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Cydia Eraser (Cydia Impactor) | [IPhone] [iPad] Complete cleaning systems and removal of jailbreak

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Cydia Eraser (Cydia Impactor) [BETA]
Version: 0.9.34
Last update of the program in the header:26.10.2017

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вљЎ We discuss the topic exclusivelyCydia Impactor for cleaning and restoring the system after JB, the application signature is not discussed here!

Short description:
Full system cleanup and recovery after jailbreak.
[!] Only for iOS 7.1 - 10.3.3 (so far it is ableBETA).

Fully restores system files, rolling back changes made to them after the jailbreak.
Performs a full removal.All data from the device, including jailbreak.
After that, you will need to re-jailbreak.

Does not work on the iPod Touch 6th generation, because The device does not have OTA updates.

Disable - before using Cydia Impactor>Find iPhone / iPad
After useiCleaner for deletion extra languages correct work of the program is not yet possible .

AnalogiLEX RAT and Semi-Restore .
However, this tweak works differently.
Uses OTA updates to return to stock status.

After practicing tweak and turning on the device, he will be able to turn it on for the first time.
Same as after device recovery via modeDFU .

Successful Recovery Experience
Technical information about the mechanism of tweak
Cydia Impactor uses iOS update archives provided on Apple servers for their over-the-air update feature.
These files are usually around ~ 2GB in size. butCydia Impactor minimizes the cost of traffic by downloading only the files you need.
Most standard restorations will not spend more than 10MB of traffic.

First, the "bill of materials" process takes place in which a list of modified files is generated.

Further, all files that have been modified or destroyed will be downloaded directly from Apple.

There is a "neat" file transfer.
All new files will be copied to the user section.
Then all system data will be copied back to the system partition.

The idea is that no "unsafe" changes in the system have been made and ifCydia Impactor will fall \ will give an error or the device will reboot, you can always try to start it at any time later.

When all files in the system are changed and returned to stock status,ALL OTHER DATA WILL BE DELETED , and iOS will be launched in the "Erase content and settings" mode.

That same “critical point” lasts only a few seconds at the end of the tweak process.
The process may take longer if you had a lot of space for user data.
Do not touch the device during this process.

When the device reboots, it will look like it was turned on for the first time.
It will no longer be jailbroken.

If you need a jailbreak, re-perform the hacking procedure using a PC utility.

All information about OTA-updates and links to them can be viewed.here .

Cydia: https://cydia.saurik.com/info/com.saurik.impactor/

Download: Attached filecom.saurik.impactor_0.9.43_iphoneos-arm.deb (377.5 KB)

Past versions

ViaCydia, repository: http://apt.saurik.com
[FAQ] Installation* .deb

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Rep: (91)
who tried it?

Rep: (30)
Correctly understood - If you stop signing the firmware, will it still be restored to clean? Activation means your login?

Rep: (0)
when installing 2 points Set and Rollback. If you click to install the program after the installation will automatically work?

Rep: (56)
I wonder if they plan for other firmware? And in fact, the thing is good.

Rep: (67)
* 11sanches11, Yes, the data for any OTA update (for the entire existence of the OTA update of iOS) is stored on the servers of the epl.
And in this case it does not matter whether the firmware subscribes or not. Just take the files you need to restore.

* SergeyAltay 25, not.
After installation, a shortcut will appear for running the program itself. + Before launching, the program asks whether to start the process and delete all data.

Rep: (67)
Restored the restoration of iPad Air 2 64GB + LTE (iOS 8.3). (version 0.9.16)

The tablet returned to the factory settings, did not require re-activation, set up as a new ipad. Everything is working.

I also tried to perform the standard function "Settings - General - Reset - Erase content and settings".
Everything worked just fine, which means that the device is in the "original" state. (on a jailbroken device, the piece of iron will become a brick).

PS : All tweaks caused by bugs - cured . The notification center again works as it should. :)
Such cases, I hope someone helped, and the first experience all the same.

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Rep: (1780)
Appsync Unified. After removing tweaks, it all worked.

I think this should be added to the cap)

Rep: (2240)
It would still be possible to run it from the terminal when the system is in an eternal apple.

Rep: (27)
I hope for ios 6xxx will file :) but for now I use ilex rat.
For plash on ios 8.3 set.

Rep: (208)
ideally, not only complete cleaning of the device
but also the ability to wipe only tweaks and settings from them!

Rep: (231)
* jesc,
Tweaks, for the most part, replace the system files. And just because they can not be removed, only through the cleaning of the entire system.

Rep: (913)
Busenka @ 07/19/2015, 16:13*
And just because they can not be removed, only through the cleaning of the entire system.

I wonder what happens then with a tweak when I delete it via Cydia? : D

Rep: (208)
* ** novichok2008 **,
: yes2:

Rep: (5)
After installing this application, I don’t have this tweak icon on my desktop, does everyone have it?

Rep: (67)
* monitor235, if after the restart the icon did not appear - you need to manually start uicache .

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Rep: (208)
* monitor235,
The icon is in its place, the tweak works itself out only by 60% -70% for now, unfortunately!

Rep: (67)
* jesc, what would that mean? More specifics. If the tweak works (does the restaurant), then it works at 100%.
In case of errors, you need to understand why they occur looking in the syslog.

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after removal of AppSync this error all the same takes off

Rep: (0)
earned from 4 attempts

Rep: (67)
An update of 0.9.17 is available.

* Now supports recovery from version 8.1 to 8.4.
* Fixed "read-only filesystem" bug on devices using TaiG's AFC2.

Attached filecom.saurik.impactor_0.9.17_iphoneos-arm.deb(245.73 KB)

PS: Just restored the iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB (same iOS 8.3), all without errors and the first time.

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