and whether it's the same account with which you apply to unlock bootloader?
Kindly double check this information and if you need our further assistance, please kindly feedback to us.

I: Hello.
Request for unlock bootloader I approved (I submitted) for the MI account ...... 15 118 (e-mail: ... @ mail.ru tel: +7 ...........) , ek the same account tied to the phone, and this is the account I type in the unlock program. The result is always the same (in the screenshot). What I just did, and the SIM card as phone is activated and locating the device found on your phone and computer. On 50% no matter how (In what could be the problem?

I: How can I confirm that the account is mine?

THEY: Please kindly confirm to us whether you have submit the application with this Mi account ....... 15 118, as you wrote to us before?
And then on your phone please open Mi account APP and check whether the accounts are match.
Kindly send us the screenshots for checking if you need our further assistance, thank you for your kind understanding with us.

THEY: Sorry for the trouble but could you please send us the screenshots for checking?
Please change another computer and see if you could succeed.
If the problem persists, we could send your information to our specialists for checking.

I: Screenshot I posted. Tried on two different computers, on 50% is not ((

THEY: Please kindly note that we have forwarded your case to our specialists for checking.
But it 's better that you can send us the error message which shows the account issue,
that will help us to understand this problem better, thank you for your kind effort in advance.

I: OK.
Where to see the error message which shows the account issue, what would You send?
R. S .: I'm Sorry, I do not speak English, can not understand.

THEY ARE: Thank you for the information update with us,
Please do screenshot of the issue page during your process for us to further check the situation :)

I: Submit a screenshot
THEY ARE: Thank you for the information update with us,
Please do check the mi band if match with the mobile device mi account log in during your bootloader apply online with us.
Please ensure of the consistency of the mi account use :)

I: Sorry, I do not quite understand.
MI account I have a match on the device and unlock it on the PC. As I understand it, for some reason the phone is not being tested on your server (
I tried to log in to your account by email, the phone, the result is the same.

THEY: Please do confirm on the mi account use for the bootloader process.
Kindly check if the mi account you log into mi mobile device is the same mi account you log into for the bootloader apply :)
Please do provide issue page if the issue remains.
Kindly refresh your webpage for the process check :)

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Rep: (141)
Here the answer is the European Center for Xiaomi
Hello Sir / Madam,

Thank you for your support and attention to the company Xiaomi.

Please note that our relevant department is responsible for unlocking the bootloader problem for us.

Please understand that unlocking the bootloader can bring some of your phone's security system risks

So, our relevant department will consider each application quite severely.

We try to provide a safer environment for the use of users, sincerely hope that you could understand.

We are sorry that your request was denied, please note that you can increase the activity with Mi Cloud to MIUI forum, and so on. E.,

in order to increase the possibility of obtaining a permit to unlock the boot loader the next time.

Please understand that you can use to unlock the bootloader again for 30 days.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you experience life, love, happiness and joy!

Best wishes,


Xiaomi The European Customer Service Center

So the steel and wrap it.

Rep: (354)
Oleg Shutov @ 16/02/2016, 11:41*
Standing Chinese weekly, I try to unlock nifiga.

When I was like, I flashed dev from scratch (flash Thule), then the first run brought the account (which it permission), more except vayfay nothing set up

Rep: (285)
SIN_BAD @ 16.02.2016, 10:57*
When I was like, I flashed dev from scratch (flash Thule), then the first run brought the account (which it permission), more except vayfay nothing set up
And besides, I did not set up your account, a pancake.

Rep: (1)
Today, finally I got a sms from Xiaomi "Approved" applied for unlocking on 26 January. I buy smart in MSK firmware stood 7.0.919.0.
Now, as I understand I need to flash complexed to razblochit? Just as I specify something dread zakosyachit))

Rep: (26)
Finally I did get access to unlock your account. First hung by 50% (cant verify device). Then frees all Xiaomi services. I tried again, and began to write about what kinds of information about accounts. Including synchronization and find a phone. Activated phone service (Find the phone sends a SMS). All. Unlock failed. Worth MiuiPro 6.1.29.

Rep: (4)
Specifically, I no dancing with tambourines does not help.
Account is filled to 100%
SIM activated
service is activated
The device is
But all is equal - error 50%

Rep: (4)
Tell me, could not find. Where or where to write in Saporta Xiaomi?

Rep: (144)
* ExtrimVF,
Technical support

Rep: (1979)
ExtrimVF @ 16.02.2016, 12:26*
Tell me, could not find. Where or where to write in Saporta Xiaomi?

[email protected]

Rep: (4)
Most likely standard "ot..s" but may actually wait a couple of days.
All the same, it was NG, the server has not yet had time to properly start the engine :)

answer Saporta
Hi Sir / Madam,


Thank you for the information update with us,
Please do wait for 5 to 10 days for the bootloader server to get refresh and apply online with us again :)
We are sorry for any inconvenience we have brought to you at this moment.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
If you have any further question, please contact us.
May you experience a lifetime of love, happiness and joy!

Best regards,

Rep: (2)
* ExtrimVF, the same thing and that it is better next time to write accurately given permission to unblock

Rep: (4)
filippmarley @ 16.02.2016, 15:20*
ExtrimVF, the same thing and that it is better next time to write accurately given permission to unblock

And they can definitely give permission? Who then was such a precedent?
I thought rather that they stupidly freeze, vryat that what happens after 5-10 days :(

Rep: (17228)
Well the new year in China has not yet konchilsya- It begins on the night of 7 to 8 February and is celebrated for a month. : Rofl:
dayut.a someone who unsubscribe
Hello Sir / Madam,

Thank you for your support and attention to Xiaomi.

Please note that this is the Chinese New Year season, so it may be a response to be delayed, really sorry about this.
Please understand that we expect your case to our specialists for review.
We will come back to you as soon as we receive your information, please kindly wait for our updates then.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Maybe you are experiencing a life of love, happiness and joy!

Best wishes,

although in the long run it at me a long time razblokirovan.i that give off. Unlocking is not clear

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Rep: (0)
Does someone who could unlock the bootloader before IMEI flew in piercing?

Rep: (17228)
* NjordWeiss, well, it is necessary to try
IMEI disappears in piercing modem or modem comprising kastomov. Basically, after the firmware earlier modems over later, as well as in other regions of the modem firmware (which differ from region unit).
look here
for reference
IMEI is stored in the folder / data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI /, but the section / data they do not fly off with a wipe!
IMEI, SN, MAC and so much more interesting and should be stored under / dev / nvram (during the first boot after a wipe of the information takes place in the folder / data / nvram) and no wipe and hardresetah does not fly! It flies mainly due to improper insertion through FlashTool and other experiments with tablicoj EMMC markup.
And maybe even fly if nvram already dead (killed by sellers to sell, or the user handles the curves) and IMEI restored with the help of files / data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI /
Then for each wipe, and so on hardrezete IMEI will fly. Also, the backup section slain nvram does not help.

Post has been editednik2670 - 16.02.16, 17:34

Rep: (0)
* Nik2670
I do not know, I constantly after flashing through SP Flash Tools (and even a reset in the smartphone settings) disappears IMEI,
you have to manually restore. Maybe because of this unlock it is impossible to make.

Post has been editedNjordWeiss - 16.02.16, 17:26

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