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Apple TV 4, Apple TV 4K - Discussion

Discussion | Description | Apple TV FAQ | Official firmware for iPhone / iPod / iPad / ATV

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general information

Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K Review
Apple TV 4K:
Review of our reader

Apple TV 4:
Video review(Thanks for the videoBobcp),
Overview(Great review on 3dnews site),
Overview(Great review on mobile-review site)
Video review(For the video, thanks to Anathema)

Description of new features in tvOS updates
Released officially tvOS 13
Description of new features:
An overview tvOS 13:
New home screen tvOS
New home screen has been redesigned overhaul. In tvOS 13, he became even more concise and simple. applications are now at a certain analogue of the docking bar in iOS or MacOS. While maintaining the translucent effect. This arrangement looks very cool.

But this is not the only innovation. Now search for movies, photos, and applications just got easier and clearer. Background with the image previews are located throughout the area. When navigating through the interface tvOS background enlivened due to preview TV shows and movies.

Multi-user support tvOS
One of the biggest inconveniences of Apple devices for the living room (Apple TV and HomePod) is placed on the space that is used by several family members. But the software only supports one user.
With the release of tvOS 13, everything changed - the system appeared sharing mode. Now, each family member can create his own profile in the tvOS, where you will put the individual settings and recommendations.

Any user can customize the interface and personalized home screen. A switch between profiles in a new "Point Control".

control station in tvOS
Support for multiple users - it's convenient, but how to implement it? Help in this item appears on the control, a drop-down on the right side. With it, you can change not only the users, but also to translate the console in the "sleep mode", control the music, the AirPlay function and search.

To call a control point, press and hold the Home button on the remote control Apple TV.

Apple Arcade
In the fall of 2019, all owners of Apple TV HD / 4K received at the disposal of the impressive gaming subscription service. The company promises its users unlimited access to more than a hundred new and unique games. In the application there is no advertising or domestic purchase. Over time, Apple is planning to expand the list of available games. You can expect Apple TV conversion into a fully fledged gaming console.

Support for controllers from the Xbox and PlayStation

If a game content, you need the corresponding game controllers for it on Apple TV. A10X processor in the console is capable of producing quite detailed three-dimensional graphics with high resolution and frame rate.
Previously, you had to search for on the Internet good mFi-compatible controllers, designed specifically for Apple. Such devices were rare, expensive and not especially popular. But everything will change in the fall. tvOS 13 will be supported by the popular game controllers PS4 DualShock and Xbox One S. This news was well received by the public. Now the console has received excellent controllers which are easy to buy. And game developers can create products with the familiar to millions of gamers control.

New screensavers
To create impressive screensavers Apple began to collaborate with the team of the series "Blue Planet» BBC channel. New impressive screensaver created by underwater photography and are available in the HDR and 4K resolution format.

The updated app "Photo" and "Music" in tvOS
Top box Apple TV is a great tool for viewing personal photos and listening to music. Built-in Apple apps for work with images and the Apple Music in tvOS 13 bit upgrade.

Application "Photos" now appears more clearly, thanks to the new samples of the categories at the top. This is done to better suit the new organization application "Photos" on iOS 13.
A new interesting feature Apple Music - an opportunity to show words that are synchronized with the music. It works on iOS and 13 tvOS 13. Thus Apple TV becomes a great tool for a party with karaoke.

Feature picture-in-picture on Apple TV

Finally tvOS users were able to use the function of picture-in-picture.
Now you can watch the video in a small window and with it move through the menu system. Needless thumbnail window has three buttons. They provide the ability to switch between applications, select the angle of the window and close it. This innovation until only works with Apple TV app.

A source

Overview of tvOS 12:
At the moment, tvOS 12 supports Apple TV 4th generation and Apple TV 4K. Unfortunately, some of the functions will be available only on the latest generation of the set-top box. So what's new?

Dolby atmos
Dolby Atmos is a surround and rich sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. This format of multichannel sound has been known for quite some time, but it is far from compatible with all set-top boxes.
It is expected that support for this format in tvOS 12 will allow Apple TV 4K to play the sound with the effect of full immersion when connecting the corresponding equipment. Remarkably, movies that have already been purchased through the iTunes Store will be updated to the new format.

Control Apple TV via iPhone
By installing the update, users can interact in a completely new way with their prefix. Now any iOS device, be it an iPhone or an iPad, can act as an Apple TV control panel. It will be available through the “Office of Management”.

Auto-complete passwords
Another interesting feature of tvOS 12 is the automatic filling of passwords for authorization in various services. All data will be picked up from the nearest Apple devices, be it an iPhone, or a Mac computer. Convenient, isn't it?

New screensavers
In tvOS 12, new gorgeous screensavers were added, shot right from space by NASA astronauts. On top of that, the screensavers have become interactive. You can scroll through the pictures, as well as view detailed information about the objects depicted.

A source

Overview of tvOS 11:
Overview of all the innovations tvOS 11.

tvOS 11 - A fourth-generation Apple TV set-top operating system, introduced in June at WWDC 2017. There are not many new tvOS 11 innovations, but all of them will be pleasant for Apple TV set-top boxes. A full review of changes in the new version of tvOS you can find in this material.

Automatic change of dark / light mode
In tvOS 10, Apple has added a dark interface mode that allows you to spend time in front of the TV in the evening and at night with the greatest comfort. In the system settings, users had the opportunity to manually select the interface display mode.

At tvOS 11, Apple developers decided that Apple TV owners do not need to bother with a daily change of mode. In the update option added automatic translation of the interface in the dark and light mode. It is performed depending on the time of sunrise and sunset. The dark mode of the interface is activated when the sun goes down, and light, respectively, when it rises.

Home Screen Sync
TvOS 11 introduces the function of synchronizing the Apple TV main screen with other set-top boxes operating under the same Apple ID account. The option is useful because it allows you to have a familiar set of applications that will be located in familiar places on all your Apple TVs. True, the benefits of the function will be felt only by the owners of several Apple set-top boxes.

Full AirPods support
tvOS 11 brings on Apple TV support for Apple's proprietary wireless headphones - AirPods. Immediately after installing the update on the set-top box, your AirPods will automatically connect to Apple TV via iCloud. Just like with the iPhone and iPad.

AirPlay 2 support
One of the innovations of iOS 11 has become a new version of the AirPlay technology, the main feature of which is the support for playing music on several sources simultaneously. Apple TV running tvOS 11 will also support AirPlay 2. This means that music from an iPhone or iPad to iOS 11 will easily transfer to Apple TV and any speakers connected to it, even if the latter do not have AirPlay 2 support.

Amazon Prime Video
Along with the launch of tvOS 11 on Apple TV set-top boxes, the official application of Amazon Prime Video will be released. Amazon Prime Video is a streaming video service where you can watch various TV shows, movies and TV shows.

Since December 2016, Amazon Prime Video has earned in Russia. Series, movies and shows on it are not translated into Russian, but some of the content is provided with subtitles. The first week of using Amazon Prime Video is free, and then you need to pay 2.99 euros for the first six months and 5.99 euros later.

What devices does tvOS 11 support
The tvOS 11 operating system will be available for users of Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K set-top boxes.

A source

tvOS 9.2Video review, Video review (Warning! Who installed the program through Xcode, there is no guarantee that they will work!)
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The fourth generation of Apple TV set-top boxes did not count out even six months, as a rather weighty update was rolled out for it. Apple TV 4G received the coveted support for Bluetooth-keyboards, facilitating the input of characters. Users who have connected to iCloud Photo Library can now view their galleries on the big screen TV - beautiful!
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Last but not least, tvOS 9.2 brought the good old folders successfully used on iOS. The process is similar to the mobile platform: it is enough to make a long press on the application icon, and then move it to another shortcut using the remote control.
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The application switch interface has changed, which has also become similar to iOS.
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Apple is not tired of polishing Siri's intelligence to control playback or search for movies, but Russian-speaking users cannot enjoy it, unfortunately, because communication with the electronic assistant has been removed from the Russian versions of the set-top boxes.

Information from the site

SIRI Remote Protective Cases for Apple TV4
Selection of covers:
Large selection of covers onAliexpress

Multimedia (Films, Series, Photo, Music, Video)

Tips for beginners
Kinopub Today the richest library of movies, TV shows, shows and music (concerts, etc.). The only negative is that there are no TV channels at all, except for a few major sports ones. There is an official and very decent program for Apple TV - qinoa (installation only through TestFlight), in the test - a program for iPad (you can download by invitation), well, a decent quality web interface with basic functions.
TOCAMOE - A library of movies, TV shows and music is less, but the main recent films are all there. The main advantage of the service is a very extensive list of TV channels, over 500 (many in HD), there are imported ones. The balance for lovers of television and "watch something" is good. The official program for Apple TV is also available in the appstore. There is an application for iPad and iPhone.
OTCTlub - clean tv. In terms of stability, Tocamoe is better, but there is absolutely nothing extra (neither movies, nor TV series, nor music). I buy it only because there is an excellent "on demand" tariff - pay only for viewing (all channels are available), do not watch - do not pay. Price per view (when viewed rarely) is cheap. There is a native software for all apple products.
Onvix - test first month for free. Position yourself as a service with excellent quality. The quality is decent, but at kinopub it is quite on the level. The library is still much smaller than the competition. There is absolutely no native software for either ATV or iPad.
Thanks for the adviceCzochralski

Application:tocamoe (Without DNS spoofing)
Cost:Is free ( paid subscription required )
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Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image - First entertainment for your Apple TV
- More than 400 TV channels, archive for 6 days
- Films and Series, replenishment every day
- Concerts and TV shows
- Movies and TV channels 18+

Overview of the TOSAMO application

VK group, Group in Telegram

Official partnerDescription, Setup Instructions, Tariffs (low prices for subscriptions)
To readQuestions and Answers (FAQ)

Problem solving:
For those who want to connect
For those who have already connected

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Application Soap4atv (for viewing Series)
Application Description:
Application: Soap4atv
Cost: Free (requires a paid subscription)
Favorite TV shows on the TV screen.

Manage your collection, watch trailers, rate TV shows and episodes. Mark what you’ve already seen and what you’d like to see.
Meet new actors and TV shows based on recommendations and search.

Tariffs: 1 month - 99 rubles, 3 months - 250 rubles, 6 months - 450 rubles.

SiteExcellent service for those who love TV shows (there is everything except Russian).

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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Attached Image

Qinoa app (for Kinopub subscribers) Is free!
Application Description:
Application: qinoa (installation only via TestFlight)
Cost: FREE

Application installation


To quickly install on Apple TV4, first install the TestFlight application on iPhone and Apple TV4, then read the Instructions via iPhone.
You will be prompted to follow the link and the application will appear in TestFlight on the iPhone, then open TestFlight on Apple TV4 and click Install.

Any information onchannelin Telegram

Service for lovers of high quality - (Movies, TV series, cartoons, anime) New!
Service for lovers of high quality
Application: TapeView - Free!
Subscription: 1 month - 249 rubles, 3 months - 599 rubles, 6 months - 899 rubles, 12 months - 1499 rubles.

To install the application for tvOS, request access to the beta program byreference

Not Onvix's official channelTelegram

Photo Viewer Applications
1. Standard photo application
+ the interface is excellent, everything is very smooth and fast,
+ in one folder and photos and videos,
+ photographed on the iPhone, a photo or video here also appeared on AppleTV.
- all this should be uploaded to iCloud,
- the Internet is required to view,
- if there are a lot of photos in the collection, you need to buy additional storage space.
Suitable for viewing the latest photos / videos from the iPhone, but for large home collections on the PC - almost impossible.

2. Standard application "Home collection"
+ the interface is beautiful,
+ everything is pretty fast (after creating the cache),
+ beautiful slide shows.
- how the server should be enabled iTunes,
- understands ONLY the FIRST level of folders, i.e. if you have the first level of the "year", and the next level of the "event", then all the photos from the "events" will be put into one huge mess, in the end it’s unrealistic to navigate,
- understands only the photo, no video.
Here I don’t understand the logic of Aple at all. Why only one level ??? Just for interest, I made an alternative single-level folder structure using the link shell extension, of course everything works, but it’s still a perversion ...

3. Plex
+ free
+ interface more or less.
- you need to run a plex server, add folders and all that (I am not a fan of unnecessary actions when they can not be done),
- opens the photo sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly (why - did not understand),
- no slideshow,
- photos and videos in different sections,
- video must be transcoded before playing on ATV.

4. MrMc
+ do not need any servers
+ everything opens quickly
+ there is a slideshow
+ photos and videos in one folder
+ Shows almost any format without transcoding.
- outdated interface and usability (not a problem for those who lived before on Kodi),
- you need to pay 500 p.

5. Flickr
+ free
+ beautiful interface,
+ there is a slideshow
+ free volume for photos 1TB.

- upload photos to website (there are many utilities that will do it for you).

The list will be replenished.

How to upgrade Apple TV4 (Movies, TV Shows, HD)
Additional services (paid):
1. TV ("Qello Concerts") 1 month - 100 p., 3 months - 250 rubles, 6 months - 450 p.
1. If you have an iphone / ipad then this can be done via airpay.
2. using the substitution dns on ours. In case you have an acad provider and a gray ip, you need to get a white ip, otherwise they block requests to external dns servers. If Yandex.dns or any similar service is enabled in the router, disable it, otherwise nothing will work:

The first step is to configure the DNS:

- Go to Settings>Main>Network (Settings>General>Network).
- Choose the network your Apple TV is connected to.
- Change the DNS configuration (Configure DNS) to Manual, specify as the DNS.

Now you need to install a profile to make Apple TV trust the site certificate:

- On apple tv 2/3 Go to Settings>Basic (Settings>General).
- On apple tv 4 settings>the main>confidentiality
- Scroll to the menu item Send data to Apple (Send Data to Apple) and press Play (not Select!) On the remote.
- Accept the warning by selecting OK.
- Enter as the profile URL and click Submit.

Now instead of the standard Qello application, the soap4me interface will open. When you first log in you will need to enter your username and password.

To return everything as it was, you must delete the profile (Settings>General>Profiles) and return the DNS settings to the initial state.

If you have plexconnect and you want to use all this together, then you need to specify our DNS in its configuration file and act on atv to act from the moment the profile is added

2. SERIES AND FILMS HD, 3D, CONCERTS, DOC. FILMSKINO.PUB ("WSJ Video") 1 month - 150 p., 3 months - 400 r., 6 months - 700 p.
The best media service for watching movies and TV shows on Apple TV 4

Viewing options:
1. Through the substitution of DNS (Settings for Apple TV 4here)
2. Through the application TVeasy (750 rubles). (More detailshere)
3. Through the application KINOPUBer (149 rubles). Read morein the telegram on the channel.

Applications recommended by forum users (Tips, Reviews, Reviews)
NETFLIX application (the first month is free) How to unsubscribe from the service

Watch Netflix for free! ( Learn how )

Cost: Free

Plex application (Movies, TV Shows, Music, Photography)
Cost: Free
1. Setup from beginning to end, on OS X 10.11To read(Thankv_shurygin )
2. How to use Plex on AppleTV4 -Video instruction(ThankBobcp)
3. Recommendation for Plex PluginsComment(ThankArStudioRu )

Infuse application (Movies, TV Shows)
ProgramInfuse has limited functionality in the free version. Video review , Video review

Application MrMC (Kodi) (Movies, TV Shows)
1. MrMC has Russian, SYSTEM - Settings - Appearance - International
MrMC programVideo review, Video review

IP Television

IPTV List freeEverything for watching IP Television (free playlists, EPG TV guide, paid OTT Services, applications for IPTV)
Description of the site:
Attached Image - Free updated playlists, a list of paid services, links to applications of different platforms.
To download playlists, mandatory registration!

UniPlayer application - IPTV / OTT player NEW
Title: UniPlayer
Cost: Free (trial period). After a month, you can continue to use on the basis of a subscription - $ 0.99 per month, $ 4.99 for half a year or $ 8.99 for a year.

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Have questions or suggestions, write:Facebook, In contact with, Telegram

A great player for watching IPTV or OTT playlists on Apple TV. As well as popular OTT services -EdemTVandOTCTlub+ TV archive support

Just add a new playlist and it will instantly be available on all your devices.

*Program Guide
Tired of looking for a new program every week? We also took care of this - you can view it while in the app.

* Automatic categorization
Let us do all the work for you. Just add your playlist and all channels will be sorted into categories.

*Parental control
Protect your children from unwanted and sometimes even dangerous content.

*What to see?
UniPlayer can advise you to watch now something interesting by making a selection of programs or films based on their rating.

Our support team is always open for any questions related to the use of the application. If something does not work out for you, or something remains unclear - we will always help you!

* Clear management
Convenient and intuitive control of the application functionality right while watching your favorite shows!

* Manage your playlists
You can create, edit and delete your playlists on the site or in the application.

* TV archive support
UniPlayer provides access to the TV archive of popular OTT services -EdemTVandOTCTlub.

Does the player have built-in channels for viewing?
No, you must have a playlist in M3U or M3U8 format.

Is UniPlayer available on other platforms such as iOS or Android?
Currently, the application is available only on tvOS (Apple TV 4). Versions for iOS and Android will be available soon.

Everything related to IPTV
Pager TV application (IPTV)
applicationPager tv
(Cost 75 rub.)
Mini review(Thankv_shurygin )

Review + Promo code on the site

Additionally, excellent, two services work:
1. Edem tv Rate: $ 1 / Month (162 channels)
2. OTCTlub Rate: Lite $ 4.5 / Month, Medium $ 6.99 / Month, Full $ 9.99 / Month, Forward Billing, where approximately $ 0.023 / hour (143 channels + Archive)

You can save your playlists through the

How to pump Apple TV (Television) (Changes 03/10/2016)
Additional services (paid)
A TELEVISIONPager.TV ("VIMEO") 1 month - 100 p., 3 months - 250 p.
(Attention! Subscription is by invitation only, we do not distribute invitations)

1. Turn on Apple TV

2. Go to “Settings” ->"Network"

3. In the item WiFi or Ethernet, find the item DNS Setup, select the DNS option - Manual and enter:

4. Go back Settings, go to "Basic" ->“Privacy” and place the cursor on the item “Send data to Apple”

5. Press the “Play” (!) Button on the remote control and select “Add Profile”

6. Select “Add Profile”

7. Enter the address and click "Add"

8. Install the VIMEO application from the AppStore

P.S. To return everything back go to "Settings" ->"Basic" ->“Network” and install DNS - Automatic

Applications for viewing IPTV on Apple TV4 + TV PROGRAM list
Programs + TV programs list:
Programs for viewing IPTV
1. MrMC (459 p.) (Currently the best)
2. iPlayTV (229 p.) (Recently there was an update, the Favorites tab was added. The author promised that he would develop the program further)
3. rIPTV (free)
4. iPTV Plus (149 p.) Feedback (Some playlists do not show a dark screen. The author said that they found the problem and will fix it in the next update.)
5. Feedlix (149 p.) Information , Information
6. Ohmtv (299 r.)
7. Tv box
8. OTTPlayer (free)

Tv program
I advise you to downloadTviz (free) for iPad and iPhone from the App store and set up the channels in the order that suits you.
Another TV program supportsiPlayTV , in the settings in the EPG section, paste the link by selecting any of the list (for the list, thanks korgman and shars 1221 )
List of TV programs:

Where to save your IPTV playlists for getting links
1. Use the site servicePagerTV (paid andfree) (Mandatory registration)
Description of the paid service:
Improved My Playlist feature
1. Now you can add up to 10 of your own M3U playlists at the same time.
2. You can indefinitely subscribe to the function for only 99 rubles. This way the feature will work even if your primary subscription to Pager TV is over.
More information about this is in your account.

2. Free file sharing and file serviceMy-Files.RU(ThankStalker j ) Comment
3. My playlists (Note: only available for Pro account)
Service Description:
We made playlists! And that's what it is:
“My Playlists” is a new feature that you can use on our website.
The uniqueness of this function is that each of you can create your own individual playlist in order to watch your favorite TV channels on Apple TV and listen to your favorite radio stations.
Management through the user menu itemMy Playlists
Ps. Channel logos will appear very soon.

4. Already finished playlist on the siteOTCTlub (Attention! Subscription fee,Lite $ 4.5 / Month, Medium $ 6.99 / month Full $ 9.99 / month Forward Billing where approximately goes $ 0.04 / hour

Applications recommended by forum users (Tips, Reviews, Reviews)
RIPTV application (Setup Instructions)
Cost: Free
The rIPTV program works when adding a playlist to the fieldCountry name need to write Russia n (c "n" at the end) (Thanks Astx ), still helps to write Ukraine / Russian (spaces are definitely needed after Ukraine and before Russian) (thanks Technomate ) or writeUSSR
How to add a playlist
When adding a new playlist in the rIPTV program, two options are added for a big plus, choose the first one (Load from playlist)
It has three fields:
- Playlist name Arbitrary name of your playlist
- Country name you need to write Russian (c "n" at the end)
- Playlist URL here you type in the address of the playlist copied on the Internet.
Tip: It is easier to add a playlist through the Remote Control program before copying it on the Internet.

OTTPlayer application
Cost: Free
The official OTTPlayer application for viewing the OTT IPTV playlist (There is no possibility to add channels to favorites, but there are archives and categories, the image can be stretched to full screen and saved in this form)
Configure application
1. In the playlist line you need to write
2. In the line of the key, you must register your key, it is written in the lower left corner in the personal account.
3. We look.
4. The menu is not very convenient yet, it can be corrected. To go to categories or archive, you need to swipe left or right into small circles with arrows from the main list of channels. And then press the main button (touch) on the remote. The left circle is a list of categories and the right one is the archive and EPG of the selected channel.
Thanks for the instructionsGimly
PS In order to use the application, you need to register on the siteOTCTlub (Attention! Subscription fee,Lite $ 4.5 / Month, Medium $ 6.99 / month Full $ 9.99 / month Forward Billing where about $ 0.04 / hour comes out)

Application MrMC (Kodi) (IPTV)
1. How to watch TV in the Kodi program.Video instruction, Video instruction
2. Example of setting up KODI / MrMC to watch IPTVTo read(Thankheckby)

Viaway application - International TV, Films, Radio & Video (new)
Cost: Free

The application has a subscription, information on the


Everything related to games
Games recommended by forum users
1. 2048 Next
2. Galaxy on Fire 3_Manticore(Full informationhere, very high-quality game, it is recommended to use a gamepad)
3. Just Dance Now Comment
4. Liquid Pinball Comment

Gamepad working with Apple TV4
Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i Mobile (from 3490 rub.) Overview , Buy
SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller
SteelSeries Stratus XL (from 5490 rub.)
HORI HORIPAD Wireless Gaming Controller
Guitar Hero Live
Koiiko PXN 6603 SpeedyBuy

Informationfor those who are looking for a gamepad for Apple TV4 (ThanksBogdanovI)
1. List of games for Apple TV compatible with MFI gamepad;
2. List of compatible with Apple TV gamepad-s.

How to play the classic games Nintendo and Sega? Emulators for Apple TV (Mame, Provenance)
1. EmulatorProvenance Message from winstslon , Instruction , Video instruction , Instruction , Video instruction
ROMs can be downloaded from a specialized site, for
CollectionROMs in Russian (1028 pcs.)

2. EmulatorM.A.M.E. Video instruction (helped me)
Installing a large collection of ROMs for M.A.M.E.Video instruction, Download (2270 roms), Download (1600 roms)

Applications application - all about parenting
Information: application
Cost: free (in-app purchases)
[attachment = "8146085: Simulator_Screen_Shot_27_May_2016_09.23.22.png"] [attachment = "8146101: Simulator_Screen_Shot_27_May_2016_09.39.43.png"] [attachment = "8146107: Simulator_Screen_Shot_27_May_666_May_6_6_6_May_2016_May_2016_May_2016_Man_Screen_Shot_27_May_2016_Man_May_2016_09.23.22.png]

Do you have a lot of questions about raising a child? In our videos you will find answers to the most pressing questions about your child from birth to six years - wherever you are. was created by a team of experts in the field of the upbringing and development of children, which embodies theoretical scientific discoveries into practical advice for moms and dads for everyday use in life.

Our 1-minute videos in a convenient format provide parents with practical tips on key topics: sleep, nutrition, behavior and discipline, home environment, mental development, and motor skills. Simple navigation allows you to browse our extensive video library or search for specific answers to your questions.

Install programs on Apple TV4, bypassing the AppStore (Kodi, tvOSBrowser)
Installing Kodi on AppleTV 4To read(Thankprostomne ) To read (Thank, deloza )

Application list
Tangram application - for those who want Instagram on Apple TV4 (Easy registration)
Cost: Free


List of tips from members of the forum
1. Forwarding audio tracks to the receiver will work correctly if you specify the forced output of multi-channel audio in the audio output settings.Read more
2. Money Return Instructions for applications from the App Store. Article , article , article
3. In order to quickly type text on Apple TV, install the program from the App Store on your iPhone or iPadRemote control from Apple or CiderTV. Article
4. If some service does not work on Apple TV, I advise you to visitspecial page.
5. SIRI Remote Firmware Update Apple TV4
How to update Siri Remote firmware manually
1. Open the “Settings” application on Apple TV, select “Remote Controls and Devices”;
2. Highlight the “Remote Control” in the tvOS interface, but do not press on the touch surface Touch;
3. Four times quickly press the Play / Pause button on the remote control.
If you did everything right, you will return to the menu "remote control and the device," that's all the action ends. If you find an available update, it will be loaded in the background and installed later, when Apple TV and the remote control will be disabled. The update process may take 10 to 30 minutes. After installation, update Siri Remote restarts, and its buttons and touch-sensitive surface will not work for 30 seconds. To install remote updates should not be the battery level is below 25%.

How to find out the current version of Siri Remote firmware
After completing the installation of updates, you can check the current firmware version. To do this, go to “Settings” → “Remote Controls and Devices”, select the “Remote Control” tab. At the time of this writing, the newest available version of tvOS was 9.1.1 (build 13U717), and the firmware of the remote control was 0x0241.

Why do I need to manually search and install firmware updates
The remote control needs periodic updates to correct serious errors or add new important features. tvOS automatically searches for and installs available updates when Apple TV and Siri Remote are not used. Nevertheless, the ability to update the firmware manually can sometimes be very useful.

6. Start Apple TV in recovery modeArticle
7. TOP 200 programs for Apple TV (Thanks Riemann )
8. Discounts , discounts programs for Apple TV (Some programs in the Russian App Store may be missing. It is convenient to search through the Search)
9. Save the video (movies, TV series) in memory of Apple TV 4To read(Thankleon eden ), To read (Thank Ghnum )
10. Using Acoustics for Apple TV4To read(ThankGhnum ), To read (Thank vitalat )
11. How to install Yandex Disk on Apple TV4To read(Thankcomkom )
12. How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to Apple TVArticle
13. How to display a photo or video from an iPhone or iPad to a TV - 3 waysArticle
14. How to enable Siri for Apple TV in RussiaArticle
15. Remote Buddy, or how to control the remote from Apple TV on Mac OS XArticle
16. How to restart Apple TV's Siri Remote
If the console starts to malfunction, you can also reboot it. To do this, simultaneously hold down the volume up button and the “Menu” button.
17. Volume control, from the Siri remote, in case the TV DOES NOT support HDMI-CECTo read(Thankslavar1 )

18. Method of activating DFU mode for Apple TV in case you want to restore the software or want to install the beta version of the firmware for developers.To read(ThankDinar82 )
19. Manualan Apple TV user (Thanksleon eden )
20. AirPlay from Windows to Apple TV through the appAirpartrot
21. How to register an American Apple IDArticle

22. If you have a remote control clogged (for example, you have slapped jam), it can be disassembled and cleaned; contact a forum member for advice.Ilya.ilfox Video instruction
23. Howto establish new beta version of the Remote Control application (thank v_shurygin )
24. Soap4 client for Apple TV4 (a paid subscription tothe site) Link
25. A good way to stream a movie by direct link directly to Apple TV from pirated online cinemas, without AirPlay and installing the browser on the console.To read(thanksarmat2012 )
26. The problem is the inability to broadcast the computer screen with Mac OS via AirPlay.Solution(thanks to SOstap)
27. If you decide to update tvOS, but because of the substitution DNS does not work.Solution
28. How to watch multicast without udproxy.Link.

How to jailbreak Apple TV 4 with Pangu. To read, Video

List of questions that are not allowed to ask in this topic

The topic cap will be gradually filled, send your suggestions in a personal message forserjrodin

Post has been editedserjrodin - 04.11.19, 11:26

Rep: (0)
Not an expert, just ask the user what I can tell you about the new apple tv))

Rep: (14)
This plugin did not try, implement or not

Rep: (6)
Plex did not start?

Launched, everything works!

Rep: (11)
BoBCP @ 11/04/2015, 16:19*
Launched, everything works!

mkv do not brake?

Rep: (6)
I shot a video review on Apple Tv4, who are interested can watch.

Add to the cap

Rep: (6)
bobart @ 11/04/2015, 15:43*
mkv do not brake?

mkv do not slow down 720 and 1080, just checked

Rep: (462)
* BoBCP,
It was necessary to capture the screen through quicktime, and not to shoot a TV camera.

Rep: (6)
Good review, sound.)) There are 2 questions left. Applications Trailers in appstore not? And yet, about the surround sound on the console, I'm interested in multi-channel aac. Is he And that is a good resource, but the sound there is aac and my atv 3 produces stereo, which is bad and you have to "take off".

Thank you) There are no application trailers, but I think that there will be some third-party application in which you can also change the dns, and get access to the TV shows.
I can’t say exactly aac, I don’t have a system at home, but in the sound settings there is a surround sound item Dolby Surround

Posted 11/04/2015, 18:10:

Anathema @ 11/04/2015, 17:36*
It was necessary to capture the screen through quicktime, and not to shoot a TV camera.

I wanted to show how to control the console and what is displayed on the TV set at that moment, so I decided to take it off on the knee) About quicktime, thanks I will know)

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (462)
BoBCP @ 11/04/2015, 6:10*
I wanted to show how to control the remote and what is displayed on the TV set at that moment

so no one bothers to impose a video series afterwards. The verge interestingly approached this issue - look.

Rep: (6)
Anathema @ 11/04/2015, 18:13*
so no one bothers to impose a video series afterwards. The verge interestingly approached this issue - look.

Thanks, looked. If there are positive reviews, maybe I will continue to shoot, already with a more serious approach, and so I took everything on an iPhone and mounted it there without video editors.

Rep: (0)
BoBCP @ 11/04/2015, 16:28*
I shot a video review on Apple Tv4, who are interested can watch.

An excellent review turned out to be more meaningful than that of the AppleInsider!

Rep: (11)
fran_zzz @ 11/04/2015, 19:56*
An excellent review turned out to be more meaningful than that of the AppleInsider!

I agree to all 100!

Rep: (6)
fran_zzz @ 11/04/2015, 18:56*
An excellent review turned out to be more meaningful than that of the AppleInsider!

Bobart @ 11/04/2015, 7:07 PM*
I agree to all 100!

Thank you very much, very nice straight) Maybe I will continue to shoot reviews)

Rep: (11)
* BoBCP,

Still for the work of Plex and other applications ... And the monument to you is not made by hands and, most importantly, in life!))

Rep: (6)
* BoBCP,
Is there a app?

Rep: (6)
Is there a app?

There is no official twitch, but there are 2 paid clients who work with twitch, anystream and untwitched both cost 59 rubles each)

Posted on 11/04/2015, 20:24:

bobart @ 11/04/2015, 20:04*
Still for the work of Plex and other applications ... And the monument to you is not made by hands and, most importantly, in life!))

As an option, now while I try to use the service and it will be possible to record a video)

Rep: (36)
Could not play any movie through Plex - endless download.

UPD: after the reset worked. You cannot select a track while watching. When you enter the movie settings application crashes.

Post has been editedDimedrol1991 - 04.11.15, 21:41

Rep: (6)
Could not play any movie through Plex - endless download.

I downloaded 2 mkv files and both opened, though they were not 3 minutes long. Now I download a big movie and try

Rep: (87)
What are bad video converters? For example, the programiFlicks 2converts almost all mkv files in 2 minutes, and no problems with playback. : happy:

Rep: (36)
* genesisv96,
why so many crutches?

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