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Oysters T104WPicture | Discussion пїЅ | Description | Oysters Tablet
Windows 10 x32 | 10.1 ", 1280 * 800 | Intel BayTrail Z3735F 1.33 GHz (1.83 GHz Turbo Boost) | 1GB / 16GB | Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth 4.0
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Manufacturer - Oysters
SIM card type - MicroSIM
Operating system - Windows 10 Home 32-bit
Screen diagonal - 10.1 inches
Horizontal screen resolution - 1280 px
Vertical screen resolution - 800 px
Touch screen - yes
Screen Type - IPS
Type of touch screen - capacitive
Multitouch - 10 points
Processor - INTEL AtomTM Z3735G
Processor frequency - 1.33 GHz (1.83 GHz in turbo mode)
The number of cores - 4
The amount of internal memory - 16 GB
The amount of RAM - 1 GB
Memory Card Support - MicroSD
The main camera - 2.0 MPiks
Front camera - 0.3 megapixel
Wireless connection
3G - yes
Wi-Fi - yes
Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n standard (no support for 5 GHz)
Bluetooth - 4.0
GPS is not
Black colour
Material - plastic
Height - 173 mm
Width - 258 mm
Thickness - 10.7 mm
Weight - 600 gr
HDMI - yes (connector - miniHDMI)
USB (full size) - yes
Micro USB - yes, with USB-OTG support
Micro SD - yes (up to 32 GB, but work on 64 GB)
Headphone jack - 3.5 mm
Battery capacity - 5800 mAh
Voltage 3.7 V
Tablet computer OYSTERS - yes
USB cable - yes
Charger - yes
Quick start guide in Russian - yes
touchscreen marking

Frequently asked Questions

Factory image of Windows 10 + OEM driver + modern application from Beeline and office
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Link to the driver on the official website
When installing Windows 10, downloaded from the MS website, cleanly, do not connect to Wi-Fi when you first set up, otherwise the tablet will download the wrong drivers. after installing Windows from the flash drive, skip the first setup and install the drivers first (run setup.exe from the folder 22220 \ Win10 主板 芯片 组 \ Win10-PV-WW31. you may need to restart the tablet several times), and then just connect to Wi-Fi and customize the tablet.
Also, it is desirable to set each new build of Windows 10 to clean, and not to update via the update center.
Factory assembly of Windows 10 Home 10240

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 10586.164.2000 th2 x86 RU TabletPC_Oysters_Fast_Mini OEM drivers integrated key is picked up by the office and biline applications

Factory Windows 10 Home with driversauto install script ( take out the card when uchtanovke ) https://yadi.sk/d/MBenRTVFqqd3T

Windows 10 image for Oysters T104W, driver backup and optimization tips after installation
Windows 10 LTSB ISO image with all integrated T104W drivers and cut out market mirror

Acronis Images for Fast Recovery

Useful information
Reviews and Reviews
Troubleshooting UEFI
Archive design irrelevant themes
Android x86

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On our tablet can not be soldered another 1GB of RAM due to processor limitations.

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Reason for editing: Full set of drivers for the Oysters T104W tablet under Windows 8.1 x32 OS

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With micro SD, do not boot. Loading ports or a common flash drive (you can buy small size), or through the exchanger
So the CARTRIDER + micro SD is obtained by the USB flash drive. And it was exactly a whole USB flash drive? In the honeycomb, there is also a full-size solid USB flash drive of the usual size of 16-32 GB, there is also an UBS flash drive card reader where the micro SD cards are inserted too There are several pieces of 16-32 gigabytes.
In the screenshot, a solid full-size USB flash drive and a card reader with a socket of SD, micro CD. Can both options use?

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* sidordroid , I meant, if micro insert into the tablet itself. If through the other two ports, then everything should boot .... port where the flash drive itself is inserted (micro) is not bootable ...

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About the dead memory ...
I have 5 such tablets in my family, and two T104W.
I carry everything to the maximum on the SD card. Although SD cards are not bad, but 4 pieces have developed your resource, switched to Readonly mode, and have been replaced.
Moreover, the main working tablet "divert" two SD cards.

I do not think that the resource "internal SSD" is noticeably above the SD of good cards. With its small volume of 32GB, and almost full completion, die from intensive work should be quickly.

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Tell me who I tried, is 64x winds come here?

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No bios 86x. The cartrider will see through the micro USB!

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Updated to 1903

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Places to update enough?

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Asked to insert a flash drive of at least 10 GB

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Guys, tell me, put Windows 10 on this tablet, everything made according to the instructions, loaded, then in the command window it gives an error Failed to Make W: \ Recycler \ scratch directory
An error has been detected. what's wrong? Memory fell off or what?

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And how much was the inner?

Posted on 07/31/2019, 20:32:

* AV6528AV,

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More than 3 GB

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Put Android 8.1 byreference:
To start the system after installation it was necessary to place the disk on:
1 GB - EFI;
2 GB - SWAP;
The rest is the system.

Wi-Fi works;
Auto turnover inverted;
Touchscreen works, but approximately in the corner of the screen 6x4 cm, configured the driver for its proper operation.silead_ts.fw. Throw it on the way/ LIB / Firmware With replacement and restart.

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How sensations on android?

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ASC77 @ 08/06/19, 19:57*
How sensations on android?

Not bad, only in the store on all applications writes - "Perhaps this application is not optimized for your device."
And the camera does not work until I understand how to turn on.

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Kilometrus @ 08.08.19, 08:25*
Put Android 8.1 the following link:
To start the system after installation it was necessary to place the disk on:
1 GB - EFI;
2 GB - SWAP;
The rest is the system.

Wi-Fi works;
Auto turnover inverted;
The touchscreen works, but approximately in the 6x4 cm screen corner, configured the driver for its proper operation of Silead_ts.fw. It is necessary to throw it along the path / lib / firmware with replacement and restart.

Multitouch does not work. Pointing in Driver-t 10 , that is, multitouch for 10 touches.

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ATGeekbench 4.4.1 for Android x86 (64-bit)The tablet scored in tests:

Single-Core Score:947
Multi-Core Score:2249

GPU - hung and rebooted, apparently with 3D graphics of the problem.

ATANTUTU BENCHMARK V7.2.3.- When loading graphic test, it hangs tightly.

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So on one touch?. How to switch from Windows on Android?

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Alurgor @ 08.08.19, 20:01*
So on one touch?. How to switch from Windows on Android?

There are no Windows, only Android put on a clean drive.

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Alurgor @ 08.08.19, 20:01*
How to switch from Windows on Android?

Phoenix OS from under Windows creates a reboot label from wines in Android from the desktop.

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Hi, how to update it, the update requires 8 GB of free space, I have Max. 2GB?

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