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Interop Unlock and tweaks W10M / WP8.1

Please ask some questions about the system itself in the subjectWindows 10 Insider Preview for phones . Thank.
Please install (scan) .apk files and related issues to discuss in the topic. Installing Android Applications on Windows 10 Mobile

The responsibility for the actions you perform lies with you.

Install Windows 10 Mobile on unsupported devices

Template for the first post in the topic
I will ask you to stick to this template, since you will not be hijacking all users, because they think that we should read their thoughts and know the device model and OS version.

- Device model
- OS version
- Instruction on which an unlock was attempted

The code itself to make it clearer:
[B] Device Model: [/ B] _____
[B] OS Version: [/ B] _____
[B] Instruction: [/ B] _____

Device Model: Lumia 535
OS version: 10586.164
Instruction: V1 for W10M

Instructions for obtaining the unlock

Only data about what will change and the path in the registry will be shown (Registry Tree in CustomPFD)
Visual / graphic tweaks
Custom ringtone through registry editing
Registry path
HKLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / EventSounds / Sounds

What we change: Ringtone,specify the path to the file in the form c: / data / users / public / *, where * is the place of your melody on the phone-SD card.
There is also callwaiting, this is a dial tone, and there are two important options:
- script: by default, the dial tone lasts three and a half seconds, then silence, and again three and a half seconds. All this is written in the script, and the file itself - one last squeaker, is listed in Sound. Tweak has not been tested, so please treat it with caution.
Increasing the number of tiles without changing the model
Registry path
HKLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Shell / Start

What we change: TileColumnSize - its number, count as 1x1 tiles (the smallest).
10 - 5 rows of 2x2 tiles, one more than when changing in the previous tweak. On small screens this ishell. To be honest, even at 5 inches. Unpaired numbers like 7 or 9 also work - in this case, you will get one more tile or half a row more. A maximum of 80.
Add custom text on lock screen
By default, these values ​​use applications, for example, a calendar, so that you do not accidentally forget who has a birthday there in two years. But you can put something of their own.
Registry path
HKLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Shell / Lock / LockScreenSnapshot / DetailedStatus

What we change: TextLine0 - the top line, TextLine1 - the bottom. TextLine2 is better not to touch.
Delay before automatic brightness change
Registry path
HKLM / \ SOFTWARE \ OEM \ Autobrightness

What we change: TransitionDelay - 1
Enabling onscreen buttons on unsupported models
Warning: when using this tweak, the physical (if any, of course, there are) buttons will NOT work!]
Registry path
HKLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Shell / NavigationBar

What we change:
Color - 2
IsAutoHideEnabled - 1
IsDoubleTapOffEnabled - 1
IsHintEnabled - 1
IsSwipeUpToHideEnabled - 1
SoftwareModeEnabled - 1

On today's builds, dozens of people stop working because of navbarwineriesXap-s because of the screen resolution, the navbar takes a couple of pixels, please take note.
Turning off the phone's “sleep” by double clicking on the navigation bar
Registry path
HKLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Shell / NavigationBar

What we change: IsDoubleTapOffEnabled - 0.
Annoying feature, patted me a lot of nerves. ICHSKH helps this particular tweak.
Sound connection \ disable WiFi
Registry path
HKLM / Software / Microsoft / EventSounds /

What we change: / WifiConnected / Disabled - 0
/ WifiDisconnected / Disabled - 0
Increasing the number of "quick" actions in the Notification Center
Few 4 actions? Little 5? Well, then here it is, especially for you.
Registry path
HKLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Shell / ActionCenter / Quick Actions

What we change: PinnedQuickActionSlotCount - on phablets - 5, on 5 with change and less than inches - 4. Well, and you put as you like, for example 6. Of course, this is not very necessary, despite the fact that the list of all actions unfolds, well come on.
Turn off the backlight of the physical navbar
HKLM / Software / OEM / Nokia / Display / ColorAndLight /

What we change: UserSettingKeyLightEnabled - 0
Change the type of connection
HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Shell \ OEM \ SystemTray \ DataConnectionStrings
And have fun.
Enabling the screen sensitivity mode
Create the key Dword (Integer) "ImprovedTouchSupported" value "1" in the ways

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM) \ System \ Touch \ Settings
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM) \ System \ Touch \ Settings \ FF
System tweaks
Changing the model definition
Note:We do not change the model's self-determination, it will only give the possibility of another model (for example, 1520). Change the RM itself, the one shown in Extras + Info below is not worth it, believe me.

Registry path:
HKLM / SYSTEM / Platform / DeviceTargetingInfo

What we change:
1. PhoneManufacterModelName - substitute the desired RM, from this change younothing threatens, with XP, everything returns to its place. For 1520 -RM-937_eu_euro1_231For the rest, the list will be added later.
2. PhoneModelName - for each RM, select the appropriate model name, Lumia 1520 in our case.
3. PhoneSOCVersion - 8974 in our case.
Ability to install navigation maps on the SD card
Registry path
HKLM / System / Maps / Storage

What we change: UseExternalStorage - 1 or DWORD value - 00000001.
Installation of navigation maps (10549)
Very original bbakbbaki method
Opened and closed cards.
at this address [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ Maps \ Storage]
(after they will appear again (themselves), but with different meanings)
and register this.
"UseExternalStorage" = dword: 1
"ExternalStorageOverride" = dword: 1
After opening the native Maps application, go to the settings and download the maps.
Export contacts to a SIM card in the settings
Registry path
HKLM / Software / Microsoft / Contacts / SIM

What we change: EnableSIMAddressBookAndExport - 1
SD card performance increase due to eMMC bus
Registry path
HKLM / SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Services \ SdBus \ Parameters

What we change: DisableHS200Support - 0
Static ip address
I don't know who needs it, but I just leave it here.
Registry path
HKLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / WCMSvc / WifiNetworkManager / Config

What we change: EnableStaticIP - 1
Computer detection of the phone if after the interop the computer does not see it
Registry path
HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ MTP \ DataStore

What we change: DataStore - c: / Data / Users / Public
Increasing the maximum number of connections per server
HKLM / Software / microsodr / Windows / CurrentVersion / Internet Settings

What we change:
MaxConnectionsPerServer - increase the value from standard to desired.
Increasing the waiting time for a response from the operator when, for example, checking the balance
HKLM / System / ControlSet001 / Control

What we change:
WaitToKillServiceTimeout - [value in milliseconds]
Treatment of a mobile access point for owners of carrier versions of Verizon
Tweak, which includes the ability to use"Mobile hot spot" (Share internet via Wi-Fi / Bluetooth).
By default, this function is blocked by the operator. Previously, it was treated by setting the "access point" from Lumia, but on Win10 masking does not work in the market.
HKLM \ System \ ControlSet001 \ Services \ icssvc \ Settings

What we change:
EntitlementRequired = 0
Bug fix with the appearance of random keyboard layouts
"HKLM \ SYSTEM \ Platform \ DeviceTargetingInfo", Tap on the item "Phone Mobile OS OperatorDisplayName" - "Country Variant Russia"
"PhoneMobileOperatorName" - "000-RU"

Manual brightness adjustment fix

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Autobrightness
(Change key type to REG_MULTI_SZ)
ABSManualBrightness =
A source
Required files
Useful posts and topics

Disclaimers - Read before writing a topic!
Please test tweaks before you upload them. In any case, no one vouches for what is not working or broken, but I would like to have less of such precedents. If you have not done this, the curator will do it, but it will take time before the tweak takes its place in the cap. Thank.
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Activate protection against burnout navigation pane, for topical Amoled screens.

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Eternal nepruha with these devices windose) And they say that the people on this device robot ever sophisticated refinement)

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* Nokia1020L, lyumiya like it is possible to roll back the camera, it does not work?

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8.1 Lyumiya camera was the most recent version of this 4.hhh. Now is 10 and the latest version is 4.9.hhh and the sound is still being written in Mono with one channel, respectively, rather than in stereo with two as the same version of the camera to 8.1.

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* Nokia1020L,
Attached MB)

Before installation, remove the extension zip.

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rory40 @ 02.08.20, 16:20*
Before installing, remove the expansion zip

I'll try and accomplish your goal

Posted on 08/02/2020, 16:35:

rory40 @ 02.08.20, 16:20*
Before installing, remove the expansion zip

4.9 (10) .hhh I meant about the Lumia Camera, and Standard Microsoft Camera 5.0.2 is already so worth it)

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* Nokia1020L,
I gave you a link to Lumia Camera.

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* Nokia1020L,
Attached MB)

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Standard camera that was originally placed in a W10M version is called "Camera" or well, as in your case, Lumia Camera (and above). When you try to put it in a separate file (as you have given me) is installed and automatically spread to dozens of standard camera with the message "you have already installed this version of the camera."
All versions of Nokia Camera from before 5.hhh just bet up W10X, on W8.x. If I tell ceto putuyu. The branches of the programs, there are two different topics To the two chambers 5 and 4 versions separately.

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* Nokia1020L,
In about the cameras, refer to the Options-Device-camera by default.

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Gus posted source interop

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