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iPhone 6S (2015) - Discussion
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The topic was created to discuss the work of the device - we share our impressions, discuss the use and experience of owning this phone. Examples of messages suitable for the topic are shown under the "Responses" spoiler. All the problems of ios or the device itself are discussed in other topics - read about it below.

Questions that can not be asked (discussed) in the topic:

1. Device activation problems (discussion in the topic -I can not activate, requires Apple ID)
2. Rollback of the device (all information is presented in the topic -[FAQ] Rollback instructions (downgrade))
3. Power consumption of the device (discussion in the topic -IPhone battery life)
4. Comparison and discussion of processor performance (discussion in the topic -Comparison of iphone processors (all) from tsmc and samsung)
5. The need to upgrade and select the firmware;
6. Discussion jailbreak and everything connected with it;
7. Discussion of device selection (there is a section -Selection and Comparison)
8. Third-party questions about any problems associated with the programs, operating system, iTunes, network, components (ask there:iOS - First Aid)
9. Search for any programs for the phone (search in topic:Search for iOS software)
10. Discussion of results in benchmarks (this is done inSynthetic test results)
11. Problems with repaired devices."Refurbished" (discussed in section - Apple Device Marriage)
12. Questions about repairing the phone are discussed in the topic -iPhone Repair
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A few basic questions that you do not give rest.
Question # 1Whether the volume keys dangling and Power?
The answer is: it depends. it is always individually for each smartphone.

Question # 2: Is your warranty clearance volume buttons and Power?
The answer is no, if the buttons are fully perform their functions.

Question # 3Whether the smartphone is switched off in the cold?
The answer is: it depends. For each smartphone it individually as it depends on a huge number of reasons, but does not depend on the model or from the firmware.

Question # 4: Is covered by the warranty of the smartphone off in the cold?
Answer: it decides the official service diagnostics company.
I remind you - the question on the battery and energy saving can be sethere.

Question # 5: I have to 6S problems / bugs / hang - why can not I ask about it here?
The answer is because these issues do not apply to individual devices and have a common component for all of the company's phones.
Remind - the topic with questions about problems or iOS, you can create the most devaysahere.

Manufacturer: Apple
Model: iPhone 6S
Year of issue: 2015
Operating system: iOS 9
Accum Capacity (mAh): 1 715

Dimensions (WxHxT, mm): 67.09 x 138.3 x 7.1
Weight (g): 143

Processor Type: Apple A9
Clock Frequency (MHz): 1 820

RAM (MB): 2048
Built-in memory (GB): 16 / 32 / 64 /128

Phone: GSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900), LTE (700, 800, 850, 900, 1500, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2600), UMTS (800, 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100)
Bluetooth : 4.2
Wi-Fi: 802.11a, b, g, n, ac

Screen size: 4,7"
Screen resolution (px): 750 x 1334
Screen Type: Retina
Video accelerator: embedded in the processor
Camera rear (MP): 12
Autofocus: there is
Photo flash: there is
Camera front (MP): 5
Speaker: mono
Headphone Out: 3.5

Other: G-Sensor, Gyroscope, Light sensor, Proximity sensor, NFC, Digital compass

Touch screen: capacitive
Buttons : fingerprint scanner, physical buttons

Memory cards: Not supported
Connectors: Lightning


Attached Image- review fromWylsa.com
Attached Image- review frombigGeek.ru
Attached Image- review fromdroider.ru
Attached Image- review fromappleInsider.ru

From ceddar- review fromkeddr.com
From Hi-TechMail- review fromhi-tech.mail.ru

Overview fromIXBT.com
Part 1- design, performance, communication, new features
Part 2- screen, camera, video playback and autonomous work

Overview fromsavagemessiahzine.com
Review of Apple iPhone 6S: click on the screen, click

Useful information
1. Detailed information aboutLTE supportiPhone 6s

2. StronglyI recommend to study the topic:Error 53 in iTunes
This error appears either after replacing the home button Home, or after its failure - the phone becomes completely inoperative after the next firmware.
Be careful when buying and careful when using.
= updated = : Apple officially recognized the problem apologized and released again 9.2.1, but with a different build 13d20 - this build allows you to resurrect devices with an error of 53 and this problem will not exist in all subsequent firmware

3. Differences in the operation of identical devices (speed, braking, different behavior after the same firmware, etc.) does not depend on the processor model, but depends on other factors. The general meaning of this behavior is painted inby thismessage and a bit inby this.

4. Many people have problems starting the camera.
You can read and search for solutions here:iphone 6s camera problems

5. Bugs, lags, brakes and all sorts of problems of the ios itself on any device is no different - even though it is 5s, at least 6, even 6s
All this in 95% can occur for two reasons: flashing over the air and restoring backup after flashing through itunes (in the remaining 5% there may be problems with the hardware of the device)
Maximum eradication of problems solved by firmwarein dfu modewithout restoring a copy - the device will be like from the factory .. after installing the backup, problems can return
A rollback is not a panacea, as a rollback is just a firmware from scratch and you can also upgrade to dfu on the firmware on which the problems occurred

6. Questions off the phone in the cold:
iPhone 6S - Discussion (Post NT User # 54777089)
iPhone 6S - Discussion (Post MadFile # 78946464)

7. After flashing, flashing or rolling back the firmware, increased battery consumption may appear - this is normal and you need to wait 1-3 days for the battery to return to its normal level.

8. If the print scanner in the Home button stops working, then there is no repair or replacement - the scanner is tied to one single motherboard .. the scanner can only be restored by replacing the motherboard and the button attached to it from the factory
Outside the warranty, the repair price is about 80% of the price of a new phone .. plus, the phone almost always receives after opening:
- Curved body with squeaks or crevices for moisture and dust;
- unknown and possibly replaced components (example: almost always services change a fresh battery to an older one);
- mismatch of internal technical numbers and phone designations with the apple base;
- possible problems or blocking the phone at the next firmware / reset settings;
- refusal in technical support;
... and so on

9. Repair program for iPhone 6s in case of problems with unexpected shutdown - this program for 6s was made public almost immediately after its release, which suggests some problems with the battery on this device.
Feedback on battery replacementfromberiy1

10. Different size of the keyboard in the horizontal mode - empty spaces on the sides.
The size of the keyboard depends on the screen mode set to "Standard" or "Enlarged."
In the "Increased" mode, the resolution / interface is used as for iPhone 5s / SE.
In the "Standard" mode - the native screen resolution of the iPhone 6, which fits more.
iPhone 6S - Discussion (Post A.R.S # 70617904)

Work iPhone 6s on iOS 12 for those who doubt to update or not - Video review

After flashing on ios11, the screen may stop working. The problem is global - a huge proportion of 6s fell under this.
After updating to ios 11, the touchscreen stopped working
upd. Thisproblem solvedwith the release of ios 11.0.3.

With the release of iOS Apple is recalling some 13 iPhone 6S due to power problems. All information referred to herein:iPhone 6S - Discussion (Post bossraven # 89589953)And the addition of this issue hereiPhone 6S - Discussion (Post r1ch1k # 89613673)

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I do not know a bit, sorry for the stupid question.

For example, for 6s 16 gb, the Apple requests 57k. Is it possible that stores like (connected, euro, etc) will sell cheaper?

I remember last year their price was lower than on the off-site Apple

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* Maksim7873
At first, the price will be the same for everyone. It always has been.

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Has anyone T-Mobile phone without a contract with Russian SIM cards tried to include? And that was a throw-in, that there is no sim-free on 6S.

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edik-i @ 09/28/2015, 12:55*
Dear owners of this miracle, what do you say about thishttp: //www.macdigger.r...egreve-smartfonov.html

So far, nothing like this has been observed. The fact that of course lags like the iPhone 6 it is, but this is the famous iOS9 for everyone. Live wallpaper pampering for a couple of minutes. 3D Touch without the support of third-party developers of their applications can simply pass by. The front camera is clearly better. Taptic just vomits.
P.S. I study further

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T-Mobile has all the bodies, even without a contract-locked !! This is what they have written about, that's why they send it to the appstore ... and the price is the same, what is the point of taking the t-mobile and without a contract then?

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Guys, the main question for you, the owners of 6s: How is it going with the battery? There are those who switched from 5s, how do you ??

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Smoyke @ 09/29/2015 10:42*
Guys, the main question for you, the owners of 6s: How is it going with the battery? There are those who switched from 5s, how do you ??

Particularly interested in watching videos and toys)

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Guys, the main question for you, the owners of 6s: How is it going with the battery? There are those who switched from 5s, how do you ??

I switched from 5s. Found no significant difference in battery performance.

Can anyone not conduct such a testhttp: //www.macdigger.r...roizvedenii-video.html

It is interesting, of course, to conduct this experiment, but I do not want to.
First, they already explained in the camments that one pipe was with Simka, and the second was not. And this test can no longer be recognized for the truth.
Secondly, I personally regard all these intensified searches for the flaws in each pipe as “why I will not buy a new iPhone”, and not because “I don’t have money to buy it now because the price tag is horse”.
It is clear that a terrible price. And I want to be a miracle for the money. But my personal opinion that no revolution is not and never will be as long as not invent completely new energy carriers. Eg the battery on nuclear energy, the size of a watch battery life with a period of 5 ... 10 years. All the rest - it's the people themselves is wound, trying on one scale put quality professional products and goods produced by the company, which manufactures refrigerators and kettles. I mean, the main competitor and I personally see it as consumer goods and can not be considered a substitute for it because of lack of money.

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* Culibin
That's right, the price tag is horse, so I want to know what I give money for (it is possible that the elephant was inflated from a fly, that's why we appeal to the pioneers, and of course, I know that there are no perfect iPhones)! By the way, here are two more news.http: //www.macdigger.r...ot-samsung-i-tsmc.htmland in everyday use (but we are more interested in watching the video, because 8% and 32%, I think this is a huge difference)http: //www.macdigger.r...ot-samsung-i-tsmc.html

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edik-i @ 09/29/2015, 12:58*
I want to know what I give money for

Exclusively for marketing
What are you all waiting for? Jobs was able to present a fairy tale from ordinary physics, but it’s time to get involved and realize that you have a regular phone with aggressive marketing
Ordinary Chinese device from Chinese parts, assembled by the Chinese
The bug axis and with the right approach more or less it can be pulled out through dfu, etc.
Never before has devices been podlag from the box in some places, and this one is poking in some places (yes, as well as used 6, and air2 in general)
As already said, most likely, it’s a matter of iOS9, but maybe a new iron is a little tupit .. time will tell

I walked with the pipe for several days and the other day I’ll take the second device instead of the iPhone 6 (it’s time to merge the one-year-old pipe before dancing with Akum, modem and other “nano-technologies” started) ... there are almost no differences from ifni 6 (I go with it exactly a year) .. about Akum - how many users, so many results will be - it was and always will be .. it's time to figure it out and not to soar the brain with this masochistic question

Very correct in previous posts saidCulibin about the search for flaws and the price .. flaws are looking for those who do not need an apple at all or no money just to switch from ifny4613 to ifnya 6+ axis9
And then there are opinions on which people jump over new phones and take only with the prefix s .. and this topic is trampled - 6s nothing like this in comparison with 6
The touch screen is marketing again .. what do you get from super-nano-ultra pseudo-revolutionary technologies? drop-down menus - I hope that no one needs to be reminded about the android, where, while holding the finger, all sorts of menus and options are available since the release of the first version of the OS and the cheapest devices

Further could paint and paint, but it seems that you catch logic

Posted 09/29/2015 1:26 PM:

As for overheating, I will not say anything yet .. there are no games in mobiles at all, I’m not in social networks .. in normal mode there were no overheatings, but Akum is holding the same way as on ifne6

Shilo on soap in general ..

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* MadFile,

Do you need to change with model S? Design probably?)

And then I know people who will sit down on some old 5th iPhone zakotsannom in full, and bought 100 years ago for 25 thousand and say: the 6th iPhone design is bad, the shovel, 6s, too, so we will wait for the 7th: rofl:

Rep: (1137)
Smoyke @ 09/29/2015, 13:35*
Do you need to change with model S? Design probably?)

In ifni6, the design is perfect for me .. the shovel is iksperiya2, which I could not walk with, because I only carry mobile phones in my pockets and which I changed to iphone 6 a year ago, which in turn became the second phone after the NTS

So, I'm not expecting anything, except for Akum, which needs to be charged once every two weeks.

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Smoyke @ 09/29/2015, 16:35*
And then I know people who will sit down on some old 5th iPhone zakotsannom in full, and bought 100 years ago for 25 thousand and say: the 6th iPhone design is bad, the shovel, 6s, too, so we wait for the 7th

Apparently I am so)))
I will wait for version 7 of 99 percent)))
Designer is not NRA (it was possible to make more careful to lay in his hand)
new "revolutionary" chips Nenra
the price for this is all self-indulgence especially

but I’m following the topic I’m sure I’ll come to mind)))))))

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* edik-i
edik-i @ 09/28/2015, 1:55 PM*
Dear owners of this miracle, what do you say about thishttp: //www.macdigger.r...egreve-smartfonov.html

I am the owner of 6s 64Gb heating observed only when I restored the device from the backup copy of Icloud. After which he cooled, and no longer heated.

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* edik-i
edik-i @ 09/28/2015, 00:54*
Hello everyone and congratulations to all the owners of this miracle! Tell me, in comparison with the usual 6, how does the battery behave, signal reception, volume and quality of both speakers, quality of music in headphones, etc.? Thank!!!

Moved to 6s from the six. after 3 days of use, the battery behaves in my opinion as well as in 6, with the same mode of use. By receiving the signal, the connection is definitely better, both voice and data transmission. The loudness of the speakers did not really test, as I use in silent mode mostly.
The quality of music has not yet been tested.
What I need to get used to, in my opinion, is how the vibration now works. Since now used taptic engine.

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By the way, to the issue of memory in the 16 GB version.
There is quite an extension option, leef iBridge.
Attached Image

Of the features, the ability to view content directly from a flash drive without prior copying to the device.
It is also possible to record a photo / video. Well, hassle-free connection to the PC.
Price 64GB option from 7 829 rubles. Given the price difference m / v phones 16/64, offer fire.

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* edik-i
edik-i @ 09/28/2015, 10:45*
Overdue, one more question: Which iPhone 6S will support the Russian LTE frequencies ?!

The device was brought from Germany, MTS LTE - everything works great.

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I understand that no one took the contract machine and did not try to unlock it? Interested in working services.

Rep: (21)
What I need to get used to, in my opinion, is how the vibration now works. Since now used taptic engine.

And what is it? Is it a tactile chip when using a 3D touch or vibration when calling?
The device was brought from Germany, MTS LTE - everything works great.

And you can ask where they took and for how much?

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* MadFile,
For you, the main master hev is the battery ?? And what should it be?
If I honestly really doubt that the 7th will work twice as long as 6s and so on.

* aghostt
With a native case, it lies in the hand very well, IMHO.
The 7th iPhone will be just as big and thin, so it won't drastically lie in the hand otherwise ...

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