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[WP10] World of Tanks Blitz | [Action] Legendary tank shooter is now available on Windows 10

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[WIN10] World of TanksBlitz

Genre: Action

Last update of the game in the header:16.10.2019
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World of Tanks Blitz continues to conquer the mobile space. the now legendary tank shooter available on Windows 10! "The best mobile multiplayer of all time», - Pocket Gamer. "Aerobatics mobile tank genre», - 148Apps. You'll get a world of steel armor, dashing ricochets and screening tools. Rvis attack, lead the team to victory and become a real hero! Swing World of Tanks Blitz, and join the many millions of tankers! The rich arsenal, a variety of combat cards, and friendly management will make your mobile device in the present field of battle, where everything depends on you and your team. Play using your smartphone, tablet or PC c mouse and keyboard.
Game features
• More than 200 legendary tanks of Germany, Great Britain, USA, USSR, Japan.
• 18 combat locations.
• Rapid battles in the format of 7 on 7.
• Innovative crew training system.
• Incredibly bright and entertaining graphics that are automatically optimized for the capabilities of your mobile device.
• System Free-2-Win, which provides free access to all combat capabilities.
• Ability to create platoons, playing shoulder to shoulder with friends.
• Flexible control settings.
• Implemented combat missions, for the implementation of which you can get bonuses and rewards.
• Ability to create clans.
What's new in the new version
The darkness deepens, and it appears the outline version
- spiders and spider webs, pumpkins and bats - creepy camouflage any type of intimidation!
- Strange things: they say, somewhere tanks back into battle after the death of ...
- Black Heaven, gnashing and howling, and someone from the shadows watching you!
Instructions and problem solving
Modpak Warmods from the Guide4Play team Version 4.1download
Sight point "onepoint"by Vlad Chatillion
Mods_By_StiX84 for Steam versiondownload
Blank folders Gfx and Gfx2download

According to the developers, starting with version 5.9 Blitz switched to DirectX 11, and if the video card does not support DirectX 11, then there will be problems. Therefore, if the driver update does not help, the problem will be solved only by replacing the video card with a more modern one.

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Here it is divine optimization.
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And the music in the background continues to play: rofl:
The question is, why would break what worked, for the sake of the type that we are doing something. : Skull:

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