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Samsung GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 - LineageOS / CyanogenMod firmware (OS 5.x-8.x)
Select firmware
What firmware did you choose for yourself for everyday use?
LineageOS (CyanogenMod) 14.1 [ 271 ] ** [49,63%]
Resurrection Remix N [ 23 ] ** [4,21%]
AICP 12.1 [ 16 ] ** [2,93%]
Ultimate ROM [6.0.1] [ 12 ] ** [2,2%]
CyanogenMod 13 [ 81 ] ** [14,84%]
CyanogenMod 11 [ 58 ] ** [10,62%]
Stock firmware 4.1.2 [ 85 ] ** [15,57%]
Total votes: 546

Rep: (301)
Samsung GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 - LineageOS / CyanogenMod firmware (OS 5.x-8.x)
PictureGT-I8160, GT-I8160P, codina, codinap
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Important information!
  • The first installation of firmware (if the phone has not been flashed before) is carried out only on the official firmware 4.1.2.
Drivers and Utilities
How to enter the recovery menu?
Turn off the phone and turn it on while holding down the Home, ON / OFF and Volume + buttons.
Where to get TWRP Recowery?
It is sewn into the kernels of custom firmwares and therefore it will appear on your device after installation.
How to activate forced reboot?
Clamp all device buttons simultaneously and wait for the screen to turn off (usually takes ≈10 seconds) and then release all buttons.
How to enable settings for developers?
Go to Settings>“About phone” and press “Build number” 7 times.
How to make a screenshot?
At the same time hold and hold the Home and Volume - buttons.
Will IMEI crash after firmware?
What to do if, after various manipulations with the firmware, IMEI still flies?
Follow this instructions to restore them.
How to get root-rights?
In firmware, they are already built-in. You can activate them in the settings for developers in the item “Superuser mode”.
Is it possible to install firmware through standard recovery?
Not. Custom firmware will not be installed due to the verification of archive signatures built into the recovery.
How to backup (backup) applications to restore them on a new firmware?
Using the “Titanium Backup” program, but in very rare cases, errors may occur in the operation of restored applications.
How to return to the standard (stock) firmware?
Install it through Odin. All details in related topic
Should I do a system cleanup when updating an existing firmware?
No, cleaning is optional. Just install it through the recovery on top of the existing one.
What are GApps?
GApps (Google Apps) are Google’s apps and services.
What to do if VPN does not work?
Copy file tun.ko of system / lib / modules at system / lib / modules / autoload and restart the phone.
Why, when choosing a 3G network mode, it sometimes automatically switches to 2G and how to solve this problem?
For some firmware in the settings, the “3G” mode means “2G + 3G” with the priority of the latter. You can fix this by choosing 3G mode in the settings, then dialing the code “* # * # 4636 # * # *” in the dialer, in the window that appears, go along the path “Phone Information”>“Set Preferred Network Type” and select “WCDMA only”
How to “overclock” a smartphone?
Overclocking is carried out using the built-in ChronoKernel firmware by increasing the processor frequency (by default 800 MHz with the possibility of increasing to 1245 MHz) and using a script for overclocking DDR (more details under the "Useful" spoiler).
Why did the 3G connection disappear in the firmware, data transfer does not turn on, and in the settings in the item “Communication module firmware” it shows “XXXX” and how to fix it?
This happened as a result of damage to the “modemfs” section in the phone. To return everything to its place, you need to flash the modem you need for this reference .

If you selected modems for CWM, then you can sew them through TWRP, but you have to do this 2 times. After the first installation, in the settings, the firmware of the communication module will be defined as “Unknown”, and after the second, everything will be as it should.
How to make Logcat if the phone is hanging on bootanimation?
Need to follow this instructions
What is memory re-allocation, what is it for, and what file to re-allocate?
This is the process of resizing memory in some partitions at the expense of others. It is needed because when installing custom firmware in the "system" section there is not enough space to install GApps. Of the presented selection of files for re-allocation of memory, I personally recommend choosing this one - CWM_ReParted_SY820_CA130_DA1800_SD1000
CWM installation
1. Download the archive from CWM:Temporary CWM
2. Copy it to the root of the memory card
3. Go into the recovery (hold down the Volume +, Home and Power buttons simultaneously)
4. Use the volume buttons to select apply update from sdcard, the power button - confirmation
5. Select the archive with CWM and install it.
Installing firmware
1. Install the stock firmware Android 4.1.2 (if already installed, skip this item)
2. Download the firmware, GAPPS for the Android firmware version (5.1 or 6.0, put the gapps package at your discretion), as well as the Chrono corer2.24.7
3. Copy the firmware, GAPPS and kernel to the root of the memory card
4. Run a temporary CWM, install the Chrono r2.24.7 kernel, restart the recovery
5. Back up the partitions: click Backup and select Data, Boot and System
6. Next, click wipe and select system, data and cache
7. Click on Install, select the archive with the firmware and GAPPS
8. Confirm installation
9. Reboot the device
Firmware upgrade
Not in every case, you can just update, sometimes you need to install from scratch.
Firmware update examples:
1. Transition SM12.1->CM13. Since the firmware is incompatible, you need a "clean" installation, for this you need to make wipe system, data and cache in CWM / TWRP. Similarly for
2. When updating CM12.1 / 13->CM12.1 / 13 from another developer, you need a "clean" installation, for this you need to make wipe system, data and cache in CWM / TWRP.
3. When updating CM12.1 / 13->CM12.1 / 13 from one developer, you don’t need to do wipe (unless the developer asks for it).
WhenCM13 by SergeylThere are 2 types: Standard and Full.
Upon transition CM13 Standard->CM13 Complete, you need a "clean" installation (because the firmware is incompatible), for this you need to make wipe system, data and cache in CWM / TWRP.
Similarly with CM13 Full->CM13 Standard.
When updating the firmware of one type, wipe does not need to be done (unless the developer asks for it).

If you decide to roll back to the stock firmware 4.1, go tothis topic. Firmware and instructions are in that topic.
Android 9.0.0 Pie
Android 8.1.0 Oreo
Android 7.1.2 Nougat
Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (Deprecated)
Android 5.1.1 Lollipop (Deprecated)
Google apps
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People tell the firmware which operates exfat ??

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* stalker280286 , Sm14, sm15. Yes like sm13 too, need to look configs. I'm talking about their firmware. But keep in mind not all applications support this format. When tested, some applications refuse to see the external card

Rep: (216)
ndev1l @ 30.05.16, 21:40*
with the desired layout in memory:

And what do I need? I've been odd in the post can not find a description. You can tell?

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Guys, save. I sew the CWM, the core of which is all sewn immediately after rekaveri some reason, turned, took a CD, threw the script re-initialization, he hung up because of a lack / sdcard0 (only / sdcard and / sdcard1) decided to make a wipe but again, swearing on the most sd0. I decided to flash the stock and re-do, and in anything except this PhilZ Touch 6 can not boot. What to do?

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Sorry, Download mode in rekaveri found

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Drove 007 He dismissed as curator of their own accord. Thanks for the work you've done.

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Hello! I put android firmware Ultimate Rom 6 having huge problems with wai FEMA. I do not see any point. or rather not even looking for them. what can be done to get wai faille?

the second question. memory card to 64GB and 128GB will he see? You can use them? and what file system to format the 128GB?

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Phone never sewed worth 4,1,2 sink) so I sew a temporary rekaveri - chrono core - Partitioning - 5th android?

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* Jagadja
Carefully follow the instructions in the first post and succeed.

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Samsung GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 - Firmware LineageOS / CyanogenMod (OS 5.x-8.x) (Post Drove 007 # 60843904)is not it?

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* Jagadja
Yes she)

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* TORNADO74 , The couple is not already loaded for about 30 minutes can be re-flashed

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The people did everything according to instructions installed 12 cm without GAPS system is not loaded I forgot all done on a manual for beginners or there at the end of the new kernel should be chrono? Podsazheny plizz with plus me

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* Jagadja The first boot may take a long time. Wipes are made after the installation?

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* evilious After there

Rep: (7)
* Jagadja Try

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* evilious , Tvrp is because of him

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* evilious When a wipe writes unknown mtp message type 1

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Sew flow through one. and all like instructionsdo.

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* evilious , I did so

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