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Motorola Moto X Play - Discussion | Smartphone, 5.5 "

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DiscussionMotorola Moto X Play
PictureMotorola Moto X Play
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FAQ on the device
Additional photos
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OS Version - Android 5.1
Body Type - Classic
Construction - water protection
Control - On-Screen Buttons
SIM card type - nano SIM
The number of SIM-cards - 2
Weight - 169 g
Dimensions (WxHxT) - 75x148x10.9 mm
Screen type - color, touch
Type of touch screen - multitouch, capacitive
The diagonal is 5.5 inches.
Image size - 1920x1080
Number of pixels per inch (PPI) - 401
Automatic screen rotation - there is
Scratch-resistant glass - there is
Camera - 21 million pixels., LED flash
Camera Functions - Autofocus
Aperture - F / 2.0
Video recording - is (MPEG4)
Max. video resolution - 1920x1080
Max. video frame rate - 30 frames / s
The front camera is, 5 million pixels.
Audio - MP3
Headphone jack - 3.5 mm
Communication standard - GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G, 4G LTE
Support for LTE bands - Bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 19, 20, 28, 38, 41
Interfaces - Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB, NFC
Satellite navigation - GPS / Glonass
The processor - 1700 MHz
The number of processor cores - 8
The amount of internal memory - 16 GB
The amount of RAM - 2 GB
Battery capacity - 3630 mAh
Type of charging connector - micro USB
Quick charge function - is
Management - voice dialing, voice control
Flight mode - there is
Flashlight - there is
Announcement date - 2015-07-28
Reviews and Reviews

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Rep: (17)
FreeFlax @ 20.09.2015, 07:50*
Welcome all )
Question - whether still in the smart mikrosd?
In off.harakteristikah a word about it.
Or does it depend on the specific modifications?

Of course there is.

Rep: (1318)
Jenyasenna @ 20.09.2015, 09:51*
Of course there is.

in any version - 16 and 32 GB?

Rep: (4)
Officially write that in every moto x 3 generations has a slot for the card. . . .

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Rep: (1318)
The Moto G 3 write that there are: GPS, AGPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
And X Play in reality it?

Rep: (96)
* FreeFlax,
I think the same

Rep: (189)
Guys, if present on board altimeter and barometer, which were present in version 1 X 2013, and were blatantly cut in the 2nd generation?

Rep: (23)
No, altimeter, barometer, gyroscope. I never in my life did not use them and do not feel the problems of shortages.
Finally came the phone from Poland, the impressions are great, apart from one small caveat - once pulled out a tray for SIM cards, tore off the plastic cover on top, just pulling for her (she somehow for this and is intended). But sgreshu is a small factory marriage is my model, one drop of superglue to stick the plug in place (originally with glue and hold) and there is no trace, and sits like a glove.

The camera, battery performance, excellent screen, excellent body (all complain about the play volume buttons, and I was expecting to see something scary, but in fact turned out to be several times less backlash than on my galaxy note 2) yes, and besides fast Chardjui. Over 26 hours of active use (including all night surfing the internet and listening to music during Hackaton) phone shows an additional 26% of the battery. In everyday use for 2 days quietly enough for me to be.

For the money got exactly what they expected, no more, no less

Those who have questions about phone contact, he was looking for someone to ask yet chosen, will answer as possible.

Post has been editedBeetle! - 20.09.15, 12:18

Rep: (189)
* Beetle!, Thanks, but I take. Therefore I asked. And about the housing: I'm playing and interesting IMHO can be done, rather than paint it.

Rep: (96)
* Razoblachitel
And what if not a secret?

Rep: (189)
* renatique, in the mountains often I visit. And if you leave in the past, when there was X2 on the site was off. infa there barometer / altimeter as in version 1. When communicating with the support of "moo oink no, sorry, all the cases."

Post has been editedRazoblachitel - 20.09.15, 13:56

Rep: (3)
Bug! @ 09/20/2015, 12:06*
missed, and Polish - it two simochny in "nee"? If yes - then you can a screenshot of the firmware version?

Rep: (96)
From somewhere from 8 am to 3g networks, the Internet, online game just a little bit.

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (0)
Distribute here fotochek evening, night.

Rep: (20)
Guys, tell me, please, to 2 pictures of the battery significantly stronger than expenses or general background is not obvious?

Rep: (23)
* gshura 1 sim.
Incidentally dialer can be individually put staff but with a set of Russian?

Rep: (0)
Anybody can tell at this point how much it battery on 3G for internet surfing / seats in Appendix B?

Rep: (462)
cdtj @ 21.09.2015, 01:48*
Tell me, please, to 2 pictures of the battery significantly stronger than expenses or general background is not obvious?

No. Tuners are not greedy. The thing is the quality of communication in the location (s) where you spend time, inhabit

Posted on 20/09/2015, 19:06:

* Ledje, in Moscow, St. Petersburg - 6 hours. In Zazhopinske - 2 hours.

Rep: (96)
* Ledje, lift up your eyes, you do not read the topic before you ask the question?

Rep: (220)
Bug! @ 09/20/2015, 18:48*
* gshura 1 sim.
Incidentally dialer can be individually put staff but with a set of Russian?

Regular dialer it alone, it's worth and it does not have Russian letters. The parties may put any with Russian letters.

Rep: (96)
People in vatsape hear clicks when you send for example? After sending sound
Clicks and when listening to a ringtone can be heard, before playing, and immediately after, as if deselected press if clicks. If you configured to listen to music too alert audible shelchki. And a right channel speaker and headphones. Who has it?

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