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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - Discussion | Tablet, 8 ", 10.1"

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DiscussionLenovo Yoga Tab 3
PictureLYT3-850, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3
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Additional photos
Attached Image
Attached ImageAttached Image[Attachment = "6753698: release_lenovo-yoga2-tablet-10-blk-angle1-480x285.png"]
Specifications Yoga Tab 3:
processor: Qualcomm quad APQ8009 / MSM8909 to 1.5 GHz;
operating system: Android 5.1 Lollipop;
RAM: 1 GB;
built-in memory: 16 GB;
memory card slot: microSD up to 128 GB;
Display: 8 inch HD IPS display (1280x800) or 10.1 inch HD IPS display (1280x800);
Camera: turning back camera 8 Mn autofocus;
means of communication: connection LTE (4G), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b / g / n) and Bluetooth 4.0, GPS + GLONASS;
battery 8 '' - 6 200 mAh, 10 '' - 8400 mAh;
the number of SIM-cards: 1 microSIM card;
Connectors: microUSB, 3,5 mm;
color: black;
size: 8 '' - 210 x 146 x 3-7,0 mm, 10 '' - 253 x 185 x 3,5-9,5 mm;
Weight: 8 '' (Wi-Fi) - 466 g, 8 '' (LTE) - 472 g, 10 '' (Wi-Fi) - 655 g, 10 '' (LTE) - 665 g
Additional Information:
Both the regular version of Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 equipped with two front speakers, an 8-megapixel camera on the rotating ring, as well as support the brand Lenovo feature called AnyPen, which allows you to use the stylus as almost any writing materials, whether it is a pencil or pen.

All new items "out of the box" will run on Android 5.1 with a minimum of "cosmetic" improvements from Lenovo. 8-inch Yoga Tab 3 will go on sale October 1 at a price of 9, 10-inch will be released a month later, on November 1 at a price of 9. Pro will go on sale November 1 and as low as 9.


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* baikal0912,
Included after flashing, appeared black window with gray buttons, ALL, FAILED, TEST REPO, UP, DOWN, RUN ALL, RESET, REBOOT, and further items: 1 SYSTEM INFO, 2 KEYPAD BACKLIGHT, 3 LCD BACKLIGHT, 4 LED RED, 5 LED GREEN, 6 LED BLUE, 7 FLASHLIGHT, 8 KEY, 9 HEADSET KEY, 10 VIBRATOR What should I do?

Post has been editedsitizen4 - 29.03.17, 03:18

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* sitizen4, select the volume item REBOOT buttons and use power button.
A tablet as you include that they are in this menu? Simply pressing the power button, you will not get into it.

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* baikal0912,
That is exactly what has got. The manual says that after a successful firmware subject should reboot, so after saying that the firmware is completed, I waited for 10 minutes when it starts, and then came out of the program, took the cable and pressed play, including only the second time and gave a menu. Then poked tests chose reboot and there is a point with Android, Download.

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Reflash the firmware on YT3-X50M_S000024_160614_ROW, offers updates YT3-X50M_S000025_161126_ROW, 52 MB, it is necessary to establish, or better not?

Rep: (1832)
sitizen4 @ 29.03.17, 20:11*
offers updates YT3-X50M_S000025_161126_ROW,

* sitizen4, This preparatory update before moving to OS 6.0
If 6.0 is not going to pass it, and do not need to be updated.

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After flashing or reset requires Wi-Fi, it is necessary, or you can do the mobile Internet?

Rep: (1832)
sitizen4 @ 29.03.17, 23:39*
After flashing or reset requires Wi-Fi, it is necessary

* sitizen4, and you are in front of your Google Account firmware is not removed on a tablet
or reset to factory default settings from the menu does not do? If there is no Wi-Fi connection and commissioning
your Google Account that was before the firmware on your tablet, you continue to not move settings.

Rep: (1832)
At 850F / M should come obnovleniya.Na 850F - S000112_170317, at 850m - S000123_170317.
I got anyone?

Rep: (77)
I got put ... until he noticed nothing.

Rep: (10)
* baikal0912,
I did. Recently I made a reset from the menu, but your Google account is still requested, apparently dumping was crooked.

Posted on 03/31/2017, 23:01:

And how do you change it, in which everything has to be removed, may require a previous account?

Rep: (1832)
sitizen4 @ 01.04.17, 01:59*
And how do you change it, in which everything has to be removed, may require a previous account?

* sitizen4, job security from Google
with Android 5. And if the firmware storage area checking account is not erased.
Only delete an account from the Settings menu, even if the reset to factory default settings from the menu as you write
not only runs from udaleniem.No not through recavery-Reset to factory reset through recavery account does not produce.

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Update and install it on the 850m. What's in it though New? Prompt where to disable the automatic installation of updates. Something I can not find.

Rep: (66)
* kuzma53,
Settings - Applications - all applications - update system - disable.

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* habikoin
thank you very much!

Rep: (174)
There is a custom firmware?
Cyano and the like.
I did not find it in the cap.
For the answer otplyusuyu.

Rep: (17)
* woldemar777,
Nope, and probably never will.

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Apparently the fourth method of resetting, when acquiring the lock from gugla

Methods of caps do not help, maybe Android 5.1.1 stock and options with the release and sending it simply does not work

Actually the manual, check for three times in a row, stitching and dropping device (YT3-X50M):

1. The battery charge should be 50% or more.

2. When entering a google login, tap the input field - this will open the keyboard.

3. On the keyboard, press and hold the "@" key; in the pop-up window, tap "Google Keyboard Settings".

4. tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and select "About application"

5. Click the link "open source code".

6. There will be a lot of text, highlight any word (I had "Copyright") by pressing and holding until you see the menu. In the menu, select "Web Search" in the search engine that opens, find the search results according to the word "Copyright".

7. Remove the word appears in the input field "Say Ok Google". We say that asking. Then we command "Open Settings" - get into the settings

8. In paragraph: "Backup & reset" to reset to factory settings.

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baikal0912 @ 29.03.17, 12:20*
A tablet as you have included that were on the menu this? Simply by pressing the power button, you will not get it

For fun, I decided once again to flash this firmware, and again the same window, but the volume button does not work, just press the on-screen menu. Apparently, this firmware

Rep: (1832)
sitizen4 @ 03.04.17, 05:52*
For fun, I decided once again to flash this firmware, and again the same window, but the volume button does not work, just press the on-screen menu. Apparently, this firmware

* sitizen4, Give a link to this firmware, obviously "left" some.

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The new program is only noticed at the last update on the similarity of the name DUO vatsapa and vibera.

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