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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Informal firmware

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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Informal firmware
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III, SGS3, GT-I9300, m0
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Important information!

Be sure to backup EFS and keep it on the external card / PC / in the cloud storage. Right now. Otherwise there may be a lot of things.go wrong.

Do not reset to factory settings via the firmware interface! Those who want to reset - readTHIS.

Before installing, carefully read the instructions "spoiler".
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Transition from 4.3- the first steps. We get the root and custom recovery.
How to flash on custom Photo 4.3 without a computer
Very detailed instructions- install the firmware through custom recovery.
Manual update without data loss- update the already installed assembly.
Lineage OS downloads updates to/data/data/org.lineageos.updater/app_updates/

For those who want to return the stock - put your chosen stock(preferably service)via Odin(instruction)

There are no separate modems for these firmware. Newest laid outhere.

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CM13 / 14:
Built into the firmware - to activate go to "Settings - For Developers - Superuser Mode"
Lineage OS:
Install this file using recovery:Download
Mass complaints that the file has ceased to be installed. The official root from the Lineage team, but with an alternative installation script here:
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial firmware (OS 6.x.x- 7.x.x) (Post Hellsingoff # 61172026)

Or we put SuperSU (savagemessiahzine.com | XDA) through recovery |Warning for installing SuperSU

Settings and usefulness
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[N] - mark of lack of compatibility with 7.0. Exhibited at the time of editing, compatibility may appear later.

To take a screenshot, you need to hold the volume down + the power button.
Full cleaning system from GApps+ clearing fromC-Apps
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Volume up- in headphones and external speaker
[N] Edited sound file - deeper file edits
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Turn on ignoring unstable power.- if the phone is charging too slowly
Tweak patch- A set of tweaks for different parts of the firmware.

[N] Fix sound voice dynamics (who does not adjust the volume)
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Remove the bass external speaker- we cut the frequency spectrum of the external speaker, since it still does not know how to reproduce low frequencies (increases the volume and clarity of the external speaker sound)

[N] Transition to F2FS and re-internal memory - we change the file system and get 1.5 GB of space
About the new use of external MicroSD- screenshots, instructions, script return cards to normal
Solving the problem with recording to an external microSD- if recording to external card does not work
PC connection + addition + MTP auto power on
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[N] Dialer with Russian characters for 7.x
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If application freezing caused cyclic loading (bootloop)- script defrost all applications
For questions about changing the desktop interface - refer to the topic.Your hislauncher (Trebuchet- built in |Google Start- from GApps)
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Addon.d script for saving Xposed when updating nightie
DSP + for Marshmallow- advanced equalizer
Spirit2- radio
Call Recording- a couple of sample programs +alternative
Flashoncall- flash as a notification (for example, on an incoming call)
[N] В®DualBootPatcher - install multiple firmware instead of one. Instruction
CyanDelta Updater- update the "official" assembly SM with less traffic
В® CyanogenROM Downloader- OTA alternative to updating the "official" assemblies of the CM
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Topics for CM13 + If after installing the theme, you can not enter the theme application
Theme diy- create a theme for CM13 directly from your smartphone.

Known bugs
The most critical errors CM14.1-based firmware

The most critical errors CM13-based firmware
  • Sometimes the error "Could not connect to the camera." A reboot helps. Or try this:Camerafix
  • The device wakes up from a deep sleep for a long time (up to 1 second when unlocked, about 3-5 seconds when an incoming call). Possible treatment for prolonged waking up when an incoming call is:Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial firmware (OS 6.x.x- 7.xx.) (Post Nik2001Nik3006 # 59958241)
  • In "heavy" games, the sound may "wheeze"
  • Some users of the biline in the list of calls are stored as "unknown". There is no 100% medicine, but in part some can be helped by this:Unknown number fix
  • Numerous complaints about the work of Bluetooth using wireless headsets and various kind of wearable devices. Recent firmware with an adequate work - 5.1.1

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On the transition to F2FS and redevelopment of internal memory.

First of all - a classic. Warning: described is not much more dangerous than the usual flashing phone below in the right hands and does not cause any complications, but potentially a chance to kill the phone during operations thoughtless and inept, and just as easy to catch bugs / glitches / performance hit here somewhat higher than if you do nothing You will touch. So that the responsibility for any actions lies entirely with the user. I warned.

Attention! Using F2FS on our device does not recommendable! Developers tools for our devices have not completed the work to the end - the performance gain comes almost no, but there are errors!

To calm - was the case that I sewed f2fs unsupported firmware f2fs, as well as in-partitioning gave the system memory section is less than that required for the installation. What happened? Yes, okay, five minutes and returned everything to the state "as necessary", and went on to experiment. But let us closer to the body. Oglavlenitse.

Paragraph 1. F2FS.
Item 2. Partitioning.
Item 3. A Th and if I want to do both? Can somehow be realized, or better not to risk it?
Paragraph PS. Screenshots of my layout and file system, as well as information on the change instruction.

1. F2FS in theory and practice, as well as instruction.

1.1. Theory
What is F2FS? What did he give? Do I need one? Proceed very prosaic - we will send the questioner in Google instead zaparivatsya themselves and explain - there is already all chewed and shown.This way, for example.What will we see? Article on wikipedia, more detailed and intelligent positions HabrГ© and similar resources, comparative test of a man on the XDA its Xperia F2FS before and after. Well, you know how these reklamku with promises of weight loss or increase the ... certain parts of the body. Well, you understand. But we're on 4pda, so I should not do that, no. Shorter than give Google, but will describe F2FS here. It is best suitable for this basic information quote from Wikipedia.
F2FS (Eng Flash-Friendly File System.) - a file system-oriented use in flash memory, including optimized for use with SSD-drives, memory cards (eMMC / SD) and embedded in a variety of consumer devices flash chips. The author is Kim Hae Gyk (Kim Jaegeuk, Hangul: к№Ђмћ¬к·№) of Corporation В«SamsungВ». Source code F2FS opened the company in October 2012 and then finalized by engineers В«SamsungВ», taking into account community comments. In parallel, developing a package f2fs-tools, contains a set of tools to service partition F2FS (mkfs.f2fs, fsck.f2fs).
F2FS specially designed taking into account the specifics of the flash memory and allows for such features as constant access time and resource limited number of data rewriting cycles.

In other words - it is a file system designed specifically for use in the solid-state storage. Such as flash memory, SSD or chip in this phone, yes. It will increase the length of service of internal memory, as well as increase the speed of reading and writing due to the specifics of the particular solid-state drives.

Here you read this and do not understand - how is it that when you change the file system in the phone's memory will live longer than a couple of times for the same use? Everything is very simple. Memory fails when the cells reach a critical value overwrites. For cheap memory is 10,000 times, for more expensive - 100000. We have to use the road. In theory. In conventional system, ext4 new files are written to the first free place. It may happen that one part of the memory is used very actively and receives hundreds of rewrites per day, while the other part will not be involved at all, and will receive the same one hundred per year. As a consequence - half of the memory is pristine and perfect health at the time, as an actively used deflate and give failure. F2fs "equalizes" the use of the memory cells. New files are written "in a circle" instead of the first cell and liberated the entire area of ​​the chip will wear out in parallel.

However, there is a moot point. At the same time for the choice of the cell responsible for recording the file system and the controller. Who in this case would be the "master" is not clear.

1.2. Practice
At the expense of increase in terms of storage services. Do you have a flash drive? Old, five-year, ten-year. Live? I have. Live. So why she survived for ten years, and for the health of the phone, I was worried? Memory SSDs dies before overwriting cells. Data on the stick throws much less than the phone browser pages are cached and loaded files using torrent. And many, many which operations occur. Every day, every minute. With a very active use of the phone as the rocking of the torrent, for example, the death of memory will come surprisingly quickly. Let's say a year or two or three. And the phone is not something new, part of the reserve has long been used rewrites.

Performance. Personally, I specifically tested the memory before and after the replacement of the FS. Some characteristics significantly increased, others have fallen. The whole feel of the performance have not changed. On other phones such as Nexus and Xperia somehow I saw a much more noticeable effect, I do not know what it is connected. Because performance point I'd struck out of the reasons to go to F2FS.

1.3. Does this help you?
So who is at all necessary?
1. Do you actively use your phone but are not prepared to change it, despite his age. By active, I mean something more than the ordinary browsing with YouTube. Torrents, active process of unloading the cache, create the swap similarity in memory ... All this often rewrites memory, many times a day. When downloading torrents and create a swap file memory may be close to the critical value of a year so vskidku 3 used in this mode. If you do not turn on the torrent and do not use the swap-type things (be careful - I have here, for example, swap swap appeared entirely without me, just such a feature is available in firmware Check this section is possible through the free program DiskInfo, it usually goes. at the bottom, under the RAM). If such use is you do not - you can not worry about the memory of you will live much longer than other components, such as batteries.
2. You are trying to squeeze the maximum performance. Personally, I tested and not really noticed the increase, but some people argue that the transition to F2FS significantly increased read and write speeds of the data, the overall results in Antutu rose by a few percent (here it is necessary to understand that the improved performance of the graphics chip and CPU wait is not necessary - rating increased due to faster downloads, FPS in toys does not grow). They are quite convincing and reinforce their information comparative screenshots. I believe them, but that's on our devayse I did not feel this increase, maybe it is my personal case, and you have something that will be different.
3. Well, the strangest, but the place has a reason - you are a geek. F2FS you want to use because it is a relatively new development, that it is not everyone and not everyone can even understand what it is. As GLaDOS sang in the famous among gamers song Still Alive - We do what we most. Because we can. Which roughly translates as "We do what we must. Because we can."

1.4. Instructions (point to return back to ext4 at the bottom of the spoiler)
Attention. If you want to have both F2FS and Remapping - first look at the instructions in section 3 of this post, which has otoshlot you here, explaining some differences
Instructions for a long time in my head, but that does not seem human, the Council is not clear that, as a basis I will take the post of Default by a XDA threads for SM13 Temasek. If you are using regular SM13 or other Roma - it does not matter to you it works without any differences. We are interested inthe middle of the third postIt marked with letters F2FS. The only thing what I want to warn in advance - your kernel should support F2FS. Sewn in SM13 and SM13 from Temasek core is suitable, as well as new boefla. On the topic of the other cores will not say anything - see for yourself in the info on the specific interests of the nucleus. If you know basic English and are themselves able to understand the instructions - can not read my further nonsense and easy to go along the same instructions. However, my statement is not only Russian but also more detailed.
Once again, we see the warning,all further actions you do at your own risk.
1. Make backups of all necessary. Note that the internal memory will becompletelycleaned, including a section of media data, so that everything you need you need to move to an external card or computer. Firmware, kernel and other necessary franca for your firmware dump the files on the external card, just outside (if there is no external card can mount using TWRP memory to the computer after a 4 point instructions and throw the files already on the F2FS)
2. Download any rekaveri supporting f2fs, if you have not yet been established. At the time of the last statement changes, these are, for example, TWRP version 3.0.0-0, 3.0.2-1 and "unofficial test" build TWRP(See here, in the header)Just physically it is validlast PhilZ with modification from arter97But due to obsolescence PhilZ project and a couple of bugs in the kernel of arter97 this option is not recommended.
3. Reboot into rekaveri (volume up + + home power button)
4. For TWRP go of items: Wipe - Advanced Wipe - / cache - Repair or Change File System - Change File System - choose F2FS.
The same goes for repeat / data: Wipe - Advanced Wipe - / data - Repair or Change File System - Change File System - choose F2FS.
Theoretically doputimo formatting f2fs more and section / System (so-called ALL-F2FS), but it is not for our devaysa, at least not now. Experiment may consider themselves smarter than others and try, but do not be surprised when I have to watch the "nothing works" and start from scratch.

For PhilZ from arter97: Wipe and Format Options - Custom Format Options - Hit the lowest toggle f2fs<->ext4 migration. The log file should appear below the line "ext4<->f2fs conversion enabled ".
After that: "format / cache" - f2fs
And to date is almost the lowest point: "format / data and / data / media (/ sdcard)" - f2fs.
Do not worry, under the / sdcard here it refers to the internal user memory media, and not an external card.
5. Next sewn rum or restore data from a backup as you accustomed to, according to the normal installation instructions

Check the transition to f2fs you through DiskInfo program (free in Market) or through the terminal
mount | grep f2fs

PS. If you want to go back - Repeat steps 1-4, only 4 instead puntke F2FS select ext4.

2. Partitioning memory. For those who want to expand a little section of internal memory.

Attention. Instructions tested only internationally i9300, I can not vouch for the work on the operating models and all sorts of Duos and Neo.
This section is a better place thanks to a couple of ideasnikitaklsnkv2000As well as the universal test script on the apparatus 32GbNik2001Nik3006
What is a memory partitions? This is when the physical memory is partitioned into separate logical volumes to share data. Many of you probably mean it has to - when one hard disk on your computer is divided into two - the C and D for the system for you. I think for many people it is no secret that the phone uses a similar system, but much more difficult to understand and implement.

Since this topic is interested in a smaller number of people than f2fs, I immediately and without spoilers sign for what we will end up and who needs it. Following this guide you will get an increased available memory (section / data) for user data. It will increase by about 1.5 Gb in the case of CM13 and others based on it (that is, instead of the standard 11.3 you will get a 12.5 GB memory available for you). If you're not interested and you do not clog internal memory - pass by, why once again soared? Pre-answer the question before you donate. Roughly speaking, nothing. Victim of partitions used only to drain insertion. That is not even on the basis of custom bikes runoff, namely the bare drain.

Like almost all of my actions with your phone (but not all), I was inspired by instructions from XDA. Original can readhereBut even if you have a knowledge of English - please take a moment to not run acting for the instructions (read at least 2.2 spoiler) - it's a bit not working for sm13 and based on it. Both XDA script only suitable for 16Gb version of the smartphone (in the instructions, I lay out the universal, for any memory), do not support the use of the smartphone f2fs (for those wishing to combine f2fs and counting - check with the third section of this post), and do not support TWRP (my - supports ).

2.1 What we have when buying or "why Samsung engineers have allocated memory in this way?"
Here with some sections of the phone leaves the factory (we will speak about 16Gb version, but what is said below is true for any volume, the difference is only in the size of the partition / data for user files)
Model: MMC VTU00M (sd / mmc)
Disk / dev / block / mmcblk0: 15.8GB
Sector size (logical / physical): 512B / 512B
Partition Table: gpt

Number Start End Size File system Name Flags
1 4194kB 8389kB 4194kB BOTA0
2 8389kB 12.6MB 4194kB BOTA1
3 12.6MB 33.6MB 21.0MB ext4 EFS
4 33.6MB 41.9MB 8389kB PARAM
5 41.9MB 50.3MB 8389kB BOOT
6 50.3MB 58.7MB 8389kB RECOVERY
7 58.7MB 92.3MB 33.6MB RADIO
8 92.3MB 1166MB 1074MB ext4 CACHE
9 1166MB 2777MB 1611MB ext4 SYSTEM
10 2777MB 3364MB 587MB ext4 HIDDEN
11 3364MB 3372MB 8389kB OTA
12 3372MB 15.8GB 12.4GB ext4 USERDATA

What do we see here? Sections 1 through 7, inclusive - and small system. It is a loader, the EFS, rekaveri, the firmware of the communication module and the like. Here there are no problems and they have little interest.

Questions begin with chapter number 8, called cache. Yes, it is a cache. And he ... size of 1 GB. Understanding people already widely smiles a strange decision and hit in the face with his hand as Patrick Stewart in the TV series Star Trek. The fact that the cache would be enough for 100 megabytes, if you use the ext4 file system, which goes from the factory. Why is it so big? The answer is simple. To the user,zasralfilled the internal memory up to 100% could download OTA update Samsung flies through the air. Yes, it is loaded there. Receive OTA updates you stop putting rutovany custom, even on the basis of flow. So the more we do not need such a large section of the cache. For the "universal" instructions and more understandable it kind of cache for all selected universally - 200 mb. Suitable for ext4, and F2FS. Total we have 874 megabytes of "excess cash"

further, toopotentially interestingnew versions of the android is not interesting section - system. Firmware Samsung have heavy parts and sewn a lot of garbage, because they really need 1611 MB of which it occupies. However, with the transition to an open source firmware, we have significantly less weight of the system and, in theory,can be reducedIt was possible to reduce it at least up to 800 megabytes, if you are using a full set of Gaps and even more strongly, if you use Pico or Nano sets. But that theory. In fact now using a new installation script. Instead of a set of firmware files copied to the device as a single whole image, which you want to write each section a cluster of successful installation, including even those that are empty. With this approach, to reduce the section of the system is possible only if unpacking each new firmware manually, it will not be considered in view of a complex process and high cost of this is a matter of time. We began to introduce a firmware installation even in 5.0, but not all romodely it did then (I personally sews sm12.1 by Temasek on reduced / system). In sm13 and based on it is used everywhere. In sm14 nothing has changed - the system is a way. For information about the differences between the new method of installation and cause errors if you try to reduce the partition / system size in the newer versions of firmware big thanks to the usernikitaklsnkv2000

The next interesting point - section / preload, called here HIDDEN. Have you noticed that removing the standard demo videos or cut standard wallpaper with tunes from Samsung - you do not get free memory growth? Because they kept it there. 587 megabytes samsungovskih files. Who are no longer, if not used for runoff. Delete section is not recommended - it will change the numbering and this can cause unpredictable results. GRUB boot loader on Linux, for example, it's beating and the system does not boot until manually perevpisat section number. We will not take risks and instead of removing the section to reduce it to a "purely sivolicheskogo" - will issue a 1 megabyte. Total "extra" memory occupied by this section is 586 megabytes. In total, with the last change we have already more than 1460 megabytes.

He is responsible for what a small section of OTA I do not really understand, butTo hell with these 8 MBurezhem it to 1 megabyte, it does not cause error - tested. Total 1467 megabytes, we have released.

Section 12 - our "target" section of the user data that we want to extend to 1467 megabytes obtained above.

2.2 Conclusions and what we do on the instructions
In the original topic at XDA are two files - a "thick" Samsung firmware without changing the / system partition and a "thin" flashing on the open code, which speed / system (although the cut / system partition there is not the greatest - using SlimKat and minimum Pico set franca I cut it even further). Since sm13 and similar installation script will not give her to put the firmware partition / system is less than the standard - in reality sm13 will fit only the first one. But to apply it is not necessary TWRP, it is not suitable for devices with memory than the 16 GB and applying it you will lose the ability to use F2FS. So better use a file from my instructions - can not go wrong.

For the idea of ​​establishing a universal script for smartphones with any size of the memory can thanknikitaklsnkv2000
For the request to create a script for a smartphone versions other than 16Gb memory and test the implementation of a universal script can thankNik2001Nik3006

What are scripts? They do a pretty terrible thing - they completely remove the partitions from 8 to 12 and create them from scratch, but other sizes. I do not recommend in the process pull out the battery or interfere in other ways, so that everything did not end sadly (although in theory even constipation, this process is not yet all is lost -. Possible to roll the system firmware using Samsung .pit file via Odin theory.).

2.3 The instruction itself
Another warning. Potentially dangerous. Responsible for any consequences of these actions is the user who committed the action.
The new version of the script supports virtually any rekaveri, but the aim of the new code was to support TWRP, since PhilZ and CWM already obsolete (two years without updates) and are not recommended for use. Just add that to work out a scriptnecessarilyrequire an external storage connected to the phone, so that if there is no MicroSD card, but really want to - take out anywhere it very briefly or find an ordinary USB flash drive and connect via OTG (enough for 512 mb volume, taking into account that there will throw off, and file marking, and the firmware file, and flexible automated production systems, if you want to throw the backup - need more volume).

Again to save your time - wishing to combine F2FS and layout go first to the section number 3 of this post to clarify the procedure.

1. Preparing for the most common flashing. Downloading everything you need for a clean installation or create a backup. Please note - all of the internal memory of the device will be erased, including the partition your files. Backup should be thrown off on an external card or PC. Downloading re-initialization file and dump the phone to an external memory card. Choose one of two options:
a) for those who wish not to lose the ability to use F2FS (200 mb cache):Attached fileHellsingoff_i9300_repartition_F2FS_support.zip(178.17 KB)

b) the ability to donate go to F2FS for an additional 100 mb in the section data (100 mb cache):Attached fileHellsingoff_i9300_repartition.zip(178.17 KB)

New versions lined 04.26.2016, the total downloads of previous versions of passes for 50, a method tested over the years and many people.
(The idea of ​​implementing a script for any amount of memory -nikitaklsnkv2000, The test of this implementation to 32Gb device -Nik2001Nik3006)
2. Make sure that everything is ready. Zabekapit data on external storage, the file layout and everything necessary for the firmware on your external memory card. Convinced? Now we start.
3. Boot in rekaveri (volume up + + home power button).
4. Install the .zip file with repartitioning you downloaded in 1 puknte this spoiler.
5. We are waiting for. Transactions are very fast on the 16 GB device on it in the amount of less than a minute away. At the end of rekaveri automatically restart.
6. Partitioning performed. Who only re-initialization can safely install the firmware for the usual instructions (or restore a backup), and wishing to combine with f2fs go in the first section of this post on F2FS.

2.4 I would like to return everything as it was
Instructions, again, based on the post with the XDA, but with my comments and corrections. To return have to reset the phone to factory condition completely.
Instructions for the 16Gb version only, the owners of other devices should instead flash the phone service of any firmware containing universal for any memory .pit file using Odin. To select a flash and more detailed instructions refer to this topicSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official firmware
1. Go to this topicSTANDARDfirmware for our devices (even custom bikes based on flow, it is standard) and swing any firmware for Odin Odin, well, for example the latest. Extract.
2. In the same swing Samsung driver, install the driver.
3. Downloading the fileAttached fileOdin3_v3.07_with_PIT_16GB_GT-I9300 (1) .zip(453.56 KB)
and unpack. Inside multiple files, we are interested in Odin and the file with the extension program .pit. Run Odin.
4. In Odin, select the unzipped "GT-I9300_16GB.pit" file in the PIT section. You start the phone in download mode (volume down + home + power button, confirm the entry to download mode by pressing the volume up when asked) and connect your phone to your computer via USB. Gives the phone to determine a system in Odin window phone should appear in one of the ports on top.
5. We press the start button in Odin firmware.
6. Now rolled download and unzip the firmware through the drain the same Odin, how - depending on the selected version.
7. The firmware can not run and hang on Bootle - do not worry. Remove the battery, insert the back and run the phone in rekaveri mode (volume up, home and power buttons)
8. Making the "wipe data / factory reset". Reboot your phone. Done, you have returned to the factory layout. And the firmware. And everything else.

3. Combination F2FS and re-initialization.

3.1 How to combine?
Whether it is dangerous? Is it difficult? No more dangerous than each of the above procedures, and it is not difficult, there are only 1 feature. All you need to take into account - the script markup completely remove the partitions and create the back, but in ext4 format. So if you first do f2fs, then after re all you have to do again. So, first you have to do is re-initialization (the second section of this post), then do f2fs (the first section of this post). Well, do not screw up with the choice of marking the file, it is necessary to choose is the one that is suitable for F2FS. For the procedures I am extremely rekmenduyu TWRP supporting f2fs, since PhilZ from arter97 has a pair of nasty bugs core, and in general PhilZ obsolete.

3.2 How to return everything back?
And just as the spoiler in 2.4, without any changes.


my memory screenshots, combined F2FS and markings
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Partitioning for other devices
I9305 (S3 LTE)
Markup file for i9305 (S3 LTE). Potentially there F2FS support, although it is not recommended to use this file system on the device:
Attached fileHellsingoff_i9305_repartition_F2FS_support.zip(178.22 KB)

I ordered and checkedMansur13
N7100 (Note 2)
Markup file for N7100 (Note 2). Potentially there F2FS support, although it is not recommended to use this file system on the device:
Attached fileHellsingoff_N7100_repartition_F2FS_support.zip(178.08 KB)


If new versions that will change and start to falter or will be a new important information - please write to me in the QMS, try to understand. Instructions written in great detail and with a warning that you need to include the head - I will be grateful if you can understand without additional prompts, but in extreme cases can help a couple of tips, again in the QMS. All no fluff.
My instructions SGS3

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Rep: (2661)
* Hellsingoff
and if I only the internal memory to alter in this section and restore the backup? I F2Fs left?

Post has been editedNik2001Nik3006 - 10.12.16, 12:31

Rep: (638)
* Nik2001Nik3006,
Instructions only in the internal memory and done. Card in theory also possible, but I do not see sense - lost cell type "rearranged to a different phone" suddenly need. What you mean by the internal memory?

Rep: (638)
* Nik2001Nik3006,
/ System in the process do not touch. / Cache keeps temporary files - it is replaced in f2fs without any losses. Consequently losing only in / data and / data / media. You can easily make a backup - a walk on the instructions - to restore the backup. The main backup to throw vnehu or computer to process it does not destroy.

Prolong life. Extended time, the memory of life. She dies when the number of cells of write cycles will reach the limit. Rarely used as a flash card can live 20 years. A phone with the included clock torrent may die within three years - depending on the intensity. When using f2fs files start to be written into memory differently - instead of overwriting the old ones used by cells, they will be written in the new ones, which in recent years had no records. Thus deterioration of cells becomes more uniform. There will not be a situation where at one point the memory is dying and another place not to use during the life of the device, and could last for ten years more.

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Rep: (2661)
* Hellsingoff
that is, when backup my backup files only, not the file system?

Rep: (638)
* Nik2001Nik3006,
Exactly. Topikstarter in the original processing instruction was not sure, but I already had experience backup to ext4 with his recovery at f2fs. And read about the memory is higher life) I added

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Rep: (2661)
* Hellsingoff
why manufacturers and romodely did not immediately make the system in f2fs, just everything is so good?

Posted on 30/03/2016, 17:54:

and by the way only TWRP has support f2fs, new removed for some reason.

Rep: (638)
* Nik2001Nik3006,
As far as I can remember some of the nexus originally went on f2fs (perhaps even all-new Nexus), it is the way the nexus and support ALL-F2FS, when all the memory in F2FS. Well, then a common thing - Experimental, reluctance to introduce new things for which will have to change something. Well, even this argument - if users will experience memory chip torrents three years - then these users will be less likely to run to the store for a new device! : D

At the expense of newer versions of TWRP I will not say anything - he at fils tache

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Rep: (2661)
* Hellsingoff
that is the only fact which stands out for the speed and pass dolgozhitelnost?

and why our machine does not support f2fs system?

Rep: (9)
Hellsingoff @ 30.03.2016, 17:40*
* Nik2001Nik3006,
Exactly. Topikstarter in the original processing instruction was not sure, but I already had experience backup to ext4 with his recovery at f2fs. And read about the memory is higher life) I added

But when you restore a backup to the TWRP he prepares the pre-space on ext4 (mkfs_ext4 or something like that in the process of writing).

Rep: (638)
* drogg,
I did not know, used fils. In fact the phone is not going to kill - a return to ext4, but not the fact - it is necessary to look more scripts and just try. Try to put DiskInfo and look what came out in the end FS

Rep: (9)
Hellsingoff @ 30.03.2016, 18:32*
* drogg,
I did not know, used fils. In fact the phone is not going to kill - a return to ext4, but not the fact - it is necessary to look more scripts and just try. Try to put DiskInfo and look what came out in the end FS

Do not kill tested. But
You can also try to restore a nandroid backup, but I am unsure if it is from an ext4 backup that it could be formatted again to ext4
It is the place to be. So installation on f2fs must be done from scratch.
Diskinfo after recovery f2fs shows ext4.

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Nik2001Nik3006 @ 30.03.2016, 18:44*
* drogg,
hell, though you can simply install rekaveri from philZ and sbekapit, format and razbekapit and then safely put tvrp.

Think philz zabekapit ext4 and deploy on f2fs? It is suspected that during the first deployment script runs training section in the FS, in which the backup rolls. On TWRP so accomplished on the basis of these progress.

Rep: (408)
* drogg,
tache to fleece all the rules, zabekapit, I went through the instructions, then recovered and everything is super.

Rep: (2661)
* Lordhmen,
and FS changed?

Rep: (408)
* Hellsingoff
And on the last page you laid out a patch to memory, and why he is, to put it there?

Rep: (9)
* Lordhmen , Ok, hence different implementations of different rekaveri: good:

Rep: (408)
* Nik2001Nik3006,

Rep: (0)
Twrp 3000-2 I have no points f2fs (

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Rep: (408)
* drogg,
tvrp and sqm (fleece touch) different rekavari and backup method, format and have different firmware.

Posted on 30/03/2016, 19:21:

* alex_bav,
And where it is not?

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