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Device Type: Smartphone
Dimensions: 157 x 76.6 x 14 mm
Device weight: 320 g
Material: Metal frame and the back of the smartphone
CPU manufacturer: MediaTek
CPU core number: quad-core (4)
CPU type: MT6735p
CPU frequency: 1.0 GHz
OS Version: Android 5.1
Random access memory (RAM): 2 GB
Built-in memory (ROM): 16 GB
SIM: 2 micro sim
Memory Card: Micro SD (T_flash)
Maximum memory card capacity: 32 GB
Display: 5.5
Resolution: 720x1280 HD
Screen: IPS
Camera and battery
Main camera: 8 MP (Interpolation 13 MP)
Autofocus: Supported
Camera diaphragm: 2.0
Front camera: 2 megapixel (Interpolation 5 megapixel)
Flash: Supported
Battery Capacity: 10,000 mAh
Battery type: Li-polymer
Talk time: 70 hours
Standby time: 2G≈77 days, 3G≈55 days, 4G≈33 days
Frequency ranges and supported networks
3G: Supported
WI-FI: Supported
NFC: -
Bluetooth: 3.0
GPRS: Supported
EGSM: Supported
WAP: Supported
EDGE: Supported
2G Range: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
3G Range: WCDMA 900/2100
4G Range: 1/3/7/20
GPS: Supported
AGPS: Supported
OTG: Supported
Software Update (FOTA): Supported
FM Radio: Supported
FM Antenna: Headphones
Position Sensor: Supported
Proximity Sensor: Supported
Lighting Sensor: Supported
USB Connector: Micro USB
Headphone jack: 3.5 mm
Charger: Input 100-240 V, output 5V / 7V / 9V 2A

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16GB of memory is not enough. If only the slot set. : Rabbi: 10.000mach and 16 GB is just a bar that will be idle for a long time. No video shoot, no music download. Yes, and no one knows when to wait. And so, it looks very solid!

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* inTegggg
So, it seems on Ali it is indicated that there is a slot: "Cards - Micro SD card 32 GB"
I still see one drawback - no NFC. I'm gradually getting used to my wallet on my phone, and a long-playing wallet is a tempting unit!

Rep: (17)
Perhaps I’ll stand in line for this device, the only thing to wait for someone to feel it :) And who faced the brand, as it is in itself?

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Fuck on Ali! Removed Oukitel K10000 from the auction! Or, in general, this device was a joke or the timing of the start of trading shifted. We will see what's next.

Rep: (244)
I'm also waiting for this phone. God forbid what would come out. I add the topic to my favorites: yes2:

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Two sellers returned to Ali with offers from Oukitel K10000
There is hope that sales will begin soon.

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Sellers with Ali promise the release of this phone at the end of this month.

Rep: (17)
* sanko163,
This is good news :) Now we have to wait for the brave ones who buy it first and test it. I hope the battery capacity will be close to the declared.

Rep: (252)
Sanko163 @ 10/13/2015, 20:31*
Sellers with Ali promise the release of this phone at the end of this month.

nothing depends on the sales. they just blurt out about the sale soon. to keep us at home. before December horseradish will come out

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if it comes out at all. in the internet except pics and no bugs. the manufacturer is silent too

Rep: (252)
Sanko163 @ 10/15/2015 07:46*
if it comes out at all. in the internet except pics and no bugs. the manufacturer is silent too
Yes, I am also of this opinion. The fuck is "anonymous" smart, if it is then within 4-5 months just in single engineering samples? !! Check the reaction of potential buyers? So the horse is clear that the guys from the CIS will be happy to buy. We have the darkness of fishermen, hunters, traveling and just taxi drivers, which the air needs a mega battery and do not care for many on weight and powerful iron phone - the main thing is autonomy. I do not understand the Chinese. Well, showed and release after a month at least, and then the competitors do not spit ...

Rep: (17)
Here is a video review of the Oukitel office. The billboards with the K10000 are visible, the author is talking about coming out in November. Next week he should be given this model for a test.
So, there is hope;)

Rep: (1)
He still exists. No longer hoped. We look from the 10th minutehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iNDgSZxBs4

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Rep: (244)
Staph @ 10/23/2015 02:26*
He still exists. No longer hoped. We look from the 10th minute

how much does it weigh interesting. Really huge. o.O

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I dream about this. I immediately recall the Nokia 3310 phone. I went with it for a long time))) In size, it’s smaller than my current one =) So I’ll go.
I have an asus phonepad note 6. I'm a bit fed up with my own size))

Rep: (81)
Well, did you buy somebody? On Ali on sale there, $ 230 apiece. I really wanted to take it!

Rep: (29)
Send a link?

Rep: (81)
You are welcome. Two sold, one with free shipping, the second as much as $ 155 from the top asking for delivery, completely off.

Post has been editedKeffer - 26.10.15, 16:13

Rep: (244)
Keffer @ 10.26.2015, 19:12*
bummed out completely.

so this MALL that's why so

What is the Mall?

AliExpress Mall (from the English mall "shopping center") is a new section of branded goods and goods with an additional guarantee from AliExpress online hypermarket. As a separate project, the Mall was presented to customers in April 2015 under the slogan "We have become closer!".
How is Mall different from AliExpress?

While Aliexpress is always distinguished by favorable prices and commodity varieties, Mall was created for buyers who have high quality quality and service. By making purchases in Mall, the buyer receives guarantees that the goods are carefully selected by the quality criterion, and the seller is a brand with many years of experience. In addition, only Molla sellers offer an improved service: the ability to return the goods if the goods did not like to taste, as well as the accelerated delivery time, including due to the fact that many sellers of Molla have warehouses in Russia.

Rep: (81)
Yes, I and the usual sold come down. $ 150 for such a service - no, I'm not the son of a millionaire. Here I sit and think, whether to order it or not (

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